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Worship Service

September 2nd, 2012 WELCOME AND PRAYER Chairperson Greg Thiessen

(next week Harold Thiessen)

Happy back to school!

Regular Sunday school classes start again NEXT SUNDAY, too!


(Sept. 16 Kelsey Friesen)

NEWS & NOTES All this week, starting tonight Little Woody Baptist Church invites you to join them for a series of meetings led by Ralph Suterra from Canadian Revival Fellowship. ( Service tonight begins at 7:00pm; tomorrow through Thursdays services will begin at 7:30. Sunday, September 23rd potluck lunch and congregational meeting after the morning services. Please come prepared to enjoy a meal together and to discuss the future of our church.

KIDS KORNER Laura Thiessen

(next week Laura Thiessen)

CAMP REPORT Bethany Abrahamson SCRIPTURE READING Psalm 8 Wayne Reimer

(next week Diane Kroeker)



What is Your Worth?

Harold Thiessen

Ferlin & Elizabeth


Tiffany Please pray as Tiffany studies linguistics at a university, becoming equipped to contribute to the Bible translation task in Southeast Asia. She asks for grace to study faithfully, purposefully and with a heart always open to hearing Gods leading in the midst of a heavy workload. Thank you for joining with God in His care and plan. There are 47 people groups in OGC* who do not have even a verse of Gods Word in their language. Tiffany met two gentlemen recently who have spent 30 years working with their writing system and beginning the task of learning (and then teaching others) to read and write their language. Some of the basic steps needed to prepare for Bible translation (one of their main goals and desires) have been taken. Currently, there is no one to help guide their people group, which up until now, has had little opportunity for academic education. They need the help of others in this long-term task.
* OGC: One Great Country the name Tiffany uses for her country of service (and its language), due to the sensitive nature of the country and work.

Christian Fellowship Church

God of shop and marketplace, Of farm and studio, Factory and shipping lane, Of school and busy home: Bless the produce of our hands. Redeem our work for Kingdom-use. By Your grace, our efforts stand, All offered up to You. There in Eden, You proclaimed That we should work the earth Stewards over all we named, Delighting in their worth. Through our fall we brought decay, Lost access to Jehovahs rest. Through the cross, we rest in faith And all our labors blessed. In Your image we are made: Creative like You are, Forming goods for use and trade Just like You formed the stars. Send us out in power and skill To worship through each task assigned. By Your Spirit we fulfill The holy, grand design.
~ Bobby Gilles

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