Broadcom questions

The first round- written test: For hardware division of broadcom, the written test was divided into 4 sections: general aptitude, 2 sections on electronics and communication, and a section on software. General Aptitude: Few questions that came are as below: 1. There is a drawer with 20 pairs of socks, 10 black and 10 white. All black socks n white socks are identical. What is the minimum no: of socks a person has to take out to ensure that there is a pair of matching socks? 2. Make 100 with six 9’s. 3. If the probability of seeing a car on a deserted road in 30 mts is 96%, what is the probability of seeing a car in 15 mts on the same road? 4. There is a 4 digit number PQRS. PQRS * 9 = SRQP (digits r interchanged.) Identify the number PQRS. (Go through typical puzzles in google. That should be sufficient for this section.) Electronics and Communication Sections: I don’t remember the questions exactly, but the questions were based on Logic Design, Digital Integrated circuits and Digital communication.

Software: Some codes were given and outputs were to be predicted. Was based on C.

Interviews: There were 3 interviews, each of about half an hour duration. 1. Core Tech Interview: Questions on Digital, analog electronics and microprocessors were asked. If you are electrical they might ask you on Induction machines, inverters also along with the above topics. All questions focus on the basics only (no hifi tronics stuff, but u need to be really really clear about your subject basics.) Eg: a. Draw an Inverting amplifier. b. Exchange it’s +ve n –ve terminals. What is this new ckt?? c. Draw the waveform when a sinusoidal i/p is given to it. Explain the concept of virtual short in op amp. Some i/p and a corresponding o/p will b given(both digital). Design a logic ckt using flip flops, logic gates etc. to get the o/p from the given i/p. (Many questions of this format were asked. The answers were simple ckts only. But v need to think logically) Microprocessor basics (eg: describe different pins, function of ALE etc.)

Give special importance to block diagrams/ flow charts. 3. HR interview: This one is simple. ur hobbies etc. So be thorough with your project reports.2. They will tell you about different career options you have. Tech interview based on projects you have done.. that is pretty much it I guess. All the best  . Nothing much was asked. The concepts involved in each were asked in detail. Yup.. Just where you are from. I was asked about all the projects I had done.

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