Southern California International Review (SCIR) Application for submission Fall 2012 Dear Applicant


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The Southern California International Review (SCIR) is now accepting outstanding submissions for publication in one of the premiere undergraduate journals of the West Coast. An undergraduate research journal of international studies that competes with the top undergraduate journals, such as those of Columbia, Georgetown, and Boston University, the Review is managed by undergraduates at the University of Southern California’s School of International Relations and publishes up to 5 exceptional full-length articles from the Southern California region every semester. SCIR is not only one of the premiere undergraduate journals of the West Coast but is also one of the youngest. As such, the journal is looking to expand its publishing base and welcomes all submissions. The Review has received strong submissions in the past from schools such as UC Irvine and UC Davis and is actively expanding its reach and diversity of applicants. Articles are evaluated for the cohesiveness of the arguments, the value of the content (how relevant is it to the discourse today?), and the issue-area focus. To view our most recent issue, please visit Thank you for your interest and if you have any questions please email us at Sincerely, Samir Kumar Editor-in-chief Here are the following requirements for submission: - Please email submissions to - Deadline for applying is Sunday September 30, 2012! - Must be Times New Roman font and 12 point size. - Must be between 12-20 pages double spaced (but we are very flexible in regards to page length so please apply even if your piece is not in the specified range). - Please submit a bibliography along with the actual article. - Include an abstract, a list of keywords, and title. - We are only accepting full articles this semester. Please do not submit historical policy papers, issue briefs, or other shorter pieces. - There is no specific topic or theme within the field of international relations that you must write on. We will accept a wide range of sub-topics such as security studies, foreign trade relations, foreign policy etc.

In addition to emailing your actual article, you must fill out the rest of the application on the next page and email it to us:

Southern California International Review (SCIR) Application for submission Fall 2012

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