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Why Plato's Republic can never work Merlin's Return The current political system across the planet

resembles Plato's Republic. There's one crucial aspect that is its Achilles' heel: the Golden Lie. The Golden Lie is: the 'Golden people' can do whatever they want; they're above any law.. Today's analogy is: the elite of the world can do whatever they want. You don't believe me? OJ Simpson, George Bush, Benjamin Netanyahu, Vladimir Putin,.. Need I go on? Linear systems is based on analysis of causal systems. It is a highly developed and sophisticated approach toward non-anticipatory systems. I'm currently taking the course for the third time in 26 years. Why? Because I desire to be an expert in systems science: the general and formal study of systems. As I read through our text, I realize some salient features of systems: 1. most systems are acausal/anticipatory due to inclusion of animals. Human beings are animals. Most, if not all, can anticipate consequences. Therefore, any system that includes animals/humans is acausal/anticipatory. This means that the most powerful part of systems theory is inapplicable to most systems. We need a 'new theory' including anticipatory subsystems: 2. anticipatory systems are 'just like' causal systems except for the anticipatory subcomponents. Another name for 'anticipatory subcomponents' is humans or groups of humans.. Since the dawn of human civilization, elites have ruled others with a typically iron-hand. Rarely has democracy flourished and when it 'does', it's a parody of the real thing. Point of fact: America.. This shows you we actually live in Plato's Republic.. This brings us to another important point: 3. anticipatory systems are just as easily controlled as causal systems. Why? It's all about satisfying crucial subpopulation needs. Perfect example: if the elites of the world pacify the American public, they can basically do whatever they want outside America.. If you cannot see this is equivalent to the Golden Lie, please go back to school.. This brings us to our final point: 4. controlling anticipatory systems in this manner only leads to self-destruction. Why? Because nobody rules in a vacuum; there are always subpopulations aware of the Golden Lie such as: the Arab League, Americans like me, and certain enlightened individuals from across the planet.. When too many people become aware of the Lie, world revolution ensues ending only in bloodshed and Armageddon.. We're on a sure path to Armageddon. This brings me to my final-final point: 5. the only escape from Armageddon is Awareness and implementing regenerative engineering practices. One aspect of Awareness is awareness of the Lie. Another is that we're all equal in the eyes of God. Another is that we're all entitled to equal access to global resources: 'your' land is really 'mine' too, 'your' gold is also 'mine', 'your' resources are also 'mine'.. and vice versa. Most people conveniently ignore the latter.. This amounts to sharing Earth.. Tens of thousands of years ago, at the dawn of our species inhabiting this planet, we intuitively knew how to share resources with each other and with other animals.. But our rise in predominance and sophistication in technology has given our species one Achilles' flaw: arrogance. We think, because we can dominate all other animals and our environment, we deserve to rule the planet.. This notion is absurd. It equates to power without wisdom. Might does not make right; right makes might.. I have said this before and I say it again: I am Merlin returning from the grave. Tell me the most powerful wizard of human history does not have the power to resurrect himself in another body.. Laugh, ignore, dismiss,.. I don't care.. I will reforge Excalibur and I will reestablish Camelot but this time.. It will last forever. So let it be written; so let it be done. In True-Love, Merlin