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Ref: NOD-SAICPL/IC-Orissa/NH-5/2012/Tech.

Date 30.05.2012

The Authorized Signatory, Shree Jagannath Expressways Private Limited Plot No.593, Pahal, NH-5 Near HPCL Petrol Pump Bhubaneswar 754001

Sub: -

Independent Engineering Services for 6 Laning of Chandikhole-Jagatpur-Bhubaneswar


of NH-5 from (km.413.00 to km.418.00 and 0+00 to km.62.00) in the State of Orissa to be executed as BOT (Toll) basis on DBFOT Pattern under NHDP Phase-V- Review and Comment on mix design of Dense graded Bituminous Macadam (DBM) Grade-II with Bitumen VG-30 from IOCL Reg.

Ref: -

Your office letter SJEPL/PND/2-024/dated 27.04.2012

Dear Sir, With reference to your letter as cited above regarding our review & comment on DBM mix design Grade-II with Bitumen VG-30 from IOCL of EPC contractor M/s RKDPL has been reviewed & commented as below in tabulated from as per the Design requirements of MORT&H and designed as per Marshal method. A) Material Used With Approved Source :- Approval Ref No:- Nil (Source approval not yet received) i) Bitumen : - VG-30 from IOCL. :- Crushed stone from Baramania crusher at Dunkari Quarry (Chandikhole) :- Crushed stone from Baramania crusher at Dunkari Quarry (Chandikhole) :- Not mentioned (Not Used)

ii) Coarse Agg. iii) Fine Agg. iv) Filler

Physical Properties of Materials. :(i) For Coarse Aggregate

Property Test Specification Max5% passing on 75 MIC Max 30% Max 27% Max 12% Achieved Remarks / Comment

Cleanliness (Dust) Particle Shape Strength Durability

Sieve Analysis Combined FI+EI AIV Sodium Sulphate Magnesium Sulphate Water absorption

--Less than 5%


25.87% Av. 16.28% Av.=(1.75+2.01)/2=1.80

Ok. Ok. Ok.

(Soundness) Water absorption

Max 18%



Max 2% Minimum Retained Coating 95%







Water Sensitivity

Retained tensile Strength

Min 18%

Not Tested as Minimum Coating is More than 95%


Sp Gravity: -

i) 26.5 mm & down - 2.825 ii) 13.2 mm & down - 2.785 iii) 6 mm & down - 2.719

Water Absorption :-

i) 26.5 mm & down - 0.455% ii) 13.2 mm & down - 0.668% iii) 6 mm & down - 0.968%

Deleterious content tested by third party is NIL against Max Permissible limit as per the IS 383 is 5% hence ok. The Petrography study on Coarse Agg. done by an Independent laboratory with rock name Meta granodiarite having light gray colored foliated rock.

ii) For fine Agg. : - Crushed stone dust is used as fine Agg
a) Sand Equivalent Test b) Soft and friable mattes c) Organic/Deleterious Matter d) PI e) Specific Gravity f) Water absorption : : : : : : Not tested Not tested Not tested Nil 2.608 1.672% Required testing Required testing Required testing < 4, hence ok.

iii) For Bitumen: - Grade VG-30 (IOCL Haldia)

Test Result Remark/Comment TPT MTC Inhouse 264 65 Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok

Description of Test

Specified limit as per IS-73-2000

2400 Poise (Min) 350 cSt (Min) 220oc (Min) 99% (Min) 50-70 mm

2445 2978 373 321 99.7 65 438 302 99.2 55

Kinematic Viscosity at 135oc Flash point (Cleveland open cup) Solubility in trichloroethylene Penetration of 25oc 100g, 5sec, 0.10m. Softening point (R&B) Density at 25oc, cm (After thin film over test)

47oc (Min) 40 cm (Min)

49 92

48 >40

51 96.33

Ok Ok

Viscosity Ratio at 60oc SP. Gravity

4 max -

3.9 -



B) Design Parameters: - Mix Design has been done as per Marshal Method in In-house laboratory and optimum Bitumen content worked out to be 4.75% by weight of total aggregate or 4.53% by weight of total mix having aggregate blending ratio as indicating below 26.5mm & down 13.2mm & down 6 mm & down Dust Having parameters tabulated as below:: : : : 45% 10% 20% 25%

Marshal Stability Flow Percentage air void (VA) Percentage Void filled with Bitumen (VFB) Void in mineral Aggregate (VMA) Minimum Bitumen content by weight of Mix

900 Kg 2-4 3-5% 65 75 % >12% 4.50%

1302.13 Kg. 3.30 mm 3.43 % 73.55 % 12.81 4.53%

Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok

Comments:1. Physical parameter of coarse Aggregate is satisfying the requirement of clause 507.2.2 and table 500.8 of MORTH Specification.

2. The Mix design has already been approved vide. LASA/73369/RKD/2012/262 dated 14th Feb 2012 and accordingly work at site has already been commenced but the required missing parameter of the fine aggregate has not been considered for the approval of mix design. It is instructed to get test the missing parameters as per the MORTH specification clause 507.2.3 soon for the fulfillment of required properties of fine aggregate to proceed for mix design and to take care in future for the fulfillment of all the required parameters before the approval of mix design. 3. Test results show that the Bitumen Grade VG-30 from IOCL Haldia is satisfying the all required parameter in TPT testing as well MTC and four parameters tested in In-house Laboratory. In-house Laboratory did not test the most important part of Viscosity Grade Bitumen i.e. absolute Viscosity/Kinematic Viscosity may be due to lack of availability of testing equipment. Therefore it is directed that the In-house Lab should be with the facilities to test Viscosity of Bitumen grade VG-30 for the every Consignment of Bitumen received from the approved source or get tested from any approved laboratory. 4. Achieved Marshal Parameters are satisfying the required MORT&H limits but Hot Bin Grading is not attached with Mix Design to verify the required blending ratio during production of mix. The effective sp. Gravity of aggregate (Gse) taken as 2.789 for computation is not matching the actual computation of Gse i.e. 2.811 after putting in formula considering Gmm (2.598) testing as enclosed in page 14th of mix design submitted. Hence modification required in all parameters which related with Gse. Note: i) It is presumed that the material used in the mix design having from the approved source. The source approval references are not mentioned in this letter as the copy of source approval of materials yet not received in this office. Copy of same please made available to us for review and comment.

ii) Although the Mix property is satisfying the requirements of DBM Mix but it is usual practice and universally accepted that Mix must content the filler material (panning 75 micron) as specified in the MORTH specification and production of the material is from batch Mix hot plant for the homegerious and good quality for the durability of product. This is for your information and necessary action at the earliest. Thanking you. Yours Sincerely

D.R.Sapkota Team Leader Copy to: 1) Project Director, NHAI - PIU, Bhubaneswar : For Information & Record Please