Frauline C. Tadle September 11, 2012 Eng 10: THY2 Exercise/Activity Title: Report Paper Dr. M.R.

Ancheta ' ”Acceptance Is The Only Key” '

'Day-in-a-life profile'

Our first two years in high school were characterized by several conflicts with each other, thanks to some trivial matters. While reminiscing those memories, I never failed to ask myself “Exactly, why did I do that back then?” The last two years in high school showed good signs of improvement because we rarely fought with one another which could be a result of realizing each others' personality even more. At that time, I used to think that my life was one of the worst – pressuring family, studies and society. However, encountering him made me realized that mine is nothing compared to his for had already faced discriminations- all because he's a gay. We first met on the first day of the classes in the year 2007. My other girl classmates can't helped but admire him because of his looks. Frankly speaking, he's really good looking. He has those fierce but tantalizing eyes, lead body and high-bridged nose. He has complexion that is fairer than other guys and he really emits charismatic aura. He definitely has the qualities of an ideal boyfriend. But when he started to talk and introduced himself, everyone in class were surprised. From then, we have determined that he's a gay. I was one of those who witnessed him being mocked by others due to his gender. I admit it, sometime during those years that I also blamed his personality to his gender. Soon, I realized that I was wrong for judging him like that. Like others, he is also working hard for himself in order to be accepted by his surroundings. I started to respect him and to understand him more. He's the youngest of the five siblings. Opposite with the common treatment with a gay, his family accepted him for who he is and sees him as a blessing or 'bonus' from heaven. I remembered those times when he usually humored on how he balances the composition of his family. Since he has two sisters and two brothers, being a gay meant equally distributing the two genders in the family. He often argues with his siblings on small things like computer and food while he admired his father due to his intelligence usually showed during random arguments about socio-cultural and political affairs. But according to him

as well as my personal encounters, he's closer to his mother than anybody else due to their parallel sense of humor and personality of being courageous and frank. The showers of love and acceptance from his family and faithful friends can never be challenged. However, dealing with an orthodox society like us is another question. In a country where the citizens are mostly Catholic, the existence of now called as 'third sex' is still not completely acceptable. He grew up along with rejection and negative stereotyping. People usually make him feel that he does not belong and say ill words against him. They often misunderstand him and attributing it to his gender. The society which should have helped in boosting him up is the one that enclosed him within great walls of criticisms. In order to destroy the barriers bounding him, he embraced all judgments face-to-face, remained composed and utilized his specialties, skills and talents. With the guidance of the Almighty God whom he considered as friend and someone who equally loves all, he was able to show that he's worthy of the others' acknowledgment and respect. Bagging several prizes through his talent on drawing and arts left the others in awe while his prowess in Journalism, also, can't be neglected as he can write news, sports news, editorial and feature as well as to do editorial cartooning, lay-outing, copy-reading and broadcasting. Soon enough, he gained respect from all corners of the school when he was proclaimed as the President of one of the biggest and most famous theater arts organizations in the campus. He was one of those people who led our section to 'stardom' during our time. We swept the awards right and left, and made an authority to other students, all thanks to him. He improved and expanded his network of friends and able to have some trustful ones. All of these, he said, are one of the reasons that he's still standing upright and head's up. These gave him enough esteem and confidence on himself as well as the acceptance of the community. Now, he is one of the Dean's Lists and his plans for the future prove his mighty dreams. He's thinking of entering the Pattern Making Institute of the Philippines for six months to pursue his passion in fashion-designing. He wants to open a gallery for his art works, make his own films, establish a name abroad and be able to enter Cannes, Venice and Berlin. All of these achievements could have been impossible if he had succumb to the oppression from his environment which is never did. And for those

who have experienced same with his, he's only message is this: “Acceptance is the only key in every hardship that you are encountering. You must also have a great clear mind and a great big heart. Don’t afraid to show what you are, what you have and what you’ve made of because you’ll never know who’s getting inspiration from you. Learn to be humble because who think they are above others will fall longer and harder but those who think and believe that they are different, unique but still part of the others will grow fonder.” You have probably met him some where, some time. He seems to be an ordinary student studying Fine Arts in Technological University of the Philippines in Manila. But for someone who personally knows him, I know he isn't just common one. He's one of those people whom you are destined to meet – contracted by your soul to teach you a lesson for your life. His daily life could be an ordinary, but the entire one is something to think about. He may have faced too many criticisms from his surroundings but he never gave-up. He continues to strive and improve himself more. He's Edelmiro O. Solis. Yes, he's a gay and he's strict, playful, frank, hard to understand, hard-worker, dependable, responsible, artistic and one of the people I respected the most.

“I value intellectual integrity and the highest standards of academic conduct. I am committed to an ethical learning environment that promotes a high standard of honor in scholastic work. Academic dishonesty undermines institutional integrity and threatens the academic fabric of the University of the Philippines. And because I believe that dishonesty is no an acceptable avenue to success, I affix my signature to this work to affirm that it is original and free of cheating and plagiarism, and does nor knowingly furnish false information.” _____________________________ NAME

WORK CITED Solis, Edelmiro. Interview via internet. 9 September 2012.

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