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Evolution of Consciousness

Bryan Torres
Concept by Fernando Malkun

This information is based on a keynote presentation by Fernando Malkun about the Evolution of Consciousness. When it comes to trying to understand why certain things happen and what their purpose is, I found the following information very useful, and the importance of this information is paramount due to it's ability to inspire growth. We learn that certain situations and states-of-being have to be experienced to differentiate between truth and falsehood, and we see how the Universe has it all laid out for us and how we need to not worry. The presentation was mapped out in steps to accomplishing the evolution of our consciousness, mind and soul. I will break it down in a similar way to keep the interpreted information the same way that it was said. The parts in red are what Fernando actually spoke of himself. The rest is my opinion and summarization of the main details in his presentation.

Step 1.

Be Happy
In order to succeed at inner evolution, we must first learn to be happy. If we are not happy, we do not allow the universe to manifest positive outcomes for us. To begin understanding how to truly be happy, we need to ultimately eliminate certain ideas that have been fed to our minds from a very young age. Certain ideas that, in reality do nothing but cause suffering. Sometimes we need suffering to understand something that weve yet to truly understand. But suffering induced by a false idea is wrong. The Buddha dedicated all of his time here to finding out what caused suffering and how to eliminate it for a reason. Starting off, we need to forget about the final judgement. By final judgement, he means the idea that we are terribly punished unless we do as we are told, even though our God knows that we are going to sin. First off we do nothing but punish ourselves, and secondly, depending on your actions and your final vibratory frequency, you are assigned your next role after this life. The principle is close, but the very root of how this idea is presented is what is false. From the beginning we are forced to act a certain way by fear. Instead, we must stay neutral. Neutrality is a very simple idea yet difficult to truly grasp and put into action because of the habits and automatic responses that our environment has subjected us to. The second you make yourself partial and as you lose your neutrality, you also lose vital energy, and when we lose energy, we lose the opportunity to receive the knowledge, messages and other energies the Universe is trying to give us. This is because we require vital energy to be able to enter certain stages of understanding, comprehension and consciousness. Ask yourself, why judge? By judging were not truly free and happy. I dont think God really has in mind to make you and others unhappy by judging who you are and what youve done in life. This leads to the next point, My truth is not everyone elses truth. What does that have to do with judgement and being free you might ask? Well think about it, if we convince ourselves that ones truth is not everyone elses truth, there is no reason to judge. And because no one is judging or being judged, we can focus on truly being happy. Eliminating judgement is only part of how we can accomplish being happy. We must learn to transcend our false ideas, dont allow yourself to become a mental slave to the things that only add suffering in our life. In order to leave those ideas behind we need to begin by finding out what the source of suffering is and/or was. We need to sit back and think Why does this make me so unhappy, why do I suffer so much? What was my attitude at the time of suffering and before? Upon asking yourself though, you must try to understand the deep underlying message behind what your mind is telling you. Be honest with yourself, realistic. If you really want to improve your life, you need to get to the bottom of what the true problem is within yourself. Sit back, think deeply for a minute, and write down what false ideas cause you suffering. Look at them, and understand that they are only false because they cause suffering in the first place. Any real true, positive influences wouldnt make you suffer. Now on another piece of paper, write down the total opposite of those ideas and reasons. That should give you a layout of what ideas to really focus on. To be happy, we must also learn to lovingly relate with others. No matter what circumstances, no matter how negative of a person they are, no matter how terrible of a person Joe Shmoe has been, we must stay neutral about it. By learning this, we can prepare ourselves for the next steps necessary in the voyage of the evolution of our consciousness. Controlling our automatic conduct is also a big part in staying happy. There are certain things that us as humans are naturally vulnerable to. Not that they are wrong (practicing neutrality), but they also inhibit us from accomplishing that level of consciousness that we are looking for. For example, we must control our sexual desires.

From person to person, I must say that this is difficult but not impossible, especially if one is in a relationship. But what we can take from this is that we need to control that desire as best as we can to allow our mind and soul to focus on other things. That doesnt mean not having intimate time with your partner; after all, we are trying to promote love and happiness right? But that does mean that we must control our response to seeing a hot girl walking down the street, or enjoying a man with a sweaty six pack. And in this day and age, the negative forces are trying their best to stimulate that urge. We see and hear it everyday practically everywhere. But again, practicing neutrality, we must see that their is nothing wrong with that because God and the Universe know exactly why that stimuli is there and for who. All we can do is keep our head forward and understand that it is not for us. Reactive conduct is also something we must learn to control. Reactive conduct means certain urges and desires we get when introduced to different situations. We are beings with certain natural instincts that over years of trial and error have grown to naturally react a certain way to things. For example, remaining calm on the road when the driver in front of you slams his/her brakes, remaining quiet when someone says something ignorant, coping with stresses, not making yourself a victim in situations that you either know you did wrong, or know the other party did wrong. Again, this all comes back to neutrality. Staying neutral will automatically reduce the amount of negative reactive conduct. Negative emotions must also be controlled. Out of all the automatic conducts, this one is considered one of the most dangerous because of the chain reactions it can create. Most of us dont know that everything around us is partly manifested by thoughts and emotions. This is all proven with the very science that we depend on for day-to-day living, its proven mainly with Quantum Physics.

Quantum Physics is the study of the behavior of matter and energy at the molecular, atomic, nuclear, and even smaller microscopic levels.
To be blunt, certain properties of the universe allow us as powerful beings to manifest our realities. This is done by communication between our minds, electrons, and universal vibratory frequencies. When we come across a certain idea and/or emotion, we project those frequencies to the universal quantum grid. From there, the electrons in our bodies and around us begin going to work, completing the task it was asked to fulfill. Along with that, our mind sends frequencies of whatever state of energy your are currently at. Now, this is all magnified by emotion. If someone accidentally runs into you with their bike while you were taking a walk, youre probably going to get a little upset, yell for a while, and probably wish that their tires pop, and because this universe is so generous, that idea has a big chance of manifesting into a reality, mainly because of the amount of emotion that was put into it. You were probably hurting a bit and really upset at the fact that they werent paying attention. Just keep in mind that for every action, theres an equal and opposite reaction. That might mean that after your wish came true, the tires in your car pop on the way to work. Im not saying that if you want a million bucks youre going to get it if you wish it hard enough, Im saying that the universe is very sensitive to any subtle movement created by a ripple of ideas and/or emotions. Now we must remember this in day-to-day life because if at any time during your day, you come across a bad situation and you react negatively to it and transmit negative emotions into our grid, only you will have to deal with the lesson the universe throws your way as a result of these actions. All of these automatic conducts and results drain your overall energy, which as we stated earlier, is not too helpful with the achievement of total happiness. We also need to accept that everything in the universe is perfect. Absolutely everything that happens is part of a perfect mathematical equation. Everything is constantly being calculated, even down to what the effects are of you sneezing. Now you might say, How are the negative things that happen around us perfect, if innocent children die everyday at the hands of bad people. Well, it may seem a bit contradicting, but the logic behind this is very simple once understood. I will say this before you continue reading though; the reasoning may seem a bit ugly because of obvious reason. But I assure you, its a beautiful truth thatll help you on your journey of happiness and peace.

Because of the bad things that happen we learn a lesson. That means that even though those children are dying, someone needs to see that to help them on their life journey. They are not dying in vain. They may suffer but its all part of the equation . Those children at the end of the day, are being watched over by loving beings, waiting for them to fulfill their purpose and go back home. You might be thinking Thats sounds horrible. So those children need to suffer? They need to live hard lives without deserving it? In a sense yes, but we cant look at it from that perspective. It defeats the purpose. We need to see from the perspective of neutrality. Understand that they are suffering, but mainly understand that they a suffering for a reason, and that reason is for the better of our evolution. Fernando Malkun presented a wonderful story explaining this point: There was a man who lived on a monastery in Tibet, learning, so he can be ordained as a monk. It was his job to bring water down from the river every day, which was about a mile walk. He did so for about two years until one day he noticed that one of the jugs had a crack, causing him to lose water during his daily trip. He went to his teacher and said "Teacher, I am so sorry. All these years that I've been bringing water, I arrive with only about 1/3 of what I collect." His teacher looked at him and said "It is ok, everything in the universe is perfect. A long time ago, I planted the seeds of flowers on the side of the road that you walk on and every day, you water them for me." The man was amazed, understanding that even when something bad has happened, there is a reason for it beyond what one comprehends. To be happy, we must learn to forget about time as we know it. Time is nothing but a tool for us to stay organized. If we lived on Mars, time would be something totally different wouldnt it? Dont we base our time on the revolutions of the earth and sun? Of course we do. That is why we shouldnt call this form of measurement time. If you think about it, the time we know of now, is totally illogical. Time is really the degradation of matter, used by the universe to break matter down so that it can transform to its next geometric form. Without true time, things would last forever. We consider the present as the time of now correct? But how is that so, if our so called present is always changing. If you were to say out loud when the present was taking place you would sound like Now, now, now, now, now, now. Every second repeating it because based on our system, that present instantly became the past. The only true present is the here and now. The only thing that really matters is what is going on at this very moment. Not what happened, not what will happen, but just now. It may seem a bit weird at first, since our brains have been programmed to think a certain way for so long. But unless we dont get used to seeing time in that way, being totally happy will be a hard task. So what does time have to do with happiness? Simple, we really only use the past and present for somewhat negative things. Now again, I ask for you to be open minded since these ideas clash a bit with our prior knowledge. But it is the time of a new era, and that era brings some new concepts with it. As we know, the only true time is the present. The past becomes present to exist, the future becomes present to exist. How? Well, in order to think about something from the past, we need to bring that memory, that time to the present. Otherwise, how would it be possible to remember? You bring that time to this time. Many of us may not notice, but we do this for reasons that negatively effect our being. We only go to the past for a number of reasons. First, to find faults. There are times when you sit back and think I shouldve done this differently. Or, Why did they have to do that? Things couldve been different. In a way we cant blame ourselves for analyzing the past to better our future. But when you think about the purpose of neutrality, its unnecessary. Rather than contemplating on the past, we just need to accept it. And take any knowledge that was gained during that experience, and utilize it for the here and now. Secondly, we go to the past to find problems. Same idea as finding faults, but this time with finding problems of the past as an excuse for whats happening now. Its not healthy, just understand it and move on. Third, we go to the past to find sorrow. You might say Why on earth would I want to bring intentional sorrow to myself? I dont know, you tell me. Why do you need to go back into the past, and bring a negative time to your here and now? If the tires in your car fell off one day, why would you go back to remembering how it was to be in that situation after youve fixed the problem? It doesnt make sense, and at the end of the day, it doesnt allow us to be as happy as we can. Sometimes we go into the past to reminisce about happy times, or the day that you got married, or even getting that promotion. But

even that is somewhat negative. Just let it go. If it was a good time, learn to understand why it happened and only use it as a tool to replicate those results in your life again. After all, true time is in the form of a spiral, not a line like we where showed in school. Now, we go to the future for one reason, fear. We go to the future solely to try to eliminate fear. Nothing else, and youll see why now. Imagine you are working for an accounting firm. Everyday as you walk to your cubicle, you walk by the office that youve been working hard for since you started. When you sit at your chair, you instantly start thinking about the future. Thinking about how nice it would be to have that office, imagining yourself in there with your legs kicked up on the desk. You start thinking about if your boss has even noticed you though, and if youre working hard enough. This all then turns into the fear of losing. The fear of losing is the first reason we go into the future. You only thought about that office because subconsciously, you where afraid of not earning that office. So you tried to bring the future to the present, and all it did was cause suffering. We also go into the future out of fear of succeeding. What if my business gets to busy, what if I dont have enough time, what if its too much for me? You then start putting yourself in the future because you are afraid of what may come next, and if you can handle it. The fear of loneliness is another reason. Sometimes we ponder on the future, wondering whatll be our personal outcome in life. Successful? Famous? Ten children? Married? All of these things in a way deal with loneliness. A following of people usually comes with success and fame. The desire for people around you may come from the fear of loneliness. Or you can have ten children and a wife, becoming accustomed to having people around you, then becoming afraid of being alone. And if you have ten children, but unfortunately get divorced, a sense of loneliness might come. Now, sometimes well use the future, as a scope for our physical health, out of fear of disease. Obviously looking after your health is something necessary to live an energetically healthy life. But putting negative energy into an idea that is going to cause suffering is doing nothing but harm. Staying neutral, you must think, as long as I know Im doing well, Ill be fine. Stop worrying about your cholesterol being high and the potential results. Just have a healthy lifestyle and know that youll be ok. But a big reason we go to the future is because of our fear of death. All of the other fears in a way derive from being afraid of death. Some of them come from the feeling of the clock ticking and thinking an end will come. Some fears come because they can result in death. The fact of us dying for some people is a hard concept to grasp. Ideas come to mind like being alone after, or the pain before, how, and when? All leading to using the future to try and alleviate the fear of death. Instead we should accept it, understand it, then ignore it. It is nothing but a transition phase between one state of being and another. The Law of Conservation clearly states that energy cannot be destroyed. This subject can result in an infinite amount of ideas based on a million things. So its only important to cope with the process and be neutral about it. Fear holds us back from the opportunities given to us. It greatly decreases the amount of vital energy we have. How do you expect to be full of positive energy and be happy if youre constantly afraid. Although its a natural human reaction to certain situations, most of the time we induce it without need. By maintaining a life of neutrality, and understanding the causes of suffering, we can improve our happiness tenfold. Learning to manifest a harmonious world is the key.