Affiliate Venture Group P.O. Box 5721 Glen Allen, VA 23058 September 9, 2012

Ref: Reference for Pace Lattin

The purpose of this letter is to provide a reference for Mr. Pace Lattin whom I have known for a few years now. I first came to know of Pace while he was at Affiliate.com where we had minimal interaction. It was when Pace launched Performance Insider that I came to know of his knowledge about the industry in addition to his insight of the industry at large. He does not believe in beating around the bush, call it like he sees it weather one likes it or not. He is extremely hard working and 100% committed to his publication and building that brand. His daily articles and insight will attest to that. Pace is a great communicator and knows how to raise and discuss everyday issues affecting out industry in a relatively nonthreatening manner. Pace is hyper-focused and always tuned into the pulse of the industry and the betterment of the same. His ECPM group formed last year of all C-Level members continually discusses the events and news of the day as it relates to marketing and how we can all partake to ensure that we as a group do not get affected adversely. I would highly recommend Pace Lattin in any venture he so chooses as he is a well balanced person with an abundance of positive qualities and will go the extra mile to lend a helping hand.


Ricky Ahuja Affiliate Venture Group
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