Drone Nations listed by Al Mac

3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM

Drone Nations
List Nations where Drones
Collected by Alister William Macintyre Count = 88+ nations operate drones by its government and people, mainly for spying.

110+ nations & regions have drones, if we include those operated by foreigners. 11+ nations used deadly drone attacks, into 19+ nations.
Last updated 2013 March 19
Version 5.2

Table of Contents Introduction (2 Sep 10) ....................................................................................................... 2 Doc Structure (2 Sep 03)..................................................................................... 2 Where in World? (3 Mar 04) .............................................................................................. 3 Nations B+ (3 Mar 15)................................................................................................ 5 Nations C+ (3 Mar 13)................................................................................................ 6 Nations E+ (3 Mar 11) ................................................................................................ 7 Nations I+ (3 Mar 19) ................................................................................................. 9 Nations J+ (3 Feb 24)................................................................................................ 12 Nations L+ (3 Mar 18) .............................................................................................. 12 Nations M+ (3 Mar 18) ............................................................................................. 13 Nations P+ (3 Mar 10) .............................................................................................. 14 Nations R+ (2 Nov 30).............................................................................................. 15 Nations S+ (3 Feb 26) ............................................................................................... 16 Nations T+ (3 Feb 24)............................................................................................... 18 Nations U+ (3 Feb 24) .............................................................................................. 18 Non-Nations and Terrorists with Drones (2 Oct 08) .................................................... 20 Hezbollah drones (2 Oct 29) ..................................................................................... 21 International Airspace Waters etc. (2 Nov 10) ......................................................... 23 Outer Space (2 Dec 02)............................................................................................. 23 Regions and Continents (3 Jan 29) ............................................................................... 23 Non-Proliferation Treaties (2 Oct 08)........................................................................... 23 MTCR (2 Oct 08)...................................................................................................... 24 Wassenaar (2 Oct 08)................................................................................................ 26 Count Reconciliation (3 Mar 04) .................................................................................. 29 Drone Attack by what Nations? (2 Oct 28) .............................................................. 30 Drones Targeted what Nations? (3 Feb 24) .............................................................. 31 Palestine #194 joins UN (2 Nov 30) ......................................................................... 31 Nations not in UN (2 Dec 20) ................................................................................... 33


Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder


Drone Nations listed by Al Mac

3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM

Drone Foreign Attacks (2 Oct 27) .................................................................................... 33 Africa drone attacks (3 Feb 24) ................................................................................ 34 Arab Israeli Drone Conflict (2 Oct 27) ..................................................................... 35 Europe drone attacks (2 Oct 27) ............................................................................... 35 NATO and Coalition drone attacks (2 Oct 28) ......................................................... 36 Drone Wars (2 Oct 27).................................................................................................. 37 Drone Friendly Fire (2 Oct 27) ..................................................................................... 37 Mapping Drone Nations and Drone Strikes (2 Oct 26) .................................................... 38 Nations where Drones Manufactured (3 Mar 11).................................. 40 Drone Manufacturers (3 Mar 14) .............................................................................. 42 Israel Drone Manufacturing (3 Mar 07)................................................. 44 Document split (3 Mar 19)................................................................................... 45 Revision History (3 Feb 26).............................................................................................. 47 Dates Issues Nations Scribd Terms thru Oct-13 (2 Oct 28)...................................... 48 Nations Scribd Terms thru Oct-8 (3 Feb 26) ............................................................ 48 Notes thru 2012 Aug (2 Oct 14) ................................................................................... 49

Introduction (2 Sep 10)
This list of nations with drones, is a portion of Al Mac research into the use of drones around the world, and what the controversies are all about, originally found in a companion (main) document = Drone Notes by Al Mac, but also see Document Split for evolving organization of Al Mac notes. The Author of this research, Alister Wm Macintyre, welcomes other people to download copies of Al’s work, but warns that different cited sources have different attribution and copyright restrictions, so care should be followed downstream, in selecting where to reuse the material.
Users of my research hold Alister Wm. Macintyre harmless, and also the places I upload my research to, and agree that my copyright is reserved and that the information is available for the intended purpose of helping my social network friends share an understanding on how humans ought to do a better job of learning about our world, so that we ca n take constructive action to improve it. I am doing this using individual documents focusing on different topics which appear to be vastly misunderstood by policy makers, and large segments of voters, to try to avoid any one document being excessively lar ge. Some of my research content is direct quotes from other sources. I try to give credit every time I do this, and structure the quotes, so it is pretty obvious that they are quotes.

Doc Structure (2 Sep 03) Topic subtitles end in a date signifying when that info was last updated, in the format
YEAR MONTH DAY, so by viewing table of contents, we see where most recent input to these research notes, especially aiding people with copy of an earlier version.


Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder


Drone Nations listed by Al Mac

3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM

Version numbers are incremented, as replacement editions of this document are
periodically uploaded various places for convenience of other people who can then pick and choose which of my research efforts they wish to download, and also see if the last version I have uploaded is numbered beyond the last that they downloaded. Original sources, and how the doc is ultimately copied, shared, accessed, hyperlinks sometimes become inoperative, for some people, so I now often upload both Doc and PDF versions, to help with that challenge.

Some chapter headings have # symbol, after date of last update. This means source(s) here have estimates of # drone attacks, persons killed, injured, who are justified targets and who are alleged innocent victims, or collateral damage. Figures vary significantly for many reasons, discussed in Drone Notes. Some chapter headings have $ symbol, after date of last update. This means source(s) here have estimates of cost of drones, taxpayer investments, or what it costs for ordinary people to get into this market. Some chapter headings have ! symbol, after date of last update. This means content here includes what I consider to be: seriously controversial; wild speculation; conspiracy theory; or many people (sometimes including me) have serious doubts of the factual basis. The content can be either the myth, or debunking info. There are multiple areas of dispute, so I may later add to symbol collection to help with that. My general policy on chapter breaks is to try to have no more than two pages for one chapter. When some chapter runs longer than that, I periodically review to see if it can be broken up into something more digestible.

Where in World? (3 Mar 04)
Here, by nation, are links showing how we know Drones operational in those nations, sometimes thanks to other nations, identified.1 Not all of them are military. Drones have many peaceful applications.  Afghanistan2  Afghanistan Attacked by Drones from US, Australia, Britain, Canada, Germany. 3
1 2

http://blogs.cfr.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ Afghanistan now has its own drone air force http://americansecurityproject.org/featured-items/2013/asp-fellow-for-asymmetric-operations-joshua-foustwas-featured-in-global-post-discussing-the-promised-delivery-of-a-fleet-of-unmanned-reconnaissanceaircraft-to-the-afghan-air-force/ 3 Afghanistan: See chapter on Statistics in Drone Notes. http://www.factoverfiction.com/article/983 Fact over Fiction has retired, see News & Research. http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2012/11/drones-afghan-air-war/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unmanned_aerial_vehicle


Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder

    

Drone Nations listed by Al Mac Algeria4 Angola5 Argentina6 Armenia7 Australia uses drones purchased from Israel.8

3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM

http://www.middleeastvoices.com/2012/06/at-issue-are-us-drone-strikes-in-south-asia-middle-east-ethical97033/ http://www.mepc.org/journal/middle-east-policy-archives/drone-warfare-blowback-new-american-waywar?print https://dronewarsuk.wordpress.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ http://americansecurityproject.org/issues/asymmetric-operations/the-strategic-effects-of-a-lethal-dronespolicy/ http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/oct/24/immorality-and-illegality-drone-warfare?newsfeed=true http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/1741690/US-drone-debate-may-affect-Australia

Introduction to Drone Wars UK Briefing
http://www.scribd.com/doc/84993286/Drone-Wars-Briefing-Final2 US Drone in Afghanistan becomes a “runaway” and has to be shot down. http://www.popsci.com/military-aviation-amp-space/article/2009-09/when-drones-go-wild-air-forceshoots-them-down Afghanistan wants their own drones. The USA is not helping, so Afghanistan is shopping around to China, India, Russia, other potential suppliers http://aviationintel.com/2012/10/08/karzai-begging-for-indigenous-aviation-assets-will-go-to-russia-chinaand-india-if-us-does-not-act/ Info about US drones killing in Afghanistan, where permission to access US Government data is uncertain. http://icrac.net/2012/04/2100-page-centcom-report-on-afghan-drone-victims/ See summaries end 2009 2010 in Drone Dates. 4 Algeria http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/la-fg-obama-drone-20130223,0,7202135.story http://blogs.cfr.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 5 See listing http://blogs.cfr.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 6 Argentina https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs.cfr.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 7 Armenia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krunk_UAV http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4296758,00.html http://www.minnpost.com/global-post/2012/10/drone-violence-along-armenian-azerbaijani-border-couldlead-war 8 Australia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles https://dronewarsuk.wordpress.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-06-08/australias-drone-war-in-afghanistan/4058058 http://www.smh.com.au/national/flying-drones-a-safety-threat-at-airports-20120910-25nds.html http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/09/26/going-mad-with-drones/ http://tvnz.co.nz/world-news/drones-option-australia-s-defence-5354204 http://www.dronejournalismlab.org/post/44569802144/drones-set-for-large-scale-commercial-take-off-in According to https://dronewarsuk.wordpress.com/6-who-has-drones-2/ Directory of Who has Drones, per Drone Wars UK, Australia has 8 large Heron drones, manufactured by IAI in Israel. US drones sold to Australia https://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/wsh2013/280.pdf See listing http://blogs.cfr.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ Australian forces have deployed Israeli-owned drones in Afghanistan on lease from a Canadian company. http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/1741690/US-drone-debate-may-affect-Australia US Drones based in Australia: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-09-03/revealed-us-flew-drone-missions-from-australia/4236306


Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder

guardian.guardian. with USA weapons conducting spying missions over Iran's shared border with Karabakh.wikipedia. 5 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .uk/2012/10/unmanned-drone-squadron-stood-up-at-raf-waddington/ http://www.com/global-post/2012/10/drone-violence-along-armenian-azerbaijani-border-couldlead-war Azerbaijan allegedly has Israeli drones.html https://www.com.html 9 Austria https://dronewarsuk.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs.uk/uk/2011/jan/16/drones-unmanned-aircraft http://www.co.cfr.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 15 Brazil https://en.scribd.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ https://dronewarsuk.com/doc/84993286/Drone-WarsBriefing-Final2 http://www.co.wordpress.wikipedia.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ https://en.globalresearch.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles 10 Azerbaijan http://blogs.html 16 Britain https://en.com/articles/0.5   Austria9 Azerbaijan10 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Nations B+ (3 Mar 15)       Belarus11 Belgium12 US Drones over Bosnia.7340.co. Drone finds missing hiker: http://www.cfr.com.aspx?id=40516 14 See listing http://blogs.co.org/archives/2012/12/reports_of_israeli_d.au/national-affairs/aviation-buffs-uncover-us-drone-launches/story-fn59niix1226464279669 See summary end 2010 in Drone Dates.theregister.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs.cfr.com/business/money/la-fi-mo-mini-drone-battlefield-20130204.theaustralian.aljazeera.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs.0.au/technology/technology-news/privacy-fears-as-drones-move-into-mainstream20130217-2elcj.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ http://www. and of course Iran is upset about this.4050682.ynetnews.php 11 See listing http://blogs.cfr.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ http://www.uk/2012/10/07/uav_challenge_canberra_win/ Paparazzi http://www.story Introduction to Drone Wars UK Briefing http://www.wikipedia.com/2013/02/23/sports/soccer/plans-to-use-drones-during-confederations-cup-inbrazil.minnpost.L-4296758.nytimes.latimes. Israel and Azerbaijan denied the allegations http://www.html http://www.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 13 http://www.gov/news/newsarticle.ca/britains-new-drone-squadron/5309232 http://thelincolnite.defense.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 12 Belgium https://en.com/indepth/opinion/2012/11/2012116114514211617.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ See listing http://blogs.13 Botswana14 Brazil15 Britain (United Kingdom)16 http://www.longwarjournal.cfr.uk/world/2012/oct/24/immorality-and-illegality-drone-warfare?newsfeed=true See summaries end 2008 2009 in Drone Dates.00.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ http://www.cfr.theage.cfr.wikipedia.wordpress.

23 Chile https://en.net/us-drones-in-africa/ Also see Africa Drone Attacks chapter.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs. to watch over the upcoming G8 summit there.6        Bulgaria17 Burkino Faso18 Burundi19 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Nations C+ (3 Mar 13) Canada20 is looking to buy drones which will function in the Arctic.co. 19 Burundi http://www.wikipedia.cn/china/2012-10/21/content_15834940.htm One of the pictures here.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 18 https://publicintelligence.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles http://europe.cfr.aljazeera.zerohedge.theprovince.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs.edmontonjournal.nydailynews.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles 22 https://publicintelligence.com/business/f83a20a35018230cf523e6ac161a0943/china-to-deploy-drones-formarine-surveillance https://rt. http://aviationintel.uk/news/world-africa-13946702 See listing http://blogs. https://en.wikipedia.wordpress.com/news/mind-controlled-drone-china-157/ http://thediplomat.com/article/us-defense-firm-may-build-arctic-drones-canada http://www.cfr.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ https://dronewarsuk.com/2012/10/18/chinese-take-out-the-red-dragons-growing-air-combat-capability-inpictures/ http://www. which is part of the UK.com/indepth/opinion/2012/11/2012116114514211617.bbc.com/2013/03/02/here-comes-chinas-drones/ http://news.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ https://dronewarsuk.com/news/Editorial+Rules+police+drones+need+established/7886205/story.com.yahoo. are buying 2 drones @ about 1 million pounds each. is of a Chinese drone.cfr.co.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ http://www.net/us-drones-in-africa/ Also see Africa Drone Attacks chapter.uk/uk/2013/feb/12/450-british-military-drones-lost http://www.cfr.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ See summary end 2011 in Drone Dates._ylt=A2KJ2UiJ8UBR214APb7QtDMD See listing http://blogs.com/news/2013-03-01/guest-post-here-comes-chinas-drones 6 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .com/news/case+armed+drones+Canada/7175031/story.html 24 China http://india.bbc. China: See Venezuela.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-21808253 Police in Northern Ireland. 17 Bulgaria https://en.chinadaily.html See summaries end 2008 2009 2010 in Drone Dates.guardian.com/chinas-drone-swarms-rise-challenge-us-power173949154.html See listing http://blogs. 21 Central African Republic22 Chile23 China (PRC)24 Britain has lost almost 450 military drones in Iraq and Afghanistan http://www.wordpress.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 20 Canadian domestic police have drones: http://www.cfr.html.co.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ https://en. 21 Canada: http://www.alaskadispatch.

aljazeera.html http://www.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5i1Mg8u5k0LNqU8qxGUHVN33C9aQ?docId=CNG. In the US military.yahoo.com/US/wireStory/plans-spy-drones-eastern-congo-18305791 http://news.cfr.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs. http://www.ULXKld5FLQw. https://publicintelligence. The force will be aided by three surveillance drones.pdf 30 https://dronewarsuk.stanford.freedomsphoenix.com/site/topics/article.foxnews.N.cfr.com/News/123408-2012-11-27-china-unveils-new-killer-drones-aims-themat-russia.fas.cfr. the FAA will not permit drones to be flown by people unless they have a commercial pilot’s license. people may crash multi-million $ drones because they do not have a clue about flying procedures. which U.html The UN will be deploying more forces to the Congo. or controls.591 According to a post in drone-list (you must be a subscriber to view) https://mailman.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ Denmark buys drones from USA https://www.htm#.gulftimes. this has created a market demand.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs. 7 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder . some of China’s killer drones are aimed at Russia: http://www.html In the USA. including 3 drones.com/indepth/opinion/2012/11/2012116114514211617. UN Security Council has approved this.google_plusone_share Thanks to America demonstrating the value of drones.7       Drone Nations listed by Al Mac Columbia25 Congo.com/u-n-security-council-allows-drones-eastern-congo-180052240. peacekeeping chief Herve Ladsous has said he hopes will be deployed by the summer.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ http://latino.wordpress.html 26 UN wants to use drones to monitor fighting between Congo and Rwanda.com/dangerroom/2012/10/secret-drone-base/ http://www.go. according to: http://www.wired. The intervention would be under the direct operational command of the MONUSCO force commander.html?tid=pm_pop https://publicintelligence.edu/mailman/private/drone-list/2013-February/000498.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 28 Czech Republic https://en.cfr.wikipedia.8f657e7756ba3cc13598d43a03fa008d.washingtonpost. 27 Croatia https://en.net/us-drones-in-africa/ Also see Africa Drone Attacks chapter.com/latino/news/2012/10/26/colombia-to-develop-its-own-drone-program-to-combatdrug-trafficking/ http://www. http://abcnews. then America blocking sales to other nations.com/world/national-security/remote-us-base-at-core-of-secretoperations/2012/10/25/a26a9392-197a-11e2-bd10-5ff056538b7c_story.google.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 29 http://blogs.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/wsh2013/278.com/world/national-security/drone-crashes-mount-at-civilian-airportsoverseas/2012/11/30/e75a13e4-3a39-11e2-83f9-fb7ac9b29fad_story.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ http://www.washingtonpost.net/us-drones-in-africa/ Also see Africa Drone Attacks chapter.asp?cu_no=2&item_no=523292&version=1&template_id=46&parent_id=26 25 Columbia http://blogs. which China is filling.26 Democratic Republic Croatia27 Czech Republic28 Denmark29 Djibouti30 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Nations E+ (3 Mar 11)  Ecuador31 According to this article.wikipedia.

chicagotribune.pdf 34 See listing http://blogs.net/us-drones-in-africa/ Also see Africa Drone Attacks chapter.story http://aviationintel. http://www.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles Introduction to Drone Wars UK Briefing http://www.cfr.net/u-s-flying-drone-missions-from-civilian-airport-in-ethiopia/ https://publicintelligence. 38 Gaza see Israel Introduction to Drone Wars UK Briefing http://www. See Europe’s NEURON.aljazeera.nytimes.com/article/how-russia-and-georgia-started-drone-arms-race 40 Germany used unmanned aircraft in WW II. Italy.com/indepth/opinion/2012/11/2012116114514211617.lawfareblog. but a group of nations.cfr.com/2012/08/31/ucav-fever-is-spreading/ 8 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .fas.com/sns-rt-germany-dronesl6e8j3q1c-20120803.0. 35 Finland36 France and French Army Drones37 Gaza38 Georgia39 Germany40 Ecuador http://www.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs.6479969.cfr.cfr.wikipedia.com/doc/84993286/Drone-Wars-Briefing-Final2 https://publicintelligence. Spain.wikipedia.com/2012/12/03/the-rise-of-the-machineseuropes-neuron-fires-into-the-sky-for-the-first-time/ http://www.com/2012/10/todays-headlines-and-commentary-285/ https://www. 35 France.defpro.com/doc/84993286/Drone-WarsBriefing-Final2 http://www.html?ref=world 39 Georgia https://en. Greece and Switzerland.com/news/details/36390/?SID=438081094585130fe3b3722aa811e392 See listing http://blogs. in combination.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/wsh2013/278.scribd.alaskadispatch.com/Blogs.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs. have developed the NEURON.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ https://en.html 32 See listing http://blogs.scribd.cfr.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ Estonia buys drones from USA https://www.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 33 http://blogs. which sometimes act together. a stealth drone.wikipedia.com/2012/10/08/world/middleeast/lebanon-says-israeli-planescircled-its-airspace-for-an-hour.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 37 France: http://www.aspx?plckBlogId=Blog:27ec4a53-dcc8-42d0-bd3a01329aef79a7&plckPostId=Blog%3a27ec4a53-dcc8-42d0-bd3a01329aef79a7Post%3a71b969d2-a785-494b-807b-6071d7fe7794 36 Finland https://en.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ US flying drones from Ethiopia civilian airport: https://publicintelligence.net/us-drones-in-africa/ Also see Africa Drone Attacks chapter.aviationweek. Sweden.cfr. http://aviationintel.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 2008 Drone War between Georgia and Russia http://www.8          31 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Egypt32 Estonia33 Ethiopia34 Europe is not a nation.

cfr.ethz.ph/articles/372086/age-of-drone-and-robots 46 Iran – March 2013 I started Drone Iran.htm 9 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .com/technology/futureoftech/are-laser-firing-drones-weed-killers-future-795307 http://www.cassidian.wikipedia.org/2013/03/opisrael-archive.wordpress.wikipedia.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ https://dronewarsuk.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ https://dronewarsuk.com/newstext.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ See Europe’s NEURON.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ See summary end 2012 in Drone Dates.de/national/20130125-47549.cfr.nbcnews.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs.html http://www.aspx?ID=1065926989 https://dronewarsuk.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles https://www.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs.cfr.html http://www.php?nn=9107146918 Iran claims first VTOL drone (vertical take off and landing) which I know is bogus.cfr.7340.haaretz.org/articles/2012/aug2012/dron-a16.com/products/janes/defence-security-report.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles http://english. See picture # six.mb.html?hpt=hp_t2 http://www. 46 https://en.com/2012/10/16/iran-drones-israel_n_1970868.wordpress.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ http://www.462262 http://www.wikipedia.html http://www. in Hong Kong.janes.shtml http://www.html See chapter on Hezbollah use of drones.com. due to medical helicopter drones used to deliver medical supplies in mountainous regions where nothing else can land or take off. 42 DJI company. http://www.presstv.wikipedia.com/articles/0.huffingtonpost.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles 45 Indonesia https://en. manufactures drones.cfr.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ https://en.ch/isn/Digital-Library/Publications/Detail/?lng=en&id=159707 See summaries end 2008 2009 in Drone Dates. to try to keep track of a high volume of incidents.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 44 India: http://www.html 43 See listing http://blogs. See listing http://blogs.ynetnews.com/opinion/columns/index.00.ir/detail/2012/11/03/270194/iran-builds-worlds-first-vtol-drone/ http://cryptome.ssf/2012/10/america_should_brace_for_blowb. according to http://www. 2010: Iran displays one of their drones during Army Day celebrations.com/news/middle-east/top-iran-official-says-tehran-to-fit-self-made-long-range-dronewith-missiles-1.com/2013/03/04/us/new-york-drone-report/index.cfr. April 18. See listing http://blogs.wikipedia.L-4276196.silive.farsnews.wsws.thelocal.cnn.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ https://en.isn.9       Greece41 Hong Kong42 Hungary43 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Nations I+ (3 Mar 19) India44 Indonesia45 Iran had Drones before US started using them over Iran.com/2013/03/11/companies-making-drones_n_2849569.com/en_US/web/guest/first-sensor-test-flight-of-euro-hawk-successfullyaccomplished http://www. http://www.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ 41 Greece https://en.huffingtonpost. See listing http://blogs.wordpress.

washingtonpost.ir/en/news/10521 See Dec 2012 in Drone Dates (time line). All weigh less than 150kg.com/site/topics/article. and Drone Notes chapter on “Hacker and Malware Concerns” Azerbaijan allegedly has Israeli drones. Israel is selling drones in Asia and Latin America.org/wiki/Shahed_129 http://en. according to: http://www.jta.wikipedia. and of course Iran is upset about this. Drones are also built in Ireland.47 US Drone Attacks in Iraq.gulftimes.longwarjournal.barackobama.factoverfiction.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghods_Mohajer http://en.asp?cu_no=2&item_no=523292&version=1&template_id=46&parent_id=26 10 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .wikipedia.com/6-who-has-drones-2/ Directory of Who has Drones.org/wiki/Karrar_(UCAV) http://en.php This next link now appears to be broken: http://www.herald. See summaries end 2009 2010 in Drone Dates.org/wiki/Unmanned_aerial_vehicle http://www. Australia has 8 large Heron drones.org/wiki/Ghods_Ababil http://en. 50 Israel: http://defense-update. per Drone Wars UK.org/news/article/2013/03/04/3120936/israeli-drones-play-ever-larger-role-in-idf According to https://dronewarsuk. for more info about this claim.com/20121231_more-hermes-900-drones-for-idf.com/2012/06/at-issue-are-us-drone-strikes-in-south-asia-middle-east-ethical97033/ http://americansecurityproject. with USA weapons conducting spying missions over Iran's shared border with Karabakh.middleeastvoices.10     Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM US Drones over Iran overhead at least since 2010. http://www. moved to Drone Iran. Israel and Azerbaijan denied the allegations http://www.com/2012/10/23/riding-the-thermals-inside-hizballahs-drone-mostly-hot-air/ http://www.time.html http://world.wordpress. Also see Venezuela here.wikipedia.org/archives/2012/12/reports_of_israeli_d.wikipedia.wordpress.48 Ireland49 Israel started using Drones after the 1973 Yom Kippur War.wikipedia.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ 49 Ireland: http://www.html 48 Iraq: See chapter on Statistics in Drone Notes.wikipedia.ie/news/rise-of-the-drones-29088035.org/wiki/Sofreh_Mahi 47 US drones captured by Iran: http://www.html The Irish Aviation Authority confirmed that it has licensed eight users to operate unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or remotely piloted aircraft systems.org/issues/asymmetric-operations/the-strategic-effects-of-a-lethal-dronespolicy/ https://dronewarsuk.50 Iranian "Small Scale" Drones : http://en. https://en.com/article/983 Fact over Fiction has retired.com/world/national-security/us-sees-intelligence-surge-as-boost-toconfidence/2012/04/07/gIQAlCha2S_story. manufactured by IAI in Israel. see News & Research.org/wiki/Ghods_Saeghe http://en.

nationalterroralert.” Journal of Palestine Studies. 36.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles http://online.wikipedia.com/2012/12/03/israel-developing-a-stealth-ucav/ https://en.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303395604577432323658176792.foxnews. and of course Iran is upset about this. by the Iran-backed Lebanese militia Hezbollah. Israel radio reported that it appeared to be an intelligence gathering drone.html https://www.com/2013/02/23/sports/soccer/plans-to-use-drones-during-confederations-cup-inbrazil. ASP Assessment: Paper is very specific to IHL.org/archives/2012/12/reports_of_israeli_d. Rather.wordpress. See chapter on Palestine joining the UN with less than full member status.nytimes.aljazeera.longwarjournal.com/2012/10/06/israel-shoots-down-unpiloted-aircraft-reports-say/ http://www.com/2012/10/16/iran-drones-israel_n_1970868.com/article/22416/ http://www. https://dronewarsuk.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ Israel is developing a stealth drone.11 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM See chapter on Hezbollah use of drones. for now. 21-42.org/issues/asymmetric-operations/the-strategic-effects-of-a-lethal-dronespolicy/drone-information-sources-annotated-bibliography/ 52 Italy: https://en. L. but broad in regards to policies. http://www.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles 51 http://americansecurityproject. origin unknown.huffingtonpost. Hajjar’s paper offers a comparative examination of how Israeli and US policies in their wars on terror decant from traditional norms and international humanitarian law (IHL).html http://www.org/wiki/Unmanned_aerial_vehicle https://en.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ which says USA and Israel are primary exporters of drones. Using the second intifada and the current US war on terror as examples. American Security Project (ASP)51 provides a reference on Israel use of drones in Palestine.cfr. It is most useful in understanding IHL in relation to any policy that may endorse targeted killings. against Israel.wikipedia.html See listing http://blogs. Hajjar. no. They will need one to go after Iran.wikipedia. See Hezbollah chapter after nations listed. Israel and Azerbaijan denied the allegations http://www.  Italy52 And: http://www. http://aviationintel.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 11 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .com/world/2012/10/06/israel-shoots-down-unpiloted-aircraft-reports-say/ See listing http://blogs.cfr. 2006. There have been drones launched in the past. Hajjar argues that neither country actually ignores IHL.debka. pp. but is difficult to relate directly to US drone programs. with USA weapons conducting spying missions over Iran's shared border with Karabakh. They do know it did not launch from Gaza. 1. vol. each country seeks to reinterpret IHL in such a manner that it may continue to pursue its political agenda by its preferred means.php Israel shoots down a drone. “International Humanitarian Law and “Wars on Terror: A Comparative Analysis of Israeli and American Doctrines and Policies.com/indepth/opinion/2012/11/2012116114514211617.html See summaries end 2010 2011 2012 in Drone Dates. Azerbaijan allegedly has Israeli drones.

59 See Cruise Missile in Drone Terms.gov/about/initiatives/uas/media/UAS_FACT_Sheet.com/news/sns-rt-us-kenya-usa-militarybre86k0h0-20120721.scribd.html See summary end 2012 in Drone Dates. 53 See listing http://blogs.cfr.org/post/44561302250/drone-journalism-off-the-ground-in-italy See summary end 2010 in Drone Dates.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ Lebanon buys drones from USA https://www.cfr.0.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/wsh2013/278.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ See listing http://blogs.com/doc/84993286/Drone-Wars-Briefing-Final2 See Europe’s NEURON. The USA has exported them to Kuwait.wikipedia.cfr.wordpress.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 57 Kenya http://www. South http://www.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 54 Japan https://en.voanews. 58 Korea. Introduction to Drone Wars UK Briefing http://www.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs. see South Korea58 Kuwait59 Nations L+ (3 Mar 18)     Latvia60 Lebanon61 Lesotho62 Libya.2844488.pdf See chapter on Hezbollah use of drones.net/us-drones-in-africa/ Also see Africa Drone Attacks chapter.wordpress.chicagotribune.wikipedia.fas.cfr.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 61 Lebanon https://dronewarsuk. 62 Lesotho Lesotho Medical Rescue http://matternet.com/content/u_moves_to_sell_spy_drones_to_south_korea/1572398.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ http://www.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ Crop Dusting by Drones in Japan http://www.63 https://dronewarsuk.pdf Drones and Robots attempt to do some cleanup at Fukushima http://www.wikipedia.cfr.com/hardware-features/56852-robot-fails-to-complete-japanese-nuke-plant-mission 55 https://en.tgdaily.dronejournalismlab.story https://publicintelligence.12  Ivory Coast53 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Nations J+ (3 Feb 24)       Japan54 Jordan55 Kazakhstan56 Kenya57 Korea.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles 56 See listing http://blogs.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs.net/2011/08/22/lesotho/ 12 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder . South.faa. 60 Latvia https://en.

com/products/Global-Insight/industry-economic-report.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ https://dronewarsuk.cfr.com/page/content.cfr.libyaherald.com/story/BC-World-Briefly-102312 http://www.mepc.examiner. see News & Research.net/us-drones-in-africa/ Also see Africa Drone Attacks chapter.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 13 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .cfr.mb.detail/id/260107/France-to-send-drones-to-Maliregion.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 66 France and USA send drones into Mali http://www.aspx?ID=1065929426 http://www.wikipedia.com/doc/84993286/Drone-Wars-Briefing-Final2 Libya after US ambassador killed in attacks under cover of protests against a film http://www. maybe not yet confirmed -> airport closed There is an air base in Libya used by US and France for operations in Mali.ph/articles/372086/age-of-drone-and-robots See listing http://blogs. referenced in Drone Dates and Drone Scribd. 67 https://publicintelligence.mexican.com/article/2012/09/14/us-protests-libya-airport-idUSBRE88D0PJ20120914 US drones over the city. attributed to some groups.com/article/983 Fact over Fiction has retired.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles http://www.thehawkeye.cnn. 69 See listing http://blogs.org/journal/middle-east-policy-archives/drone-warfare-blowback-new-american-waywar?print Introduction to Drone Wars UK Briefing http://www.com.com/2010/US/12/17/texas.net/us-drones-in-africa/ Also see Africa Drone Attacks chapter. Here is a confirmation: http://www.nujournal.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles Mexico military drone crashes in USA http://www.net/us-drones-in-africa/ Also see Africa Drone Attacks chapter.wikipedia.com/2013/03/17/libyan-drones-take-to-skies-for-first-time/ 64 See listing http://blogs.wordpress.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ https://en.scribd. Also see allegations in UN investigation launched Jan 24 2013.html See summary end 2010 in Drone Dates.cfr.13  Lithuania64 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Nations M+ (3 Mar 18)      63 Malaysia65 Mali66 Mauritania67 Mexico68 Morocco69 Libya before overthrow of Qadaffi See listing http://blogs.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ Libya during the over-throw of Quadaffi http://www.com/article/obama-deploys-u-s-predator-drones-to-north-africa https://publicintelligence.factoverfiction.org Libya already has their own drones.ihs. with the knowledge of Libyan government what they doing -> anti-aircraft fire against the drones.reuters. http://www. 68 Mexico See listing http://blogs.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 65 Malaysia https://en.humanrightsfirst.cfr.html?isap=1&nav=5033 http://www. https://publicintelligence. According to a Dec 2012 report by HRF = www.drone/index.

75 Norway https://en.com.net/us-drones-in-africa/ Also see Africa Drone Attacks chapter.smh.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ Dutch police http://www.cfr.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs.com/category/projects/drone-data/ http://dawn.70 Netherlands71 New Zealand72 Niger73 Nigeria74 Norway75 Oman76 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Nations P+ (3 Mar 10) Pakistan has drones independently of the ones USA using in attacks there.gov/the-press-office/2013/02/22/letter-president-concerning-niger http://www.com.thebureauinvestigates. 78 Pakistan: See chapters on Maps.wikipedia.wikipedia.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ 14 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .au/technology/sci-tech/nepal-launches-drones-to-combat-poachers-2012062120pd9. yet this article seems to indicate that Pakistan getting armed drones is a new surprise for the author.77 US Drone Attacks in Pakistan.wikipedia.aspx?ID=119361 https://publicintelligence.cfr.com/Science_News/Technology/2013/03/18/Dutch-question-police-use-ofdrones/UPI-95391363614754/ 72 New Zealand http://www.html http://www. See chapters on International Law implications in Drone Scribd.ph/articles/372086/age-of-drone-and-robots 71 Netherlands https://en.factoverfiction.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 73 Niger https://www.defense. when Pakistan has similar technology.14          70 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac Nepal uses drones to catch poachers. in Drone Notes.html http://www. see News & Research. 74 Nigeria See listing http://blogs.net/us-drones-in-africa/ Also see Africa Drone Attacks chapter. http://www.wikipedia.com/article/983 Fact over Fiction has retired.78 Nepal http://www.whitehouse.nzherald. That is one reason for US slowing Pakistan development. Also: http://www.com/2013/02/23/world/africa/in-niger-us-troops-set-up-drone-base.com/2012/09/28/pakistan-endorses-drones-rejects-method-khar/ https://dronewarsuk.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs. See summaries end 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 in Drone Dates.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 76 See Cruise Missile in Drone Terms.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs. Statistics.wordpress.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ https://publicintelligence.gov/News/NewsArticle.cfr. 77 https://en. International Law.mb.cfr.com/business/pakistan-racing-todevelop-armed-drones-but-lacks-key-technology-china-offers-help/2012/11/17/e2f293e6-30eb-11e2-af1767abba0676e2_story.nz/nz/news/article. The USA has exported them to Oman. Pakistan.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles I have had Pakistan on my list of nations with domestic drones for some time. http://www. Just as some US drones kill Pakistan friends. some Pakistan drones will kill some US friends.examiner.nytimes.co.html We all should know that Pakistan’s enemies and US enemies only overlap.washingtonpost.com/article/obama-deploys-u-s-predator-drones-to-north-africa http://www.upi.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10868674 https://en. are not the same people.

org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs. 80 See listing http://blogs.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs.go.scientificamerican.cfm?id=drones-accelerate-archaeological-si-12-12-31 82 Philippines https://en.com/blogs/politics/2012/09/drone-strikes-in-pakistan-damaging-and-counterproductivestudy-finds/ http://www.com/doc/86681294/Pakistan-Has-Drones-That-Save-Lives Introduction to Drone Wars UK Briefing http://www.time.wikipedia.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ See chapter on Hezbollah use of drones.org/issues/asymmetric-operations/the-strategic-effects-of-a-lethal-dronespolicy/ http://world.cfr.com/article/20120929/OPINION02/309290019/Obama-s-furtive-drone-war-goesunchallenged?odyssey=nav|head http://americansecurityproject. See chapter on Palestine becoming #194 member of UN.cfr.net. Panama80 Peru81 Philippines82 Poland83 Portugal84 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Nations R+ (2 Nov 30) Romania85 Russia86 http://pakobserver. http://aviationintel.au/news/2012-07-09/an-philippines-us-drone/4119604 83 Poland http://aviationintel.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles 85 Romania https://en.dailytimes.alaskadispatch.com/article/how-russia-and-georgia-started-drone-arms-race 15 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .com/doc/84993286/Drone-WarsBriefing-Final2 79 https://dronewarsuk.wikipedia.net/detailnews.abc.wikipedia.wordpress.scribd.asp?id=175816 http://www.lawfareblog.com/2012/08/31/ucav-fever-is-spreading/ See listing http://blogs.wikipedia.com/2012/08/31/ucav-fever-is-spreading/ See listing http://blogs.com.wikipedia.com/2012/09/todays-headlines-and-commentary-279/ http://www.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ Did the USA do a drone strike in the Philippines in 2006? http://www.cfr.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 86 Russia: See Venezuela.newsleader.com/2012/06/at-issue-are-us-drone-strikes-in-south-asia-middle-east-ethical97033/ http://www.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles 84 https://en.org/journal/middle-east-policy-archives/drone-warfare-blowback-new-american-waywar?print http://abcnews.wikipedia.cfr.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ https://en.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ https://www.asp?page=2012\09\04\story_4-9-2012_pg3_5 http://www.com/podcast/episode.middleeastvoices.cfr.15         Drone Nations listed by Al Mac Palestine79 – Also see Israel.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs.scribd.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ https://en.cfr.com/2012/10/23/drones-a-non-issue-in-u-s-presidential-debate-riles-pakistan/ http://www.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 81 Peru https://en.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles 2008 Drone War between Russia and Georgia http://www.mepc.pk/default.

com/2012/06/at-issue-are-us-drone-strikes-in-south-asia-middle-east-ethical97033/ http://www.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ In the USA.washingtonpost.95 According to this article.wordpress.cfr.net/us-drones-in-africa/ Also see Africa Drone Attacks chapter.8f657e7756ba3cc13598d43a03fa008d.org/issues/asymmetric-operations/the-strategic-effects-of-a-lethal-dronespolicy/ http://www.google_plusone_share 87 UN wants to use drones to monitor fighting between Congo and Rwanda. people may crash multi-million $ drones because they do not have a clue about flying procedures.html?tid=pm_pop Also see Africa Drone Attacks chapter.591 88 https://publicintelligence.com/blogs/erik-wemple/wp/2013/02/06/new-york-times-broke-informalarrangement-on-drones/ 90 Serbia https://en.google.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs.ULXKld5FLQw. http://www.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 94 Slovenia https://en.wikipedia. http://www.cfr.com/article/983 Fact over Fiction has retired.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs.factoverfiction.cfr.com/News/123408-2012-11-27-china-unveils-new-killer-drones-aims-themat-russia. http://www.nytimes. http://www.cfr.16          Ruwanda87 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Nations S+ (3 Feb 26) Sahara. some of China’s killer dron es are aimed at Russia: http://www.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 95 Somalia: See Drone Notes chapter on Statistics.com/world/national-security/drone-crashes-mount-at-civilian-airportsoverseas/2012/11/30/e75a13e4-3a39-11e2-83f9-fb7ac9b29fad_story.com/category/projects/drone-data/ https://dronewarsuk. http://www.html?_r=1 http://americansecurityproject.wordpress.seattlepi. see News & Research.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ https://www.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 93 See listing http://blogs.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5i1Mg8u5k0LNqU8qxGUHVN33C9aQ?docId=CNG. the FAA will not permit drones to be flown by people unless they have a commercial pilot’s license. In the US military.wikipedia.freedomsphoenix. 89 Saudi Arabia has a base for US drones.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 91 https://dronewarsuk. the88 Saudi Arabia89 Serbia90 Seychelles91 Singapore92 Slovakia93 Slovenia94 US Drone Attacks in Somalia.org/journal/middle-east-policy-archives/drone-warfare-blowback-new-american-waywar?print 16 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .php http://www.wikipedia.com/news/article/CIA-operates-drone-base-in-Saudi-Arabia-4254146.washingtonpost.mepc.htm#.middleeastvoices.thebureauinvestigates.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs. 92 Singapore https://en.com/2012/06/16/world/obama-admits-us-fight-of-al-qaeda-has-extended-to-somaliaand-yemen. or controls.

which allows for nations to get exemptions.cfr.fas. The US is blatantly violating the agreement the US helped craft.com/news/world/story/2012-08-03/clinton-sudan/56727774/1 97 South Africa https://en.net/us-drones-in-africa/ Also see Africa Drone Attacks chapter.voanews. 96 http://www.wikipedia. See Europe’s NEURON. 103 Sweden https://en. before they stumbled over it.wired. 104 Switzerland https://en.html 99 http://www. see Korea. Republic of See listing http://blogs.com/doc/84993286/Drone-WarsBriefing-Final2 https://publicintelligence. and now the US is in violation of that UN agreement.foxnews. South http://www.wired.com/tech/2012/10/09/korea-developing-kamikaze-attack-drone/ http://www.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs.17           Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Uganda Drone attacks in Somalia96 South Africa97 South Korea.cfr.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ Syria See listing http://blogs.scribd.com/2012/06/proxy-detention-in-somalia-and-the-detention-drone-tradeoff/ The USA helped the UN establish an arms embargo to Somalia 20 years ago.cfr. https://www.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ https://dronewarsuk.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 98 South Korea.cfr.com/news/world/story/2012-08-03/clinton-sudan/56727774/1 https://publicintelligence.wikipedia.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 101 See listing http://blogs.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 102 Sudan. because there have been a LOT of other articles about this.usatoday.cfr.wikipedia.net/us-drones-in-africa/ Also see Africa Drone Attacks chapter.cfr.105 Here is an article entitled “American’s secret war in Africa” which really means Somalia.au/news/2012-06-12/52-killed-in-syria-as-troops-pound-rebels-strongholds/4064990 17 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .lawfareblog.com/dangerroom/2012/10/secret-drone-base/ Introduction to Drone Wars UK Briefing http://www.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs.com/dangerroom/2012/06/drones-south-america/ 100 Spain https://en.com/content/u_moves_to_sell_spy_drones_to_south_korea/1572398.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles http://www.usatoday.cfr.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ https://en.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ See Europe’s NEURON. http://www.abc.wikipedia.wordpress. South102 Sweden103 Switzerland104 Syrian government uses drone attack on Syrian Civilians. but the US is not applying for them.wired.wikipedia. in the context of the article … I guess it was secret from the people who wrote the articl e.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ Also see Africa Drone Attacks chapter.com/dangerroom/2012/08/somalia-drones/ http://www.org/blog/secrecy/2012/07/somalia_arms.html http://www. South98 US Drones to South America99 Spain100 Sri Lanka101 US Drone use in Sudan.net. 105 http://www.

wikipedia.org/node/65614 http://www.com/news/world/story/2012-08-03/clinton-sudan/56727774/1 http://www.0.106 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Nations T+ (3 Feb 24)            106 107 Taiwan107 Tanzania108 Thailand109 Trinidad and Tobago110 Tunisia111 Turkey112 Nations U+ (3 Feb 24) Uganda113 UK see Britain Ukraine114 United Arab Emirates115 (UAE) United Arab Republics116 http://www.wikipedia.reuters.co.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 108 http://www.wordpress.story 116 See listing http://blogs.18  Drone Nations listed by Al Mac Syria uses Iranian-made drones.defensenews.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs.usatoday.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs.com/article/2013/02/18/us-emirates-drones-idUSBRE91H0AY20130218 http://www.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles http://www.wikipedia.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 111 Tunisia https://en.uk/news/world-africa-13946702 https://publicintelligence.ph/articles/372086/age-of-drone-and-robots 109 Thailand https://en.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles http://www.eurasianet.thenews.com.cfr.story See listing http://blogs.mb.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ See listing http://blogs. see Somalia http://www.cfr.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ https://en.fas.com.com/dangerroom/2012/07/syria-drones/ Taiwan https://en.e-ir.latimes.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 110 See listing http://blogs.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles See listing http://blogs. http://www.cfr. 113 Uganda.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 115 https://en.0.com/article/20130304/DEFREG01/303040018/Turkey-Buy-10-Locally-MadeAnka-Drones?odyssey=nav|head Turkey wants to use US military drones against militants of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).net/us-drones-in-africa/ Also see Africa Drone Attacks chapter. 114 See listing http://blogs.cfr.pk/article-72521-Use-of-Shamsi-for-drones-had-a-Pak-nod http://www.wikipedia.wikipedia.chicagotribune.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/wsh2013/278.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 18 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .wired.6933108.cfr.info/2012/06/27/flying-blind-why-armed-drones-may-detract-from-turkish-security/ See summaries end 2011 2012 in Drone Dates.com/business/la-fi-predator-drone-sale-20130223.cfr.cfr.com/news/sns-rt-us-kenya-usa-militarybre86k0h0-20120721.cfr.pdf http://www.2844488.bbc.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ 112 Turkey https://dronewarsuk.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ Uganda buys drones from USA https://www.

foreignaffairs. The USA used Drones in the Vietnam War. See many chapters of Drone Notes. Inventory of US military drones: https://publicintelligence.net/us-air-force-uas-mishaps-1997-2011/ See listing http://blogs.com/doc/84993286/Drone-WarsBriefing-Final2 Al Jazeera “Fault Lines” series looks at US use of drones and robotic weaponry. according to their President.0.factoverfiction.cfr.273634.html http://www.com/article/983 Fact over Fiction has retired.voanews. See summaries end 2011 2012 in Drone Dates. with help from China.wordpress.net/2012/03/robot-wars-documentary/ https://en. see News & Research.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles Iran claims to capture US drones: http://www.html http://americansecurityproject. Russia.wikipedia.html?_r=1 http://www.com/dangerroom/2012/10/secret-drone-base/ http://middleeastvoices.org/journal/middle-east-policy-archives/drone-warfare-blowback-new-american-waywar?print http://www.longwarjournal.nytimes.com/2012/10/quicktake-drones-sometimes-kill-the-wrong-peoplegregory-johnsen41579/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+middleeastvoices%2Ffull feed+%28Middle+East+Voices+-+Full+Feed%29 Introduction to Drone Wars UK Briefing http://www.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ which says USA and Israel are primary exporters of drones.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ Introduction to Drone Wars UK Briefing http://www.org/multimedia/Yemen/code/Yemen-strike.scribd. Also see International Law in Drone Scribd. Iran.barackobama. https://dronewarsuk. including: Maps. 118 http://www.com/articles/137760/christopher-swift/the-drone-blowback-fallacy 19 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .chicagotribune.cnn.org/issues/asymmetric-operations/the-strategic-effects-of-a-lethal-dronespolicy/ http://www.mepc.nytimes. http://www.html http://www.php http://www.ir/en/news/10521 See Dec 2012 in Drone Dates (time line) for more info about this claim.121 (1960’s-1970’s) US Drone Attacks in Yemen.thebureauinvestigates. https://www. for now.com/2012/06/at-issue-are-us-drone-strikes-in-south-asia-middle-east-ethical97033/ http://www.middleeastvoices.com/world/national-security/yemeni-president-acknowledges-approving-usdrone-strikes/2012/09/29/09bec2ae-0a56-11e2-afff-d6c7f20a83bf_story.19      117 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM United States of America117 Venezuela is using Drones made in Russia118 Venezuela is building its own drones.122 USA: Prominent in all my Drone documents.wired.net/dod-uas-inventory-through-2017/ Lists of USAF drone official mishaps (not including those still a secret): https://publicintelligence. International Law.com/news/sns-rt-us-venezuela-iran-dronebre85d14n20120614.org/wiki/Unmanned_aerial_vehicle 122 Yemen: See chapter on Statistics in Drone Notes.com/2012/06/14/opinion/how-drones-help-al-qaeda.com/2012/06/16/world/obama-admits-us-fight-of-al-qaeda-has-extended-to-somaliaand-yemen.org/wiki/List_of_unmanned_aerial_vehicles 121 https://en.wandtv.story 120 https://en. and other countries.119 Vietnam.com/doc/84993286/Drone-WarsBriefing-Final2 http://www.com/2012/06/11/opinion/bergen-yemen-drone-war/index.scribd.com/story/18783048/chavez-venezuela-making-drones-assembling-rifles 119 http://www.washingtonpost. Statistics.wikipedia.120 independently of US in Vietnam War.wikipedia.com/category/projects/drone-data/ https://www. http://icrac.

Capitol and the Pentagon. which will be operated by the Yemeni government.html The USA is buying a fleet of spy planes.net/us-drones-in-africa/ Also see Africa Drone Attacks chapter. Also note Drone Issues. and another observer watching what is all around the drone. https://www.npr.org/2012/07/06/156367047/yemen-airstrikes-punish-militants-andcivilians?sc=17&f=1001 https://www. which tells them what to do.20 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Contrary to a common misconception. like man operated aircraft. http://www. UN wants to use drones to monitor fighting between Congo and Rwanda .com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5i1Mg8u5k0LNqU8qxGUHVN33C9aQ?docId=CNG.S.wordpress. Some are now self-operated.8f657e7756ba3cc13598d43a03fa008d. seeing what it can see. the FBI arrested an individual in the US on charges that he planned to crash radio-controlled unmanned airplanes loaded with explosives into the U. since air craft carriers are often quite busy with man operated flights. Some drones are operated by another person in a manned chase plane.washingtonpost. and they can also land on air craft carriers.com/world/middle_east/when-us-drones-kill-civilians-yemens-governmenttries-to-conceal-it/2012/12/24/bd4d7ac2-486d-11e2-8af9-9b50cb4605a7_story. and define some of them in Drone Terms. Non-Nations and Terrorists with Drones (2 Oct 08) I address potential developing threats in my Drone Notes. on and under the sea.wired. was at the request of the Yemen government. The military also operates drones on the ground.omanobserver.  Sep 2011. I do not know how they get landing permission. http://main. US military statistics indicate that only 4-5% of US military drones carry weapons. http://www. 123 http://www.google. Many drones are operated by someone on the ground who can see the drone involved. to help try to avoid collisions. Drones are not all operated by some person at some remote site. According to GAO Drones by Nation 12-536 2012 July.org/2012/05/17/152854335/why-the-u-s-is-aggressively-targeting-yemen https://dronewarsuk.com/dangerroom/2012/11/yemen-spy-planes/ https://publicintelligence.lawfareblog. Those kinds can refuel in mid-air.om/node/100875 The Yemen government is making it very difficult to get good counts of how many killed by US drones. Typically there is one person piloting the thing.com/2012/09/06/a-century-of-drone-crashes/ Some US Drone Usage in Yemen. using some internally loaded programming. We also have robot drones in outer space. most drones are not weaponized.591 20 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .npr. Most drones in the skies are used for surveillance.com/2012/12/the-washington-post-on-drones-and-civilian-casualties-in-yemen/ http://www.123 So add UN to the list of non-nations with drones.

so then they shot it down.ssf/2012/10/america_should_brace_for_blowb. There was a story in the news in October 2012 about a drone over Israel. tried to hack it down.html 129 http://www.lawfareblog.L-4293342. 125 Both Iran and Hezbollah claim to have sent other drones over Israel.usnews. 134 http://abcnews.21 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Hezbollah drones (2 Oct 29) According to GAO Drones by Nation 12-536 2012 July.com/International/wireStory/pakistan-motorcade-protesting-us-drones-sets-off17412632#. Here’s John Villasenor over at Slate on the news’ implications.nytimes.com/blogs/future_tense/2012/10/07/israel_shoots_down_drone_that_may_have_been_ma de_by_iran_launched_from_lebanon_.com/2012/10/todays-headlines-and-commentary-285/ 128 http://www. 124 http://www.126 Lawfare points at some of the early reports. there’s a protest underway led by Pakistani politician Imram Khan along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border133. which Israel did not notice.128 Bloomberg129 with Israel’s remarks. did not react to. 2012 QUOTE127 Over the weekend.com/2012/10/08/world/middleeast/lebanon-says-israeli-planes-circled-its-airspacefor-an-hour.html 131 https://www. Thousands of people involved in this protest. Oct 8.go.  Hezbollah is one terrorist organization which has acquired and used UAV technology to date.time.com/2012/10/23/riding-the-thermals-inside-hizballahs-drone-mostly-hot-air/ http://www. Israel announced that it had shot down a drone that had penetrated its airspace. Here’s Ishtiaq Mahsud of the AP.UHLOVlLXeyE 21 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .4166799 http://www. the New York Times story on Israel’s flyover131.com/article/SB10000872396390443294904578042861902724622.com/opinion/columns/index.ynetnews.134 and Salman Masood of the New York Times135 on the protests. and Guy Azriel of CNN with video of the drone being shot down:132 Speaking of drones.slate.00. Now that Israel has the crashed evidence.com/articles/0.124 Iran claims to have pictures of Israeli military bases.html http://world.com/opinion/102606-the-collapse-of-iron-dome 125 http://www.wsj.com/opinion/the-real-purpose-of-the-hezbollah-drone.aljazeera. taken by the crashed drone.html?ref=world 132 http://www.newsday.com/indepth/opinion/2012/10/20121017145040613579. they find that some of the on-board equipment was made in Germany. the AP on Israel’s flyover over Lebanon in response130. where Israel thought it was from Iran.html 127 http://www. failed.7340.com/2012/10/07/world/meast/israel-downed-drone/ 133 See Oct 2012 in Drone Dates.com/news/2012-10-07/israel-says-drone-origin-being-probed-amid-hezbollahlink-report.haaretz.bloomberg.cnn.472441 http://www.com/news/world/report-iran-has-drone-pictures-of-israeli-bases-1.silive.com/news/articles/2012/10/30/new-iranian-surveillance-drones-likely-expert-says 126 http://www. The Oct 6 drone incursion was subsequently traced to Hezbollah.html http://tehrantimes.html 130 http://online.premium-1.

the death toll was 18. drone strike policy in Pakistan. as a major success for the Shiite group.137 According to Lawfare. UNQUOTE The Jerusalem Post said the drone was shot down with a Patriot surface to air missile.org/2012/10/06/162395399/u-s-drones-navigate-murky-legal-path-in-pakistan 137 http://www.com/blogs/future_tense/2012/10/07/israel_shoots_down_drone_that_may_have_been_ma de_by_iran_launched_from_lebanon_. ability to detect hostile drones. 2012 QUOTE145 Hezbollah leader Seyed Hassan Nasrallah characterized the reconnaissance operation.npr.html?mod=googlenews _wsj 22 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .html 138 http://www.nytimes.139 Hezbollah officials acknowledged that the drone that Israel shot down last weekend was theirs. and other dimensions. and intercept them.com/Defense/Article. or any nation for that matter.html?mod=googlenews _wsj 141 http://www.slate.136 UNQUOTE The Slate article raises important questions about the ability of Israel. we won’t know until much later coverage.html?_r=2&ref=world& 143 http://www.nytimes.slate.com/Defense/Article.144 The Wall Street Journal wrote Oct 11. 2012 QUOTE138 There was a drone strike yesterday that killed 18 insurgents yesterday along the Afghan-Pakistan border.html 145 http://online. if local officialdom agrees the killed were insurgents. 140 the Jerusalem Post141 and the Times142 on the subject.com/article/SB10000872396390443749204578050983096555370.aspx?id=287487 142 New York Times https://www.lawfareblog.com/2012/10/todays-headlines-and-commentary-289/ 139 As with all such news.com/2012/10/08/world/asia/in-pakistan-drone-protest-led-by-imran-khan-takesdetour-for-safety. Here’s the Journal. 140 Wall Street Journal http://online. UNQUOTE 135 https://www.jpost. before they do any harm.22 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Here’s NPR’s Dina Temple-Raston’s latest report on U.143 Slate said the drone was shot down by an Israeli fighter jet air to air missile.S. Oct 12.wsj.com/2012/10/12/world/middleeast/hassan-nasrallah-sayshezbollah-flew-iranian-designed-drone-into-israel.aspx?id=287487 144 http://www.html?ref=world 136 https://www. which he said used an Iranian drone assembled in Lebanon.wsj.jpost.com/article/SB10000872396390443749204578050983096555370.com/blogs/future_tense/2012/10/07/israel_shoots_down_drone_that_may_have_been_ma de_by_iran_launched_from_lebanon_.

147 Nations of the region have asked the USA for clarification.latimes.com/article/krauthammer-today-iran-hits-a-drone-tomorrow-a-plane-with-a-pilotit 152 http://www.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-drugs-caribbean-20120623.story Caribbean http://www.html http://www. 150 US officials say that it is an act of war for Iran to attack US drones. Drone Notes.story 148 http://www.nytimes. Other countries consider the relevant distance to be much smaller. and been told that the USA does not believe they need any permission from nations of the Caribbean for this activity. A US drone was operating 16 miles from Iran’s coast.thenassauguardian. 151 Outer Space (2 Dec 02) We might not have them there yet.com/2013/01/29/us/us-plans-base-for-surveillance-drones-in-northwest-africa.0. but there is discussion of possibilities.ir/detail/2012/11/10/271423/us-drone-in-iran-act-of-provocation/ 151 http://www.com/2012/08/14/predator-vs-foxbat-the-future-of-air-to-air-combat-via-drone-beganalmost-a-decade-ago/ 150 http://www.com/story/news/world/2012/11/08/us-drone/1692479/ http://aviationintel.popsci.3135494.globalresearch.examiner.com/index. when it was attacked by the Iranian Air Force.usatoday. an area the USA claims to be International Airspace.152 Regions and Continents (3 Jan 29)  Africa153 Non-Proliferation Treaties (2 Oct 08) More info about International Law is in: Drone Scribd.zerohedge. in support of NATO and other alliances.com/2013/01/the-end-of-war-a-recent-timeline/ http://www.23 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM International Airspace Waters etc. fighting in multiple nations of a region: https://www.com/military-aviation-amp-space/article/2009-09/no-nuke-or-space-military-botspleads-arms-control-committee 153 US Drone military bases.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-drugs-caribbean-20120623.3135494.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=32304&Itemid=86 149 http://www.com/2012/11/08/iranian-su-25s-fire-on-predator-flying-over-the-persian-gulf/ http://aviationintel. while promoting the spread of peaceful uses of 146 147 http://www. that is an act of war.146 Caribbean has US drones surveillance vs.presstv.149 Iran says that for the USA to fly a drone through their air space. Most people are aware of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. suspected drug smuggling.lawfareblog. Drone Terms. (2 Nov 10)   US Drones over the Bahamas.latimes.ca/american-drones-over-africa-new-us-military-bases-in-west-africa/5321454 23 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder . Some countries think 200 miles off their shores is part of their nation.0.com/news/2013-01-28/here-come-drones-or-true-reason-mali-incursion http://www.148 There is also some finger pointing going on between politicians. which seeks to limit the spread of nuclear weapons.

WMD. MTCR (2 Oct 08) MTCR = Missile Technology Control Regime154 is a voluntary consensus-driven association of 34 nations.gov/assets/600/593131. and for technologies associated with the delivery of such weapons.  See: Cruise Missiles.24 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM nuclear energy. South  Luxembourg  Netherlands  Norway  Poland  Portugal  Russia  South Africa  Spain  Sweden  Switzerland  Turkey 154 See GAO Drones by Nation 12-536 2012 July from http://www. Member nations of MTCR:  Argentina  Australia  Austria  Belgium  Brazil  Britain = UK  Bulgaria  Canada  Czech Republic  Denmark  Finland  France  Germany  Greece  Hungary  Iceland  Ireland  Italy  Japan  Korea. started in 1987 to limit the spread of technology of ballistic missiles. Nuclear Drone. in Drone Terms. capable of transporting and delivering WMD payload. cruise missiles. and drones.gao.pdf 24 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder . There are similar treaties for the chemical and biological WMD.

Nations with drones. Mexico. NOT on above MTCR list. Slovakia. excluding nations like Somalia which are under attack by drones of Uganda and USA. but do not yet have their own drones. as of early 2012 October comparison. Romania. Lithuania.  Algeria  Angola  Armenia  Azerbajan  Belarus  Botswana  Burundi  China  Chile  Columbia  Croatia  Egypt  Estonia  Ethiopia  Gaza  Georgia  India  Indonesia  Iran  Israel  Ivory Coast  Jordan  Kazakstan  Kenya  Kuwait  Latvia  Lebanon  Lesotho  Libya  Lithuania  Malaysia  Mexico  Morocco  Nepal  New Zealand 25 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder . and Slovenia.25   Ukraine USA Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Nations in Wassenaar but NOT on above MTCR list: Croatia. Latvia. Estonia.

to limit the proliferation of certain conventional weapons.gao. and sensitive technologies which are dual-use in both civilian and military applications.Uk  Bulgaria  Canada  Croatia  Czech Republic  Denmark  Estonia 155 See GAO Drones by Nation 12-536 2012 July from http://www. Member nations of Wassenaar:  Argentina  Australia  Austria  Belgium  Britain . formed in 1996. some used commonly in drones.gov/assets/600/593131.pdf 26 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .26                        Drone Nations listed by Al Mac Nigeria Oman Pakistan Panima Peru Philippines Romania Serbia Singapore Slovakia Slovenia Sri Lanka Syria Taiwan Tanzania Thailand Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Uganda United Arab Emirates United Arab Republics Venezuela Vietnam 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Wassenaar (2 Oct 08) Wassenaar Arrangement controls export of dual-use technologies.155 It is a voluntary consensus-driven association of 41 nations.

but do not yet have their own drones. excluding nations like Somalia which are under attack by drones of Uganda and USA. Nations with drones. as of early 2012 October comparison. South Latvia Lithouania Luxembourg Malta Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine USA Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Brazil is a member of MTCR but NOT on above Wassenaar list.        Algeria Angola Armenia Azerbajan Belarus Botswana Brazil 27 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder . NOT on above Wassenaar list.27                               Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Japan Korea.

28                                             Drone Nations listed by Al Mac Burundi China Chile Columbia Egypt Ethiopia Gaza Georgia India Indonesia Iran Israel Ivory Coast Jordan Kazakstan Kenya Kuwait Lebanon Lesotho Libya Malaysia Morocco Nepal New Zealand Nigeria Oman Pakistan Panima Peru Philippines Serbia Singapore Sri Lanka Syria Taiwan Tanzania Thailand Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Uganda United Arab Emirates United Arab Republics Venezuela Vietnam 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM 28 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .

to the nations listed above with links to how I found out they had drones. March 4.gov/assets/250/241243. UNQUOTE It is unclear from context if he is referring to the autonomous kind. to find those the GAO apparently did not know about.uk/news/magazine-21576376 29 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder . According to my count. Then over time. In a BBC article. Nov-19: "There's no country on Earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from 156 http://www.gao. without doing research as good as mine. found that this number grew over the intervening period to at least 76 countries.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000003&ir=Politics 157 from http://www.pdf which I downloaded as GAO Drones by Nation 04-175 2004 Jan.com/2012/11/27/americandrones_n_2199193.pdf 158 http://www. I added a dribble of additions to that count. which people sometimes refer to as robots.co. to details on each.29 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Count Reconciliation (3 Mar 04) Many news stories156 repeat ancient estimates of how many nations have drones. shooting hundreds of missiles into Israel. or did not consider should be listed. Professor Ronald Arkin. export licensing data and open source materials. I compared the nations on the bottom of the map below. President Obama is quoted as saying. I had found reports identifying 85 nations where drones had been operating. Most news media reports appear to use the GAO 2004 estimate. as of 2012 Sep 15.gov/assets/600/593131. UNQUOTE That’s approximately double in 7 years.bbc. See links in context.gao. from GAO analysis. 159 http://www. as of 2012 July. QUOTE:157  In 2004.huffingtonpost. GAO reported approx 41 countries had acquired a UAV. and I am an amateur at this. According to GAO Drones by Nation 12-536 2012 July. which I was able to reproduce below.S. 2013.158  GAO review of current U. some by that nation. and some controlled by other nations. or the larger volume of drones. is quoted:159 Besides the United States there are 76 countries with military robotics programs right now. On the occasion of an Nov 2012 attack by militants in Gaza. of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Figure 3 of the GAO report is a map of those 76 countries.

Bahamas. and Bosnia have been on the receiving ends of NATO nations’ military drones. I have identified 10 other nations. and 2 nations with bases for drones. Lesotho mountainous regions have NGO drones delivering medical supplies. Gaza and Palestine are on the receiving ends of Israel military drones. soon after another drone crash. Bermuda. or entities. most of them from USA. where they do not have their own. claims more. The above listed nations or regions do not yet have their own drones. Iraq. Afghanistan. depending on whether the 14+2 should be included. As of 2012 Sep-30. which have also experienced the phenomena of drone crashes. Drone Attack by what Nations? (2 Oct 28) More details in later chapters. Congo and Rwanda fighting is to be monitored by UN drones. Armenia. over Israel. which have crashed. UN uses drones to monitor fighting and cease fires. Mali. Djibouti and Seychelles have bases for drones used by NATO nations in above conflicts. Hezbollah has flown at least one drone. Tanzania uses drones to catch poachers. Other nations also targeted. but I am just listing here those which appear to be missing from the GAO report. Sudan. given that USA is outside the many nations where drones are raining down upon them. They will. Venezuela is building drones with help from China. with what nations were controlling those drones. Nepal uses drones to catch poachers. and Vietnam are listed in Wikipedia as having their own drones.30 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM outside its borders. but those nations also do not have their own. Yemen. just deadly force by drones.”160 That is a very odd thing to say. I am not counting surveillance here. with drones not on the list of 76. Kenya is receiving drones from US military to help in fight against Al Qaeda.com/blog/2012/11/19/no-country-on-earth-would-tolerate-missi 30 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .  Armenia  Azerbaijan  Britain 160 http://reason. Russia. There are also 14+ more nations-regions under attack-surveillance by drones. and count wild life. and Caribbean are being spied on by US Border Patrol drones looking for drug smuggling. the GAO map has 76 nations listed. or hijack for them to study. and in Somalia’s case. Portugal. Somalia. So my count has become 86-102. and Iran. also by Uganda’s drones.

au/news/palestine-vote-row/story-e6frg6n6-1226527733858 https://plus.31          Drone Nations listed by Al Mac France Georgia Germany Israel Russia Turkey Uganda USA 11 = my count.com/_news/2012/11/29/15546351-un-upgrades-palestinian-status-bolsteringstatehood-claim?lite http://www.com/news/world/worldnow/la-fg-wn-un-palestine-vote-20121129. Palestine wanted to be a member.theaustralian. as of 2013 Feb-24 Palestine #194 joins UN (2 Nov 30) Update: Palestine became # 194 member state of UN. I am not counting surveillance here. as of 2012 Oct-28 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Drones Targeted what Nations? (3 Feb 24) More details in later chapters.7805802. Nov 29. It had a weak kind of observer status at the UN.161 Until then. which referred to them as 161 http://www.latimes.com. 2012.  Afghanistan  Armenia  Azerbaijan  Bosnia  Britain  Chechnya  Gaza  Georgia  Iraq  Libya  Mali  Pakistan  Palestine  Russia  Somalia  Sudan  Turkey  Vietnam  Yemen  19 = my count. There were those which doubted Palestine was in fact a nation state. just deadly force by drones. or regions.com/u/0/113203226894654744883/posts/hrkMNgDE6PH 31 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .google.nbcnews.story http://worldnews. were where the attacks took place. with which nations.0.

7805802. Norway. Canada.N. Italy. differing more on procedural strategy for getting the two sides back to the negotiating table.theaustralian. elevating them to nonmember observer state. Granting Palestinians the title of "non-member observer state" falls short of full U. NBC World News wrote:162 QUOTE The resolution lifts the Palestinian Authority's U.com/news/world/worldnow/la-fg-wn-un-palestine-vote-20121129. The United States and its allies share the objective of a two-state solution. the Czech Republic and four tiny Pacific island states were the only ones in the 193-member U.” But that cha nged with the Nov 29 vote. UNQUOTE The AUSTRALIAN wrote.S.. while Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said it should have been voted down until Palestine accepted Israel's right to security. Denmark and Turkey were among the U.32 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM the “occupied territories. UNQUOTE The LA Times wrote:163 QUOTE Israel. The UN resolution was approved overnight by more than two-thirds of the 193member world body . about Australia abstaining:164 QUOTE Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr said the vote would encourage peace talks.N.com/_news/2012/11/29/15546351-un-upgrades-palestinian-status-bolsteringstatehood-claim?lite 163 http://www. with 41 abstentions.a vote of 138-9. France. allies joining the majority in the 138-9 vote. in its quixotic vote against the Palestinian Authority’s request for nonmember observer state status.0.latimes.nbcnews. And the Greens argued the Federal Government was out of step with the world. Spain. UNQUOTE 162 http://worldnews. should they choose to join them. observer status from "entity" to "non-member state”. But it does allow them access to the International Criminal Court and other international bodies. which grants them access to some UN functions.N. membership — something the Palestinians failed to achieve last year.S.story 164 http://www. General Assembly siding with the U.au/news/palestine-vote-row/story-e6frg6n6-1226527733858 32 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder . but is less than full member voting status. Panama.com.

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia. I have been careful to note that the UN treaties are only valid among nations which have signed them. The UN believes in its right to self-determination.com/Q/Which_countries_are_not_part_of_the_United_Nations 33 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .com/od/politicalgeography/a/nun. The Vatican. Aside from the many UN treaties which only some of the 194 member nations of the UN have signed. It is eligible to join. as to its legal status. and many nations with nuclear weapons never signed that treaty. Russia may veto their application to join the UN. however it has diplomatic relations with 69 nations. what nations exist on planet Earth. For example North Korea has exited the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. when I was aware of maybe a dozen or more. so here let’s list those I am aware of.htm http://wiki. as Taiwan is considered to be part of the PRC. but has full observer status. and Britain. which used to represent China. Western Sahara remains in dispute. and not rescinded them. as the Republic of China. with Morocco. supposedly in rebellion since Pakistan acquired the territory in 1948. but now China is represented by the People’s Republic of China. which is in the UN. Cook Islands and Niue are not members of UN. I saw an article on CNN saying that the only nations which had used drones to attack other nations. but trust New Zealand to represent their interests there.33 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Nations not in UN (2 Dec 20) In my studies of International Law on Drone usage. but South Sudan. Taiwan is a former member of the UN. which are not members of the UN? 165 Balochistan is a province of Pakistan. ratified them. South Sudan recently won independence from North Sudan. with the usual citations.about. Drone Foreign Attacks (2 Oct 27) In late 2012 October.answers. were the US. but chooses not to. or Holy See of the Catholic church. I was amazed at how CNN could publish such an ignorant article. is an independent nation. but has not gained enough international recognition to join the UN.answers. Israel. does not yet have UN membership. which is not a member of the UN. according to a guy I met on G+. incorporated them into their domestic laws. 165 http://geography.com/Q/Which_countries_are_not_members_of_the_UN http://wiki. Feb 2008.

into: o Central African Republic o Democratic Republic of Congo. without international intervention. and its annotations below.  Somalia is attacked by drones from Uganda (with UN approval) and from USA (without UN approval). I saw they existed in the following nations:  Burkino Faso – this tiny nation is in NW Africa.  Syrian government is using drones to attack its own people. There is a heck of a lot of surveillance. including drones. others not native to the nation. There is an ugly pattern there. 2013. Here is a map of US drone and surveillance bases in Africa.166 It is not immediately clear if some of these are for manned flight only. There will be attacks where we do not know who controls the drone.  Seychelles – drones fly from here since 2009. When I first looked at this map. where a DRONE DOMESTIC ATTACK is where a drone controlled by someone in nation-A attacks people in nation-A. smugglers. in addition to these attacks. going beyond surveillance.34 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM For purposes of my research. have had 2 crashes since Dec 2011  South Sudan – sounds like drone surveillance only. o Mauritania. not yet operational  Nigeria – US drones here are used for surveillance in Mali. 34 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder . terrorists. Feb 24. thanks to NATO aiding the rebels. with a variety of tools. This is after Somalia became a failed state.net/us-drones-in-africa/ I am also updating Drone Dates time line with some info from this link.  Mali is attacked by drones from France. let’s define a DRONE FOREIGN ATTACK as one where a drone controlled by nation-A attacks people in nation-B. US drones are back. Then thanks to events in Benghazi. where the international response is to attack the criminals and pirates based there. and o the Sahara. so far.  Djibouti . like a whole string of other African nations. no confirmation that US drones from here  Libya – used by US and French in Mali  Niger – new base. The French also base some Mali-related activities here. This is after the nation went to hell. but maybe surveillance only. south of Mali – US drones fly surveillance missions from here vs. and French allies. o Mali. There are also attacks where the targets are believed to be invaders.  Libya escaped Qadaffi rule. 166 https://publicintelligence.armed drones from here vs. Africa drone attacks (3 Feb 24) Attacks = where drones attack the people on the ground.: o Somalia o Yemen  Ethiopia – armed drones from here fly over Somalia  Kenya – it is only a suspicion. doing nothing to help the local people rebuild a nation.

June 28. of “rebel warlord” Omar Ibn al Khattab in Chechnya. which was assembled in Lebanon from an Iranian kit. 168 BBC. with UN approval. for years if not decades.org/node/65614 Also see: http://www. and Drone Wars (where both sides have drones). In this chapter. In Oct 2012. See in my Drone Reports official document collection: UN Drone Legalities 2010 May. 169 http://www. Many of these I had already known thanks to other sources. that this is Manda Bay. with a Uganda flight of troops approved to go in by the UN. The deadly attack on the 34. to crash land in Britain. Kenya. in response to rocket attacks and suicide bombing attacks against Israel. I cite where some nation in Europe got attacked by drones. allegedly by Russian armed forces. The US drone damn near killed over 100 Ugandan soldiers. During WW II. According to the TURKO*FILE. Russia ‘Kills’ Chechen Warlord. and it was one sided as far as the drones were concerned. See separate chapter just on that incident. such as a US drone near miss over Somalia international airport. 2012:169 QUOTE The Turkish military in December 2011 killed 34 Kurdish villagers who were mistakenly thought to be PKK militants. and o Uganda. with some German electronics. Israel shot down a drone launched by Hezbollah. with prior sources167 Unclear symbol right on border of Kenya and Somalia … which nation is it in? I shall assume. part of a convoy of alleged smugglers heading towards the Turkish border from Iraq. Europe drone attacks (2 Oct 27) See separate chapters on NATO drone attacks (by NATO nations on nations where NATO doing peacekeeping work).e-ir. but this does increment my count of nations where drones are operating. Uganda – info here supplements. 167 Prior sources indicate Uganda obtained armed drones to support their operations in Somalia. and also supplying Uganda and Burundi with unarmed spy drones. using a treaty the US helped negotiate. Germany launched several kinds of drones.168 It is unclear to me whether drone involved. but does not mesh well. came as a result of intelligence provided by an American drone on loan to Turkey which first noticed the convoy. This source talks about the US using drones here for surveillance of Uganda.eurasianet. 25 April 2002.info/2012/06/27/flying-blind-why-armed-drones-may-detract-from-turkish-security/ 35 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder . carrying bombs. then US rapidly violated. April 2002 there was targeted killing. then blow up there. from context. Arab Israeli Drone Conflict (2 Oct 27) Gaza and Palestine have been on the receiving ends of Israel military drones.35 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM   o Republic of South Sudan. by criminal negligence accident.

org/wiki/Drone_attacks_in_Pakistan 172 https://en.mepc.org/wiki/Mohammed_Atef https://en. have included: 170  Afghanistan  Bosnia  Iraq  Mali 171  Pakistan  Somalia  Sudan  Vietnam 172  Yemen NATO nations.com/2012/08/14/predator-vs-foxbat-the-future-of-air-to-air-combat-via-drone-beganalmost-a-decade-ago/ 175 http://www. US drones were first known to be used in Yemen. a candidate in parliamentary elections. have had their drones attack all of the nations on the earlier list.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamal_Derwish 173 The first Gulf War was the one which started because of Iraq invasion of Kuwait.36 UNQUOTE Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM NATO and Coalition drone attacks (2 Oct 28) Nations attacked by NATO nations’ military drones. 170 171 https://en. according to Living Under Drones (in Pakistan).org/journal/middle-east-policy-archives/drone-warfare-blowback-new-american-waywar?print 176 http://www. 174 http://aviationintel. During the first Gulf War. whose drones have attacked other nations.175 In 2005.wikipedia.org/ INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION CLINIC (STANFORD LAW SCHOOL) AND GLOBAL JUSTICE CLINIC (NYU SCHOOL OF LAW).wikipedia.173 drones were used to shoot down aircraft violating the no fly zones.org/wiki/Anwar_al-Aulaqi https://en.org/journal/middle-east-policy-archives/drone-warfare-blowback-new-american-waywar?print 177 http://livingunderdrones.176 September 2010.wikipedia. US drones were first known to be used in Pakistan. have included:  Britain  France  Germany  USA Not all of the NATO nations on above list. LIVING UNDER 36 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .174 In 2002.177 US special forces bombed the convoy of Zabet Amanullah.mepc.

pdf US authorities contended that Muhammad Amin and Zabet Amanullah were the same person. as opposed to drones used in surveillance and terrorizing civilian populations. Drone Scribd. this assertion was demonstrated to be false when Amin was interviewed in Pakistan after the September 2. 2005-2008 there was a revolution in Sri Lanka.7340. AND TRAUMA TO CIVILIANS FROM US DRONE PRACTICES IN PAKISTAN (September. let’s define a DRONE WAR as where drones are used on BOTH SIDES of a conflict. THE TAKHAR ATTACK: TARGETED KILLINGS AND THE PARALLEL WORLDS OF US INTELLIGENCE AND AFGHANISTAN (2011). available at http://aanafghanistan.L-4296758. in Afghanistan. who DRONES: DEATH. According to Clark. 180 See in my official document collection: UN Drone Legalities 2010 May. 2010 strike. where a DRONE ATTACK is where a drone is used in making a military attack on some people. detailed in Drone Dates.com/article/how-russia-and-georgia-started-drone-arms-race 182 http://www. of US inappropriate drone attacks on innocents.181 In 2010 I learned about a war going on between Armenia and Azerbaijan.com/articles/0.alaskadispatch.37 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM killing him along with nine fellow election workers. US forces reportedly mistakenly believed Amanullah to be a member of the Taliban. with both sides using targeted killing.182 I do not know how long that conflict has been going on. 179 Many other instances. AND TRAUMA TO CIVILIANS FROM US DRONE PRACTICES IN PAKISTAN (September. according to Living Under Drones (in Pakistan)183 US forces used a predator drone to fire upon and kill two American soldiers. INJURY.com/global-post/2012/10/drone-violence-along-armenian-azerbaijani-border-couldlead-war 183 http://livingunderdrones. AFGHANISTAN ANALYSTS NETWORK.html http://www. and Drone Terms. Drone Friendly Fire (2 Oct 27) “Friendly Fire” is when military shoots at its own troops. It is unclear to me whether drones were involved. In April 2011. with drones on both sides. 2012) 37 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder . or allies. 2012) 178 Kate Clark.minnpost.180 August 2008 there was a five day war between Russia and Georgia. by mistake. 181 http://www. with drones used on both sides. LIVING UNDER DRONES: DEATH. 178 This illustrates the quality of US intelligence used to determine who should be attacked.179 Drone Wars (2 Oct 27) For purposes of my research.org/ INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION CLINIC (STANFORD LAW SCHOOL) AND GLOBAL JUSTICE CLINIC (NYU SCHOOL OF LAW).00.com/uploads/20110511KClark_Takhar-attack_final. Drone Notes. INJURY.ynetnews.

organized by location and continent of planet Earth according to GAO Drones by Nation 12-536 2012 July.185 Page Break for Illustration.gov/assets/600/593131. 2 US servicemen mistakenly killed by drone attack in Afghanistan. 184 Jim Miklaszewski. NBC NEWS (April 11.msn. Mapping Drone Nations and Drone Strikes (2 Oct 26) Here are nations.184 which illustrates the reliability of systems used to identify enemy forces.gao. http://www. with drones.38 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM had apparently been mistaken for Taliban fighters. 2011).com/id/42537620/ns/world_newssouth_and_central_asia/t/usservicemen-mistakenly-killed-drone-attack-afghanistan/ 185 from http://www.pdf 38 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .msnbc.

39 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Here is a map of where US drones have attacked in Pakistan:  New America Foundation map analysis of drone strikes in Pakistan.google.186 186 https://maps.00047e 8cdfc55d220dee7 39 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&oe=UTF8&msa=0&msid=202193247307216271592.

google. Here is map of Pakistan locations of USA drone strikes.ru/2013_03_02/Russia-to-buy-no-more-foreign-drones/ 40 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder .html 189 http://www.com/downloads/related.newamerica.189 All this info is as of when it was found out.net/dod-us-drone-activities-map/ 188 https://www. nations which manufacture drones.fas.100745.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=111611283754323549630.187 Here are links to 110 coming.gearthhacks.444336&spn=4. some news articles indicate maybe they belong on above list.html https://www. nations (and/or geographies) which manufacture and export drones include:  Austria  China191  Europe  France  Iran  Israel192  Italy  South Africa  Switzerland  USA According to sources cited within my overall notes.org/sgp/news/secrecy/2012/06/061412.jta.net/drones https://maps.com/2013/03/02/here-comes-chinas-drones/ 192 http://www.).41699.org/blog/secrecy/2012/06/us_drone_bases.org/news/article/2013/03/04/3120936/israeli-drones-play-ever-larger-role-in-idf 193 http://english.ruvr.7. They also talk about 88 actually operating right now (88-64=24 not on earlier list.190 Nations where Drones Manufactured (3 Mar 11) According to sources cited within my overall notes.03125&t=p&z=7&source=embed 191 http://thediplomat.wired.com/dangerroom/2012/06/64-drone-bases-on-us-soil/ https://publicintelligence.00047e8cdf c55d220dee7&ll=33. but are not yet on above list of exporting.70.php?file=31659 190 Map of where drone attacks in Pakistan: http://counterterrorism. include:  Britain (UK)  Germany  Hong Kong  India  Ireland  Malaysia  Norway  Russia193 187 http://www.188 Here is info about CIA bases for drones around the world. Reality is constantly evolving.40 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Here is a map of 64 bases inside USA allegedly used to control military and CIA drone usage around the world.fas.

manufactured by IAI in Israel.com/2012/09/todays-headlines-and-commentary-269/ 196 http://www.gov/assets/600/593131.defensenews.gov/assets/600/593131. how much it knows about exports by nations which are potential future adversaries.gov/products/GAO-12-536 thanks to http://blogs. according to the GAO. Other nations manufacturing and exporting drones include: Austria. downloaded http://www. Currently. Watch Keeper. Italy. and] MQ-9 Reaper. CAC. Air Force) have over 5 large drones.lawfareblog. and General Atomics (US).41   South Korea Turkey194 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM According to US GAO analysis. According to that GAO Drones by Nation 12-536 2012 July.  Belgium Air Force has 13 large RQ-5 Hunter drones.  Egypt Air Force has 49 large drones. UNQUOTE According to Directory of Who has Drones as of beginning of 2013.pdf 197 https://dronewarsuk.  Ecuador Navy has 6 large drones. manufactured by: Elbit Systems (Israel). perhaps because this is an unclassified report. manufactured by IAI in Israel. manufactured by Chinese companies: ASN.195 the largest manufacturers and exporters of drones are the USA and Israel.gao.  Britain (UK) Armed Forces (Army. manufactured by USA companies: BAE Systems (formerly DS Inc). per Drone Wars UK:197  Australia Army has 8 large Heron drones. Northrop Grumman. QUOTE196 The number of countries developing UAVs has increased dramatically from 2005 to the present. 194 http://www.com/article/20130304/DEFREG01/303040018/Turkey-Buy-10-Locally-MadeAnka-Drones?odyssey=nav|head 195 This per the report. manufactured by IAI in Israel. The GAO report writes of many more nations in the manufacturing business.  Canada Air Force has 5 large Heron drones.gao. there are over 50 countries developing more than 900 different UAV systems. CASIC.wordpress.pdf from http://www. I called GAO Drones by Nation 12-536 2012 July. The models include: Hermes 450. this is not a complete directory. Thales (UK). CASC. As we see from my footnotes by nation. The US government might not want to make it public.cfr.com/6-who-has-drones-2/ 41 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder . Elbit (Israel). manufactured by Northrop Grumman in USA.  China has large drones. but does not cover much about their exports. and South Africa.gao. This growth is attributed to countries seeing the success of the United States with UAVs in Iraq and Afghanistan and deciding to invest resources into UAV development to compete economically and militarily in this emerging area.org/zenko/2012/09/13/who-else-has-drones/ via http://www.

manufactured by General Atomics (US) and IAI (Israel). o German Air Force has 4 large drones manufactured by IAI (Israel). Malaysia Air Force has large Aludra drones manufactured by UST (Malaysia). & EADS (Eu’pe) India Armed Forces (Army Navy Air-Force) have 50 large drones manufactured by: ADE (India). manufactured by BAE Systems (formerly DS Inc) in USA. Italy Air Force has 6 large RQ-1B Predator drones manufactured by General Atomics (US). Germany o German Army has 14 large drones manufactured by German companies: Rheinmetall. manufactured by RUAG Aviation (Swiss) & IAI (Israel). IAI (Israel). South Korea Air Force has over 3 large drones. such as: 42 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder . Turkey Air Force has 28 large drones. manufactured by IAI (Israel). manufactured by RUAG Aviation (Swiss) & IAI (Israel).42   Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM                  Finland Army has 6 large ADS-95 Ranger drones. Air Force) have over 368 large drones. Philippines Air Force has 2 large Blue Horizon 2 drones. manufactured by KAI (South Korea) and IAI (Israel) Spain Army has 4 large Searcher MK2 drones. Morocco Army has R4E – 50 Skyeye large drones. manufactured by SAGEM (France). Lockheed Martin. Mexico Air Force has 2 large Hermes 450 drones manufactured by Elbit Systems (Israel). EMIT (Israel). Northrop Grumman (US). Northrop Grumman. manufactured by US companies: General Atomics. Sweden Army has 3 large Sperwer drones. Netherlands Army has 14 large Sperwer drones. manufactured by IAI and Elbit Systems (Israel). USA Armed Forces (Army. EMT Penzberg. IAI (Israel). manufactured by: Denel (South Africa). manufactured by Denel (South Africa). Navy. Thailand Army has large Searcher drones. manufactured by IAI (Israel). Air Force) have over 3 large drones. manufactured by EMIT (Israel). Drone Manufacturers (3 Mar 14) Initially I got lists from multiple sources. Singapore Air Force has over 43 large drones. Sri Lanka Armed Forces (Army. manufactured by SAGEM (France). Switzerland Army has 4 large ADS-95 drones. South Africa Air Force has large Seeker 2 drones.

estimates of how much $ income they are getting (or losing) thanks to their drones. makes UAV for US Army Accuas Inc. some of where they are being marketed.reuters. makes drones disguised as birds. other news articles. planning separate chapters later for nations with many companies making drones. illustrations of their products.43   Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM info about drone manufacturers in Flight Global UAV index.200 then I combined here alphabetically by company name. Canada (mining exploration) Advanced Technologies and Engineering (ATE) in South Africa Aeronautics Defense Systems in Israel AeroVironment (AV) in USA.com/2013/03/11/companies-making-drones_n_2849569. and/or targets.huffingtonpost. It includes: links to articles on each of these companies. AAI Corporation located in USA.199  and misc. Space & Security in USA Cassidian in UK Cyberflight in UK Dassault Aviation in France Denel Aerospace Systems in South Africa Denel Dynamics in South Africa DJI in Hong Kong DRS Technologies in USA EMT in Germany Flight Solutions in Brazil Flying Robots in France General Atomics Aeronautical Systems in USA General Dynamics Gulfstream Aerospace in USA Hydra Technologies in Mexico Innocon in Israel Insitu in USA Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) 198 https://www.html 200 http://www.aspx?navigationid=372&aircraftcategory=uav&manufacture rtype=uav 199 http://www.198 This Huffington Post piece lists some drone manufacturers. among other kinds Aerovision in Spain Alenia Aeronautica in Italy (previously known as Aeritalia) makes air and space for military and commercial American Dynamics Flight Systems in USA Aurora Flight Sciences in USA BAE Systems in UK Baykar Machine in Turkey Bell Helicopter in USA Blue Bird Aero Systems in Israel Boeing Defence.com/article/2013/03/07/mining-pdac-drones-idUSL1N0BTLQS20130307 43 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder . British Columbia.com/directory/search.flightglobal.

44 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Kaman Aerospace Corporation in USA Korea Aerospace Industries (South Korea) L3 BAI Aerosystemsin USA Lockheed Martin in USA Microdrones in Germany Mission Technologies (MiTex) in USA MMIST in Canada Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems in USA Patria Systems in Finland Pioneer UAV in USA Prioria in USA Prox Dynamics AS in Norway Proxy in USA Qinetiq in USA Rafael in Israel Raytheon Missile Systems in USA Rheinmetall Defence Electronics in Germany Ruag Aerospace .org/news/article/2013/03/04/3120936/israeli-drones-play-ever-larger-role-in-idf 44 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder . 201 http://www. and Elbit Systems. and exports the rest to approx 49 countries. all approved by the Israeli Defense Ministry. a government company.jta. IAI has been manufacturing drones since 1974. sells about 1/5 of them inside Israel.Aviation & Space in Switzerland Saab Aerosystems in Sweden Sagem Défense Sécurité in France SAIC (submarine drones) Schiebel in Austria Selex Galileo in Italy Singapore Technologies Aerospace (ST Aerospace) in Singapore Swift Engineering in USA Swiss UAV in Switzerland Textron (marine and submarine drones) Thales in France Ucon System in South Korea United States Naval Research Laboratory in USA Urban Aeronautics in Israel Warrior (Aero-Marine) (page not found) Yamaha Motor Company in USA Zala Aero in Russia Israel Drone Manufacturing (3 Mar 07) According to JTA:201 Drone manufacturing in Israel is dominated by two companies: Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

com/collections/3807680/Drone-Info at http://www. from that digesting. 2012 Sep-10. where drones are in use. will be in my other drone documents. the sophistication of the drones. those concerns belong in the directory.  Drone Issues = A summary of what the controversial problems appear to be. o Technology advances. spying on home territory. civilian peaceful applications. crashing. hacked. Many writers are in denial. o The initial list is alphabetical by nation. The Middle East. o Drone Reports = A directory of official downloads I located. not necessarily of same nation.  Drone Nations = A list of nations where drones are operating. o Here you can find: o Links to where I get this info. reasons we need to figure out what is happening. o Later I may add regional lists by Continent. and more info. interesting. o Hundreds of USA locations.45 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Document split (3 Mar 19) Formerly. all my notes on Drones were in one document. and stimulating Scribd Drone documents and articles. which later may split again. o We see many articles claiming drones are in 40 or 50 nations. or are victims of other nations using drones against them. border conflicts. o Statistics on numbers of innocent bystanders killed.  Drone Iran = Claims and counter-claims about drones over Iran. then participate in the political debate over what should be happening. o Other topics. o Legal complications. With each nation listed. my count was up to 80 countries with drones. which lists many educational. 202 202 http://www. so as to get at what numbers of enemy targets. and people finding out. changing nature of Drone Capabilities. some info about them. clarified. and South East Asia. o When I launched this separate document. being manufactured. growing excessively large.scribd.com/AlMac99 45 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder . financial collapse. they may be mistaken. including official sources. like Western Europe. thanks to being recent hot spots in the news. where. updated as we learn more.scribd. and need to be investigated. so I cite proof this is real. o I am considering adding CIA Fact Book and other links to show which nations are high up in first world. o Drone Robots = Implications of killer drones which can operate without humans in the loop. o Calendar of events in Drone usage history. where my notes ended up. purchased. I have now split them into the following:  Drone Dates = Time Line what happened when. read so far. so we see which are more likely to be using drones in combat. I have footnotes with links to examples of how drones are being used in that nation.  Drone Scribd = I created a Drone Info collection on Scribd. with well known areas. Political Complications. being used by military. Some of the things people believe about drones. etc.  Drone Notes = my main overall initial document.

Within the Linked In Box Net Drone Info folder. address gaps in their presentations. to get at my Drone Info204 Google collection. which have led to some non-drone content.google. where I look into what the heck happened to cause various disasters. what seemed to me to be errors of fact. but it is far from as convenient as it was on the Linked In interface. with my Drone Iran + Issues + Nations+ Notes + Reports + Robots + Scribd + Terms. to help authors.com/AlMac99 46 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder . https://docs.google. If you are on Scribd. I cite sources to complete the story. I had Drone Sources subfolder. etc. which also includes many official documents from government and other sources. o Within a few days. Concepts etc. references. including Drone Info. Many places on the Internet. to access info there.203 all you need is the url in my footnote link. in many cases I do not yet have all the answers I desire. 203 204 https://docs. relevant to my Drone research so far. which have come up in my drone research. Where I found.scribd. which is now gone. o By end of Sep 2012.com/folder/d/0B9euafJH4bZMTA0YTM0YzktNTI0YS00NjVhLTg5NTItY2RiZjhiM2MzODkw/edit 205 http://www. defined.google. here you can locate what I have uploaded there so far. it had grown to 440 definitions. I have also encountered some parallel tales of alleged official misconduct. at end of Drone Notes document.com/in/almacintyre then you could access my Linked In Box Net shared document files.com/folder/d/0B9euafJH4b-ZLWR0bmZLS3d5OVk/edit Google Drive Document Collection = Drone Info: https://docs. where I have collection = Drone Info. acronyms. with copies of various official documents from my collection. it had 260 terms. to expand on the picture painted by these Scribd reports. we must register with the site. until Linked In dropped that service late in 2012. and some people are nervous about personal info which must be divulged to do so.linkedin.com/folder/d/0B9euafJH4b-ZLWR0bmZLS3d5OVk/edit I also have a Google Drive Doc Collection = Disaster Avoidance. and connected to me: http://www. of the other efforts.46 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Then I started reviewing them. 205 It includes a spectrum of research into many different topics. with Google Drive Documents. There. For more details. I personally am able to access the 150+ documents involved on Box Net. I also provide a road map to the big picture of other sources I have found. distortions. Acronyms.  Drone Terms = Glossary of Terminology. various proposals to be better prepared for better response. it had grown to 750 acronyms and concepts defined. concepts. In theory. o So in addition to my summary observations on many Scribd info sources about Drones. see Al Mac Shared Research section. If you are on Linked In. That folder contained my Drone Issues+ Nations + Notes + Scribd + Terms. or incomplete pictures. o When first launched 2012 Sep. I had folders for many topics.

247k. and correlations from multiple reports.78 = 145 pages. 7 nations not members of UN. 2012 Oct-16 Terms V 4. that concern many people. Doc 296k. Targeted Killing. 193 are members. identifying “the only” nations using drones to attack other nations. then I will update this section again. 275k PDF. 82 foot.78 Terms. and serious holes in what passes for privacy protection for the people. UN Charter. where drones operate. plus one terrorist organization. o I reacted to another damn silly untrue news media article. o 870 acronyms and concepts defined. PDF 1.8 shared 30 pages. showing when I last added anything to a chapter. where 3 were listed … I found that 11+ nations have used drones in military attacks. towards the end is what I have figured out which disturbs me greatly about the nation’s vulnerability to a great spectrum of threats.    47 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder . 486 foot.  7 suggested key education  50 Drone downloads  1 Disasters  3 Earth Quake  7 National Security  2 Scandals  14 Later  7 Scribd mentioned 2012 Oct-17 Issues V 4. to help improve overall organization. o Near end – start Government can of worms.83 listed 91 documents referenced. 178 foot. 2012 Oct-14 Issues V 4. o Where the beginning is a list of issues. If it ever dies down.  2012 Oct-25 Reports V 4. Doc 2. In this stage of development of my notes.77 shared 21 pages. as some sub-topics become more important.83 shared 29 pages. plus my 8 splits. 456k Doc. in addition to the hints implied by chapter headings with date in parentheses. PDF 167k.85 shared o 84-98 nations and regions. apparently not on the radar screens of the people in charge of National Defense. Doc 224k.267k. o Additions to: GPS Spoofing.47 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Revision History (3 Feb 26) Here is additional aid for people revisiting my notes. such as an additional citation? Note that I also periodically move some chapters from one split area to another. in V 4.  2012 Oct-28 Nations V 4. o Intro – Oxymoron that Killing Saves Lives. where it is 18+ nations where the military attacks took place. o V 4. Information has been flowing too rapidly for me to keep this current. 67 foot. I explained Manchurian Chip. worth exploring and figuring out. Where has there been the most significant growth. PDF 212k.

o   76 nations known to GAO … I reconcile this. 2. 180k PDF. 270k PDF.26m Doc. o This is time line calendar of what allegedly happened when. when they came out. 537k Doc. but not yet have their own. PDF 324k. 380k Doc.75 shared 26 pages.7 listed: 67 documents referenced. 236 foot. in social media discussions.2m PDF. o I listed nations in relevant non-proliferation treaties. o Hezbollah Drone over Israel. 2012 Oct-9 split Drone Dates from Drone Notes. in V 4. 140 foot.72 shared: 60 pages. 120 foot. o V 4. 280k PDF    Nations Scribd Terms thru Oct-8 (3 Feb 26)  2012 Oct-8 Nations V 4. 122 foot. 206 It has been controversial whether Palestine. 308k PDF. 2012 Oct 10 Reports V 4. Doc 690k. should be considered to be nations.8 shared 16 pages. 575k Doc. o It is wrong for people to call upon Congress to do oversight of drones. 2012 Oct-11 Scribd V 4.1 shared 138 page. o 85 nations & regions identified as having drones operating.1 Terms. o V 4. o Latest focus = need for innocent victims to have remedy alternatives. 114 foot. o 85 nations & regions with drone usage heavy citations. o UN treaties only apply to 193 UN member states.3 shared 24 pages. 1. o While at the same time try to explain why I think Congress should get an F grade for the quality of this work. so far. and some others. PDF 447k. o 830 acronyms and concepts defined. but the major addition was my argument that: o Given that there is ample evidence Congress is doing drone oversight. which approve them. and whole Human Rights area.7 shared: 20 pages. how we found out.  6 suggested key education  44 drone downloads  7 Scribd mentioned  6 National Security  10 More 2012 Oct-10 Issues V 4.48 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM Dates Issues Nations Scribd Terms thru Oct-13 (2 Oct 28)   2012 Oct-13 Nations V 4. what exists so far through International Law courts. thanks to key publications. 284k Doc. I added list of what 7 “nations”206 exist which are not members of the UN. 110 foot. o Lots of minor changes. 470 foot. 2012 Oct-7 Terms V 4. GAO was not counting nations where they being attacked by drones. plus my 8 splits.66 Legal Issues added.62 started with: 29 page. 48 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder . 2012 Sep-30 Nations V 3. international law within national legal systems. Doc 685k. and mismatches. seem to think it is wrong to call them a nation. Large numbers of people hostile to Israel.

   Notes thru 2012 Aug (2 Oct 14) Until I did first split in September 2012. intended to review individual docs there. had grown to:  8 cities  2 counties  14 states  26 academia  15 federal agencies  2012 May. o Prior to the start of this document.49 Drone Nations listed by Al Mac 3/19/2013 12:34:43 PM  which can change rapidly as we have seen with Iran taking down a US drone. and also sometimes easier for me to manage updates that way. o 265 acronyms and concepts defined. 49 Drone Nations in Al Studies / Drones folder . 340 foot. all of my notes were in one document. since different people at different times interested in portions of the whole. 735k PDF. reverse engineering it. to disturbing stories about drone trends. in V 3. GAO also not counting nations. at time of initial split.3 notes now 148 pages. in V 2. 815 PDF. I started this research. 850 footnotes. o 635 acronyms and concepts defined.” o I nailed down how drones very different from other government regulation philosophies.3 shared 77 pages. 2012 Sep-21 Terms V 3. I needed to split into smaller chunks.4. where sometimes they crash. 2012 Sep-10 I split Drone Nations separate from Drone Notes. o USA locations named with drones.” and “Technology Advances. o 80 nations & regions identified as having drones operating.110 doc. o New sections and chapters were growing for “Dates Time Line.855k Doc.  2012 Aug end V 2. o I had started a Drone Info collection on Scribd. many friends had shared random links. 1. via social media. This became an effort to put the many links and contexts into a more coherent package. 2012 Sep-6 I split Drone Scribd separate from Drone Notes.3 Terms. 2012 Sept-3 I split Drone Terms separate from Drone Notes. used as bases for other nations military drones. correlate the value of their information. o 70 nations & regions identified as having drones operating. then exporting the technology. 2.