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lly Nlark Clonzales and ptrrsue the Amcrican c1ream," said rcs()urces to {:o to coilege is ah,virys (}nr' (}l
1)r/sr' St.r ff Reporter Jrrlidn Castro, mayor of San Antonio. the biggest things that keep pcoplt' lrorrr
Business, cducation and civic leaders graduating," said Joaquin C.rstro, lr'
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Latino-stvle invested their confidence in the students State Represcntative for District 125.
sclrol.rr.lriP g.rl.r, capturcd Sarr Arrkrnio's of Palo Alto Collcgc thnrr-rglr sponsorsl.rips Schol.rrships offer thc opportr.tnitv lo
,rttt'rrtirrrr orr r\pril 7,21)10. -fhc cvcnt that raised .$150,000 for scholarships. A take this challenge head-on. "Nunrbe r orrc
slrorr. t,itt't1 I'.rlo r\lto Collcue's ucvv matching grarrt from the U.S. Departmcrrt
Arts ('cnter irnd l-rclpcd oi Education rvill give students $3(X),000 in
:j'.l( X),()t)t) Ior stutlcrrt scl-rolarships.
"This is our coming-ottt
"This event ... really mcans so vcry
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much to the str-rdents," said Leticia Van de
party...this is the big
citizt'ns 1,,ct a grcat cciucation. Providing Putte,
State Senator for District 26. one!"
tlris opportunity tonight is or-tc of the Itay Lopaz, San Antonio City -Dr. Ann M. "Cha" Gttanrirt
...," said
ilr('rt('\t lhings that \vL' can clo'ltryota Councilmember for District 6, said, "l think
President, Pnlo Alto
llt'rto (,rrt'rra, (r ct)-()\'vlter oi of the other good thing is to rccognize those
Il0r'r'r rr',rr rtl att h( )lt(,ree. good corpor;rte citiz-cns thai contribute
l',t'rto ivas txte oi "'l'hc lictur'lityota kr ... scholarships bccause without them,
( onrP.ld1.'q" honorecl .rt the event, along obviously this doesn't happen." thing is you don't have to pay it back, it's
rvith lirarrk Herrcra, I!'litx Navarro and Navarro, co-foundcr of Operational not a loan," said Patricia Lope'2,;-r rccipierrt
lr'rrl,trttjr' Ilc)es. lltt'y t'tvn ct'mpatties Tcchnologies Corporation and an honoree, of scholarships r,vho is majoring in Br-rsir.rcss
th.rt arr' nrajor supplicrs to 'liryitta Motor said, "I can just visualize over the next ... Administration at Palo Alto.
\l,rrrrrl.r, trrring t'l li'r..ts. 20 years just hor'v much more strongcr Palo Herrera, owner of fhe Llcrrcra l.arv
li rvota rvas orrc of the top three spolts()rs Alto is going to be, and so glad to be part of Firm and honoree, said, "fl-ris scholarshi;.r
of tht' r',ala that inclr-rdcd Spa,,vGlass and the supporting group here." fund is a grcat'"vay to start ... cncourrtgit-tg
Sorrnt,nschcin Nath & kids to stay in school
liost'nthal l-LP. because \ve have tlrc.
l)r. ,\r-ra N,l. "Cha" tunding..."
(, prcsidcnt of Palo Scholarships offt'r
,\lto ( t,llege, ccltbratcd recognition."lt feels grxrcl
l strt'ccssiul ar-rd livcly to know that somebocly clse
itt,trtr;ur,tl *chol.rrrhip believes in you or thinks
ii.rla. Slrc thrillcd the .100 you can accomplish
.rItcntlees rvho packed your goals," said Marycela
thc nt'rv tl'rcatcr ,uvhen she Barron, a Biology m,tior
anrl l.r.ris \lercado, pr"rLrlic who has also been ar,virrdcd
irtl()ntt,ltl( 'rt oificcr lor scholarships.
I';rlo '\lto C-ollcge, got up Schol.rrship*
ancl .lanct'd to thc Latin inspire students. Raquel
rrusic of 'l'ito Puente Jr. Hernandez, an Education
" l his is our coming- majoq, descibed her
ouI p.1p[y... this i* thr'hig experience lvhen shc lvas
ont'!" s.ricl Cuzniin. awarded scholarships. She
I Irr musical said, "lt made me r,vant to
pcrform.rnces of
Puente, do better at school ... they
L.r* ( .rnrpatras dc A merica honored you and you '"vant
ancl('olro Entertainment to make sure you honor
\vcrc Irighlights of the Tito Puento f r., members of Colao Entertainment and members of Las Cam- them."
evt'r-rin1i. panas de America entertain guests inside the new 400-seat Performing Arts Cuzmdn r'vould like
(,trcsts experienccd Center tlreater. to have one-fourth of the
thc t'r-rlture, iood, -Plnto hy NInrk Conzoles students ;lttending Palo Alto
clancc lnd mr.rsic of the College receive scholarships.
Caribbe.rrr, Mexico and Spain. Thcy enjoyed Reyes, president and owner of Reyes According to Dr. Beatriz Joseph, vice
frt'rforntitr.rccs by folklorico dancers, the L-rdustries, recogrrized the contributions president of College Services at Palo Alto,
l)alo ;\lto Jazz Ensemble, Conjr.rnto Palo of Palo Alto Coliege. "l have over 200 the total enrollment rcported for Sprir.rg
\lIrr.trrtl \I.rriaclri Palumino. cmployees that r,vork irt 'foyota right norv 2010 is 7,889 students.
'Ihe garla also incluclcd ;'r conga line that havc taken courscs at Palo Alto in Stucicnts are encouragcd to apply
rnd thc sights and sounds of fl;rmenco, a order to do a bettcr job for lbyota," tlrc for scholarships. lror more itrforn131i1rn,
harpist, ancl a pianist \'vith his c()mpanir)n honclree said. contact Palo Alto's scholarship coordirrator,
vrrcalist. Schola rships give stuclents the C.rrmen Velasquez, interim dircctor of
"Ilt's anJ exccllcrrt event to highlight opportur-rrty to pursr-re thcir cdr.rcational Advising and Student Support Serviccs, .ri
tl.rc t;rlent l'rcre at Palo Alto ;rnd r.vhy it's so goals at a time rvhcn the cost oi tr-rition (210) +86-3121 or by c-mail at cvclasqlrcz(rr
ncccssary to irrvest in our vor-rng pcople sc) kceps rising. alarmo.eclu. Hcr office is locatccl inside thc
tl.rcy c.rrr cornc to a college like Palo ;\lto "Financial aid ar.rd having the finirncial lVelcomc Advising Center.
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