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ALAINJ.BERBT, Plaintiffs

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1. 't of House that allege def€ndants' his is a civil rightsaction Plaintiffs

illegallydiscriminated aDd ofWorcestel others, Bishop Afflrmatio[,lnc.,thc RomanCatholic and for negotiations thepurchase saleofproperfyowned ofbusinoss thomin the oourse against and interltionally illegallydeprived that allege defendailts Church.Plainlif}:s by tireCatholic believed that delendants property solelybecause to themofthc oppoflunily puchasca unique on they aregayandwould conductsamesex-weddings the property. Defendants'blataot in memorialized an e-mail inadvertentlysentto plaintif{s in discriminationagainstplaintiffs wa.s of willful disrcgard defendants' that and 2012.This e-maiL, theevents followed,leveal June, ofMassachusetts' prop€rty thesarne as basis othercitizens on plaintiffs' dght to purchase


discriminatory plaintiffs acts, have suf,fered ofa loss Asa result ofdefendants'

housing business and opportunity, of civil rights,lossof dignityandemotioml loss unique distess. Plaintiffs bdngthis agtion redrcss to defondants' ifientionaldiscrimination against em. II. JURISDICTION 3. jurisdiction all claims pursuant M.G.L.c. 1518. Thiscoufihas to over III. VENUE 4. plaintiffs residc al]defendants and in County, wherc Velueis ptoper Worcester

in real transactions. were engaged commercial gstate IV. PARTIES 5. ofMassaohusetts, is oftheCommonweallh PlaintilfAlain Beret a resident

Massaohusetts. in at West MillburyRoad Sutlon" residing 120 6. of Massachusetts, ol'theCommonwealth Fairbanksa residenl is Plaintif'fJames

Massachusetts. MillburyRoad Sutton, iu at West residing 120 7. whohavebeen maffiedcouple are Mr. Beretard Mt. I'airbanks a same-sex

yoals, togethor thirty-foul for Defendanls A TheOakhurst 8. undef duly Lnc. Delendant House ofAfiirmation, is a corporation organized the

located 49 at place ofbusiness with ofMassachusetts itsprincipal laws oftheCommonwealth ofthe Inc. o Massachusetls. llouse f Aflirmation, is anaffiliate Tho Worcester, ElmStreet, purposes. all times At and education religious for charitable, Diocese established therapeutic, and ownerofthe prope y knownasOaklust Conforance herein, wastherecord it mentioned Massachusetts. Nothbddge, Hill Steet, located 120 at Reheat Center,



duly is ofWorcoster a rcligiouscorporation Bishop Romal Catholic Defendant

At of underthe laws of the Commonwsalth Massachusetts the prcsonttime, the Mo$t organized hercin, MostRev Robort ths mentioned as serves Bishop. At all tinrss McManus Rev,Robett ard McManusmaintainetlan inlerestint managed, controlledthe saleofthe propertyknownas Massachusetts, Nofihbridge, located 120Hjll Slreet, at Center, and OakhustConference Retreal }louseof Al'hrmatio\ Ino. by whiohis owned del'endant ofthe Bishop is McManus thel{omanCatholio Roberl Most Reverend 10. Del'endant in at Uponinfomationandbelie! heresides 2 High fudgc Road, Diocese. Worcester Massachusctts. Worcester, 'thomas Sullivan at r€sides 38 High Ste€t, J Revorend Monsignor 11. D€fendanl Thomas J' Monsignor ReYercnd herein, At Massachusolxs,all timesmentioned Worcester, the and in, an Sullivanmaintaincrl intercst managed, controlled saleofthe prope y kroyn as Iocated 120llill Stroet, at (hereinafler Contcr "Oakhulst"), and Confcrcnce Rotreat Oaklurst IIouscof Affirmation,lnc' by whichis owned delendant Massachusetts, Northbridge, Aliialce Defendants B. ThcEastern 12. EastemAlliance Realty' LLC is a limitcd liability companyduly Defendant

place of with ofMassachusetts its principal underthelawsofthe Commonwealtl') orgarized Alliance Eastern Massachusetts Suite10,Sluewsbury, at located 298BostonTurnpike, business to At ard sales leasing. all timesrelevanl ofteal estale in LLC is engaged thebusiness Realty, defendants ofthe Oakhurst as I-l,C actcd anagent AllianoeRealty, Eastern thisaction, 13. of ofthe Commonwealth is a LisandraRodriguez-Pagan resjdent Defendant

At Massachusetts. all timcs menlion€dherein,LiSandrallodliguez-Paganwas a principal ofthe herein' EastemAlliance Realty,LLC andactedon its behaif. At all times mentioned defendant

sheaciedasan agentof the OakhurstdefendantsOn informatiol andbelief, LiSandra ReaLty, LLC. AlliaDce is a brokelat Eastem Roddguez-Pagan, licensed 14. ofMassachusetts. ofthe Commonwealth is Defendant AngelL. Pagan a resident

Eastem Alliance ofthe defendant was herein, Angel1,.Pagan a principal A1all timesmentioned its Realty,LLC andactedo11 bohalf. 15. btokerat Eastem is On inlbrmatiol andbelief,AngelL. Pagan a licensed

LLC. Realty, Alliance 16, for was and On information belief,AngolL, Pagan andis rosponsiblc thetraining

Rodriguez-Pagan. of andsupervision LiSandra FACTS 17. who businessmen and James Fairbanks Alain Beretrireexpericnc€d E. Plaintiffs

events busiDesses two ownedandoperated special have succcssfully 18. a and restored operaled highly and In 1995, Fairbanks Mr. lleretpurchased, Mr.

in Ailen Estate Bare) Massaohusetts. facilityal theFlarding special evcnts suocessfil 19. and for and In early2012,Mr. Fairbanks Mr' Borotwercscarching a unique

events and a and property whetetheycouldreside esrablish newhospitality speoial exceptional business. 20. named for On or aboutMay 9, 2012,Mr, Beretsawan adverlisement a property

Massachusetts' Northbridge, at Iocated I20 Hill Sheet, Cenler, and Retreat Conference Oakhurst 21. Oakhurstwas publicly listedfor Ai the time plaintiffs viewedthe advertisement,

("MLS"). sale theMultipleListing Service on 22. it ibr to Mr. Beret wasinstantly drawD the advertisement Oakhurstbecause was

for; were seaxching a beautiful,uniqueplace exactlythe kind 0f propertyhe ard Mr. Fairbanks

to live and maintaill a business where they could host special events, Iike woddings and other celebrations.


his Mr. for Afterviewingtheadveftisement Oakllurst, Beretcalled realestate

day the to the to GaryParker, alaange see property verysame agent, 24, the and Mr. May 9,2012, llairbanks Mr. Bcrctview€d property. Onor about

residence it to committed purohasing to useastheirpeNonal they Oakhurst became Afler seeing events. for it al1d restore asa venue speciai to 25, (hereinafter Rodriguez-Pagan Ms. relevanl thisaction, Lisandra to At all times

for agent thc Dofondants was "Rodriguez-Pagan') actilg asa realestato 26. a offer submittedwdtlen and Mr" May 14,2012, Fairbauks Mr, Beret Onor about

Rodriguez-Pagan. through lor theproperty 27, ofAffimatioD, by ollerwasaccepted thol"Iouse and Mr. Irairbanks Mr. Beret's

incorporated reference by Real Of,fer attached to Putcbase llstate, I-LC,onMay18,2012.(See as 1.) herein Exhibit 28. paid and offer,Mr. Fairbanks Mr. Beret with In acoorcl thetermsof iheiraccepted

pw0hase. for doposit theOakhurst a $75,000 29. met and olTer, on ln reliance theiraccepted Mr, Ii'airbanks Mr' Beret withvarious

pla.ns Oakhurst. These officials for to their officialsin theTowuofNorthbridge discuss business it and Oakhutst maintain asa special to the about plainliffs' plans reslore were enlhusiastic lacility. cvents 30. paid and olfor. on Alsoin teliance theifacoepted Mr' Fairbanks Mr' Beret

inspection. for thousandsdollars a proporty of


The inspection.epot rcvealedthat Oakhutstwould rcquire costly r€?airs.

Oakhurst and a Beoause ofthis, Mr. FairbanksaudMr. Beretsubmitted revisedoffer to purchase attempted continuenegotiations pu0haseOaklrurst. to to 32. As an agentlor the OakhurslDefendants, Rodriguez-Pagan actively involved was

plaintiffsandtheOakhurst in thenegotiations between Defendants thc purohase saleo11 for and Oakhurst, 33. informed On information belief,on or bcfore ald Jrme 2012,Rodriguez-Pagan 8,

the OakhulslDe1'endants shebelievedMr. Fairbanks that and Mr, Beret were gay. 34, June8, 2012,Rodriguez-Pagan informcd On informalion belief,on or before and

the Oakhurst Defbndants shebelievedthat the plaintill's irrlended host samesex-weddings that to at OakhuNt. 35, of wilh and never discussed nature theirrelationship lho M!. I3erct Mr. I'airbanks

to weddings Rodriguez.Pagan nevertold herdirectlythattheywcrcplanning havesam€-sex and

36. lt sentan e-mailto Rodriguez-Pagan. On June8,2012,Morrsignor Sullivan

of ofthc potentiality it stated: "Ijust wentdownthehall auddiscussed withtho bishop.Becausc in gaymaniages you we with usyesterday, a.enot interesled going thefe,somelhing shared with thesc buyers.I think they'r'e shaky anyway.So,iusttell themthatwe will not forward planandtheDioccse making newplan! for thepropefty.You fin<lthe is accept theirrevised hereirasExhibit2.) (See by o-mail,incorporated rcference language," atlached 37. agent, sent e-mailto plaintiffs'realestate On June8, 2012,Rodriguez-Pagan a.n

to the reviewandconsideration, sellerhasdecided not Garyparker, stating that: "After careful

acgept new revisedaounteroffer andpursueotherplarlsq'ith the prcpefty at this time." (See the attached e-mail,incorporuted reference by hereinasExhibit 3,) 38. Rodriguez-Pagan, actingasanagent theHouse for ofAfflrmation"Tnc., obeyed

thediscriminatory instructions contained Monsignor in Sullivan's Junc8, 2012,e-mailand to and Mr. and "foundthelanguage" deceivc mislead Fairbanks Mr. Beretabouttherealreason why the Oakhurst defendants refusedto continuenegotiations the purchase Oakhulst. lbr of 39. On or aboutJune8, 2012,a copyofMonsiglor Sullivm's discriminatory e-mail

to Rodriguez-Pagan forwarded Alain BeretiMr. llelet lihared e-mailwith Mr, was the to Fairbanks. 40, Bothmenwereshocked, disappointed distressed learnoflho defendarts" and to

animus againsl discriminalory lhem. 41. to rofused negotiate scll Oakhurst the 1o or On June8, 2012,aflerdefendants

plaintiffs, the Rodriguez-Pagan wi{hdrow lislingfrom theMl,lS, 42. July I I , 2012,Oaklurstwasre-listed Uponinlbrmalion belief,on or about and

was as on theMLS and,asofthat date, Rodriguez-Pagan identified its listingagen1. 43. havo that Since July 11, 2012, Oakhustdefendants publiclystated theyrefused

the to negotiate Mr. Fairbanks Mr. Bcretducto concerils with and about buyers'abilityto finance purohase tle ofOakhurst. 44. similarbusiness€s the in Mr. FairbalksandMr. Berethavesuccessfully financed

pastandat all timesrelevant this actionwerequalified finance purchase Oakhurst. to the of to 45, Alliance ard As a rcsultofthe discriminalory aotions theOakhurst Eastern of

plaioliffs havesuffered,arc sufferingandwill sufler ireparable financial lossand defendants, loss distessandsuff,ering; of dignity;a damages, including not limitcdto: emotional but

deprivation their civil righls; andfieir righl lo housingon an eqlralbasiswithoul regardto of sexualo entation. 46. Defendalts' acts0fdisffimination account on ofsexualodenlation wore

intentional,willful andl<trowing, at a miniraum,negligent,and were undertaken and with callous disregard therightsandfeelings for ofplainiiffs.

g4(7) M.G.L. 151 c. Refusal Sellor Neqoliale Sale to the olPropcrty to Plaintiffs' Due Real Perceivod or Sexual Orientation 47, repeat reallege I through ol'thisComplaint fully 46 as Plaintiffs alrd Paragraphs


setforththerein, 48. Defendants llousoofAffrrmation, Most. Ino., I{cv.RobotMoManus, Monsignor

Rodriguez-PaganAngel and I-. l homas Sdlivan, J, Eastern Allianoe Realty, LLC,LiSandra plaintiffs' Pagan, individually firough1he oftheiragenls, violated have civil rights an(Vor aots for of because of under o. 1518$4(7) refusing scllor negotiate thesale a property G.L. by to plainliffs' ol pelceived real sexual orientation, COUI.]T II
M.G.L.1518{(4A) lnlederencewith Rieht to Purchase PropertvDue to Plaintiffs' Real or Perceived Sexual Orientation. 49. repeat reallege 48 as Plaintiffs and Paragraphsthrough ofthis Complaint fully I

setforth therein.


Monsignol Rev. Robert McManus, Defendants House Affirmation, Most. of Inc,,

L. l{odriguez-Pagan Angel and Thomas Sullivan, J. Eastem Alliance Realty, LLC,LiSandra

havcviolated plaintiffs' civil dghts Pagan, individually and/orthlough the actsof their ageols, property becaus€ of with plaintiffs'rightto purchase by under M.6.L. 151B$(4A) intedering their realor perceivedsexualorientationCOUNTIII M.G.l..l51B f4(78) Limitationor that a to Makineard Causins be Made-a,Statement Indicatcd Preference. Diso mination. 51. as 1 50 repcat reallege Paragraphsthrough ofthis Complaint tully Plaintift's and

setforth thorein. 52. Monsignor Most.Rev.RobeltMcMa.nus, Defendants, House Affimation, Tnc., of

and l{odriguez-Pagan AngelL. LLC, LiSandra AllianceReahy, J. Eastern Thomas Sullivan, civil rights haveviolaledplaintiff's' the and/or through actsoftheir agents, Pagan, individually to with 1o a undor M.G.L. 1518$4(78)by makingor causing be mado statcmont respect thosale based plaintiffs'real on limitation, discdmination or that a ofrealproperty indicated preferencc, sexual orientalion. or perceived IV COUNII -Negligencs ,Asto EastemRealtvDefendants Traininp. Sunervision and Neqlieent 53. as I 52 and Paragraphsthrough ofthis Complaint fully Plaintiffsropeat rcallcgc

setlbrthherein. 54, and LLC, LiSaldraRodriguez-Pagan Aaget Allianoe Realty, Dofendarts Eastem

in nogligentlyengaged actionsthat individually and/orthough the actsofthet agents, L. Pagan, laws. violatedplainlift's' rights understateanti-discdminalion


Defeodants EastemAlliance Realty,LLC ard Angel Pagannegligentlyfailed to

train their ehployeesor agehts, resultingin a violation ofthe plaintiffs' rights underslateanti-

discrimination laws.
56. Defendants Eastem AllianceRealty, I-LC andAngclPagan negligently failedto

supervise employe€s agents complywith appljcable th€ir or to law.resulting a violation state in of plaintiffs' rights under stateanti-discrimination laws.

VII. PRAYERFORRELIEE WHEI{EFORE, Plaintiffs request this llonorable that Court: a. Declareunlawful the actionsofthe def'cndants undgrthe claims, statutes and

regulations abovo; eited b. permaneltly the from Issue injunotion an restraining enjoining del'endants and

practices; ongaging disoriminatory in c. reliefasmaybe appropriate rernedy to def'endants'past Orderaffirmative

praatiaes to insue thal the defendants not disqiminate in tha fulure; do discriminatory and

d. e.
f. g. h.

compensatory Award damages; punitive Award damages;
incurr€d theprosecution in ofthis case, and; Awardattomey's l'ees costs and Provide otherreliefthiscourtdeemsjust equitable. and any Plaintiffdemands byjury on all counts. trial


10, Date: Scptcmber 2012


Sergio Carvajal, E. BB0#645276 P.C. Carvajal Nielsen, & 340MainShect, Suitc 862 Woroester, 01508 MA Tel:(508) 7s6-2099 fax: (866)754-3965

W. Nielsen^ 88()#645843 ajal& Nielsen, P.C. Avenue 50I Belmont MA Springfield, 01108 00 Tel:(413)413-74 (866)754-3965 Fax:

880#600979 Meris Bexgquist, L. Fair Center Massachusetts Housing

57Suffolk Streex Holyoke,A 01440 l s39-9796 Tel.(413) (413)s33-9978 Fax. r-nbergquist@massfairhousinq.ote .










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::1['lftifllH*-f""tr;."*E'd,'ifi'.I#.iiiiiB$EY$tsililfit3:tr'.S?i.'i[:[,rii| ftt' rM!*M q{!xN i4 eFr|I^rfeio bri!"r rdl6li6F |
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E-e' $ro d n.t



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rrlt h n{ts 'iw rn}rhFr4&!M6{, [ r$ lsbrys!{ el.r*rilh|



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, !trltr4;6"9**, &FIr*w''!G
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Subject: FW:120Hillst-Bercl-Fai$anks From: To: Cci Dato: (lisandraol Rodriguez Lisandra;;Ime4u@yahoo.comi; 11 Fdday, 8, 2012 54A[,4 Jlne

moming Gary; Good oflbr. Aftercarelul counter a you lbr likc Wowould to thank andyourbuyers submittingnewrovised oounter arld offer pusue the to the has and revie\r consideratioi, selier decided notaccept newrevised to wishe$ youandyourbuyers. plans th(, al with pfoperty thjstime.Besl other My best, LiSandruRolrigucz-Ptryan RealtoriBrokor/Principal

AI,I,IANCN}IEAI"TY,I.,I,C NASTNRN Tumpiko, Suite10 298Boston Shrewsbury, 01545 MA ona!" i.s "ltnsuing your real6ltte (\:p(tt'itttt:( t prtt/r:tsiontl DlrectAccesslFax Line: (508)-365-3909
cttltt ol liijlndrl|illislncltttpil*aLt E-mail: partrrcrs{li;oasternllliarrr:ttcttlt;',rr)r11 alt1',collt \\ il ol Websile:www.liinslcrrnAllinnccl\e I !iL I'ir il';ri rrr.rror)r

'tPeoplem tlitl .Jr ot r(.ntcrnherwltttl ,l'ot.t ot n'hnt1:ousaid, 'l bul thel' n ill remenher hon, y<tu turlu thcm Jitel! -Dr. Mayo Atgelou, Poel, Aulltol 'lhis use anachmcnts, for exclusive ofthe is including communication, Confidentialitv Clause: proprieiary, inlbrmation lf you arenotthe or maycontain oonlidcntial privileged addresse€(s) and or or receipient, use,copyirrg, any disclosure, distribution thc takingofany actionin reliance intended pleasc notirythe receipient, is Ifyou arcnottheintended upontlis irlformation slrictlyprohibiled. and all immediately delete communiaation destroy copies. and this sender

I From: lisandra0; necamPbell Toi parkerg@remaxexeo.comi Hill sl- Bcrerljairbanks Subject: 120 RE: -0400 Date: ,8 Jun20l210;3'l:21 F


1,^ -..(

,- ,il . ^L^^


4 '.-

. '



2 Psge of3

Good morning Gary; you Thank for1leemail, will goahead forward to my sellcr getback youand yourbuyers I and it and to withtheir response. a niccday. llave

My best,
LiSandrt Rodriguez-Pagan Realtor/Broker/Principal EASTERN ALLIANCE REALTY. LLC 298Boston Turnpike, Suitel0 Shrewsbury, 01545 MA ttEnsuring real eslalo your expefience ( prctessiotrcrl is one!tl DirectAccess/Fax Line: (508)-365-3909
E - m a i l : p t t l r c r s ( r i c a s ( c f l i r l l i a ] r c c f c i r l l \ . r : c r r t o r i i s l n d ltilrl r rp:l l il s ri r . c o l ai a r c( W e b s i t er:v w t , . i : a s l e l n A l l i o n c c l l e a l l y , o r ),l\r\ \ ' . I i ' i , r , i r ' , , 1 ' ,rr g,r,.l r i ttPeoplemay nol renrctnbet b,hal lou tlid or whd lou said,

huttheywill rememher you made h,w themleel!" -Dr. MayaAngektu, Poul, Author

'fhis Confiderlialitv Clause: oonrnrunicalion, including attaolments, oxolusivc ofthe is for use proprictary, addressee(s)may0ontain and inlbrmation. lfyou arcnotthe 0onfidential privileged or intended loceipienl, usc, any copying, disclosur€,distdbritiol lhetaking or ot in ofanyaotion reliance upon jnlormation sfiotlyprohibitcd, this plessc is lfyou arenottheintcnded receipient, nodry the sender immediately deletc aommunioation destroy oopios. this alld and all

Subject: Llill sf Berel-liairbanks 120 -0400 Date: 8 Jun2012 Irri, 09:36:56 From r To: lisandm0l (a); mccampbel;.i iire4u(iyahoo.0om CC: parkgrg@reinaxexec.m ao Hello LiSandra, Please above see attachmeniAlain Jim's w & revised There offer. approach purchasing buildings of the and some ihelandmakes of complete "Due economical sense. have We considerabl6 Diligence" need and to done have decisionCanyouletmeknow a . you when willpfeseni opiiofto thesellef. this Thank You, Gary Gary Pafker. ABR GRl, Remax Executive Realty 68Worcester St.


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No.Grafton, 0'1536 NIA 508-839-9219 Cell 50B-320-2003 me o. text
iiofl www mlilbuTyfirahoriet'lJun(lr http:'lus.mg5.m.-ril.1



. Pdnt

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Subject: RE:120Hillsi-Beret-Fairbanks Fromr To: Cci Datei GaryParker(pa*;;; pa*efg@remaxexec,corn; Friday, June8, 20122:28PM


Please check mail to: AlainBeret 120WestMillbury Sutton, 01590 rd, MA you, Thank Gary Gary Parkor ABR GRl, Remax Realty Executive 68Worcester St.

MA No.Orafton, 01536 508-839-9219 Cell508-320-2003 textme or

FromrJlmCosgmve lmailtoijcosgrove.lawG)] ssnt! Frl6/8/12 2106 PM Geddes Toi Llsondra Rodrlguez; Pa*er;Patti Gary subjecttRei120Hlllst- Beret-Falrbanks

Dear LiSandra Garv: and to Meaculpa, culpa, mea meamaxima culpa. hadonlychecked seeif we had We off we in deposited and the check thefilesince wereholding anything, I justfound actual
and for on establishlnB a separate account sameuntilwe hada purchase saleagreement. Gary,do you want us to sendthe checkbackto you or insteadto the Buyer'sattorneY,

MarV Campbell?? Cordially,

Jim Froml
PI4 lune 12:44 S€nt:Frjday, 08,2012



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Subject! FWr120Hillst- Beret-Fairbank Jim,Patti;

ljusispoke Gary with Parker Remax hesaid mailed 575,000,00 to your of and he a check office,

My best,
LiSundr a Rodr iguet,-Itngatt Realtor/Broker/Principal EASLnI{t{Al.,i-tAt\cIillttA].1\,, t..LC 298Boston Turnpike, Suitel0 Shrewsbury, 01545 MA yout rcul cttutetx1terieltt is a pr(etsianul r,,nt:!" "Ettsuring DirectAccess/['ax Line: (508)-365-3909 E-mail: Website: r., , er

t'l'(!opk nfl,t' nol r?ntn ter whul ttu tlitl <tr r:hut,llu sttitl, , h t.tlIh e,)'r,i I I tc n1(0 thot, h pv' 1tt tr ruttI ! t h,tut Ic t 1,"' *Dr. Mu.ya,4ngelou"[,oe|,,,,NNthot, Conlidentialitl' is use Clauser This communication, attachmr:nts,for exclusive ofthe addressee including (s)andmay0ontain proprietary, privilcged confidential or information.Il'you arenot thc intcnded rocoipicnt, use, any colying, disclosure, distribuLion therakingof anyactionin reliance uponthis or or please inf,ormation strictlyplohibited. is notil'ythesender Il'you arenotthe intendcd rcceipicnt, immediately dclete oommuniotrtjon destroy oopics, and this and all

From: tsullivan jjussaume@worcesterdioce$; CC:; Subject: 120Hillst-Beret-Fairbanks RE: -0400 Dater 8 Jun20123.1:55:34 Fri,
Jlm; Our oflice doesn't have any deposit money. Our understanding was the buyer agent was to mail out the checkmade payableto the flouse of Affirmatlon to your office. I assumebased on your email they

l'll know. didn't mailit, follow with buyer up agent letyou and the 612812012



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My best, Li,Su u Rod iguei-tr? m nlr r ag Realtor/Broker/Principal ['ASTIRNAI.,I,IANCN REALTY,I,LC 298Boston'tumpike, SuiteI0

Shrewsbury,0i545 MA
reul t.stuta one!tl expuiunt'tis t prvfitssionul "linsu ng.your DlrcctAccess/Fax Linc: (508)-365-3909
E-mail:1 . or ' , .Lrr.frjnl

not vememher,fihfl{)tok dil 0t r:h(t ):ou sIid, "People n?o): l)rttlhe,l: tril| tt! tettthar hon'.1'utt uutLklhtnt.fCel!" -Dr, Mala ,Angelou, Poel,Aulhot is use Confidentialitv Ciause: l"hiscommunication, including attachments,for exclusive ofthe addressee (s)andmaycontain proprietary, lfyou arerot the inteDded oonfidential privileged information. or receipient, use, any copying, disolosurc, dislribution lhc takingofany aotion rgliance or in uponthis or pl€ase notily thesender inlbrmation slrictlyprohibited. is Ifyou arenottheintended rcceipjent, immediately delete communicalion destroy copicsr. arld all . this and Froml;; CC:;
5ubject: 120 Rei HillstBeret-Fairbanks -0400 Date: 8 Jun Fri, 2012 11;37136 Visum close file the est. Pattiadvises we arenot holding deposit, we will simply that any so andtrustthatLisandra returnanydeposit, any,shemaybe holding.JFC will if
Fromi I S€ntr Frlday, lune 08, 201211:09AM Toi I C c : ' , ; Subject! Re:120Hillst- BeretFairbanks LiSandra, of it I just went down the hall and discussed with the bishop Because the potentialitYof gav marriages





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you forward withthese there, something shared withusyesterday, arenot interested going we in plan theirrevised and buyers.thinkthey're I anyway. justtellthemthatwe willnot accept So, shaky plans the property. findthe language. is for You theDiocese making new Msgr. Tom

OnJun8, 2012, 10:32 at AM,LjSandfa Rodriguez wrote: <Revised oFFER oAKtlURST.doc>

LiSandra, of Because the potentiality gaymarriages of I justwentdownthe hallanddiscussed it withthe bishop. you in forward withthese we there, something shared with usyesterday, arenotinterested going justtellthemthatwe willnot accept plan theirrevised and buyers, lthinkthey're shaky anyway. So, the Diocesemaking plans the property, flndthe language. is new for You Msgr. Tom

wrotel OnJun8, 2012, 10132 LlSandra at AM, Rodrlguez > <Revised OFFER OAKHURST,doc>