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Technology: Sonatherapy TM

SonatherapyTM is a unique new combinatorial therapy, trade-marked by Cosolargy International, that includes the essential healing elements of light, color, sound, water and subtle energies. General scanning of the body and its higher-dimensional fields, scans indicative of weak, neutral, or strong vibratory emanations from specific areas, are accomplished by monophonic sound arrays passed along the body under specific light-color irradiations. Weak sounds indicate absorption of sounds, while strong resonances suggest either healthy and/or overactive energies in those areas. Sound Applications The underlying technology is vibrational --- Cymatic Therapy, i.e., as originally developed by the late Sir Dr. Peter Guy Manners over a period of 50-60 years at his Bretforton Hall clinic in England. Specific combinations of frequencies in the mid- and lower registers are known to resonate, for example, cells, tissues, organs, bones, nerves, etc., at their optimal, healthiest, resonances. By reintroducing such arrays into the body and its fields entrainment may be achieved and healing more rapidly advanced. Each acoustic Sonation is specially designed and viewed as a <set> of standing wave Cymatic patterns, e.g., in a few drops of water under magnification. As the body is over 70% vicinal waters, the observed geometries are a key in classifying biological conditions and functions. Cymatic videos for guided imagery during therapies are also produced and utilized in sessions. Whereas Dr. Manners commutations were applied monophonically, the newly designed Sonations are applied in stereo and pulsed/panned at infrasonic rates, thereby increasing inductive capacities and lessening time required for entrainment. Further, these Wave Front BIOresonanceTM Sonations are far more complex than those of Dr. Manners and are based upon harmonic relationships accurate to within several decimal places. This is musical concept. Hydrotherapy SonatherapyTM also includes preliminary bathing in geothermal waters, so that the body is warm and moist prior to initial inductions. Sonations are also sounded in acoustic foot baths and in geothermal baths so that the entire body may be entrained more naturally and fully. Results of entrainment may be ascertained via simple thermography and basic auric field mensuration programs and devices.

Light & Color Applications Via a light organ attachment, light and colors are also applied during therapy sessions --- with the light pulsing and panning in synchronicity with the audio signals. This pulsative approach allows for dramatically greater absorption of irradiations. Colors chosen for conditions and functions are achieved with simple filters and PAR cans positioned above the body and follow the archived codes of Cosolargy International, the Dinshah Society, Theo Gimbel, and myriad other researchers who have compiled such studies over the last two centuries. Videos being produced also use strong LED color irradiations. (See videos on the YouTube channel, sonatherapy.) Subtle Energies According to fourth-dimensional, quantum, physics, the greatest sources of Vital Life Energies, Prana, Chi, etc., derive from Sunlight (Light & Color), Sound, Oxygen, Water, and Sacred Geometry. By combining all of these elements in a SonatherapyTM treatment, improved heath physiologically and psychologically is inevitable. Sensitive Sonatherapists, schooled in the two-year Academy program of the Jamilian University (Cosolargy International) can perceive these higherdimensional energetic patterns, via tactile and visual means, and work directly with the energy patterns of the body and its fields. Additional Approaches Also used in SonatherapyTM are supplemental approaches, e.g., aromatherapy, myofascial alignments, crystals, vocalizations, and radionics. However, all sessions are designed for holistic treatment of the individual and are dependent upon the conscious needs and perception of that person. In other words, a musculo-skeletal condition may be simply treated, while more serious, chronic conditions may require numerous sessions. Such may or may not involve additional approaches. Applicators Standard vibrotactile applicators, e.g., as produced by Telesound Ltd. in England, are employed, along with numerous other specially designed transducers and wands exclusive to our SonatherapyTM facilities (in the U.S., Japan, South Africa, etc.). Such include infrasonic transducers, low- and midrange transducers and speakers, etc. Sound tables and chairs are also utilized.

Discussion SonatherapyTM is not meant to replace any other medical or diagnostic system. Rather, it is designed to assist in more rapid and complete healing of conditions --- which in many cases traditional and alternative approaches do not address. The basics of SonatherapyTM may be found in two texts, both published by Cosolargy International through The Music Guild, i.e., SONA: Healing with Wave Front BIOresonance (2008) and Sonatherapy; Healing with Light, Color, Sound, Water & Subtle Energies (2012). Both books were authored by Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan, Director of WFB Research at Steamboat Healing Center, Nevada and are available by contacting the author via email at SONA has been available online since 2008 at Both books will be more widely published and available via a major publisher this year (2012). Specific Conditions SonatherapyTM has been proven, via numerous case studies and published reports, to aid in the treatment of the following conditions. Acid/Alkaline Balance 1Allergies & Inflammation Ankle Sprains & Injuries Arthritic Pain Back Pain Blockages Bone Spurs & Conditions Bruising Circulatory Problems Color & Field Balancing/Strengthening Dental & Oral Problems Digestive Disorders Disorders of Glands & Organs Edema & Swelling Eye Conditions (Cataracts, Glaucoma, Retinal Degeneration) Fibroids & Cysts Fractures Gout Headaches Hearing Problems (Tinnitus) Hormone Conditions & Imbalances Inflammation Knee & Sports Injuries

Neurological Conditions Obesity Plantar Fascitis Psychological Disturbances Respiratory Problems Scar Tissue Sciatica Sinusitis Skin Disorders Subtle Energy & Field Balances Varicose Veins Wound Healing History SonatherapyTM has been in research and development since 1975 by Dr. Buchanan and colleagues within Cosolarg International. Full applications began officially in 2004 at Steamboat Healing Center in Nevada, U.S.A. Working with many others from around the globe, e.g., Dr. James L. Oschman, Dr. Karl Maret, Dr. Thomas Stearns Lee, Manners colleague Yukinori Matsushita, et alia, we have now reached a level of therapeutic efficacy that allows for the establishment of facilities in other nations around the globe. Certification As stated above, Sonatherapists undergo a two-year training program with Cosolargy International via the Academy Program of the Jamilian University. During this period additional texts, papers, and readings are required, and inresidence hands-on training modules take place at Steamboat Healing Center. Final authorization is given only to those who have proven their healing capacities and who maintain an ongoing relationship with the University and Healing Center. Any breach of that relationship automatically de-certifies the practitioner, as SonatherapyTM is an ongoing learning process, and we are only in the beginning stages of what may be accomplished over time. It is essential that the potential Sonatherapist understand what he/she is doing. Recognitions SonatherapyTM is not recognized by any governmental entity, per se, nor by the AMA and other allopathic institutions. While Cymatic and other vibrotactile therapies are recognized approaches approved by the FDA, the other elements employed are traditional alternative practices utilized at myriad spas and clinics without strict governmental oversight. For example, light and color therapy using simple lights and filters, aromatherapy, hydrotherapies, and the like are rather non-controversial. Unlike other powerful and potentially dangerous approaches, e.g., Rife, ultrasound, infrared technologies, transcranial magnetics,

and the like, SonatherapyTM seeks to destroy nothing, but rather gently aids the body and its fields to heal themselves. It is most helpful if the student/therapist has a background in alternative healing, is perhaps a licensed massage therapist, etc. However, if one is properly schooled in Cosolargy and SonatherapyTM, there is little need for concern about recognition by any official body other than the Jamilian University and Steamboat Healing Center. Importantly, those enrolled with the Jamilian University are studying the Religious Arts, Sciences, and Technologies of Cosolargy. Students who complete these studies are eligible for ordination, if desired. Ordained ministers in the United States are allowed to lay on heads and heal people. This is a constitutionally guaranteed right. (Cosolargy International began its study program in 1962.) Efficacy There have never been any deleterious responses to Sonatherapy TM treatments. Each individual treatment generally lasts one hour or less. More time may be needed if a geothermal bath and/or consultation with staff physician are added in. Universally, clients feel a great deal better after the session than before. Most conditions significantly improve and/or dissipate altogether. Adjuncts may include sessions with aura color reading, relaxing on a sound table while receiving further light/color irradiations, etc. In some case psychological and/or spiritual counseling may be in order, as well as dietary and overall health analyses --- depending upon the clients attitude and condition(s). At present time, costs are minimal. A typical one-hour session is $95.00, add another $15.00 for geothermal bath, $90.00 for physicians consultation beforehand, and other add-ons. Cosolargy International is a non-profit 501(c)3 institution, and all funds garnered from SonatherapyTM treatments go directly to Steamboat Healing Center and The Music Guild to support the ongoing philanthropic international outreach of Dr. Buchanan and the institution. Dr. Buchanan receives no personal remuneration for his work. SonatherapyTM will be the medicine of the future. The simplicity of the combinatorial approach must not be contaminated with other non-essential and less effective elements. The therapy brings to the fore only those energetic elements required to balance and enhance the bodys own ability to heal itself. We like to say, Only a child can understand what we are doing. Any additional elements, especially if controversial or of highly intervening character, will only impede the natural processes of Wave Front BIOresonanceTM circulating within the entity.

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