Project Feasibility Study
(DPWH conducts investigations and analyses to determine whether the project is worth carrying out; also includes: (1) EIA; (2) RAP; and, (3) endorsement from RDC)

Fund Releases
Upon approval of annual infrastructure program and as soon as the GAA is approved; done either through the Agency Budget Matrix or through a SARO


Right of Way Acquisition Inclusion in the Medium-Term Infra Program and Budget
(Provided that: (1) it passes the feasibility criteria; it is among the highest ranked candidate projects that meet the NEDA/DPWH prioritization criteria; (3) funding requirements can be accommodated within the set budget ceiling of the DPWH; and, fits into the country lending program of concerned IFI
DPWH Medium Term Program integrated into MTPIP

Right of way for the project should be acquired and cleared ahead of actual construction and preferably before the bidding.

(DPWH and other concerned entities such as NEDA, RDCs, etc. identify projects from various sources [e.g. master plans, MTPDP, RDP, etc.] )

DPWH submits the project proposal (w/ feasibility study and supporting data) to NEDA ICC

DPWH undertakes a parcellary survey to establish the technical descriptions of the lots

RAP is refined based on the detailed engineering and parcellary survey

Affected persons are properly compensated and informal settlers are relocated to a suitable resettlement sites

Operation and Maintenance
National roads or bridges, major flood control structures, or similar facilities of national importance remain under the responsibility of the DPWH. District Offices normally undertakes actual maintenance

ICC Approval
ICC evaluates the merits of the project in relation to set criteria and, if it finds that the project meets all the requirements, approves the same

NEDA Technical Staff prepares project evaluation for the ICC The contractors meet the prequalification requirements; the results are cleared with the IFI before proceeding with the receipt of Bids ICC evaluates the project DPWH Bids and Awards Committee conducts the competitive public bidding

Bidding & Contracting
In accordance with the procurement guidelines of the IFI as stated in the loan agreement. The contract terms and conditions generally follow the internationallyaccepted FIDIC form

NEDA Board confirms the ICC approval

IFI Appraisal
IFI conducts an appraisal of the project to review and confirm its feasibility and readiness for implementation
GOP submits the project to the IFI Results of the bids evaluation are concurred in by the IFI; DPWH makes the award to the winning bidder

Loan Negotiation
GOP Panel (usually chaired by the DOF, and composed of DPWH, DBM, and BSP) undertakes loan negotiations with IFI

Fund Appropriation
Based on its MTIP and budget and loan negotiations, the DPWH includes the project in its proposed budget. The proposed appropriations for the project includes both the loan proceeds and the GOP counterpart

Contract is executed between the DPWH and the winning bidder

Impact Evaluation
Post-Project Appraisal; the lessons learned will be used to revise or finetune the parameters, assumptions, and conditions in the preparation and implementation of future projects

Contractor undertakes actual construction work under supervision of PMO of the DPWH and in coordination with concerned Regional/District offices in cases where the project is large or complex

IFI discusses the project with GOP/ DPWH

IFI & GOP signs the Minutes of Discussions/Memo of Understanding and the Aide Memoire/Project Appraisal Document

DPWH obtains from the DBM a Forward Obligation Authority (FOA)

Completion & Acceptance
It is the transition from the development to the operational stage

Detailed Engineering A Study on the DPWH Organizational Structure and Mapping of Vulnerabilities 12 December 2008 Page 58 of 64
Consists of the various technical surveys and investigations where consultants are generally hired in accordance with the procurement guidelines of the IFI as stated in the loan agreement. Parcellary surveys are also undertaken

PMO, with the assistance of its consultants, prepares the Project Completion Report & submits it to the DPWH management and IFI

After PMO certifies that the entire contract works are satisfactorily completed, DPWH makes final payment to the contractor

Contractor’s Performance Bond is released and is replaced with Warranty Bond

DPWH issues the Certificate of Acceptance after the warranty period & upon correction of any defects

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