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Battle of the Bulge, by Maj G. D). Callaway, Inf. Command and General Colle ge. 1946 -47.


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tree 36~th Combat Team (2nd Inf D~iv)

on the Jbe gia-ierznan Frontier l0-20
Battle of the

Dec 1944


''4pe of operation: tegiment in 4.Attacic,

and Uefense.

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000 .000 Sca.Table_ of Contents 3ibliographkt ii Introduction Terrain and w~eathier 1 2 Attack3 talght dithcirarwai to delaying Position5 £e2aing Action Night dithdrawal to 1 ef k-oition 6 10 ~&fet of Uperation 1 l.12 apA B Scale 1: 250.le 1: 25.esons tearned.

tbiqiograph V Corps historyl £ivision history Secona Infantry .

Co. The leading regiment attacked on 13 iDec and all day and. I hin early October.in. and being patrol. Go.ledi against.) iUue to the uncertainty of the uation 30th and the close terrain the iuiv attacked in column of regiments.I chose this subject because I think it is the most outstanding action that m regiment participated in in World. patrolling. to penetrate a fortified position around the custom house at t 11 i~5Uhla1L (Objective 2) on the r3 -(iGi d~ frontier-m-a road junction that was later cal-led. to launch amid great secrecy was sent north to vicinity BSlBUhbi. consisted of pillboxes protected 'b4 wire. fought through N~ormandy with V Corps.* to give This was the first belt of the Siegfried obustacles. 2nd iced ian. because we had it up after a bitter struggle to get it. reference - (See d~ap A for objsit- ectives. te L. bj rail and motor across Fiirance to relieve the 4th . the background of this picture. Line and. in te Siegfried Line in the S~iEL~IEL region east of 6TJ . C.L. by the brand new lUbth Liv and ~iLIU . and as part of VIII Corps helped reduce Big'ST to a pile of rubble--then moved. of this support was such that there they were attached or supporting. C. B an attack~ to the northeast tnurough the 9yth i~iv to secure the dams on the b h~ iver at the junction of the no. "heart creak Junction". night sought.. land~ed on Omaha iBeach in i' ormaandi on 1J plus 1. Inf brie.Lnf Liv. oltth Ti) in. Un~r& hivers. The nature of whether There was always the closest cooperation-- -. in a defensive position in the Siegfried Line (The division covered a twenty seven milie front. living conditions.) in which the time was spent improving the position and. Co.t t and. 2nd Bngr . 741 an v question Tk Bn. with a little N~ow. that the principles we have been studying do applyj at all levels. the being second in column. The normal supporting units were the 36th F'A Battalion. was never Go* C.. After a two month perioo.iv was relieved. The 36th Infantry (2nd £iv). mines and . C.determined execution. V~ Corps history.da~r II.* I think it will illustrate again some of the capabilities of infantry units.no argument as to whether or not a unit should be attached. that sometimes what appears to b~e violations of accepted doctrine wll work luck and .

it aid so for both sides. provid~ed excellent obstacles when felled every few feet across the roads for stretches of hund~reds8 of yard~s. and the towns of ±%U0H tArH and These &ndiIAn±LT.) ith which we are particularly concerned The !A. thne AO 6 tnrougLi jATH. to the lia th and the cer mans were withdrawing held enough of thne river. The dams on thne urc"Xaad r . The houses are . up through ri ok . were critical in that they permitted at will to hinder our offensive in the 1 orth.&ttacocin.* In through which tne kuermans laulnched their AvJ this area.ST to t t a. almost mountainous area counteroffensive. Lerman border on thle western edge of and in the AUi SGtiAU &h SiT--aboult 3U Jight2ly east of AlG 'i and about 20 miles northeast of ST miles south nd T VITh. iid. i S~t$U £'Ut T. 1he zu.6W. It sits on the end of a riage which runs to tne northeast along the wain road.I sthe Key terrain features in this d~iscusiS~on are thne i6iQAU iStA the road from i. terrain features are the open high ground around 1 jaL The extremes in elevation and and -s ii the .a V11. pine trees 20 to 30 feet in heighth.&. and. 1and LlnxiQ. on the north of the Div was the 7dth ±iv to seize the high ground west of the bans.4 of closely planted.U~h. r draw west and. differ less than 100 meters. ki~G Pht kl BaT area on the S and ~. north of 1 The terrain over which this operation tax~es place is along the Belgian-.A ti to road.I~ui- A. LtidU r ivers. >3u i+iii.&ffT1 and x0 b. good. had been well As With most of the forest land in :z urppe it Although it provided excelThese trees also kept and w~as free of under orush.b.u. junction in the forest. It is on the northern edge of that rugged. the U2A i fiver which oounds the road net is limited to one . The lakes built up by the dame water to flood the lowlands across their entire front. ~trLJJ The m~i S~ha U n0z1 consists main.0H. two villages are actually only one.. lent cover anda concealment.:i (Ninth Army and.U: the eniemy to flood theneu. the princip 4. just short of the i-. On the south one regiment of the 99th Div was to lL11TiL secure the u. Uorp s were R. the open high ground the lakes formed by east of: the ikonschau Forest in the vicinity of dams on the l~. road. the slopes are not steep and the terrain is of a rolling nature. although it is all of fairly high altitude.

b support anti allowed the Germans to achieve the offensive operation. was most difficult o to used and vehicles could not was attached to . o'clock was attacking on the south of the 9th astride the road to DJEhUBOhN with the Second. . The weather had been around freezing and snow was on the ground. ) . oeing near Ireezing.a was very wet. ing about six inches at A partial thaw had render- ed cross country movement for vehicles and tanks very difficult. They with 5'j mtoiwec guns was left in position along the had cleared the forest. cross to te restricted road net and. that the snow was just on the verge of melting he would soon be soaked. Battaliion was in Battalion on the left reserve west of the road junction. Cannon Co had been.Ardennes Counteroffensive. -6 is the tall church tower in of town. dominated. battalion on the right and the First (N~orth). b It is identical to thousands the center room enough for the streets of uropean villages. that was extremely unpleasant. close air As you recall the weather prevented our aerial reconnaissance surprise in . this time and.ue The hird. The remainaer of the company 1. Ived ±n as additional litter since there was such a great deal of hand carry of patients also furnised to maintain co to lay wire. further relieve the congestion in Antitank Co which was equiped road north of kocherath. rappicly into quicker shock and. only essential vehicles were being moved forward. 2nd. the area.Uiv Arty.all of stone with thick walls and. in this general area have The weather at been very completelr aescrioea Usmond in his conference on the . remain in vicinity bhJ Kii until they could be moved through the forest . forward. ano. not to oe moved.the ones who were not wounded became fatigued much than normal. are huddled closely together with just to pass tirough. To These consisted of about 15 per bn ana a few for hegtl iiq and Medics. had followed the 9th through 2) and by ten the loth of . till required to we furnish 24 men to Co C. averagthe start of the operation. bearers.uen to toe ) oth F uucations t nroug h te bn as wiremen since it forest necessary. the terrain by ol. ounded went ihen a soldier crawled or fell aka. the impossibility to move vehicles country through the forest.lecemoer the 30th infantry the initial the gap in minefields and barbed wire lObj. I should like to emphasize that this weather was extremely bad for offensive operations in an.

The Nirnth lnfantr~ was swinging to thne north to tak~e the town of: k-. C. 2nd r ngr Bn was supporting the regiment.. a Sergeant. (Objective 1) Opposiin ou~r advance were elements of: the berman 271%h Volksgrenadier :Division aria 32o Infantry Division. augmenteui od a portion of: the Iii platoon. and about 21 men.'4A of: the road in the was under edge of the 1iv art. iAt this tine £. dig in the CP. Divs were beginning to taike a oeating. the rest being used with the remainder of the B3n on road maintenance Co anod were constructing a road between 1IhT: ' . so thne attack continued. the 99th and lUbth However. of a lieutenant. The objective of tne x. The M~eical . guard prisioners and local security'. and As. &34t back as far as Div iq.and placed. 741 Tk un. .of: . on the morning of thne l0th. control and were in position north forest.. in position the in supporting distance. Itie Service 2n. fire on the Div shouldt have indicated soetning. 4Lt this time. Med.U:i N.. The Cannon Co. Part of: Co 0.. reports were received of heavj Art. k see map) to Ia4 wire and. 13n the 3bth . in tnie forest. there were no further orders from nigher headquarters. which ~s a matter of fact.uChR' Ah with Co. They were being used to control traffic. had supported the advance of: the 50th Inf and was attached to tne 36th to continue the attack. Co was set up in th-e north edge. iesistance was still stuoborn although thne first line of pillboxes had :peen penetrate.bet was operating normally with a section with each :fn and one with hegti aiq. was equipped with k3 towed Inf biows.egirent was the at the junction of hill mass 30u0 yards to the east thne roan~s from 1reiborn and harperscheid (Objective 3). In addition to the normal T/0 the company had a provisional lP platoon composed.egti nq was in the process of: establishing a OP just off miost of the com~pany' was being used the man road.

On the morning of the 17th the situation was getting bad---worse than we realized. A battalion of the 23rd The remainder of Around noon on the 17th tine corps commiander ordered the D~ivision to establish BUTa B iO.leaoding to tne north. the 23rd had been attacuhed to the 99th Div. The i iv CP at i'f l-&1U was attacked by tanks and Inf and all tide avai.L ' H Tank fire on and. closely foliowing tre 1st Bn 9th . mi. bout 1700 there was a heavy concentration of Arty and ~uCM.Lierj had. as far as X311 LIC V~L our liai son air strip was captured.les northeast of At this time the regiment was about six 3rd iL&I l * The Bn moved into this position with little difficulty . battalion upyon the west flank of the Ninth Infantry.lnf.was reported to have broken evid~ent l4 the situation was critical. The iivision Arti.i'ce's movect in to protect the hiv CP.A. in position on the most likely approaches into ktoherath and irinket. out The enemy.antitank Co was placed. a line north of wu ~corps history) H-A XI-± dfL ' to the lake east of The 3rd Bin of is e Seth from its reserve position was ord~ered to move back to jirinkelt and take up a defensive position to protect the withdrawal of the remainoder of the Division.infantr.. with reports of an enemyv attack in the viciniity of kN SCdAU In andi heavy figtii&to the south an reports of paratroopers to the rear. The remiaind~er The of tie regt was to remain in position at "heartbreak Corner" and protect tue withdrawal of the 9th Infantry. 741 Ti bn folow the 1st. The situation was beginning to become a yards east of te oit confused. view of all this thie regiment consolidated its position to the front and moved the third. tue roan . junction. witudvaiin to positions in vicinity of ~i and the lead~ing ins of the 9th luf cleared t rough rinkelt and went into position south of wirtzfeld. and. 1530. order of Withdrawal wras 1st tan t~o follow the 9th Inf and 2nd Bn The 1st i~n started moving about with Co . . lua withi tanks and . Service o L was blocking an .LaoLe personnel were useo. tnrougn with tankcs ando.On the afternoon of the lothi the hegiment had advanced about 1000 roar. in its defense. iiueh of te information we were getting was very vague.

at tine caurc a in h~ocheratin.ime the (ermans attack seemwed. I Arty think all thne tanks were knociked out. Tkc Yn was in hOG & . supported by tankcs of the 741 Tic sin and . Upon reqiuest they sent several of their commaand tankcs to help Service Go. 9th and. The 3rd i~n was engaging an enem~ attack from the South and the Stragglers from otxner units were rem- nants of Service Go were heavil 4 engaged.ry broke through the lines and reached the Bn GP but were repulsed oj £q Go and a platoon of B Go and the mortar platoon of Ui Go. 6 and. was attachied to the 3bth Inf anda put into position northeast of . and. ocherath in the order of At about 21VU hours the 2nd ran arrived at .in assemblea. The Service Go commander endeavored to assemble as mane of tree stragglers as mae could.through our lines aneaa. have gone trough.an estiiiuatea. as t1ney were approaching lhocherath. an estimated 100 infantry. part of Go ii haod been put into their assigned positions.3n and. to be a series of thrusts -ith armor at various points along our lines.Lnocneratn to enable the 1st and. not exist in many cases. grou~p of 5 tai*cs and. under artillery fire. rememoer. this time. fincine. The GP of thne 74]. Antitank Go had been occupied at night with itt~ile dayalight reconnaissance. Thue 1st sari. with At about 20u0 five enemy~ tanks some infant.ATh. Lateral contact between units did. The 1st tan. Go The Yin suffered Byj 1900 Go A. Go C and. excluding the 3ra. 2nd Bins to complete their finis was in Leceiaober. withm U Go in ±iegtl heserve and protecting the hegtl GP in ninugJ.approachi from the east (see map~) anda was having a cad time.~anda. he mad little lu~ck . Service Go. to take over the position held by All thiese positions. through... 9th 2LnZ. .. it began to get dark about witucjrawai. many casualties anda one comjpanj was badly disorganized.nft.however. . 644 Ti) . their way. At this t _. to bolster his own defense. was caughit in a heavy concentration of fire just after dark aria.- Go was ordered. jbtm i.U Compaies and gent into position with L' Go ty'ing in with the flank luf of the 1st Yin. establisua There was no firm contact between couaruies however until daylight. thien on the road. one AG Platoon occupied its position ao ut 2000. of the German thrusts. CertaiLnly at this time a strong coordinated German attack cou~ld. The enemy made repeated thrusts at our lines arid small groups infiltrated. broke through and At day light Piey were attacked by 0GCo which had iY1s of Go U. and.Ah.

'e had. 12 5 Pz Div. ano. out our patrols could Une att_. but the gap~s were q.oseu. taken a severe beating on our left flank ano. 'they- were relieved from attachment and ithdrawn through I±I. rz U~renaier D.ck forced. continued attacks were made by) the enemyr at various points o& our perimueter. out thne enemy.) The regimental Cr moved. clipped off a few telephone poles and ran down the zaegtl 5-4&'s jeep which was stamouing outside the 3rd 3n UP'.LJiJ LT to rejoin thneir regiment. The tank raced down the main street of Kirinicelt. The battalion com~mander counter attacked.of thne 9th ±nf mad. now numb~ered on.Line on the right of stragglers comanded. aptured. The i~n tankcs were k~nockced anc& most of the iree infantry ki. from LUCiWt i to 4iL&LJT in anticipation t&~ou can take of a shortening of our lines to form a tiint perimeter aroPX~d aKM LUT if we . northwest. ando the enema ctestro4 ed withlin our position. defend~ing to the north and.atrolliin to estao~Lisin contact.* L Go back abou~t 20U yards. tie turret on the tank jammed. loth iuiv ancA 3ro. to zme re~iiaent. the eniemy-. The 1st rn. temporarily halting tine tankc so thnat a oaZooica team could knock it out. out in time) and. thnat or leave it.~iv.been attaches.a provisional company of Go Coimiander occupied the original position of L Go. Some of tine enern1 attackcs succeeded in penetrating our lines. L Go was Withndrawn froya position and. north. The S-4 and aout luc) yards furthner before it driver bailed.leu or of thne tankcs were knocked. locate nothing. elemients of the 1st 65IPz Juiv. 277 Div and. Apparently thne enemy was trying to roll backc this shoulder of mis penetration. On one such occasiiirn a rantner tank witn some infantry got through.Li' less than 2UU men. by So far most of thne attackse pact been neavil 4 supported armor. Identi- fications includea.. G Co was placed on our north flankc. attacned. oy our ''1" I2 io. to the 2nd i3n to bolster a weak spot in tineir ..uickcly c. travelledab was completely knockcco out by one of our TDL' s It was reported that an officer in the 1st 3~n herded some cattle out of a barn into tine path of an enemy tank on a narrow road. out -within lOu y ards of: thne eg iiental G1' . lost contact with the unit to our vie iept L. Durin the loth of Luec.with F' Go from their position to thne north anod successfullyj repulsed. the infantry' were all killed.

n had its OP in The . The 71. had. in addcition.rneit and. The artillery had given up uninterruptedi support and was very effective in stopping the enemy thrusts. along witn all the unit field. U. aria. to d~o it.lidating its position northwest of ru0vk ±J1-i. 1W.were forced. unofficially at least. trains was moved to 0 tiia ni The service companr azmunition vehicles had been parked behind houses in the north ed~ge of irtzfeld and. t'ortLunateil' the 3oth r° B3n pith of .3n Qomnander x.* I nave mentioned. The 26th Inf (1st Div) The 9th inf was holding in the vicinity of 1 luTZhk .ocheratn anti had elements of at least twjo tank~ comipanies. was in the hand~s of thne eniemy. little about the supporting arms. yet were still able to cover our entire front with artillery fire. throughout the to~wn. This was our only means of ingress and egress to tae area and. 36th Infantry. better supply routes. .isenborn where they had.Tkic The tanks Tut~s were scattered. although a large number of bodies were collected.nV (99thn 'iv whicn was attached to 2nd D~iv) on our north was conso. been put in position around BUTU 33tGH. before that the engineers ato were working on a road from £lhT& . lements of the 23rd inf were organizing a second S'_V~ ridge. had been disabled by arty D~iv arty was pack in tne vicinity fire. te road. over 5UUO rounds on Dec. I nave salid ver. a Glass V Supply point across the (Ar * street from th~e jrd bzn Casualties were evacuatedi by litter and jeep collecting station in i.n fired. was constantly under arty fire. elements of units thaat were dief ending this corner and. and. the surgeon utilized his ambulances There was no or any truck available to evacuate them to Gamp Llsenborn.N line of defense on the ou~r Lk(haod oeen through 13utgenback and bUi~LIA'&Ii. in the viciity of the aid station. but now 3UiLLi4&r. of the Oath TDU ~n was also in xocaerath I aria Go t plus possibly a few more know if there is anyw~here' a comp- TDu' s were helping defend tine to-n. opportunity to evacuate the diead.a infilterateci back 'through our lines had been collected anda hastily organized. were under commnand of the C.put into t3r ran sector to take the place of .Bi G. don't lete list of tne units ano. It had been completed but was barely~ trafficable due to the mud.grou~p co Aposeci of rei&mants of one of the regimuents of the 99th Doiv which had been cait of~i a. The 3btn A . The to a regimental S-4 estaolisned. for that reason logistic support was difficult. . The 395th . Service compan y .LU.

I mentione of tue tank with its turret The incident jammed running over the $-iOs jeep had been caused uby one of our 57 mmAT guns. Although they weren't too effective. effectively. i. do wich had been attached to the 2nd an. they did damage some enemy tanks. our front lines. dire coiuii uucation wasinaintaine. The situation remained the same throughout the 18th and morning of the 19th. it was coimanded by the iDivision special . due to the artiLer 4 but with difficulty-~ fire anid the tanks since our greatest threat tank defeiise were employec. area occupied oy U co an. The final punch to our defense was the tank Co and TG) Co which were scattered tnrougflot tne town. tibie th-e snow hao almost completely melted and the ground was This kept tne enemy armor for the most part on the roads. which to was from enemy armor. 3 y noon the 18th considerable nimber of oaestroyed tanks on the roads on the edge On one road leading into the of town which provided excellent road olocks. part of AT Co one tank was knocked out on the road rom then and as another attempted to go around it. it too was knocked out. our bazooka teams to fire on my. on that road was All our 57's olocked. through* Ado enemy armor succeeded in going completely however. all availaole means of The f'irst -ine of defense was the artillery It kept the tanks buttoned up. and. which enaoled the tanks when they enemy tanks on fire. 1 tere were a and behind houses. Ti 's.t this very muddy . knocked off the infantry support. up area of Our fightthe ing was done from the basements and windows of the stone houses and in fence rowi positions near the houses. were in position around critical road junctions. Our bazooka teams operated generally from covered positions in allowing tue tanks to come very close before opening fire. On the 19th a provisional battalion was formed by the DUivision froia the rear echelon peisonnel.i. particul- voe lost a large number of our own tanks and TD's arly on the evening of the 17th ano morning of the lbth. the town and tre came in range and in some cases 1L5 mm howitzers set the around The next line was our bazooka teams spread all our defensive position was based on the built fences and heoagerovis adjacent to the buildings.surprise was very effective.

tan and the head. anda. road north to tie in with the and tree 3rd :fin wou~ld occupy thne ik-t from 99th Uiv' s rigut flank. been facing south and east ti and AxLL± i JJL ano. 3 and -wiithdraw in column through L? Tiffi U up our maeshift Sai to our defensive position. About a half dozen tank~s protected by~ the itegti. Inf was then to 'wtlara . to tie west and occupied a position facing Southeast. 1. the plan worked perfectly. occupy the kLiA the from the road. to a reserve position 1.Gi'L.:infantryx to provid~e their own rear guards. compo se. the 2nd tin woula.ach :&n as it withdrew west was to cover its own -withdrawal until the Bns were to use a few Tanks tan was covered. Their job was to organize and.TDI 's protected bo.a.l . This operation went off as planned after nark on the 154h.6 of t6 tkaU. by the next tan in the . The plan of withdrawal wias for the battalions to peel off from ~ast to pest in order 2. of casualties anid sonme confusion. . mid~night all units were in their new positions.Service Officer and.la.line. dig in a defensive position extending from the lake east of BUTG NdACii to a point about 2000 yds northwest 30th Ilnfantry.ithuraw to of r. The lst tan which was the most depleted was to continue through. been for each front I believe thnat the field manual solution would have line d3n to leave a covering shell in position and pull positions' then form up and move out.platoon with some n!ngrs to lay mines uehinci th~em as they withdrew were to protect the withdrawal of the last elements of thae regiment. heavy concentration of arty and nebelwerfer fire -which caused a number Othner ise. I and i. luring the day~ all vehicles excep~t those absolutely essential were withdrawn to G &iP 3LSi dOh . I believe tine enemy was aware of our movement as evidenced by the artillery fire on thie road. The plan was for the The 9th this line on the night of the 19th. to . uut ne made no determined effort to keep pressure on us until day light on tree 20th. of: all the Personnel Sections ana. I back across country to assemub. of thie 3rd passed through aiizlaTLi) as .4 about the tail of thie 1st the column was caught by. around kuC i ~e had. oe taken from th~eir duties. to thne lake. service personnel which coulo. from vicinity uIteXP~iu through the 36th and the 30th would complete the organization of this ground and hold it.h. we moved. I think this withodra tai was unique in that it was more of a sideslipping rather than a withdrawal to thie rear. by which time thne 9th iLnf had completed its withdrawal throughi our new position.

but the whole thing went off very smoothly. V b ores in the Uorp s h-istory states that this stand on. General C)UitTi nLfiH. .the north should~er of the bu2lge prevented tre widening of the penetration to permit the use of the Arniy ."1 un s~ec. day light witindrawal to a defensive position across the front of a vigorous enemy~ attack.~urppean CGampaign.'. 17 o25 casualties. 1945. attack. presumably captured by the were very. 1944.capture of a strongly~ fortified sector of the Siegfried lithe. -- part "In a span of twelve day-s the u~ivision ha4 undergone changes in tactical disposition ranging from a relief from a defensive area for a coorodinated. by the division commi~ander to thne officers and men of the division of which follows.amy. S.*" In thiree day's of this operation. have resulted in utter confusion and great difficulty in rounding them all up again. May~be we were just lucky. infantry tnr ustagain3st the rear and flank of thee uivision. defense of an area against continuous day and . manyi of them being killed An estimated 76 tanks and/or self after they penetrated our position.n some cases disorganized that I believe that a withdrawal cross country by small units to assemboly positions would. bazooka teams. "will be numbereo. commanding F~irst U. tanks and TDi'S.of the sidewarct movement ianstead of rearward and because our units were all so badly cut up ani' . the 38th Inf suffered 2uU of wich were missing. the support- .large. in part. and. repelling of a strong armored and. up in a letter of 5 Jan. 20.A large number of thnese were knocked out by- The entire operation was suiineo. aooat enemy. Six months later biaj * Gen HU&~ stated the hocherath battle. 3 north routes planned to be used by' the German Sixth Panzer ScaptureduLerulan officer when asked wh~y their counter offensive was unsuccessful stated that their righ~t flank ran 'up against a gall. The enemy casualties - 19 D~ec. sent a message to the division commiander which said. 1Hof&. propeled~ guns were destroyeod or disab~ledibey thne 30th £nf ing artillery. among the greatest achievementf of the . execution of a bitter attack against and. "W~hat the 2nd Infantry iivision has done in thne last four day s will live forever in the history of the United States army.

wet weather. the attack was As has been proven many times.nignt fanatical attacks by determined enemy armor and infantry. we did not have the proper clothing Ye were road bound with Oversnow equip. and. strong coordinated attack by the Germans could have taKen our position and rolled up the The longer they delayed the less chance the final defensive position on the further to the north. manj additional litter bearers and communication personnel were needed in winter warfare in :urope. vehicles. As anticipated.' 1. tue tat e we occuuied. The bazooka. night with little recon- 4. that personnel can take advantage of the shelter of houses (provided the' are of heavy emplacements b. proved itself even when used o. . equipment to combat the weather and terrain. They had :iade a penetration. nigh of tne ly)th ntng~ tne hadcoedj~Z have gotten through. prior stone) in yen cannot survive a long period of time in of weather and maintain their open that ina fighting efficiency. picture. and improper clothing cost us many casualties. .of detailed planxing and preparation to include reattacking a fortified area is eertainly sound. personnel who had little it. night withdrawal to occupy and defend that position. 1 believe that on the 17th or early ldth flank still thea had aid. German offensive. hearsal in The doctrine. ment and cargo vehicles of good floatation were necessary for good logistical support. be a very satisfactory weapon against or no training with enemy: armor. A movement into a defensive position at 1h i is a naissance as we diQ at ast$rous. and finally a preparation of a tenable defensive position. this de did not have the time arm intelligence information in slow and costly. Istead. 3. 2. iiany reasons have been given for the overall failure of the 1. 0. instance and. 7. w'hich had been considered more or less ineffective to to this time. flank they failed to tae advantage of their a As I have mentioned before. think one thing can be learned from their side of the out I think that here on the north initial advantage. 1if time is not available to construct adequate tnen the defense must based on a ouilt up area so individual emplacements. nU costly process and might prove dis- it takes a great aeal of time to organize a defensive position in cold.

13". The infantry regiment as supported. a concept of uaeense against armor. line was the infantry witn its organic launcriers. in this case the rocket The addition of the present recoilles weapons would be even The thlird line was the tank ancd Ti) kept mobile to strike more effective. lesson to be learned from this operation is The first line of defense was the The second whic. . is admirably for such a oueiense.* massed artillery.* e from covered positions in thne rear of the now organized. suited iti. by the division tank battalion. AT weapons.h was veryr effective.of the Odivsion. their effort and were unsuccessful. The most important.thkey IpieceaealedI 6.

JwiAP m A 9= QA IvE. 63' 0 0 3 z o° 50° 4(L 9 84 5C . '4 yvci SHEET N9 6 50 510.OO0m E. : ARMY/AlIR 67oO.

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