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1. Email: a. PowerPoint 2. Template 3. Group norms a. Respect i. Active listening ii. opinions iii. Honest iv. Each other v. Ourselves

August 30, 2012

b. c. d. e. f. g. h.

vi. Deadlines vii. Differences Communicate your ideas and keep an open mind Collaborate with each other: do your part Use smiles and first names Understand strengths and weakness Create and maintain an open forum Accountability Empathize/Sympathize

4. 5 minute lesson assignment a. why this activity? i. To apply lesson plan template (upcoming) ii. To gain experience teaching in safe, supportive environment iii. To gain experience with expectations of the lesson plans and reflection iv. To begin thinking about accommodations for ELLs and students with special needs v. also fun to see what will do b. Free choice of content c. Create lesson plan including all necessary components d. Teaching segment (5 minutes only) i. To be done next Thursday ii. Must engage students in learning activity e. Reflection i. To be done after teaching ii. Used to revise original lesson plan 1

f. Submit original and revised lesson plans g. Suggestion-practice all elements of teaching segment at home (distributing materials, giving directions, learning activity, etc.) 5. Lesson a. How am I going to introduce the lesson /open lesson b. How am I going to engage/activity/directions i. Key questions c. How am I going to close the lessons i. Summarize learning 6. Instructional objectives a. What do yow want your students (us) to learn or able to do by the end of the lesson? b. Objectives specific/unique each lesson c. Objectives not necessarily content-specific 7. Blooms Taxonomy a. What it means? i. Levels of learning ii. Classification of levels of intellectual behavior iii. Framework for in-class questioning iv. Framework for creating instructional objectives for lesson plans b. Knowledge levels i. Descriptions 1. Recall 2. Remembering previously learned ii. Cue Words: 1. Observe 2. Repeat 3. Label/name 4. Cluster 5. List 6. Record 7. Express 8. Explain 9. Review 10. Cite 11. Document/support 2

12. Summarize iii. Sample Questions 1. State in your own words what the term parallel means iv. Sample objectives 1. Students will summarize what was going on in the article c. Application level i. Description: 1. Generalize a. Using learned material in a new and concreate way ii. Cue Words: 1. Select 2. Use 3. Manipulate 4. Sequence 5. Organize 6. d. Analysis level i. Description 1. Breaking down material into its component parts so that it may be more easily understood ii. Cue words e. Synthesis level i. Description 1. Compose a. Putting material together to form a new whole ii. Cue words 1. Purpose place f. Evaluation Level 8. How to write a content objective? a. ABCDs of instructional objectives b. Audience i. The learners: 1. Identify who it is that will be doing the performance (not the instructor). 3

c. Behavior i. What the learner will be able to do ii. Make sure it is something that can be seen or heard. iii. The verb and what students will be able to do after instruction iv. Ambiguous v. Verbs must be: 1. specific 2. Observable 3. Diagram 4. Compare 5. Predict d. Conditions i. The conditions under which the learners must demonstrate their mastery of the objective: 1. What will the learners be allowed to use? What won't the learners be allowed to use? ii. iii. Circumstances and context under which the objectives must be completed iv. What will the students use to complete the objective e. Degree i. HOW WELL the behavior must be done: 1. Common degrees include: Speed, Accuracy, Quality ii. Standards that the students will use to meet the acceptable performance. iii. Degree of accuracy 9. Weekly Structured Field Observations: (Take notes in Composition notebook) a. Weekly focused observations b. Focus will vary week to week c. Focus of Week #1 i. Overview of school/classroom d. 1-2 page write up addressing questions (most relevant-not all) e. First 5 due October 4th f. Not double spaced only double spaced between paragraphs 4

8/30/2012 4:11:00 PM

8/30/2012 4:11:00 PM