Institute tablet is a thin device providing access to central server. It will provide input access to write data to server and output to display content from server. First target application of this device is providing capabilities to educational institute to conduct online examinations. Currently the exam logistics is fairly time taking. Question papers and blank answer sheets are printed, carried to exam centers, distributed to participants, collected back, collated from all classes, distributed to examiner for checking and so on. The proposed device will optimize this process with additional facilities which cannot be provided in current method. There are many other areas where this tablet will be applicable e.g. when you enter hospital first time then you are required to fill out a form with your details. This form is collected and keyed in to server by operator. It takes a day or two to get registration number. Proposed tablet will optimize this whole process. Similar usage can be extended to Airports where travelers fill out immigration form, submit to office who key in these details. Tablet will help reduce steps, mistakes and time.

But the very capabilities which make the device smart and versatile actually prohibit its use in several of the specific application. To understand the above stated behavior we have conducted focus group survey and depth interview with couple of institutes. interests in product. Example. Outsourcing of conducting exam itself. Schools not willing or not equipped can offload it to organizations specialized in conducting exams. CBSE will never allow students to use iPad to write exam for fear of direct access to everything in the world no matter how secure your exam hall is. Some examples are –  Outsourcing of evaluations. CBSE can plan to conduct exams at remote villages but carry out evaluations in Delhi without loss of time. Secondary analysis is also done based on the data available over the web and other printed journal and reports available. If airports start keeping laptop to fill out immigration forms then it will not be surprising to see people taking more time to fill form than earlier manual method. laptops. With answer sheets available in electronic form it is possible to safely ship them without any constraint of distance. Laptop is certainly overkill for the application requirement. the driving factor behind the purchase and the activities affecting consumer after the purchase. palmtops and smart phones. Customer Analysis To perform the customer analysis we started with reviewing the available market for Institute tablet. Several services can be offered with the right kind of applications. .g.Tablet is only a platform. Marketing Objectives After considering the nature of the product and its strategic fit in company profile the marketing objective for this product would be: Increase awareness and inform promising niche market segment about benefits of new product Institutional Tablet and gain competitive advantage leading to 10% growth in sales over next year.  There are already many devices available in market which will provide above mentioned services very easily e.

. So we choose Convenience Sampling. Also. as this device involves technology it is bound to be more popular with the younger generation than the older generation. In direct research. it is a qualitative research. the sample will include people from young generation only. Sampling: Geodesic institutional tablet PC is a device for future education system. Sample Population: The population for the Sample Survey comprise of College faculties. No specific formula has been applied as par se. Hence. the product is such that the respondents or the participants need to know about it before taking part in it. we will select those units which are most conveniently available. we have opted for focus group discussion as it lets people to come up with ideas which sometimes do not click to the other person. Sample Size The sample size taken for the focus group discussion is 7-9. we have taken the direct research approach. Therefore. diversified and scattered so we take sample based on our convenience.Primary data collection method: The project focuses on the target audience required for the product and hence. staff and college students Sampling Frame: The sample frame for the survey will consist of all persons who are between the age group of 18 to 40 Sampling Procedure: As the data to be taken for sampling is too large. Hence. The qualitative research classified as: Qualitative research procedures Direct Indirect Focus Group Depth interviews Projective techniques Here. An estimate of the total market of tablet institutional PCs for the coming years is already known (refer: market scenario) which confirms the quantitative viability of the product in the market.

Questionnaire design: The questionnaire contains the questions that will help to analyze the consumer perception. recently declared that it would start redistributing the evaluated exams sheet.Sample element: Sample Frame Students Faculty and staff Sample size 4-5 3-5 Editing: The process includes the review of the data to ensure maximum accuracy and no ambiguity. errors in recording and other problems at a stage when it is still possible to eliminate them from the later stages of the study. Coding: The process includes careful interpretation and good judgment of the data to ensure that the meaning of the response and the meaning of the category are consistently and uniformly matched. Shipra Mall. Careful editing early in collection process will often catch misunderstanding of instructions. Cafe Coffee Day. For focus group discussion questionnaire refer Annexure I. Gurgaon. Infinity Towers. Ghaziabad-India Duration: Generally 45 minutes – 1 hour No. one of the largest Indian university. Need for mobile internet access:  . Barista Cofee Shop. as handling and storing the same is getting more & more complex with increased number of students. Noida –India 3. Sector -18. of people involved: 7-9 + 1 (moderator) Step wise discussion outcomes are as follows:  Need for on-the-go device The participants were unanimously agreed that there is a need to have a device for the future education system. Focus group discussion: Venues: 1. Each question is formulated keeping in mind its usefulness and relevance to the project. DU.India 2. Barista Coffee House.

According to them. there is no ‘advantage factor’ associated with the product. participants were not surprised. participants gave a positive reaction. it was priced as much as the laptop and is not that much worth the money spend. most of the respondent agreed that this can be tested for all the professional/ technical courses. participants were amazed at the benefits the product offered and were interested to know more about it. The common characteristics listed by the participants are as follows:  Private Professional Institutes Like IIPM  Deemed Universities/Colleges Like Amity University  Private Coaching Institutes like Career Launcher  IIT’s/IIM’s/NIT’ . After much discussion they reached to a decision that the product is far better than iPad but due to its new entry in the market and unknown quality they will only opt for it if it is available at a much lower price than iPad. However. After hearing the retail price though they though it to be a bit out of budget. They became however skeptical about the quality and reliability of the product. They were asked about the type of institute which can opt for Geodesic.  Paper sheet V/S exam on tablet Some of the respondents seldom were bit reluctant and were not sure about the success and usage of tablet for exams. On seeing the iPad video. However. iPad. which can access university/college resources.     Final verdict: Will institutes go for Geodesic? The discussion was ended with a final verdict of the participants about whether institutes will buy Geodesic Institute tablet. Thus. Laptop V/S institutional Tablet: There is definitely a need for a product between a smart phone and a laptop category in changing education system. According to them. The idea is to go beyond just the exam tablet sheet and more as notebook tablet. after hearing that the product is indigenously developed in India. When told that the price is just introductory and the actual price will be around INR 15000. Also. Geodesic tablet v/s iPad The participants were briefed about Geodesic tablet. they didn’t feel any snob value attached to the product.) of the Geodesic. were eager to know more about the product and its availability. some of them were skeptical about the quality of the product. where students are already aware of new technology and its usage. Price When told about the price (INR 12000 approx.The participants were unanimously agreed that there is a need to have mobile internet access. the price of the product is too low to believe and that leads quality doubts. After the briefing most of the participants.

There is no ambiguity if two people falling in two extreme age groups use the same product.  The price should definitely stay low but not cheap. skimming pricing and then maybe they should go for penetration pricing once they are stable. Brand Level Expectation For gaining insight into brand level expectation of institutes we focused our survey on understanding the after sales services.e. With growing competition from various communication device vendors. They should not highlight the price as a tool for sales.  The price tag should be around 12000 – 15000 INR in the starting i. Price factors and adaptability for tablet as well. Price a determining factor for competitive tablet market. Tablets should be able to support multiple apps which are customized developed for institutes and specific to their needs.  Concept is new in business and the product too is a new category in it itself. So. Adaptability Consumers expect the installation of application over the tablet to be a cleaner and much smarter process. On top of that. o o Conclusion  Geodesic tablet PC has many technological advantages over similar products in the market. certainly the company should take care of these points while launching the product.  Target audience for the product can be both institutional and retail. Recommendations: Segment: Target: Positioning: . Some of the main points are o After sales service of Institute Tablets affect the brand perception of consumer Institute customers do not have high level of technical expertise to handle the maintenance of the tablets. it carries the ‘made in India’ tag which makes the buying decision very skeptical. prices of the product do affect the purchasing decision for any institute. Thus after sales service for these institutes is of prime importance while purchasing tablet at the organization level.

Support Activities Human Resource Geodesic has set up a scalable recruitment and resource management process which enables it to attract and retain high caliber employees. Any hindrance or changes in relationship with dealers or reduction in sales effort by them could have impact on business operations. For hardware company maintains the stock at Roorkie and Bangalore. Collaboration.Internal Environment Analysis Analysis of the Value Chain in terms of Porter’s Value Chain Framework Primary activities Input Logistics Geodesic depends on the reliability and viability of variety of software development tools owned by third parties to develop their products. Marketing and Sales Geodesic market and sell products through direct sales organization. OEM’s and system integrators. If these tools are inadequate or not made available the strength of Geodesic to release a competitive product in market could be delayed or hampered. . Company is expanded in Automated Cluster utility meter and taking up innovations migrating audio and video as part of cloud computing. Also certain parts and components used in hardware are from single vendor which poses the threat in operating results as it’s from a single source. Outbound Logistic The nature of Geodesic operations is majorly dealing in software development. Operations Geodesic has achieved excellent organic growth in the last annual year due to its constant focus on fundamental cost control. cash optimization and return on capital. Content and Entertainment services. A substantial portion of revenue is achieved through sales to dealers and OEM’s. Services Company provides variety of services and after sales service for the products which make them competitive with new and established companies with similar Communication. which does not require holding inventories. Transportation is contracted with 3PL model reducing the fixed costs. Technology Development Geodesic leverages its existing content and collaboration platform and mobile solutions to ensure they stay ahead in the technology curve. launch of new products. independent value added resellers.

Security becomes an important threat to the Institutional tablets. This could also be a platform to showcase the Geodesic other products or even bundle the other products and services provided by organization. Indian government tablet Aakash. External Environment Threats a. Online Library. PEST Analysis PEST analysis is done for Geodesic to understand the macro-economic factor affecting the organization. b. It uses advanced technology to optimize the relationship with the supply base. MunduTV and MunduRadio with the Institutional Tablet. Institutional tablets can also be fitted with variety of different educational related gadgets providing ready access to students and faculty. As tablet gradually takes the role of laptops and desktop PC’s. Procurement Procurement at Geodesic has selected its preferred suppliers and standardized terms and conditions of contracts it negotiates with them. The security vulnerabilities present in the Android based Institutional Tablet could threaten the confidentiality in an education institute. c. Political and Legal Geodesic needs to understand the labor laws in India and political implications of different states in India. E. As setup cost. communication tools. the 35$ Android tablet from government of India jointly developed by the London based company and Indian Institute of Technology could be a threat in the educational segment when commercially launched.g. walletWAP. The cost of technology and the services that technology makes available are coming down in price. Mobile market in India is still regulated and government interventions can take place.Infrastructure Geodesic has developed infrastructure in 3 strategic locations in India. iProf a focused player already offer an education tablet and ecosystem with learning centres. Opportunities a. equipment cost and other variable cost decreases the competition starts to increase in this segment. b. Office tools. c. Constant improvement and evolution are integral to substantial revenue growth. There is also global presence for Geodesic with 2 foreign subsidiaries and 8 foreign steps down subsidiaries and an associate company. Such as providing spyder. messaging tools etc. With tablet PC’s the opportunity for growth is very high. d. .

Economical The demand for Tablet PC’s is elastic. Innovation such as Institutional tablet and launch of product at a faster pace would be key aspects of success. Rise of information need within society has made telecommunications increasingly important to consumer. Competitor Analysis Applying Porter’s Framework for analyzing the competitor behavior. Economies thus play a key role in profitability of this product. Thus we don’t perceive much impact due to this factor. both in terms of work and leisure. Technological Tablet industry is marked by drastic technological changes. Any downturn of the economy would have impact on the institutional revenues and growth this might thus hamper the sales of Institutional Tablets. Social Society and education institutions are quite receptive to the advances in technology. .

Threat of Substitutes High Switching Cost There are very limited Institute Tablet substitutes available in markets of India. . Relatively few competitors Table specifically catering to the needs of Institutes is where there is relatively less competition. the options are very limited. This poses a good platform to introduce the Institute Tablet in the realm of large market size. HP which provide the same but their the very capabilities which make the device smart and versatile actually prohibit its use in several of the specific application Large Market Size As the market size is already large it prevents the tablet producing companies from stealing the market share of other competing companies. Less substitute available There are very limited Institute Tablet substitutes available. Threat of New Entrant High Capital Investment Creating a Tablet computer involves high to moderate capital investment. This holds a good plot for Institutional tablet. Thus switching to another substitute product with same benefits and price. Substantial Product Differentiation There are less comparable products in market which cater to specific needs at Institutional level.Intensity of Existing Rivalry Fast industry growth rate As the industry size for the tablet is increasing the competitors are involved in increasing revenue by targeting new customers instead of sharing market share. Such a scenario positively affects the growth of Institute tablets which can concentrate on targeting specific segment of industry. There are major players in the market such Apple. Thus customers have limited options to fulfill their needs and services. Thus on front of threat from new entrant the product is well placed. Thus the product seems to fit and display a substantial differentiation. Thus high switching cost would affect Institute Tablet positively.

Limited Information Availability It would not be easy for consumers to have the detailed information about the product as it’s a new product and catering for special needs. High Volumes The product would be purchased in large quantities by institutions as stated above. because they have smaller economies of scale. The consumer would have high bargaining power. there would be corresponding bulk order to suppliers. because a producer can threaten to cut volumes and hurt the supplier’s profits. Thus when there is limited information availability with consumer Geodesic can capture the premium to their advantage. E.g. they would be ready to accept the stated prices and also premium for specific needs. Thus new entrant has to be a strong establish brand to enter the market. This would impact the revenues of our product in Institution Tablet. Economies of Scale Economies of scale help producers to lower their cost by producing the next unit of output at lower costs. they will have a higher cost of production. High end and advanced technological requirements Tablet manufacturing involves high end and advanced technology. . Thus. education institute would require tablets for conducting examination for students in bulk. Thus Geodesic can leverage and expect a premium for catering to Institutions with this product. they have less bargaining power. Bargaining Power of Consumers Product Importance As the product would be of high importance and give a technical edge to institutions.Strong Brand Affiliation Consumer purchasing behavior is dependent towards the brand of the manufacturing company. Limited Buyer Choices Consumers don’t have many choices to choose institutional tablet in India. When new competitors enter the market. When suppliers are reliant on high volumes. This reduces the threat of new entrant in market as the new entrant has to develop technologies before effectively competing. Bargaining Power of Buyers High Volumes Institute Tablets would require manufacturing of Tablets in bulk.

Pricing strategy Promotion and communication strategy .

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