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Usable newspaper features: Indep/guardian/observer ? -My secret life -my credo -One minute with..

Guardian Q and A ;

Observer magazine- show and tell- (journey w/ pics) Observer : Technology my bright idea Once upon a life- (long but has narrative tenses) (Five things I know about style- fashion topic) (School of life- ideas for modern living) This much I know (wisdom / )- (see also Net for design for living poems) Observer/New Review- my bright idea cf BBC 60 seconds Guardian- clipjoint-themed movie clips Readersrecommend- top 10 songs about .. cycling etc Independent-VoxPop-e.g. Do you believe in UFOs ? Observer- Windows on the World- (drawing of writers view from window and their feelings about it )- series on Writers Rooms too ??? cf A Pocketful of I Dave Eggers /Guardian-short short stories Independent UK And finally bizarre real life stories Burn the house- site: what would you save ?

Metro- caption competition and blow up photos ? The Big Issue- Letter to my younger self ?- My Week

Simple English News .. e.g. unusual news category See more of Observer magazine etc ! Metro:dandar/ org- D and AD organisation- people write in about designs and ads they like / and this organisation does the advertising Oscars. And Metro: 30-second rant ; Box Pops on TV progs etc Guardian society/ jobs What else could I do ? Wishlist: 1) famous diary entries 2) famous love letters 3) celebrity school reports

4) very short stories by real authors not members of the public (try Dan Rhodes ? Bekes Pal ?) 5) Mini-sagas 6) Famous peoples shopping lists ??? 7) Simple and fairly short courtcase role-plays 8) Songs by grammar and video clips by topic 9) Software to simplify texts and to make transcripts of videos 10) Story skeletons of the great stories- e.g. Greek / Latin (Vladimir Yanev etc) 11) Potted biographies.. but not too potted ; condensed great novels.. but not too condensed ! 12) Literate rap and performance poetry without too much slang/idiom etc 13) Poetry in plain modern English 14) Busy classical art (e.g. the Kibic) cut-and-pastable 15) A4 sized maps (Owl and Mouse website OK for BLANK country outlines) 16) Authentic but plain English dialogues- for use w/ procedures from Bilborough and C and D in A Procedures with texts: a) Oxford Clozemaker b) Byrdseed paragraphy c) VocabProfiler (?) ; wordsift ; vocab-grabber/ visual thesaurus d) Tagxedo etc

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