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Extra activities crate- audit 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) Portraits- miscellaneous Hidden sentences game/ strangers on a train Fish for it cards/ CAE

Philosophical roles Marxist, anarchist, feminist etc STOP and DARE acronyms- essays Miscellaneous discursive/ short topics for essay Second conditional topics / miscellaneous CAE sentence auction/ with Las Vegas grammar activity idea/teresa bestwick IELTS Mclass- p88 genetics-: BENEFITS/ MORAL ISSUES/ DRAWBACKS/ UNEXPECTED CONSEQUENCES 10) Balloon debate- Lady Di, Rianna, Gordon Brown etc 11) University of Kent speed debating 12) Human cloning debate 13) Nuclear Holocaust Who should survive 14) In-co: The No-No game 15) Stopping Uncle Freddy-role cards and subtext at shoulder ideas 16) Selected rhetorical devices 17) Q and A/ Guardian Elisabeth Moss Jonathan Safran Foer 18) Graffiti debates 19) Group decision making- air crash 20) Roles for register interpreter game 21) Unusual places to live- mini-presentation topics 22) My many facets/ and collection of other first lesson activities 23) IELTS group writing 24) Collocations- guess adjective from three collocating nouns- filler 25) In-co Intermediate- Calculated Guess- collocations activity 26) BBC learning English- celebrity and journalist role-play 27) Lessonstream/ Bucket list lesson- Things 2 do b4 u die 28) Hink Pink filler 29) 20 awesomely untranslatable words from around the world 30) Anecdotes- Queen Victoria etc 31) Business Builder- small talk, functional lg, requests etc 32) Verbal Boxing- Matt Dryer 33) Your Story-revised, written and improved- Onestop 34) List of debate resources 35) Fronting poem- roger mcgough 36) Lifeboat exercise- ranking activity 37) Language learning podcasts list of resources 38) Edinburgh- Judy/ notes NDS 39) The Loch Druich Mermaids/ The Fairy Boy of Leith 40) Think Piece- Teaching A Level Geography _ NB- search for similar ??? 41) Teamworking skills- Kent ??? 42) Interrupting and disagreeing politely Simon Mumford 43) Civil Service fasttrack- in-tray exercises etc 44) Poem-here is some pronunciation / ration never rhymes with nation etc 45) Busy paintings scheen ??? Jan ?? 46) More rhetorical device notes 47) List of linguistic terms from Orange NB 48) British Council Elementary Podcast lesson /papery !! 49) Meaning and metaphor- ups and downs 50) Active Listening handout 51) Business euphemisms 52) CAFOD just one world- extended speaking activity- complicated !!

53) Infograph-classroom tools through the years 54) The Situation from Business Mazes-John Farthing 55) Business Quotes- Icebreaker 56) Miscellaneous personal questions/ family history project- interviews 57) Accents- English as an International Language- from Advanced Pron in Use ?? 58) Cross-cultural quiz- table manner 59) Old games collection misuse of syntax, one question behind etc 60) Imaginary Identities-IELTS resources 61) Wine adjectives- 62) Limericks structure 63) Conversational Style Roles for Speaking work 64) Cleft sentences-political speech 65) 4 characteristics of empathetic listeners 66) 10 ideas on how to test your classmates- S-gend tests 67) Proverbs guessing game and other Victorian parlour games 68) Human Rights Balloon Game- Stalin , Gandhi etc 69) English File-cooler ideas 70) Soap Opera Extra books 71) University of Edinburgh- simpler icebreaker questions /yellow 72) Brands-blurring and stretching / In company 73) When in Rome- Shirley Valentine story jumble-style exercise 74) Its written in the stars- horoscope/personality adjs 75) Drabbles/ nanofiction etc 76) Alex Case Alibi variation twins separated at birth 77) Phonetic puzzles ??? 78) Intermediate- threes- mumford sentence puzzles 79) In company Talking about experiences- adjectives 80) Intermediate telegram sentence puzzles for requests 81) In-company culture- family culture/ Eiffel tower culture, guided missile, incubator 82) Large collections X2 pronunciation materials / mixed 83) Professional Secretarys Handbook- mixed materials 84) Q and A: Guardian- Helena Christensen/ morgan freeman 85) Onestop- Dictionary Bluff ????? 86) Using English Presentations Language and IELTS Speaking Part Two **** 87) English File Pre-int the Optimists Phrasebook 88) Business English Debates Higher Levels ??? 89) 60 second ideas BBC- wkpt- look for newer ??? 90) CPE masterclass TB scrambled egg sentences 91) Miscellaneous paintings 92) Save the World- University of Kent 93) Is individualism bad for society ? and other more difficult debate topicsInstitute ??? Battle of Ideas ? 94) More debatabase debates- Internet does more harm than good, human cloning, file-sharing 95) Debate- Scottish devolution 96) Business one-one-one : discussion bank 97) Business one-to-one: how to be supportive 98) Tourism book- Peakland tourist board 99) Stories in a nutshell- anansi etc 100) Famous love letters- Dylan Thomas etc 101) Murphys Law 102) Lifestyle neologisms 103) Essay topics/ skeleton essay 104) Scotland national anthems

105) 106) Folders:

Prefer structures Academic Vocabulary in Use- table of contents

107) Collocations work: finding and learning collocations/ what is a collocation/types of collocation 108) Learner training: success with languages 109) Test your English vocab in use Advanced: comparison and contrast 110) (ditto) Lexical strategies for speaking 111) Eng vocab in Use / Upper Intermediate: Text-referring words 112) (CAE/CPE gr/vocab book ???- Expressing knowledge and disbelief/ 113) Various post-it games: beating around the bush, embarrassing situationspostits on back and cant say the underlined words ! ; peelie-wallie: Scottish words for call-my-bluff 114) Boring topics for just a minute- socks etc 115) If questions on post-its 116) Headway advanced- dilemma cards 117) Balloon debate subject: physics etc 118) Utilitarianism and Justice debate topics/ affirmative vs negative debaters 119) Australia double-booking role cards on postits 120) The professional secretarys handbook- on telephone styles etc 121) List of Headway Advanced useful resources 122) Clockwise (which ?) : advertising slogans game 123) Ideas for conversation spies game 124) Miscellaneous quotes sheet children are a great comfort etc 125) Miscellaneous topics-TOEFL 126) Template for 2nd conditional consequences game 127) Talking point board game 128) Neil gets arrested narrative tenses- retranslation exercise 129) Emmerson- Last Man Standing game 130) Association/ Top class activities 131) Canteen meeting role play 132) Bulgarian idioms and proverbs-funny English translation 133) Paper list of big activities 134) Debate Structures-Lincoln-douglas etc 135) List of Mind-tools- acronyms etc: RAFT, think/pair/share 136) Ghost story- White Lady of Corstorphine 137) List of Websites from Cambridge Handbook on dictionary activities 138) Selected Dictionary Activities Narrow Reading etc 139) Jackie Chan- guardian Q and A 140) Miscellaneous Questions for the Conversational Gambler 141) Slash Guardian Q and A 142) Talking Points miscellaneous- the music industry stifles music 143) Ielts blockbusters/ functional lg-prototype 144) More just a minute topics 145) Boxing Debate 146) CPE Masterclass- In a nutshell- waffle exercise 147) Gambling Debate 148) EF Advanced- Celebrity Immigrants 149) Academic English Handbook-Scrabble 150) 12 X 3 icebreaker questions answer a/b/c in pairs, write two more questions on the same theme for other classmates to answer 151) Wedding/ Edinburgh University Universal Fluency Task 152) Proverbs/ Scarab of the Heart- misc leads for literary games

153) Roll a conversation 154) Know your rights Clockwise- Employment rights 155) Judgement Day- Clockwise Advanced 156) What is the morally right thing to do in these cases ? / Heinzs dilemma etc 157) Talking points- board game 158) Inheritance- Aunt Hattie story and decision 159) Legalisation of Cannibis debate 160) Clint- the Deadline 161) Fat Tax debate 162) Clockwise- Art-related 163) Clockwise-Gun Debate 164) Negotiating Ploys 165) Music biz negotiation 166) What would you save if your house was burning down ? 167) CPE Masterclass- misc extra activities 168) Creative thinking website-slips 169) The Original Balloon Debate 170) Lifeboat ethics 171) Inversion sentence grid puzzles and key 172) Dreaming Spires- Battle of Ideas debate ?? 173) CPE sentence expansion game- prototype 174) Bad Listener and Speaker roles 175) Men and women- red IELTS vocab book 176) Soapy 177) Proverbs/ Idioms for Pictionary 178) How to make humus- neils instruction giving example 179) Topic suggestions/ other topics on cards (from toefl course) 180) Yo Mama 181) Co-curricular activities in schools debate 182) Ai em bulgarche 183) Graffiti wisdom- Hway Adv 184) Critical Thinking/ de Bono speaking topics 185) Improvisation in Rhyme and rhythm games 186) The worlds funniest jokes/ CE 187) Table Topics 188) Ideas-crowd prompting ; relay speaking ; using relative clauses for elaboration in IELTS speaking- see TE worksheet on this 189) Q and A Sheryl crow 190) One minute debates (Profile 3 ?) 191) Colour Jacuzzi icebreaker 192) Conducting a Values Auction 193) Meaning and Metaphors- Life is a journey 194) Q and A: Mark Thomas 195) The situation , from Business Mazes, John Farthing 196) Neologisms-bucket list etc 197) Intonation monopoly/ pron games sound games 198) IELTS speaking topics from 199) A life in the day of- three way match- Reward UI Resource Pack 200) Business One-to-one discussion bank 201) Bits of Hot Buttons Game 202) Uni of Edi-life cycle warmer 203) Mini Sagas 204) Roll a conversation early version 205) The Worst Case Scenarios Test

206) 207) 208) 209) 210) 211)

Lost at Sea- survival game ; lost in the desert variant Irish Blessings Buying and selling negotiation role-play with points