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Rediscover Jesus…Through Pagan Eyes Create Your Own Natural Skincare Solutions

Opening the dOOr tO spiritual evOlutiOn and magical living

It’s sprIngtIme In the Valley!
s I write this, I look—from East to West—out over the great Mississippi River Valley. We can see buds appearing and feel the stirrings of life in earth and water, and see the birds in air returning from the south. Newness, re-newal, and Freshness are everywhere. We reach out and turn within to feel the re-birth in Mind and Spirit. For your Mind and Spirit, we present 35 new titles, providing you with the intellectual resources for Self-Understanding and Self-Improvement, all in relation to and extending your personal interests in the subjects we call “metaphysical.”* *The nature of personal being and the world in which we exist, and the how and the why of life and the cosmos. Metaphysical subjects provide the What of our Being and the How of our Becoming, but what about the WHY? WHY do we seek to understand and improve our own Selves? Why do we seek to understand the Cosmos and improve our relationship with it? Because WE—each of us—are the World. How we understand and improve our Selves is how we “become more than we are” and how we develop a harmonious and progressive relationship with the Cosmos in which we have our being. We are “works in progress,” and our progress in our own responsibility and our responsibility to the Cosmos, which—in another sense—is our extended Body. We are still evolving, but the primary spark of evolution is no longer mainly physical but more Mental and Spiritual. In particular, it is our individual Psychic Empowerment that is the driving force to Self Empowerment and the never-ending Great Work of Wholeness of Being and fulfillment of what has been called “the Great Plan” that is the Cause and Effect of all our study and practice of the Great Work. Your growth is my growth. My growth is your growth. We are in this together. We have lessons to learn, and missed chances to seize opportunities for growth limits us all. Our goal is to become more aware and more conscious—but Conscious Living is hard work, but joyful work. Yet, growth is our greatest source of happiness, because it is the fulfilling of our promise. A promise made to us, and one made by each or us. A promise made long, long ago, and a promise renewed more and more consciously with each incarnation. “We are the Children,” but we are also the Adults, the Teachers, the Healers, and the Seers, the Givers, and the Receivers of all there is for the benefit of all that are. We are “in charge” of accomplishing the Great Work and of fulfilling the Great Plan. Our Destiny—in all humility—is Greatness. And BOOKS, in print or electronic or audio, and even fictional, are the Tools for our Becoming! And Tarot Cards, Oils and Incense, Divining Rods and Pendulums, and Crystal Balls, are all aids to the tools of transformation.

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The Steampunk Tarot
Text by Barbara Moore Illustrations by Aly Fell
One hundred and fifty years ago, optimistic scientists felt that with gears powered by steam there wasn’t anything the prim and proper Victorians couldn’t accomplish. Quaint, yet astoundingly futuristic, this aesthetic is called steampunk. Steampunk has been a fascination of Tarot expert Barbara Moore for years. With the aid of brilliant artist Aly Fell, The Steampunk Tarot was born. The gears and mechanics combined with the Victorian styles are timeless, both ancient and ultramodern, giving access to past, present, and future. The breathtaking deck reflects society’s current concerns and struggles, giving new vantage points to see various issues. The book explores the symbolism and meaning of each card and shares how to give readings; it includes Barbara’s “not-so-secret reading technique” and shares five spreads. Whether you love the decks retro-tech style or the insightful potential of its symbolism, this is a deck you’ll use again and again.
978-0-7387-2638-0 Boxed kit includes 78 full-color cards and 312-page book

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Jesus—A Friend to Pagans
n at u r e - B a s e d & pa g a n

Jesus Through Pagan Eyes
Reverend Mark Townsend
In this groundbreaking book, a former Anglican Vicar begins with two truths:

• •

Most Pagans today were brought up as Christians They abandoned the church, but not necessarily Jesus

He interviewed over two dozen Pagan leaders, ranging from Maxine Sanders and Janet Farrar to Raven Grimassi and Christoper Penczak, to show that Jesus is an “old friend” who can be included within Pagan faiths. Jesus Through Pagan Eyes explores Jesus in relation to Witchcraft, the Tarot, goddess worship, shamanism, and more. If you’ve felt an aching loss of the friend you once knew, this book is for you. Without attempting to convert, it welcomes the Jesus that so many Pagans wanted but did not find within church structures. It’s also for Christians who are tired of the church’s presentation of Jesus. This book is a must for those seeking reconciliation between two great spiritual traditions. Foreword by Matthew Fox.
408 pp • 6 x 9

The Path of a Christian Witch Adelina St. Clair
978-0-7387-1982-5 216 pp • 53/10 x 63/4

ChristoPaganism Joyce and River Higginbotham
978-0-7387-1467-7 336 pp • 71/2 x 91/8

A unique mix of memoir and how-to that includes practical daily rituals and personal anecdotes, this inspiring book shows how one woman blended Christian traditions with the magic and beauty of a Wiccan practice. With warmth and heartfelt reverence, St. Clair discusses Christianity, Witchcraft, and the commonalities between them, including: monotheism vs. polytheism, magical practice, the teachings of Christ, goddess worship, praying the rosary, and the Wheel of the Year.

$19.95 SAVE 30%


In this exciting age of religious diversity, many Pagans and Christians are incorporating each other’s practices into their own belief systems. This revolutionary book invites you to reexamine your beliefs as you read about the origins, ideologies, and common threads of Christianity and Paganism. A series of compelling interviews with fifteen individuals highlights ways of honoring a unique blend of traditions, helping you to create your own rewarding spiritual path.

Pagans & Christians Gus diZerega, Ph.D.
978-1-56718-228-6 264 pp • 6 x 9

Pagan Spirituality Joyce & River Higginbotham
978-0-7387-0574-3 288 pp • 71/2 x 91/8

There is no lack of mistrust between those of the Christian faith (one of the world’s largest religions) and those on a Pagan path (one of the world’s oldest spiritual belief systems). This book is a persuasive tool for promoting understanding and respect between both faiths. Within these pages, you’ll find a clear picture of what Paganism really is.

$16.95 SAVE 30%


Best-selling authors Joyce and River Higginbotham offer an intermediate-level instruction to Pagan spirituality designed as a continuation of spiritual evolution though magick, communing, energy work, divination, and conscious creation. This book serves to expand the reader’s spiritual knowledge base by directly involving the reader in their spiritual journey.


1. 87 7. N E W . W R L D
( 1. 877. 639 . 9753 )

The Un-Spell Book Mya Om

192 pp • 5 x 7

Energy Essentials for Witches and Spellcasters Mya Om

White Spells for Protection Ileana Abrev

White Spells on the Go Ileana Abrev


168 pp • 53/16 x 6
$9.95 SAVE 30%

144 pp • 53/16 x 6

216 pp • 5 x 7




n at u r e - B a s e d & pa g a n

Why would a Witch who practices magick write something called The Un-Spell Book? To help other magickal people understand that the spellcaster is the true source of magickal power, not fancy props or elaborate rituals. The simple exercises and techniques in this one of a kind guide will help you understand and master the essentials behind all successful magick—your own focus, will, and energy.

Don’t give up on your magickal books—this powerful handbook reveals how to make any spell succeed! Understanding and mastering energy is the key to successful spellwork. This guide teaches the fundamentals of raising, sensing, and directing energy with simple, focused training and is filled with a variety of fun exercises you can use to develop your own spellcasting skills.

From nasty gossip to raging bosses, we’ve all experienced our share of negative energy. This beginner’s spellbook introduces defense magic to protect yourself, your home, and your loved ones. These simple spells span three levels— from quick fixes to powerful rituals. Includes nearly one hundred safe spells for stopping thieves, banishing evil spirits, and protecting your business, marriage, and family.

In this essential book of magical quick fixes, acclaimed white witch Ileana Abrev shows you that you don’t need lengthy rituals to make your world a better place. Always fast and fun, these mini-spells will help you with a multitude of everyday concerns, from relieving stress to achieving prosperity to getting your partner to help out with chores.

Practical Solutions for Tough Times
Spells for Tough Times Kerri Connor

456 pp • 71/2 x 91/8


Refreshingly positive and practical, Spells for Tough Times features over 150 easy spells and rituals for coping with and rising above just about any difficulty—from minor annoyances to embarrassing quandaries to unexpected crises. Organized by area of concern, you’ll find spells for personal habits, emotions, family, relationships, health, finances, and more. Combining the magical and mundane, this book helps you handle any hardship with grace, serenity, and hope.

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White Spells for Love Ileana Abrev

Spell Crafts Scott Cunningham & David Harrington

The Grimoire of Lady Sheba Lady Sheba

Everyday Magic Dorothy Morrison

336 pp • 53/16 x 8

144 pp • 5 /16 x 6

216 pp • 6 x 9

276 pp • 6 x 9



SAVE 30%



Addressing love from all angles, this easy-to-use spellbook can help you attract the lover of your dreams, heal emotionally, nurture self-love, dispel negative love magic, stay committed during rocky times, and nudge your sweetheart into doing the dishes once in a while. This gift-sized guide is packed with over fifty simple and effective spells for beginners.

Since early times, crafts have been intimately linked with spirituality. When crafts were used to create objects intended for ritual or that symbolized the Divine, the connection between the craftsperson and divinity grew more intense. Today, handcrafts can still be more than a pastime—they can be rites of power and honor, a religious ritual.

Lady Sheba inherited her practice of witchcraft from more than four generations of witches. Recognizing a profound need for a new understanding of the forces of nature, she elected to publish her grimoire. First published in 1974, this groundbreaking volume includes essential information for the practicing Wiccan, in a beautiful hardcover edition.

No more looking for ritual solutions for today’s problems (such as computer viruses, traffic that drives you crazy, and stress that makes you forget your own name) or quests for obscure spell ingredients. Now there’s a better way to incorporate magic into your life without adding more stress to it. Everyday Magic updates the ancient arts to fit today’s hectic lifestyle.

Book of Shadows Migene González-Wippler

Silver’s Spells for Love Silver Ravenwolf

Silver’s Spells for Abundance Silver RavenWolf

Silver’s Spells for Protection Silver Ravenwolf

240 pp • 53/16 x 8

312 pp • 53/16 x 8



192 pp • 53/16 x 8

208 pp • 53/16 x 8



Are you newly initiated? Just have questions about life as a Witch? Like other religions, Witchcraft has its deities, priests, holidays, rituals, and rules. Yet, Wiccan beliefs and practices are often unknown or misunderstood by nonPagans and the uninitiated. González-Wippler offers a friendly, straightforward introduction to the Old Religion and sheds light on what it truly means to be a Witch.

From finding a new lover to handling that couch-potato partner, you’ll find more than one hundred ideas, potions, and incantations to bring titillating passion into your life. Also find spells for improving and enhancing relationships with many others. Based on the folk magick of many cultures, these spells are all surprisingly simple and will teach you the nuances of spellcasting for love!

Here’s a delightful bag of tricks for banishing poverty and opening the door to personal abundance. From inviting wealth into your home with Prosperity Floor Wash to invoking the elements for financial assistance, this beginners guide to abundance magick is for anyone who’s ever worried about money.

Vicious gossip, jealous lovers, and even cantankerous neighbors—all of these irritants can wreak havoc on your life. This beginner’s guide to physical and spiritual protection contains practical advice and more than seventy-five spells for dealing with all from which you may need protection.



and practices as they are observed in Haiti and the United States.95 288 pp • 6 x 9 $19. and more. Llewellyn is pleased to present a new Scott Cunningham book—a long-lost Book of Shadows. initiation rites. Explore Vodou’s sacred beliefs. Circle. 639 . profound practice—yet its essence has remained a mystery to outsiders. The Circle Within Dianne Sylvan 978-0-7387-0348-0 Begin a journey to rediscover your ancestral spirit with this groundbreaking book. Coven Craft Amber K 978-1-56718-018-3 Part instruction manual.95 $16.Llewellyn eShorts are available! Discover bite-sized morsels in digital format from your favorite Llewellyn authors The Magical Life of Scott Cunningham All About Self Hypnosis True Ghostly Tales All About Auras AND MANY MORE! Haitian Vodou Mambo Chita Tann 978-0-7387-3069-1 The Truth About Witchcraft Today Scott Cunningham 978-0-87542-127-8 Everyday Witch A to Z Deborah Blake 978-0-7387-1275-8 264 pp • 6 x 9 $15. the eight Sabbats. or coven leaders. increasing energy. Cunningham’s Book of Shadows Scott Cunningham 978-0-7387-1914-6 216 pp • 53/16 x 8 528 pp • 7 x 10 $13. and the curious minded. through timeless rituals. deities. Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook Deborah Blake 978-0-7387-1970-2 Here is the first real look at the facts about Witchcraft and the religion of Wicca. and more. abundance. and new priestesses. As renowned author Scott Cunningham plainly states. magical techniques. and rituals for celebrating holidays. with corresponding candle colors. the holy tides and how to celebrate them.95 $12. Magic the Cat.97 Hardcover Create a personal spiritual practice for daily life with The Circle Within. giving thanks. healing. This rare book includes original spells. 877. W R L D ( 1. worship. blessings. Whether you’re a coven member or simply curious about coven ways. this previously unpublished manuscript was penned by Scott in the early 1980s.95 $15. With this book you will learn to create an empowering traditional structure that is based on a strong Wiccan foundation. tips on creating spells. Coven & Grove Deborah Blake 987-0-7387-1033-4 264 pp • 6 x 9 $12. Pioneer your own spiritual tradition and take the first step on your personalized path to the divine. Also covered in this handbook: the concept of “wyrd” and how it shapes your destiny. 4 1. anthropological. even offers spells and wise words of her own! Crafting Wiccan Traditions Raven Grimassi 978-0-7387-1108-9 Travels Through Middle Earth Alaric Albertsson 978-0-7387-1536-0 264 pp • 71/2 x 71/2 264 pp • 6 x 9 240 pp • 53/16 x 8 $17. scholars. natural energies found within the Earth and our bodies to enrich life by creating positive change. wellorganized spiritual support group: a coven.95 $19. Featured in the design are Scott’s actual handdrawn signs. He explores the spiritual element of the rituals. Brimming with practical everyday magick. rites of passage. N E W . part personal journal. and invocations and an herbal grimoire. Topics include: cultivating an ongoing personal relationship with deities. and magic. and runes. relive sacred rites.95 $17.57 In this one-of-a-kind guidebook. this friendly book has everything you need. It also includes a beginner’s primer on spellcasting. and the Wheel of the Year. this book will help you learn more about this ancient spiritual path. award-winning Wiccan author and scholar Raven Grimassi presents an insightful portrait of the spirit of the Witch. ethics and standards of behavior. symbols. ceremonies. The Cauldron of Memory Raven Grimassi 978-0-7387-1575-9 This complete introduction to Anglo-Saxon cosmology.95 SAVE 30% $13. priests. written by a practitioner of the highest initiatory rank.95 Search for them now at your favorite eBook Retailer— all are $1. gemstones. 9753 ) . Nearly two hundred spells are organized alphabetically. 87 7. practices. and more. ritual and magical correspondences to nature.95 Haitian Vodou is a joyous. Raven Grimassi guides you through the process of recovering ancestral memory and wisdom through a powerful system of visualizations. Spirit of the Witch Raven Grimassi 978-0-7387-0338-1 Call forth the power of Wiccan mythos by exploring the sacred circle. Add a spark of magick to every day with this fun guide to the wonderful world of Witchcraft. With seasonal spells. Are you a coven member searching for more rewarding experiences in your group? Perhaps you’re a Wiccan elder gathering proven techniques and fresh ideas. and rituals offers many ways to incorporate Saxon rituals into contemporary spiritual life. Witches and folk magicians are only utilizing. spirits.95 264 pp • 6 x 9 $17. and historical roots of Witchcraft. Learn to practice Witchcraft in a caring. as well as the cultural. The author’s magickal familiar. Haitian Vodou offers a respectful overview of the centuries-old indigenous tradition for students. and pathworkings for your three inner levels: regeneration. Recently discovered in a battered manila envelope. new covens. tuning into the Wheel of the Year and the elements. and enlightenment. and oils. Spirit of the Witch examines the oral tradition of Witches. and more. herbs. Reconstruct rituals and works of magic. All things Witchy are presented in quick and easy bites within a friendly A to Z format. rituals. and part Book of Shadows. it provides inspiration for group or solitary practice. rituals.95 264 pp • 71/2 x 71/2 SAVE 30% $14. Literate and positive. Including a thoughtful examination of Wiccan ethics as well as devotional prayers and rituals. this all-in-one ritual handbook is an ideal tool for busy Witches. and beliefs of Witchcraft. this is the perfect companion for the magnificently modern Witch.95 208 pp • Mass Market 288 pp • 71/2 x 71/2 $7. the practice of magic is not supernatural or Satanic.99 or less! Today’s Witch deals with many things well beyond your average spellbook’s well-worn repertoire. literary.

is based on family tradition and actual magical experience.95 216 pp • 53/16 x 8 240 pp • 6 x 9 360 pp • 8 x 10 $19. Fairy lore. healers. spiritual. connect with garden goddesses. Llewellyn first published this practical book. recitations. you’ll participate in assignments and practice activities as you learn techniques for circle casting. www. oils. Green Witches are deeply connected to the Earth and the cosmic balance of light and dark. Learn rites of passage. hereditary Witch Ann Moura reveals how to develop a balanced practice by incorporating the powerful. Sample rituals and additional information rounds out your instruction. and flowers commonly encountered in everyday life. Flower and Tree Magic Richard Webster 978-0-7387-1349-6 Grimoire for the Green Witch Ann Moura 978-0-7387-0287-2 Sacred Land Clea Danaan 978-0-7387-1146-1 288 pp • 53/16 x 8 $15. save seeds. the methods and techniques involved.95 $15. trees. self-initiation. selfdedication. There are also inspiring stories of activists. and nature spirits.com 5 . and includes plans for sixteen themed magical gardens. You’ll learn how to create compost. divination. Out of print for a decade. trees. Discover how the garden can germinate environmental awareness and political change while feeding the spirit. spells. and is easily adaptable to any tradition of Witchcraft. and other women who are making a difference in the world. Explore the worship of nature and the use of herbs that have been part of human culture from the earliest times. herbs. Green Magic takes you on a journey through the basics of magical practice. the author of the Green Witchcraft series.95 The practitioner of green magic respects the powers and spirits of Nature. attuned to nature.97 $11. Voices of the Earth Clea Danaan 978-0-7387-1465-3 Green Witchcraft is herbal. Nature intuitive Clea Danaan gives lessons in building psychic awareness and communicating with plants. and emotional health as you deepen your personal connection with nature. activities for Sabbats and Esbats. herbcraft. Discover the historic and folk background of green Witchcraft and its practical techniques. authentic grimoire from Ann Moura. which allowed people to truly work with the spirit of the Earth. and incorporate planetary energy in the garden. Using Green Witchcraft III as a textbook. and knows how to work with their energies to accomplish magical goals. Magical Gardens shares the practical and mythic aspects of gardening: n at u r e . Guided meditations. and the foundation upon which any Craft tradition may be built. spellwork. Danaan’s personal anecdotes also illuminate how green spirituality can be translated into a fulfilling. altars. and how ethics are vital to successful practice. and rituals enable you to invoke the energy of the shadow into your magical workings. A treasury of magical information—rituals.95 • • • • • • • • Care of the soil Rituals and ceremonies Meditations honoring the year’s growing cycle and the “old ways” Spiritual benefits of tending your garden NEW! Inspiring gardens around the world NEW! Organic gardening orientation NEW! Ritualizing your gardening life NEW! Greatly expanded resources section Green Magic Ann Moura 978-0-7387-0181-3 Green Witchcraft Ann Moura 978-1-56718-690-1 Green Witchcraft II Ann Moura 978-1-56718-689-5 Green Witchcraft III Ann Moura 978-1-56718-688-8 240 pp • 6 x 9 288 pp • 6 x 9 264 pp • 6 x 9 264 pp • 6 x 9 $15. and divination. symbols. teas. Magical Gardens returns with a completely updated fifteenth anniversary edition! It reveals how to transform your little acre into a magical site. baths. This rewarding connection with nature offers healing.95 $15. renewal.17 This ready-made. spells. circle-casting techniques. bestselling author Richard Webster presents the mythological history and modern-day practical uses of over one hundred plants. In Green Witchcraft II. holistic lifestyle that supports the earth and your spirit. The author gives detailed instruction in the forms of magic.95 $15. you will enhance your physical. In this comprehensive guide.95 SAVE 30% SAVE 30% $15. From home protection and herbal healing to flower divination and fairy gardens.Discover the Spirit of the Earth Magical Gardens Patricia Monaghan Fifteen years ago. This book presents the Craft as a course of instruction. sigils. dark aspects of the Goddess and the God.95 $13.95 $15. farmers. and spell working.llewellyn. and knowledge of your life purpose.B a s e d & pa g a n 978-0-7387-3192-6 288 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $17. and divinations. artists.

your meal preparation experience can be both creative and consuming as you sample the helpful hints. 87 7. rituals. select powerful symbols. Incense has all the information you need to start crafting your own healthy. finances. herb and stone correspondences.95 400 pp • 6 x 9 SAVE 30% $19. passion. Includes an alphabetized list of incense ingredients. 639 9753 ((1. Neal 978-0-7387-1974-0 312 pp • 6 x 9 $16. and blend in oils and herbs. and more. illustrated step-by-step instructions for dances. and anything you wish into your life. powders. Henna has been used for centuries by cultures worldwide for magical protection. bath salts. and color symbolism. magic. The Complete Book of Incense. hands-on guide to making votive candles using inexpensive. both traditional and innovative. Scott Cunningham provides ancient recipes and helps you identify many common and rare herbs on sight. health. or just to enjoy its luxurious fragrance. seals. rituals specific to different types of incense. choose magically potent ingredients. This encyclopedia of food magic offers twentyseven of Scott Cunningham’s favorite recipes. blessings. and sweet dreams.95 $19. Virtually any item in your pantry can be used for personal transformation. and rituals specific to the sabbats. and effective. you can kick up your heels and make merry the year through. protection. More than a collection of recipes.95 $18. best times for magic. Learn how to perform rituals. 877. Create candles for mood enhancement. and enjoy a bite of celery as it boosts your sexual desire and psychic awareness.95 288 pp • 51/4 x 8 264 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $16.95 DVD. 639 .B a s e d & pa g a n Connect with earth energies using powerful natural incense.95 n at u r e . good fortune. Philippa Faulks provides step-by-step guidance for creating magical. because food contains specific magical energies you can harness for positive results. and the mixing of herbs have been used by people to create positive change in their lives. by much-loved author Scott Cunningham. meditation. meticulously researched guide shows you how to create aromatic enchantments using pellets. The Magickal Secrets of Scents Incense Magick Carl F. Advanced Candle Magick Raymond Buckland 978-1-56718-103-6 Make Merry In Step and Song Bronwen Forbes 978-0-7387-1500-1 288 pp • 6 x 9 264 pp • 53/16 x 8 $13. healing. superb resources and fascinating lore in A Kitchen Witch’s Cookbook. Take your magickal practice to a deeper level as you discover burning techniques and mystical uses of incense. and more. and celebrations. Enchantments shows you how to reclaim the conviction that beauty already exists in each of us as daughters of the Goddess. prosperity. days of the week. prosperity. safe travel. protection. Create a framework for potent spellwork through the use of planetary hours. and all of your goals.95 This globespanning. This book. sweet-smelling scents. N E W .95 $10. ritual soaps. Neal at www. music and lyrics for over thirty songs.llewellyn. Reconnect with a shared Pagan past as you learn the historical significance behind songs.77 For centuries the composition of incenses. lotions. sachets. sachets or herbal charms. Learn how to harvest and cure natural herbs.95 $18.Incense Carl F. These spells not only sought love but also conferred protection. non-permanent henna art. Quick. plus spell candles for love. brews. and spirit when you devise your own powerful rituals based upon the sample spells presented in this book. talismans. Neal 978-0-7387-0336-7 Henna Magic Philippa Faulks 978-0-7387-1915-3 Magical Candle Crafting Ember Grant 978-0-7387-2135-4 Magic’s in the Bag Jude Bradley and Cheré Dastugue Coen 978-0-7387-1903-0 192 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 288 pp • 71/2 x 71/2 $16. love. masks and face coloring. and you’ll hold the power to attract love. powders. and plays of old. the blending of oils. hairbrushes. Read articles by Carl F. and tinctures. inks. Magic’s in the Bag features more than seventyfive spells to empower your gris gris bag. Magical Candle Crafting is a friendly. and divinations to gain luck. Oils & Brews Scott Cunningham 978-0-87542-128-5 Since before recorded time. prosperity. Also included are spells for love. Also included are tips for which kinds of candles to use.95 SAVE 30% $14. purified the spirit and prepared women for sacred ritual.com/journal Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen Scott Cunningham 978-0-7387-0226-1 Enchantments Edain McCoy 978-0-7387-0168-4 Scott Cunningham’s Herb Magic DVD Scott Cunningham 978-07387-2283-2 A Kitchen Witch’s Cookbook Patricia Telesco 978-1-56718-707-6 240 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $14. oils. easy. candle maintenance and preparation. and more. creativity. women have performed spells using perfumes. elements. dances. W R L D 1. and charge candles with energy. easy-to-find items. and much more.. Create positive changes in your relationships. ointments.9753 )) .47 SAVE 30% $13. 60 Minutes 384 pp • 7 x 10 $18. mirrors. spells. Learn to mix and pour the wax. and more. spells. With six full scripts for mummer’s plays. Learn how to make a magical gris gris bag. and even games. herbal baths. fidelity. gives the formulas and techniques for incenses. tinctures. and happiness.95 $9. 6 1. rituals. Wherever your cooking takes you.95 $17. Learn to mix henna paste. friendship.95 264 pp • 71/2 x 71/2 288 pp • 6 x 9 $16. N E W W R L D 1. and other incense varieties in meditations.. 87 7.27 Savor mushrooms like never before after experiencing their intuition-increasing effects. herbal essences. and how to make your own candles. 877. including enchantments for beauty. Candle Magic for Beginners Richard Webster 978-0-7387-0535-4 This is the ultimate home-study course in herbalism. apply designs. Whether you want to burn incense for meditation. prosperity. this magical art requires no religious doctrine or previous magical experience. and use them for magical incense. In this unique book. A Kitchen Witch’s Cookbook weds modern ingredients and utensils with potent traditional preparations for a truly magical resource. a correspondences list.

and other forms of negativity threatening your home. easy-to-follow guidebook demonstrates how to attract true love and rekindle romance.57 Popular author Ellen Dugan presents her personal grimoire of magickal essentials to keep you happily conjuring seven days a week! As you learn daily magickal correspondences and themes. the Wheel of seasons and festivals turns to mark changes in the world and in our lives. Blending magickal techniques and the principles of female empowerment.95 Browse inside Seasons of Witchery at www.95 192 pp • 71/2 x 71/2 $19. Designed to enhance any Craft tradition.com Book of Witchery Ellen Dugan 978-0-7387-1584-1 Cottage Witchery Ellen Dugan 978-0-7387-0625-2 Natural Witchery Ellen Dugan 978-0-7387-0922-2 Garden Witchery Ellen Dugan 978-0-7387-0318-3 360 pp • 71/2 x 71/2 288 pp • 71/2 x 71/2 288 pp • 71/2 x 71/2 $17. Slowly it turns—boringly slow. using only common household and outdoor items. $18. a home in the suburbs or a city apartment with a small balcony. A naming ceremony. unwanted ghosts. Discover how to unleash your passionate. secure. spells. and more. Now. that changes! In this exciting new book.Magically Follow the Wheel of the Year Seasons of Witchery Ellen Dugan Every year. you’ll get history and lore for each of the holidays and tips on new ways to celebrate them. With confidence and a positive attitude. Cats have long been associated with magick and mystery. and herbs. you’ll build a solid foundation of knowledge and open up amazing possibilities for highly effective spellwork and witchery. Cottage Witchery is the ideal guide to show you how to bring the beauty of nature and its magickal energies indoors. Ellen shares her notes on her own enchanted garden. you’ll see that this book reads more like a thrilling novel rather than a workbook. From specialized spells and charms to kitchen conjuring and color magick. folklore. first-hand stories. you’ll learn how to draw love energy into your life to keep the flames of passion burning brightly. Lean to defend against astral attacks. herbs and plants.com 7 . This helpful handbook is chock-full of protection witchery and psychic self-defense techniques you can use to keep yourself and your home strong. and charms for your cat’s collar are just a sampling of the feline-friendly magick included in The Enchanted Cat. and how she and her coven celebrate. Discover the secret language and magickal properties of trees and flowers. trees. seasonal rituals. Seasons of Witchery is a personal book. Use your appreciation of nature and an awareness of the magickal energies present in all things to enhance your natural witchery.95 $16.95 SAVE 30% $17. and spellwork correspondences for a wealth of flowers.47 Deepen your connection to the earth and watch your magickal skills blossom. magickal qualities. Uniquely starting at Midsummer (the perfect time for a garden Witch like Ellen!). and natural 978-0-7387-3078-3 336 pp • 71/2 x 71/2 n at u r e . and even a discussion of feline feng shui make this book a uniquely magickal exploration of our enduring fascination with the feline mystique.llewellyn. and features forty-seven botanical drawings. recipes. this fun. personal musings. this hands-on guide teaches Witches of all levels how to strengthen a home’s aura and energy. hexes. Cat astrology.95 $12. set boundaries. playful goddess within. rituals. this handy herbal reference provides the physical description. Natural Witchery features straightforward how-tos. How to Enchant a Man Ellen Dugan 978-0-7387-1113-3 How does your magickal garden grow? Whether you live in a cottage in the woods. spells. psychic vampires.B a s e d & pa g a n magic. and protected. tarot. inspiring. and learn how to create your own witch’s garden. and add richness and depth to your everyday life by developing your intuition and psychic skills. fun quizzes.95 $17. empower your witchery.95 272 pp • 71/2 x 71/2 $19. change. Garden Witch’s Herbal Ellen Dugan 978-0-7387-1429-5 Practical Protection Magick Ellen Dugan 978-0-7387-2168-2 The Enchanted Cat Ellen Dugan 978-0-7387-0769-3 336 pp • 71/2 x 71/2 240 pp • 6 x 9 264 pp • 7 x 7 $14.95 $10. Whatever the time of the year.95 SAVE 30% $13. Ellen Dugan teaches how to pinpoint your psychic strengths. popular author Ellen Dugan presents a lively and fun approach to the Sabbats. you’ll love reading this fresh. and diagnose a problem with divination.llewellyn. Enhance your spellcrafting. and grow over a year. lists of magickal cat names and correspondences. a powerful and enchanted realm awaits you. including ideas for decorations. In fact. and intimate take on the seasons and Sabbats. www.

87 7. You end up doing too much and moving too fast just to keep up. N E W . The format for the retreat is yours. and activities you should do. and spiritually. reverie. Isaac Bonewits discusses common worship patterns. mythology. and more. rituals. This treasury of Witchy wisdom weaves together memory. this thirteen-tale sampler is the result of contest sponsored by book publisher Llewellyn and PanGaia magazine. from drumming up ideas to freewriting to refining your drafts. Included are specific and modifiable plans for a dozen types of retreats. 978-0-7387-3066-0 288 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $16. ranging from working on your magickal skills to physical health. from ritual magick to arts and crafts. the book helps you choose the setting. duration. stories.95 Put the “pen” back in pentacle and get your creativity flowing like never before! Whether you craft a Book of Shadows. It might be holding a vigil or going on a vision quest. spells. 8 1. To move ahead. spells. and recharge—physically. and movement. Whether you’re a Pagan doing green magick or a ceremonial magician specializing in pathworking. inspire. recuperate. and altar decorations. and practical spellworkings to offer a multifaceted view of Craft living. you should occasionally take a break and regenerate. poetry.Regenerate.B a s e d & pa g a n The Magickal Retreat Susan Pesznecker In the world today.17 $18. Drawing on three decades of ritual experience. pre-ritual preparation. and the benefits you’ll receive. 9753 ) . You need to take The Magickal Retreat.27 Neopagan Rites will help you create and perform rituals that unify. this book is indespensible. This easy-to-use workbook reveals the method for taking a retreat tailored perfectly to you. this medley of stories is as eclectic and wonderfully multifaceted as Paganism itself. step-by-step instructions for creating truly inspired magickal works. $15. and Recharge n at u r e . the risks of mixing spiritual traditions. Neopagan Rites Isaac Bonewits 978-0-7387-1199-7 240 pp • 6 x 9 The Pagan Anthology of Short Fiction Presented by Llewellyn and Pan Gaia Magazine 978.95 SAVE 30% $13. and fulfill.95 SAVE 30% $11. mentally.95 Crafting Magick with Pen and Ink Susan Pesznecker 978-0-7387-1145-4 264 pp • 6 x 9 One Witch’s Way Bronwynn Forrest Torgerson 978-0-7387-1369-4 264 pp • 6 x 9 $16. or stories. from the dusty Old West to the pristine countryside of Iceland. props. songs. 639 . Learn to choose appropriate locations. W R L D ( 1. deities. or enhance your ceremony with music. Recuperate. your every word will crackle with energy and vibrancy. and poems from her many years of Craft practice. this book provides clear.95 Bronwynn Forrest Torgerson shares rituals. 877. It may be seclusion or finding sanctuary. everything is rushed. from “Journeys” in January to “Gift from the Gods” in December.0-7387-1269-7 240 pp • 6 x 9 $15. Master each phase of the writing process. From historic fiction to scintillating erotica. from witches and shamans to selkies and skunks. The first fiction anthology dedicated exclusively to pagan voices and themes. Each month of the year has a theme. With this inspiring and instructive guide..

meditation and divination will enhance your life and bring new meaning to your magical practice. Ethne is asked to wed the high king. ritual. Celtic Folklore Cooking offers plenty of tempting choices for daily meals or special celebrations. this comprehensive. Ethne confronts the oaths she has foresworn to her people as well as to her heart. Ph. This companion-sized paperback is chock-full of magical knowledge for everyday life.95 Boxed kit includes a 25-card deck and a 216-page book $24. channel magickal forces.95 Priestess of the Fire Temple Ellen Evert Hopman 978-0-7387-2925-1 Unlock the sacred wisdom at the core of your being. Penny Billington presents a clear. With a list of Gods and Goddesses and their corresponding powers.llewellyn.95 360 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 SAVE 30% $18. This multifaceted oracle can be used to create meditations and affirmations. Align yourself with the energy of Celtic gods. and daily practices. Captivating Welsh mythic tales from the Mabinogion illustrate key concepts— animal energy. and life tradition rituals with Celtic Myth & Magic. Included are their techniques for shapeshifting and runes. Avalon Within Jhenah Telyndru 978-0-7387-1997-9 Embark on the sacred green path of Druidry. Like a well-stocked larder. whose potent images live deep within your psyche. Each recipe lists ancient and modern holidays associated with the dish so you can select the perfect fare to complement the season. Conway 978-0-87542-136-0 Druid Power can help you find your way to the Otherworld and back again—richer.07 $19. Drawing upon Irish Celtic spiritual tradition. heroines. and unique exercises.99 SAVE 30% 384 pp • 7 x 10 432 pp • 7 /2 x 9 /8 1 1 $16. wiser. healed. Princess Aislinn. Celtic Magic D. their lives intertwine just as the church and Romans attempt to destroy the Pagans’ way of life.com 9 . From shapeshifting and faery magic to summoning a lover and creating an Ogham oracle. Pick from more than two hundred tasty traditional dishes.Priestess of the Forest Ellen Evert Hopman 978-0-7387-1262-8 The Druid Isle Ellen Evert Hopman 978-0-7387-1956-6 Druid Power Amber Wolfe 978-0-7387-0588-0 360 pp • 6 x 9 288 pp • 6 x 9 288 pp • 6 x 9 Druid Magic Maya Magee Sutton. and practical exercises that will expand your spiritual potential. and embark on a journey filled with healing. the wise old trees of the Celtic world share their secrets with those who seek counsel. as well as explicit directions for performing rituals for Sabbats. This beautifully crafted oracle sheds light on the mysterious teachings of the ogham. shapeshifting. and more. Summoned to protect her people.95 $18. and whole. Voice of the Trees Mickie Mueller 978-0-7387-1554-4 336 pp • 6 x 9 $18. Besides explaining the history of Druidry and how it is practiced today. Arthurian legend. Ethne was bound by sacred oaths to serve her people. all nestled among colorful food-related proverbs. Through handson exercises. Sabbat. guided journeys.95 n at u r e . This innovative guide introduces techniques for self-transformation through Celtic faerie craft and Elemental magic.95 $15. trees as healers. Woven throughout is reconstructed Druidic history and lore. including rituals. a whisper on the wind. and heroes for personal enrichment. poems. Celtic Myth & Magic explains how to use creative ritual and pathworking to align yourself with the energy of these archetypes. this novel follows Aífe on her journey to become a healer and priestess. and more. Enrich esbat. As she falls in love with Ruadh—a Fennidi warrior—Christianity sweeps the island.D. history. the Wheel of the Year. When Lucius escapes a Christian monastery and meets Aífe on the Druid Isle. customs. this book provides wondrous stories. tales. this compilation of folklore. spellwork.95 $7. word and deed! Celtic Lore & Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess Stephanie Woodfield 978-0-7387-2767-7 Celtic Myth & Magic Edain McCoy 978-1-56718-661-1 Celtic Folklore Cooking Joanne Asala 978-1-56718-044-2 224 pp • Mass Market 464 pp • 7 x 10 $22. the Avalonian path empowers women everywhere to transform their lives by seeking the Goddess and the Sovereign self within. Reawaken your connection to the magick of the natural world through traditional ceremonies. herbalism. & Nicholas Mann 978-1-56718-481-5 $18. 288 pp • 6 x 9 $18. the sacred Celtic tree alphabet. Bound in love to Ruadh. Aislinn finds herself engaged in dangerous and fateful encounters on her quest for true love. and Druidic lore. and much more. This journey to the mystical Otherworld will help you attune to Nature. J. Escaping her loveless marriage. Druid Magic features practical uses of the powerful and unique methods of this ancient Celtic people.B a s e d & pa g a n A young woman in pre-Christian Celtic Ireland. goddesses. seasonal rituals.27 Find a holistic magical system that will break down the barriers between you and the natural world.com/journal www. the Druidtrained wild child of the high king of the Central Kingdom. prosperity. $13. Adventure. work tree magic. romance. is married off at age fourteen to the Prince of Irardacht of the Northern Kingdom.llewellyn.95 The Fight for Freedom In this thrilling final book in Hopman’s fiction trilogy. Initiate yourself into the tradition and become a Druid in thought. and spiritual conflict abound in this Celtic teaching tale set on a third-century island off the coast of Scotland. and mythology. useful tables that explain incenses and candles. Drawing on Celtic mythology.95 $19. and other nuggets of folk wisdom.95 Invoke the Morrigan and be transformed by her fierce and magnificent energy.95 368 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $17. this book offers rich instruction in all aspects of practicing Druidry today. Magic of the Celtic Otherworld Steve Blamires 978-0-7387-0657-3 The Path of Druidry Penny Billington 978-0-7387-2346-4 352 pp •6 x 9 $18. Featuring eight pages of gorgeous color photographs of Glastonbury’s Sacred Landscape. hands-on guide to Celtic Witchcraft reveals how the dynamic and multifaceted Dark Goddess will bring empowering wisdom and enchantment to your life and spiritual practice.95 Find more from Ellen Evert Hopman at www. A follow-up to Priestess of the Forest. and love. With a rustling of branches. structured course of study grounded in Celtic history and mythology.

Ash. powers. The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft Christopher Penczak 978-0-7387-0767-9 Raise your spiritual awareness with this workable. According to Christopher Penczak. Celtic shamanic tools. divination by the Celtic Ogham alphabet. something that is authentic and primal. and Wiccan customs. and dealing with negativity. W R L D ( 1. and exercises related to emotional body training.n at u r e . Learn the essentials of the Celtic Ogham and tree calendars.57 Refreshingly real and practical. and Buddhist. The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft Meditation CD Companion Christopher Penczak 978-0-7387-0768-6 Explore a variety of tree mysteries and traditions and discover how to live in harmony with the earth’s sacred rhythm. meets a Mayan high priestess. Not a tradition. rebirth. By Land. Paganism consists of study. Spirited speaks directly to young adults. the exercises culminate in healing. Now. Rosales witnesses a powerful channeled spirit.95 $13. transformative. and ceremonial repetition. ancestors. offering real-life stories and first-hand experiences from the author and other young Pagans who’ve actually been there. That’s fine. Hawaiian. including instruction in meditation. The second half of the book offers a wealth of information on fifty trees. You’ll discover: 978-0-7387-3299-2 264 pp • 6 x 9 • • • • • • Trance possession (AKA “Drawing Down the Gods”) Becoming an ally of spirits Moving Between the Worlds with trance Healing methods Ecstatic spellcraft Divination $17. Explore the fascinating customs of the Craft’s shamanic origins. visionary essence that is part of our Pagan heritage. Stregheria. and seasonal correspondences. Discover how shamans are chosen and initiated. with year-and-a-day training in shamanic witchcraft. Endredy shares fascinating stories and insights from scholars in the field and from indigenous shamans throughout history. 10 1.95 216 pp • 6 x 9 320 pp • 6 x 9 SAVE 30% $16. and healing. current Pagan practices. from love and sexuality to family and friends to school and work. this is a fully-fleshed system with tried and true techniques that can help you take your current practices to the next level. tree breathing. Live your spirituality in all crucial areas of life.95 $21. plant spirit communication. and transformation. sky. memorization. gnostic. rituals. healing past-life regression. and sea while illuminating their Greek. With enchanting music. Gain insight into spellcraft ethics. and other inhabitants of the spirit realm. wild. Cherokee. hands-on healing. J. This four-CD set complements The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak. and spellcraft. feng shui. modern form of Celtic shamanism by following specific exercises and apply techniques that will develop your spiritual awareness and ties with the natural world: shape-shifting.95 288 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $17. but more and more people are yearning for something deeper. and more.95 Spirited Gede Parma 978-0-7387-1507-0 Discover the ecstatic.95 Four-CD set in DVD Case $26. empowering the self. Shamanism for Beginners James Endredy 978-0-7387-1562-9 This wise and unique book helps the practitioner develop an intimate understanding of the magickal lore and traditional techniques that comprise modern shamanic Witchcraft. traveling to and using magick in the three realms of the Celtic otherworlds. In his travels around the globe. higher self-connection. Rosales 978-0-7387-1501-8 288 pp • 6 x 9 288 pp • 53/16 x 8 $14. and more. shamanic journeys.95 $16. and beliefs that are common to most traditions. reflection. Maya. This fascinating true story chronicles one man’s journey into the mysteries of spiritual consciousness and the indigenous healing practices of four shamanistic traditions: Toltec. 9753 ) . and more. the author’s soothing words for relaxation. lore. and how they establish a relationship with power animals. Penczak’s third volume of witchcraft teachings corresponds to the water element—guiding the reader into this realm of emotion. & Thorn D. Hindu. Sky & Sea Gede Parma 978-0-7387-2282-5 By Oak.B a s e d & pa g a n Witchcraft from the Depths of Your Soul Ecstatic Witchcraft Gede Parma For many people.95 480 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $18. Gede Parma explores the Celtic realms of land.27 SAVE 30% $12.000 years to the Stone Age shamanic traditions of tribal cultures worldwide.95 James Endredy explores shamanic paths from around the globe and discusses the tools. Gede Parma reveals this aspect of Shamanic Witchraft. Readers will learn to work in the three realms. 877. Conway 978-1-56718-166-1 Whispers from the Woods Sandra Kynes 978-0-7387-0781-5 336 pp • 6 x 9 $18. including their attributes. 639 . Wicca’s roots go back 20. experiences a soul retrieval from a Cherokee spiritwalker. something from the very soul. Elemental Shaman Omar W. N E W . 87 7. upper world energy.

It is a book of sense and common sense. Learn the inner meanings of Wiccan rites. this intensive study course teaches the core content of Wiccan practice: the seasons. Topics include: n at u r e . and those who walk its path have solemnly dedicated themselves to the service of the Goddess and God.95 SAVE 30% $10. Embracing both the spiritual and the practical. Discover what it means to be Wiccan with this easy-to-follow course from Witch School. legal protection issues.95 $16.47 Many newcomers to the Craft find themselves piecing together their Wiccan education from many of the hundreds of books available.95 408 pp • 8 x 10 336 pp • 6 x 9 $24. $16. Ideal for solitary students. Modern Wicca is a vibrant. and wholly attuned to nature.95 $14. This meticulously researched reference guide preserves the authentic history and practices of Witchcraft. as well as how to strengthen your magickal power through self-discipline. culture. spiritually. when to teach them. techniques. Wicca is also a lifestyle. maintained and carried Wiccan beliefs up into this modern era.95 $17. and everything else you’ll need on your path to becoming a Witch. The Witches’ Craft Raven Grimassi 978-0-7387-0265-0 This is a serious and complete study of the inner meanings. or discarded through the years. not only about magick. this crucial text includes Wiccan ethics. Also included is the author’s correspondence with Doreen Valiente. and much more.95 Wicca for Beginners Thea Sabin 978-0-7387-0751-8 Wicca: A Year & A Day Timothy Roderick 978-0-7387-0621-4 Wiccan Beliefs & Practices Gary Cantrell 978-1-56718-112-8 Wiccan Magick Raven Grimassi 978-1-56718-255-2 288 pp • 53/16 x 8 264 pp • 6 x 9 $14. and beliefs behind the religion. uplifting nature religion practiced by hundreds of thousands of people in the United States alone. You Can Become a Pagan Teacher! A Teaching Handbook for Wiccans and Pagans Thea Sabin Now comes the most complete book ever on how to teach Paganism.95 264 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $21. and symbolism of magick as an occult art. beliefs and practices. Written for the solitary witch or non-traditional small coven. Based on an age-old custom where traditional initiation of the Craft took a year and a day. It doesn’t force any tradition on you. www. Wicca Scott Cunningham 978-0-87542-118-6 The Wiccan Mysteries Raven Grimassi 978-1-56718-254-5 312 pp • 6 x 9 Witch School: Living the Wiccan Life Debbe Tompkins 978-0-7387-1495-0 312 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 240 pp • 6 x 9 $16. You will learn all the essentials of the art of Witchcraft.B a s e d & pa g a n • • • • • • • • 978-0-7387-2710-3 312 pp • 6 x 9 Benefits and challenges of teaching Finding and screening students Adult learning styles Some basic teaching techniques Creating a class session Preparing to teach a class Online teaching Possible pitfalls This book is a must for all current teachers and potential teachers. this friendly guide presents the fundamentals of everyday Witch life in an engaging and straightforward manner. Wicca for Beginners is a primer on the philosophies. From energy and consciousness studies to casting spells and making magic. and discover the time-proven concepts that created.com 11 . and Asia.Yes. but about religion and one of the most critical issues of today: how to achieve the muchneeded and wholesome relationship with our Earth. and to which many solitary practitioners have never had access. The quality of your classes will improve as your students learn and retain more than ever. Magick within modern Wicca is an eclectic blending of many occult traditions that evolved from ancient beliefs and practices in Europe. and how to teach them. Wiccan Magick covers the full range of ritual practices of both modern ceremonial and shamanic Wicca.95 SAVE 30% $15. Cunningham’s classic introduction to Wicca is about how to live life magically. this daily plan provides lessons and exercises that introduce Witchcraft over a 366-day cycle. without losing the mystery that draws many students to want to learn. Become the teacher you always wanted to be with the help of this book. a teaching series that prepares students for initiation into Correllian Wicca. misplaced.95 $13. but rather it provides an outline of what things within your tradition need to be taught. much of which has been forgotten. patience.37 Encounter material that was once taught only in the initiate levels of the old Wiccan Mystery Traditions. the Middle East. magical herbs. and perseverance.llewellyn.

this is a deck you’ll use again and again. Steampunk has been a fascination of Tarot expert Barbara Moore for years. this aesthetic is called steampunk. Quaint. $18. and a charming fairy pendant. yet astoundingly futuristic.95 Boxed kit includes 78 full-color cards and 312-page book Enchanted Oracle Artwork by Jessica Galbreth. The breathtaking deck reflects society’s current concerns and struggles. The book explores the symbolism and meaning of each card and shares how to give readings. and sorceresses—a magical world of possibility and power. as well as original faerie-themed spreads. The kit also includes an introduction to tarot and quick reference guide for beginners.95 Enter an enchanted world filled with fairies. Featuring hauntingly beautiful fairy imagery by renowned fantasy artist Jessica Galbreth and insightful instruction from acclaimed tarot author Barbara Moore. and introspective questions to guide your journey. and future. 877. a whimsical silver pouch. a 240-page book that introduces oracles and their meanings. and fantasy watercolor artwork.95 SAVE 30% $19. Illustrations by Aly Fell One hundred and fifty years ago. acclaimed tarot author Barbara Moore introduces you to card reading. 87 7.87 Each suit tells a “faerie tale” as the nature spirits embark on magical adventures. Whether you love the decks retro-tech style or the insightful potential of its symbolism.The Steampunk Tarot d i v i n a t i o n The Steampunk Tarot Text by Barbara Moore. this Rider-Waite-based deck enchants and inspires tarot enthusiasts everywhere. the exquisitely wrought Shadowscapes Tarot by acclaimed fantasy artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law is prized for its ephemeral blend of Asian. book by Barbara Moore 978-0-7387-1436-3 Boxed kit (51/2 x 81/2) includes 78-card deck and a 240-page book $26. With the aid of brilliant artist Aly Fell. The gears and mechanics combined with the Victorian styles are timeless. offering insightful interpretations of each card’s symbolic significance. giving access to past. optimistic scientists felt that with gears powered by steam there wasn’t anything the prim and proper Victorians couldn’t accomplish. 978-0-7387-2638-0 t a r o t & $28. The Steampunk Tarot was born. W R L D ( 1. the Enchanted Oracle includes a stunning thirty-six-card oracle deck. Also includes a helpful booklet with interpretations and unique spreads by award-winning tarot expert Barbara Moore.95 What secret messages do your dreams hold? In this evocative tarot kit featuring breathtaking artwork by Heidi Darras. 639 . it includes Barbara’s “not-so-secret reading technique” and shares five spreads. while remaining true to tarot archetypes. $26. These stories offer lessons and fresh insights in all matters of life. both ancient and ultramodern. Drawing upon much-loved fairy tales and legends from cultures worldwide. giving new vantage points to see various issues. 9753 ) . this tarot invites you to explore hidden realms of imagination and creativity. book by Barbara Moore 978-0-7387-0921-5 Boxed kit (53/8 x 81/4) includes 78-card deck and a 288-page book One of Aeclectic Tarot’s Top Ten Decks for 2007! Shadowscapes Tarot Stephanie Pui-Mun Law Text by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore 978-0-7387-2732-5 78-card deck and a 64-page booklet $26. 12 1. goddesses. Perfect for both traditional and intuitive readings. book by Barbara Moore 978-0-7387-1410-3 Boxed kit includes a 36-card deck and a 240-page book Mystic Dreamer Tarot Artwork by Heidi Darras. Mystic Faerie Tarot Artwork by Linda Ravenscroft. N E W . Celtic. present.95 Now available as a stand-alone deck.

plus sample readings. charms. spells. Tarot and Astrology Corrine Kenner 978-0-7387-2964-0 312 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 Psychic Tarot Nancy Antenucci with Melanie Howard 978. interpretive techniques.27 Putting a fun and fresh spin on card reading. professional tarot reader Sasha Graham shows that the tarot is a fantastic tool for embracing your beauty. well-known tarot reader Corrine Kenner explains tarot and astrology basics. Along with practical astrological spreads. This friendly guidebook features a wealth of creative exercises that are compatible with any deck. you’ll find sample readings for Prince William.95 Tarot Diva Sasha Graham 978-0-7387-2604-5 336 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 Easy Tarot Reading Josephine Ellershaw 978-0-7387-2137-8 240 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $14. archetypal card symbolism. and gain new levels of inspiration.78 Days to Tarot Mastery t a r o t Around the Tarot in 78 Days Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin This is the first book to treat Tarot as a landscape that can be explored. and fashion tips. affirmations. unleashing your power. and insight.llewellyn. and enriching your life. she tells how to make the connections that add clarity and depth to a reading. Around the Tarot in 78 Days is ideal for new Tarot students and for those who have a Tarot deck but never really got into it.95 Josephine Ellershaw. meditations. and real-life examples. such as.95 SAVE 30% $13.95 Learn to read tarot cards using your own psychic skills. 978-0-7387-3044-8 Read articles by Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin at www. www. It features unique and innovative methods that answer all the questions of new Tarot readers. helpful readings. In this unique and user-friendly guidebook. $14. Ellershaw illuminates the Tarot reading process by inviting you to virtually sit in on her readings with ten individuals. the author of the international bestseller Easy Tarot.llewellyn. presents an easy and effective way for anyone to learn to do amazingly accurate. “How can I design a spread for this question?” or. Learn tarot basics and discover creative new ways to explore each card’s particular energies through meditations. This system has been road tested by hundreds of students and will allow you to become an advanced Tarot reader via the shortest route possible. zodiac signs. tarot and astrology have an undeniably powerful link. $18. the cards’ qabalistic associations. “How do I get a card meaning to fit a question?” This invaluable workbook uses contemporary keywords. and more. Card by card. With it you’ll quickly develop skills common to the world’s best Tarot readers. and each tarot card’s connections to astrology. exercises. and compelling firsthand accounts from a seasoned reader and teacher to start you on the path to trusting your intuition in reading the cards.0-7387-1975-7 240 pp • 53/16 x 8 $17. the planets. spread by spread. allowing you to easily and effectively master the Tarot. including a unique “Gated Spread” that allows you to experience the cards coming to life in everyday situations. Weave enchantment through every aspect of your life—and discover the diva within. recipes.95 Deeply entwined for six centuries.com 13 . spreads. guidance.com/journal & d i v i n a t i o n 456 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $19. Marilyn Monroe. and others.

Mary K. there’s a handy symbol dictionary for interpreting hundreds of tarot symbols. Match the court cards with the zodiac signs.95 $9. and with a unique interpretive twist. 877. as well as key words for all seventy-eight cards. modify it. the Myers-Briggs personality types. Greer 978-0-7387-0784-6 This easy-to-use tarot guide features over threedozen spreads for answering questions about romance. $14. Discover how to select a spread.95 288 pp • 6 x 9 308 pp • 5 /16 x 7 /8 3 5 $16. Learn what makes a good spread and why a particular spread is a better choice for a particular question. 87 7. Mary K. and more. Designed to be completed at your own pace and used with any tarot deck.87 SAVE 30% $13.27 Two esteemed Tarot scholars unmask the court cards with details not found in any other book. and the Jungian archetypes.d i v i n a t i o n You’ve Learned Tarot Card Meanings—Now What? Tarot Spreads Barbara Moore It’s not difficult to learn the meanings of individual Tarot cards. and number for simpler learning. metaphors. Perfect for beginners. and a wealth of original spreads to try for yourself.95 Tarot for Beginners Barbara Moore 978-0-7387-1955-9 The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals Mary K. and empowerment. Just as the twenty-six letters of the alphabet can be combined to form billions of words. Rachel Pollack’s Tarot Wisdom Rachel Pollack 978-0-7387-1309-0 A simple and practical guide to interpreting the symbolic language of the tarot. Tarot expert Barbara Moore reveals the inner secrets of how Tarot spreads work. The real magick of powerful Tarot readings occurs when the cards are placed in a spread and the meanings are modified by their position in the spread and relationships to each other. finance. For more insight. and extra exercises for advanced practitioners and those who want to delve even deeper into tarot. 9753 ) . In this new book. this guidebook features innovative ways to interpret and use Tarot. Learn a variety of spreads that reveal childhood issues and career destiny. Offering an abundant array of new ideas mixed in with enlightening discussions about Tarot’s checkered past. W R L D ( 1. Tarot Spreads takes you to the next level of Tarot divination excellence. These methods involve storytelling. 639 . 14 1. Barbara Moore clearly explains all essential aspects. Greer 978-1-56718-285-9 How to Use Tarot Spreads Sylvia Abraham 978-0-7387-0816-4 How to Read the Tarot Sylvia Abraham 978-0-7387-0817-1 360 pp • 53/16 x 8 192 pp • 53/16 x 75/8 $15. Greer & Tom Little 978-0-7387-0286-5 What do you do with the “other half. use it. Understanding the Tarot Court Mary K. N E W . the lessons contain tips. symbols. including the divinatory meanings of all seventyeight cards. broken down by Major and Minor Arcana.95 $24.95 504 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 SAVE 30% 336 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 Winner of 2007 International Tarot Award! $18. she also includes over 70 spreads you can use in your own readings. money. Sample readings from the author’s practice illustrate how to put the cards together to see the overall theme of a tarot reading. and other imaginative exercises and are designed to bring about interaction. This guide is devoted to reversals. and more. and more. as well as a storytelling spread to spark the creative writing process. Readers will learn five common tarot spreads designed to answer common questions about love. Greer’s twenty-one methods of reading a tarot card can be used in any combination for gaining amazing new insight and perspective. Experiment with the eleven different methods of reading reversed cards and use the author’s interpretations to stimulate your own intuitive ideas. Greer’s 21 Ways To Read a Tarot Card Mary K. ranging from the easy to the complex. key terms.95 This all-new edition of the popular Tarot for Beginners makes learning to read and interpret tarot cards easier than ever. How To Read the Tarot provides an interpretive structure that applies to the card numbers of both the Major and Minor Arcana. This much-anticipated follow-up to Rachel Pollack’s classic guidebook Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom will inspire Tarot aficionados and inform a new generation of Tarot students. of the Tarot deck? Experienced and beginning Tarot readers alike often struggle with interpreting cards when they’re upside down.” the reversed cards. Discover your significator and your nemesis. Become a professional card reader in just twenty-two clear and practical lessons with this complete course in tarot. Astoundingly. Tarot 101 Kim Huggens 978-0-7387-1904-7 360 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 288 pp • 6 x 9 $16. this book also includes a list of upright and reversed card meanings. suit. health. sketching. Featuring card images from three popular Rider-Waite-based decks.95 $17. transformation. 978-0-7387-2784-4 264 pp • 6 x 9 t a r o t & Having all of these possibilities will make using the Tarot more fun as you reach the deepest levels of Tarot interpretation.95 $8.95 $11. This book offers an intuitive way to learn by grouping the cards according to theme. career.

astrology.1-2-3 Tarot Donald Tyson 978-0-7387-0527-9 The Complete Book of Numbers Steven Scott Pither 978-0-7387-0218-6 A Keeper of Words Anna-Marie Ferguson 978-1-56718-266-8 Tarot & Magic Donald Michael Kraig 978-0-7387-0185-1 264 pp • 6 x 9 276 pp • 6 x 9 $14. the tarot can therefore be used to enhance your spiritual development. all of the above! Practical. which is right? According to Corrine Kenner.27 Add depth to your readings and unleash your psychic sense through the tarot’s three dimensions. forty-five sample readings. fun.87 $19. So. Beginners through advanced users will discover practical methods and fresh inspiration for all forms of writing. Tarot Awareness integrates the spiritual.95 $10. you will transport to a new level of personal transformation using Anthony Louis’ Jungian approach to the cards. and more! As a vibrant ecosystem of interconnected energies and entities. Includes fifteen original layouts. and illustrations from the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck. Compatible with any deck.87 Enhance your tarot readings on your quest for spirituality. poetry.95 336 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $19. practical. With five different spirituality-enhancing spreads. making friends. Here is a reliable and user-friendly self-study program for those who want to do tarot readings. Numerology involves our entire mathematical system—from arithmetic to modern physics—and is rich in psychological insight. and more. Being symbolic. Ritual card spreads. and step-by-step examples demonstrate how to use magical talismans to gain psychic talent. fun activities. A card’s complex significance is boiled down to three elements: identity. A well-kept secret. therapeutic. Perform life-changing magic with nothing more than a tarot deck. including short stories. healing. Learn the little-known history of number symbolism and follow a step-by-step progression of spiritual development. the tarot speaks to your unconscious. this breakthrough book expands numerology far beyond current concepts. and reveals insightful correlations between tarot and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. and religious aspects of the Tarot to clarify the true nature of their interrelationship. Flexible. and future. this foolproof system can be applied to all decks.95 SAVE 30% $13. and result/quality. She also introduces Time. & d i v i n a t i o n Tarot for the New Millennium Tarot Prediction & Divination Susyn Blair-Hunt 978-0-7387-2172-9 312 pp • 7 1/2 x 9 1/8 $18.95 $11.llewellyn. from conception to publication. consecration rites. the powerful cards of the tarot can be magically transformed into talismans and amulets. cultural. Written by a psychiatrist who brings a profound understanding of human nature and psychological conflict to the study of the tarot. and taps the power of both to open new doorways into your psyche. and fate. Tarot Talismans Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero 978-0-7387-0871-3 Filled with tarot-based writing prompts.95 408 pp • 7 /2 x 9 /8 1 1 $17. Tarot Awareness Stephen Walter Sterling 978-1-56718-676-5 Simple Fortunetelling with Tarot Cards Corrine Kenner 978-0-7387-0964-2 Tarot for Writers Corrine Kenner 978-0-7387-1457-8 Tarot Plain and Simple Anthony Louis 978-1-56718-400-6 384 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 336 pp • 6 x 9 $16. Some call tarot a tool for meditation and selfdevelopment. www.95 $15.47 t a r o t Always wanted to learn tarot.95 SAVE 30% 312 pp • 8 x 10 312 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 192 pp • 6 x 9 $11. This book unlocks the archetypes within Arthurian legend to add another layer of interpretive context to the tarot. Learning to read the Tarot is a continuous process of change and growth. Internationally known tarot expert Susyn Blair-Hunt teaches you to use tarot’s imagery to awaken your psychic abilities and uncover the cards’ predictive. which also works through symbols. this guide will show you how to combine wisdom from the cards with your intuition and common sense to achieve a new understanding of the past.95 SAVE 30% $12. fast. A Keeper of Words weaves together the fabric of the Arthurian legend’s history and different branches of Arthurian tradition with the symbolic. and sometimes it seems that Tarot cards raise more questions than they answer! Tarot Tips is a compendium of sage advice and practical wisdom from two respected teachers with decades of tarot experience.95 Tarot cards can be used for readings and as focal points in meditation. Sprinkled throughout are exercises and personal case histories.com 15 .95 $16. promote healing. and enhance magic skills. The seventy-eight tips cover common questions of interest to beginning and advanced students alike. Combining the mystery of the occult with the objectivity of science. and easy-to-use. and the four elements. suggesting tarot can impact your reality and your future. and spiritual messages. business success.95 192 pp • 6 x 9 $12. Others claim these seventy-eight cards offer a glimpse of the future. meditative. and fun. This guide presents straightforward techniques to create your own Tarot spells and rituals as well as how to use the magical power of the cards as talismans. and divinatory aspects of the tarot. present.95 336 pp • 7 /2 x 9 /8 1 1 $19. nonfiction. but worried about being able to memorize everything? Now it’s easy for beginners with a whole new approach that’s quick and effective. novels. Each chapter concludes with questions designed to trigger your own magical abilities. the god of tarot. free will. Ly de Angeles poses a bold new theory. business proposals. finding a job or home. Tarot Tips Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone 978-0-7387-0216-2 Tarot Spells Janina Renée 978-0-87542-670-9 312 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $16. this unique book helps you enliven your writing at every stage. Tarot Theory and Practice Ly de Angeles 978-0-7387-1138-6 The tarot is an excellent method for turning experience into wisdom. and helpful correspondence charts. this innovative system helps you take your interpretations to the next level. Exploring quantum physics. is that they can also be used to perform powerful spells! Want to lose weight? Looking for your dream lover? You can change your life by casting tarot spells! This book features spells for easing stress. however.95 SAVE 30% $16. action.

or a glimpse into the ultimate meaning of life. 87 7. and other mysterious creatures of the night. and science fiction from major publishers. understand dark urges. 877.95 The spiral represents the everlasting search for knowledge and wisdom.95 16 1. this unique deck will help you explore the dark crevices of the psyche— and find beauty where it is least expected. cosmic symbol is also indicative of a journey. mathematical constants. inspired by Anne Rice. spiritual enlightenment. and art dating back to the Stone Age. featuring Pagan and astrological symbols. Gorgeously grim and lyrical. Sepia tone dominates the emotionally-charged major arcana. games. roses. The wands are themed to mighty dragons. including comic books. will delight in the dreamy atmosphere. W R L D ( 1.Renowned worldwide for her breathtakingly beautiful fantasy artwork. an evolution.95 $22. Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot Lo Scarabeo Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet 978-0-7387-3364-7 $22. timeless world. call upon inner strength. masks. Lovecraft. Tarot of the Mystic Spiral Lo Scarabeo 978-0-7387-3238-1 Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet Favole Tarot Lo Scarabeo 978-0-7387-3258-9 Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet Fans of internationally renowned illustrator Luis Royo. N E W . The Labyrinth Tarot’s powerful images. Anne Stokes delights fans yet again with this gorgeous tarot. and the swords have become angels. as well as tarot aficionados. the sacred geometry used in the construction of the pyramids and gothic cathedrals. This exquisitely crafted deck offers a compelling gothic twist on the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith suits. sensual figures. Use this inspiring tarot to explore strange magical worlds. and butterflies representing the four suits. Bask in the splendor of this dreamy. This mysterious. haunted by beautiful vampires. dark fairies. alchemists’ formulas. Cunning vampires have replaced the cups. whose award-winning work has adorned a wide range of merchandise and media. The stunning Favole Tarot showcases the signature Gothic-Romantic style of illustrator Victoria Frances.95 The Labyrinth Tarot Lo Scarabeo 978-0-7387-3259-6 Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet $22. and spades). 639 . and superb workmanship of this finely-crafted. Use the Tarot of the Mystic Spiral to help you on your own quest— whether you’re seeking personal growth. were conceived solely for this eagerly-awaited project from Royo. $22. It can be found in the galaxies and in DNA. collectible tarot—created by one of the most popular fantasy artists of our time. and test the limits of your imagination. and pre-Raphaelite paintings. Skeletons stand in for pentacles. P. pentacles. 9753 ) . Diverging from the Rider-Waite tradition. while the minors are divided by color according to their suits (wands. you’ll find crosses. H. cups.

Draw closer to the Divine with the 99 Names of God deck.95 $28. Fans of this iconic brand will recognize and appreciate the powerful and seductive images in this extraordinary tarot.Lo Scarabeo Tarot decks are renowned both for their beautiful artwork and their ability to give insightful readings. embrace your primal passions. the AllKnowing. and unleash the beast within. Asian-influenced imagery. Whether you’re looking for a new twist on the familiar or an artistic deck with its own unique theme. both wild and wise.llewellyn.com 17 . Loosely based on the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition. each of the sixty-four cards features an I Ching hexagram. gothic approach to the three-thousand-year-old oracle. where justice is swift and transformation is inevitable.95 $22. Alchemy 1977 England Tarot Deck Lo Scarabeo 978-0-7387-3363-0 Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet The I Ching: Dead Moon Deck is a spectacular showcase of Luis Royo’s achingly gorgeous artwork. Based on Sufism. Taking a modern. Royo Dark Tarot Deck Lo Scarabeo Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet 978-0-7387-3361-6 $22. Llewellyn is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor for Lo Scarabeo. the world famous Spanish illustrator dazzles us with his own unique spin on the ancient I Ching—and captures its divinatory power like no other. Collectors of art and divination decks will be delighted to add this gem to their collection. noble armored knights. Open your heart to divine healing by reciting. Royo’s sensual and empowering tarot urges you to confront your darkest fears. this inspiring deck is an ideal spiritual tool for anyone seeking Truth and perfection. the All-Forgiving. and meditating on the Creator. the Merciful. invites us into a vivid world of haunting beauty. and luminescent nature creatures. Y our source for tarot tradition and innovation Luis Royo. This captivating mix of art from world-famous gothic illustrators ranges from traditional horror to lush supernatural scenes to medieval fantasy.95 Alchemy 1977 is famous around the globe for their stunning gothic artwork and steampunk accessories. the mystical path of Islam. and all 99 sacred names of Allah. 99 Names of God Lo Scarabeo 978-0-7387-3109-4 Boxed deck includes 78 cards and instruction booklet I Ching: Dead Moon Deck Lo Scarabeo 978-0-7387-3260-2 Boxed deck includes 64 full-color cards and instruction booklet $22.95 www. Lo Scarabeo is your source for exquisite museum-quality Tarot decks. Along with striking. one of the most popular fantasy artists of our time. remembering. Shimmering nightscapes are dominated by deadly female warriors.

named after the royal French city where it was first produced.95 18 1. Glow-in-the-dark imagery allows you to enjoy the whimsical illustrations day or night. and unfulfilled desires can finally be awakened. solve spiritual conflicts. N E W .95 $17. transform the present. unspoken hopes. the Michelangelo Tarot Deck cleverly enshrines his signature work into a tarot paradigm. 877. or as a unique frame for the enchanting art. Llewellyn is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor for Lo Scarabeo. Examine the past. 87 7. Another unique feature is the box. transports us to the fascinating origins of tarot. It is one of the standards.95 Dream Fairies Inspirational Deck Lo Scarabeo 978-0-7387-3239-8 Boxed set includes 12 full-color. 639 . and other familiar faces from Michelangelo’s iconic masterpieces come to life in unique and compelling ways. David. which date back to 1751.Lo Scarabeo Tarot decks are renowned both for their beautiful artwork and their ability to give insightful readings. This inspiring tarot. lightly tied to Rider-Waite-Smith structure. choices. as a round-the-clock reminder of a fairie’s message to you. glow-in-the-dark cards and a 192-page. $15. Evoking the ephemeral. Michelangelo Tarot Deck Lo Scarabeo Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet 978-0-7387-3362-3 $22. the Madonna. Tarot of Marseille Grand Trumps Lo Scarabeo 978-0-7387-3241-1 Boxed deck includes 22 full-color cards and instruction booklet Universal Transparent Tarot Deck Lo Scarabeo 978-0-7387-3221-3 Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet The Dream Fairies Inspirational Deck promises an enlightening inner journey guided by twelve breathtakingly beautiful fairies. Featuring clear plastic panels. Honoring the master of the Italian Renaissance. where hidden talents. make moral decisions.95 The Tarot of Marseille. This wonderful tool gives you the freedom to invent your own story. up to six at once. and embark on your own personal renaissance. an inspiration and template for countless tarot created in the nineteenth century. can be used to deepen your faith. This reproduction’s enhanced clarity and color breathe new life into the classical images. 9753 ) . and create the future you’ve always wanted. each representing a sign of the zodiac. Michelangelo is unquestionably one of the greatest artists of all time. W R L D ( 1. By superimposing the cards. This highly innovative and unusual version of the popular Universal Tarot offers a whole new tarot experience. or actions. full-color companion guide $29. which can be used to prop and display cards for meditation work. Lo Scarabeo is your source for exquisite museum-quality Tarot decks. emotionally rich essence of our dreamlife. Y our source for tarot tradition and innovation Revered as a divine genius even in his own lifetime. this unique deck can help you gain rare access to your subconscious. you can put together a meaningful mosaic that reflects your own unique desires. Whether you’re looking for a new twist on the familiar or an artistic deck with its own unique theme. this fun deck invites you to explore fresh and imaginative ways of working with tarot. The Grand Trumps edition features the twenty-two major arcana in a larger size that will add intensity and drama to your reading experience.

this essential guide offers unique and fresh ways to celebrate the eight sacred Wiccan holidays. Also included are articles by renowned astrologers who explore who offer practical planetary wisdom to enrich your life. healthy eating. open your energy. health care. marriage and relationships. this treasury of innovative herbal ideas spans five categories: gardening. Llewellyn’s Moon Sign Book has helped millions take advantage of the Moon’s dynamic energy. and plan other important endeavors. create stunning crafts with sunflowers. and gardening. www.llewellyn. filled with tasty treats and reminders of the season’s gifts and lessons. in addition to action tables that reveal the best dates to take a vacation. rites. cooking. Also included are topical articles exploring green living. move. Llewellyn’s 2012 Moon Sign Book 978-0-7387-1208-6 Llewellyn’s 2012 Sun Sign Book 978-0-7387-1209-3 360 pp • 51/4 x 8 $10. health/ beauty. and more—for the whole year. gardening.99 SAVE 75% $2. crafts.25 Get unique and inspiring ideas on honoring the Wheel of the Year from your favorite Wiccan and Pagan authors. career. there is advice for choosing the best times to do just about anything related to love and relationships. and crafts. business and finances. put together an autumn luck bag. This practical almanac is your gateway to the herbal kingdom. Llewellyn’s Sabbats Almanac Samhain 2011 – Mabon 2012 978-0-7387-1498-1 $2. Detailed horoscopes for each sign by Kris Brandt Riske will answer your questions about relationships. cooking. Rediscover the fundamentals of each festival and learn historic folk rites.75 Llewellyn’s 2012 Herbal Almanac 978-0-7387-1205-5 312 pp • 51/4 x 8 $10.75 $2. control pests in your garden.99 SAVE 75% $3. In this edition. weather. From getting married to buying a house.75 312 pp • 51/4 x 8 $12.com 19 . whip up Presto Pesto Pasta and other quick meals. Plan spiritually uplifting family celebrations. Included are rewarding/challenging days for each month. Also featured are astrological influences to help you plan Sabbat rituals according to cosmic energies.99 SAVE 75% 360 pp • 51/4 x 8 $10. Packed with rituals. This edition features Sally Cragin’s New and Full Moon forecasts for the entire year. money. you’ll discover how to keep bees and make herbal honey. and myth/lore. and more.99 SAVE 75% Featuring thirty articles. and much more.2012 75% Off LLeweLLyn Annuals & Calendars Since 1905. recipes.

20 1. this edition of Llewellyn’s Spell-ADay Almanac features Moon void-ofcourse data. Each spell is cross-referenced by purpose: love and relationships. craft practices. health. Gain new insights into living your craft every day with Llewellyn’s Witches’ Companion.75 144 pp • 51/4 x 8 Spiral Bound $10. and much more. Also included is a seasonal essay for each month and a special bonus section with eight in-depth articles. Dark Moon magic. this multipurpose datebook allows you to blend the magical and the mundane seamlessly. written by your favorite authors and fresh voices in the Wiccan/Pagan community. keeping you one step ahead of the latest Witchy trends. This year’s edition is filled with wry and thoughtprovoking essays—Witchcraft on a shoestring. Sabbat recipes. authors. You’ll find horoscopes. W R L D ( 1.50 Llewellyn’s Astrological Calendar—now in its eightieth year!—is the best-known.99 SAVE 75% $3. performing magic for a cause. and introductions by the contributors. Innovative thinkers. money/success. It also includes space for notes and tips for creating your own spells. New for this year are thirteen seasonal spells by Deborah Blake.99 SAVE 75% 32 pp • 12 x 12 $13. planetary motion. 9753 ) . and ideas in green living. fresh ways to celebrate the sacred seasons and enhance your practice—Moon rituals. N E W . most trusted astrological calendar sold today.Calendars 75% Off LLeweLLyn Annuals &2012 Llewellyn’s 2012 Astrological Calendar Original artwork by John Blumen 978-0-7387-1202-4 Llewellyn’s 2012 Witches’ Calendar Original scratchboard artwork by Jennifer Hewitson 978-0-7387-1212-3 40 pp • 12 x 12 $13.75 $2. this calendar is jam-packed with astrological information to plan the year wisely. and experts keep you up to date on a wide array of timely topics. and more. Witch parenting. creating a Book of Shadows scrapbook. rewarding and challenging days. Also featured is a sixteen-month calendar and lunar information to fuel your spellwork and rituals. solar and lunar eclipses. including retrogrades. and earth/world.99 SAVE 75% 288 pp • 51/4 x 8 $10. best days for planting and fishing. and in-depth articles on temporal spellwork. easy-to-perform spells and enchantments for every day of the year. 877. You’ll also find fun.99 SAVE 75% $2. and travel forecasts by Bruce Scofield. For fifteen years. this treasury of Craft wisdom has provided both new and experienced Witches with everything they need to tune into the earth’s cycles and work their magic: the Moon’s sign and phase. protection. lovely new artwork.99 SAVE 75% $2. Llewellyn’s 2012 Witches’ SpellA-Day Almanac 978-0-7387-1214-7 Llewellyn’s 2012 Witches’ Companion 978-0-7387-1211-6 Llewellyn’s 2012 Witches’ Datebook Original artwork by Jennifer Hewitson 978-0-7387-1213-0 264 pp • 51/4 x 8 $10. daily color correspondences. Much more than an appointment book and calendar. even lunar gardening tips. 87 7. travel and communication. evocative artwork.75 Filled with new.50 $3. candle magic. There’s also an astrology primer to help beginners use the vast amount of astrological data contained within. astrological information. 639 . magical ecotourism. home and garden. Much more than a stunning collection of original.

Surrender to the realm of dragons as you celebrate their roles of savage warrior. this stunning calendar depicts dragons in all their formidable power and glory through sumptuously vivid artwork by internationally acclaimed illustrator Anne Stokes. the magic of moving. majestic guardian. You’ll also find the Moon’s sign and phase. Llewellyn’s 2012 Daily Planetary Guide 978-0-7387-1204-8 Llewellyn’s 2012 Astrological Pocket Planner 978-0-7387-1203-1 Llewellyn’s 2012 Magical Almanac 978-0-7387-1207-9 208 pp • 51/4 x 8 Spiral Bound $12. a time zone conversion chart. on finding your personal goddess. fullcolor artwork by Linda Ravenscroft 978-0-7387-2608-3 Llewellyn’s 2012 Dragon Calendar Illustrations by Anne Stokes 978-0-7387-2565-9 24 pp • 12 x 12 $13. and space to jot down your daily appointments.25 $2. or ask for that muchdeserved raise. weekly. you’ll learn the best time to plant a garden. Also featured are weekly forecasts and Opportunity Periods to sign a contract. begin new projects. schedule a date. With aspects. air altars. and stunning full-color portraits of these fearsome beasts. and more. Llewellyn’s 2012 Astrological Pocket Planner also contains a world map of time zones. retrograde planets. growing abundance with the Greenman. and more.50 Add whimsy and magic to each day in 2012 with a little help from the faerie realm.25 $2.99 SAVE 75% 24 pp • 12 x 12 $13. this edition highlights innovative ways to deepen your craft and enhance everyday life. Consult the stars anytime. Organize your life with the handy calendar section—shaded for easy “flip to” reference—featuring world festivals. Huichol wisdom. Featuring retrograde and Moon void-of-course tables.Calendars 75% Off LLeweLLyn Annuals &2012 Llewellyn’s 2012 Woodland Faerie Calendar Original. empower your dreams with the graceful allure of woodland nymphs. or monthly basis.99 SAVE 75% $3. Llewellyn’s 2012 Daily Planetary Guide can help you take advantage of cosmic forces on a daily. eclipses for 2012. this astrological planner highlights favorable times to do anything.99 SAVE 75% 192 pp • 41/4 x 65/16 $8. and more.K.99 SAVE 75% $3. Llewellyn’s Woodland Faeries Calendar presents your favorite traditional holidays as well as moon phase information so you can align your life with the rhythms of the natural world.50 $3. go fishing. Each month features major U. moon phases. Brighten your days with the sparkling energy of pixies and sprites. plus each day’s color and incense to help you maximize the power of your magical work. along with ephemeris and aspectarian data for 2011-2013. www. and enchanted bearer of good fortune. and U.com 21 . Listing exact times down to the minute. and 2012 sabbats. Comprehensive and compact. ephemeris.llewellyn.75 Packed with a wealth of astrological information. anywhere. From psychic fitness to accidental magic. holidays.S. you won’t be caught off guard with this powerhouse of planetary data. grouped by element. Read compelling articles. Back by popular demand. with this easy-to-use astrological day planner.99 SAVE 75% 360 pp • 51/4 x 8 $10. holidays. conduct self-reflection.

87 7. learn their impact and their astrological difference. this book begins by defining each of the signs. Take a closer look at this undervalued planet. trines. this book shows you how to predict future events. Astrology will help you develop an integrated. Ph. squares. Astrology Kevin Burk 978-1-56718-088-6 Astrology for Beginners Joann Hampar 978-0-7387-1106-5 All Around the Zodiac Bil Tierney 978-0-7387-0111-0 312 pp • 6 x 9 480 pp • 6 x 9 $21. Planetary aspects—the dynamic relationships and energy exchanges between planets—are an essential part of chart interpretation. boss.95 a s t r o l o g y Solar and lunar eclipses can have a transformative effect in your life and relationships. Blending astrology. you’ll explore the lunar nodes. and more. including studying Venus through the signs and in retrograde. air. Besides enriching your understanding of the planets. Over thirty illustrations. complete to 2015. Houses discusses different house systems. Also included are fascinating discussions of past celebrity couples’ astrological dynamics. or romantic interest. Astrology of the Moon Amy Herring 978-0-7387-1896-5 Patterns are everywhere.95 SAVE 30% 216 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 216 pp • 6 x 9 $11. Venus Anne Massey 978-0-7387-0991-8 Aspects Robin Antepara 978-0-7387-0928-4 Aspect Patterns Stephanie Clement. and more. a new realm of your horoscope is revealed. planets. and how to interpret each planet in every house. career opportunities.95 SAVE 30% $19. friends. By the last lesson. and metaphor.95 $21. zodiac signs. All Around the Zodiac is ideal for all who want to get new insight into the dynamic qualities of each sign. add a helpful visual dimension to your learning experience. psychology. Written in a clear style and laced with the author’s clever and insightful sense of humor. and money. conjunctions.37 This step-by-step guide takes you through the language of astrological symbols. and how to interpret their significance in your chart. Aspects describes the complex configurations that influence what will happen to us over time. More than techniques. She explains the meaning of the planets.95 Discover the meaning of Venus through myths and symbolism. this information-packed guide explains the moon’s powerful energetic potential in relation to the signs. planets. Ideal for beginning to intermediate astrologers. the points where the moon’s orbit crosses the sun’s path. helps you discover your karmic life path. gifts. signs. and aspect patterns indicate how personality traits can be seen in character development and decisions in relationships. etc. earth. This book features modern terminology and gives new life and modernity to your understanding of the houses. houses. 978-0-7387-0782-2 The Astrological Elements Sally Cragin 978-0-7387-1871-2 264 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 192 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $16.A. Were You Born on the Cusp? Astrology on the Cusp Sally Cragin 978-0-7387-3154-4 240 pp • 5 x 8 $17. Each cusp birthday’s characteristics are further illuminated by examples of celebrities such as Robert Redford and Meryl Streep. Popular astrologer Kris Brandt Riske presents the essentials of astrology in a clear manner.95 $15. aspects. Of course.95 368 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 240 pp • 6 x 9 $14. making it easy for you to add the influences of eclipses to readings—learn the impact of prenatal eclipses on the natal chart. N E W . you’ll be able to read and interpret your chart. this book finally makes understanding and interpreting the many different patterns clear. and many more. and houses. this book lets you quickly look up your date of birth to discover your strengths. Your moon sign represents your emotional nature and lights the way toward profound spiritual growth. and challenges. ruling planets. M.95 Gain a deeper understanding of your personality and motivations—and those of your partner. Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the people around you—with Sun sign astrology! This fun and easy-to-use guide explores all twelve Sun signs through the four elements of fire.97 336 pp • 8 x 10 $18. eclipses. houses. it stresses the principles that make those techniques valid.95 $18. including chart patterns. family member. synthesized approach to understanding the birth chart. It is the relationships between the stars and planets that let us grasp the destiny of the individual. 877. paying special attention to relationships. this astrological guide helps readers grasp the dynamics of each of the twelve astrological houses. you can interpret the north and south nodes in relation to the natal chart’s houses.95 $13. from beehives to DNA strands to the stars in the sky.D. 9753 ) . and aspects. career. zodiac signs. and water. and gain valuable insight into yourself and others. Illustrated with numerous charts and examples of famous personalities. revealing what each is like as a friend. the meanings of each house. Illuminating the natal and progressed moon relationship. and family—with this first-ever guide to cusp astrology. love and romance are thoroughly examined through the planet’s relation to the signs and with the parts of the chart associated with marriage.95 192 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 SAVE 30% $16. Look up your moon sign with the easy-to-use “cookbook” format. signs. 22 1. angles. career. Designed for people whose birthdays fall between two signs. spouse. It then analyzes the meanings of all sixtysix pairs of signs and concludes by revealing the meanings of the planets and houses in the signs. sextiles. and aspects.87 $17. Topics include oppositions. and aspects.95 $17. retrograde planets.Eclipses Celeste Teal 978-0-7387-0771-6 Houses Gwyneth Bryan 978-0-7387-0868-3 288 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $19. 978-0-7387-1071-6 Lunar Nodes Celeste Teal 978-0-7387-1337-3 240 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $27. By examining your lunar nodes. and aspect patterns as well as gain a holistic understanding of the horoscope. Eclipses includes a master eclipse and planetary transits chart. including the birth charts of several famous people. 639 . W R L D ( 1. As each chapter unfolds. houses. co-worker.95 Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Astrology Kris Brandt Riske.

Now.95 Running Time: 1 hour 16 minutes Noel Tyl’s MasterWork DVD Series: DVD 1 Creative Management of Astrology’s Basics Noel Tyl’s MasterWork DVD Series: DVD 3 Tensions in Life Development Noel Tyl 978-0-7387-3115-5 • $29.com 23 .95 Running Time: 95 minutes Noel Tyl is one of the foremost astrologers in the world. the first DVD in the series. In this.95 Running Time: 88 minutes Noel Tyl is one of the foremost astrologers in the world. In this. Noel Tyl 978-0-7387-3116-2 • $29. Now. His thirty-three textbooks have led the teaching of astrologers for two generations. Tyl shows you medical references in a chart that allow you to understand critical illnesses and anticipate when they may occur. the third DVD in the series. Be able to take into account the client’s experience and see that the horoscope is living within your client. marriage. His thirty-three textbooks have led the teaching of astrologers for two generations. Noel Tyl 978-0-7387-3180-3 • $29. job changes. his MasterWork Series on DVD sets a new standard for dynamic presentation to light your learning and launch your career. discover extraordinary psychodynamic understandings through the moon. with examples.95 Running Time: 1 hour 49 minutes A “Matured Astrologer” can pinpoint the needs of a person.95 Running Time: 90 minutes Noel Tyl is one of the foremost astrologers in the world.llewellyn. brought down to earth. Be able to warn clients of potential medical problems so they can get preventive care. discover astrology’s basics. his MasterWork Series on DVD sets a new standard for dynamic presentation to light your learning and launch your career. His thirty-three textbooks have led the teaching of astrologers for two generations. which affects their lives and relationships. the fourth DVD in the series. In this.95 Running Time: 70 minutes Noel Tyl is one of the foremost astrologers in the world. the second DVD in the series. DVD 8 Medical Astrology Noel Tyl 978-0-7387-3183-4 • $29. and more. Helping a person discover their ideal job is one of the most valuable services an astrologer can offer. family developments. his MasterWork Series on DVD sets a new standard for dynamic presentation to light your learning and launch your career. Noel Tyl’s MasterWork DVD Series: DVD 2 The Moon: Inside and Out Noel Tyl’s MasterWork DVD Series: DVD 4 The Time Dimension: Solar Arcs and Transits Noel Tyl 978-0-7387-3117-9 • $29. their patterns of development. of medical astrology. health. you’ll discover Tyl’s breakthrough technique—the Midheaven Extension Process—for helping a person discover his or her ideal job. In Vocational Profiling. In this.95 Running Time: 1 hour 15 minutes Tyl MasterWork DVD Series. his MasterWork Series on DVD sets a new standard for dynamic presentation to light your learning and launch your career. DVD 9 The Matured Astrologer Noel Tyl 978-0-7387-3182-7 • $29. discover how rulerships bring houses dramatically to life. a s t r o l o g y Tyl MasterWork DVD Series. Now. Learn to accomplish in five minutes what therapists take months to achieve. schooling. www. His thirty-three textbooks have led the teaching of astrologers for two generations. DVD 7 Vocational Profiling Noel Tyl 978-0-7387-3184-1 • $29. This DVD is one of the most complete discussions. Now. discover questions to illuminate events. and more. moves. Tyl MasterWork DVD Series.The Concluding DVDs of Noel Tyl’s Masterwork Series Many people are unhappy or unsatisfied with their job.

Ph. No previous astrological knowledge is needed. For three decades. 639 . Take a voyeuristic peek at your prospective lover’s hang-ups and turn-ons with this spicy and fun guide. explore every pairing’s compatibility potential.95 $14. With the help of the included CD-ROM. strengths. etc. 978-0-7387-0644-3 416 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $21.95 216 pp • 5 x 6 $12. This astrological guide to good sex can help you understand the desires. You don’t have to know anything about astrology to add a little star power to your love life! Empowering and entertaining. No matter what sign you and your partner are. Discover Compatibility Through Sun Sign Astrology Sun Signs and Soul Mates Linda George 978-0-7387-1558-2 240 pp • 6 x 9 $17.D. motivations.D. Get the foreplay 411 on men and women of every sun sign. True experiences of the author and her clients illustrate the dynamics of these powerful relationships that often involve our lovers. Star Guide to Weddings is a cosmic cocktail of marriage insight based on the Sun sign of your wedding day. and more can be influenced by the stars. reading up on an ex will remind you why you’re now better off! Provide invaluable insight into a couple’s future life together with this comprehensive guide to relationship analysis.97 $12. Find out how sex. A birth date and time is all you need to access an astrological understanding of any family member—parents. N E W . John Townley. 87 7. discover their sweet and sour sides. this book will pinpoint the potential pitfalls and how to deal with them. and place. By working through the strategies suggested for your sign combination. Even if you’re happily settled with a new mate.95 SAVE 30% $21. colors. 24 1. so you can discover how to make love last. regardless of how our Sun signs are supposed to get along. just a birth date.07 240 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $19. and cultivate more fulfilling and loving relationships. This book will help you hook up with that perfect carnal companion and steer clear of emotional train wrecks. W R L D ( 1. interpret composite and marriage charts. Star Guide to Guys offers real insight into the romantic sensibilities of all twelve sun signs. Maria Shaw characterizes the many types of soul mate connections and offers advice on how to recognize your cosmic life partner.com/journal SignMates Bernie Ashman 978-1-56718-046-6 The Sex Files Rowan Davis 978-0-7387-1354-0 The Ex-Boyfriend Book Rowan Davis 978-0-7387-1143-0 Synastry Rod Suskin 978-0-7387-1255-0 504 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 336 pp • 5 x 6 264 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $21. See how your career. Many of the exercises are designed to awaken individual skills and heighten selfunderstanding.95 $9. Learn about each sign’s personality traits. Learn how to recognize behavioral patterns. create a birth chart to gain astrological help in achieving a physically. and challenges of every combination. Read more from Linda George at www. the inventor of this technique.95 264 pp • 5 x 6 $20. children.95 Astrology & Relationships addresses the complexities of real relationships by revealing the essential nature. countless astrologers have added it to their toolkits. Love After Sex Olivia 978-0-7387-0853-9 Check the astrological rapsheet of your ex and get all the answers. fantasies. predict relationship longevity. emotionally. identify potential challenges. Now. has updated and expanded his system with the definitive guide to creating and interpreting these charts. you can build a strong relationship with your partner. and give practical advice for making the relationship work. This book and CD-ROM set make it easy to explore family relations from your perspective. money.95 $12.95 240 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $19. 877. 978-0-7387-0623-8 Astrology & Relationships David Pond 978-0-7387-0046-5 264 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $12. It’s divided into three sections that make it easy to get the lowdown on love-whether you’re dating. siblings. friends.95 SAVE 30% $9. and learn their favorite fantasies. or in a committed relationship. children. needs. 9753 ) . Do you share a past-life connection with someone? In this enlightening guide to karmic partnerships.95 a s t r o l o g y The composite chart is available for solving the puzzle of human relationships. grandparents. creative spirit. health. Gain insight into the way people change as a relationship evolves. and expectations of you and your partner. Mapping Your Family Relationships is a valuable astrological tool for analyzing your family relationships.95 This fascinating and inspiring book goes through the twelve Sun signs and explores the lighter and darker sides of each from the perspective of the heart. His sign will also show you how to send him packing or (if it’s what you really want) how to get him back. It then takes the unique step of offering exercises that will help you manifest the true potential that exists between each of the signs. and other symbols to honor the astrological energy enriching one’s union. and spiritually satisfying sex life. Ph. Includes over forty sample chart analyses of anonymous people and celebrities. and power dynamics play out in relationships based on the combinations of Sun sign decanates (one-third of each sign) of the people involved.07 Many of us play the relationship game. and family.llewellyn.Composite Charts John Townley 978-1-56718-716-8 Soul Mates & Hot Dates Maria Shaw 978-0-7387-0746-4 Star Guide to Weddings April Elliott Kent 978-0-7387-1169-0 Star Guide to Guys Elizabeth Perkins 978-0-7387-0954-3 528 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 29. friends. His Sun sign will remind you of his sweet and sour sides. as well as from the viewpoints of your family members. It also features moon sign tendencies that indicate how well you are able to emotionally nurture your lover. Mapping Your Family Relationships Stephanie Clement. single. time. and glimpse their kinky fetishes and preferred games between the sheets.95 216 pp • 6 x 9 240 pp • 6 x 9 SAVE 30% $12. This entertaining guide also includes ideas for celebrating the special day with flowers. opening up vital new insights into the nature and prospects of all types of interpersonal association. spiritual beliefs.95 Mapping Your Sex Life Stephanie Jean Clement.

Simply look up the energy zone in which your birthday falls to discover your innate strengths. When used wisely. find out the spiritual lessons you need to learn.95 $27. Connect the cosmic dots and figure out where you came from and the destiny you chose for this lifetime. Reach your full potential with an instant pastlife reading based on your Sun sign.95 Provide the most accurate forecasts for your clients with this one-of-a-kind book that puts the practice of chart rectification within easy reach. and the Dalai Lama. Whether you’re new to astrology or a long-time practitioner.37 288 pp • 8 x 10 $18. understand why a particular mate was chosen. solar and lunar returns. well-known astrologer Rose Marcus offers a collection of original essays by today’s foremost evolutionary astrologers.95 www. The book also features advice for numerous specific events. how to time events according to planetary cycles. M. Carol Rushman developed this skill. including the significance of each planet. stationing and retrograde planets. including the dates when they will occur. The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology Per Henrik Gullfoss 978-0-7387-1258-1 216 pp • 6 x 9 $14. Your astrological birth chart reveals your soul’s contract with the universe. This book covers all essential applications of predictive astrology. Learn to recognize consistent patterns where astrological indicators correspond with dramatic life events. a s t r o l o g y Sun Signs & Past Lives Bernie Ashman 978-0-7387-2107-1 The Art of Predictive Astrology Carol Rushman 978-0-7387-0164-6 336 pp • 6 x 9 264 pp • 6 x 9 360 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $26. Bernie Ashman provides a simple. This leading astrology reference has been brought up to date and expanded. and planetary returns. Electional Astrology Joann Hampar 978-0-7387-0701-3 See how Saturn signals important changes in all areas of your life—self. and the cultural significance of Pluto entering Capricorn. including evolutionary astrology founder Jeffrey Wolf Green and Deva Green. The Complete Book of Chart Rectification Carol A. Predicting Events with Astrology Celeste Teal 978-0-7387-1553-7 Forecasting your future gives you a remarkable edge in life. and more. and more. mind. 978-0-7387-2755-4 Karmic Astrology Ruth Aharoni 978-0-7387-0967-3 Cosmic Karma Marguerite Manning 978-0-7387-1054-9 192 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 216 pp • 7 x 7 $16. In this easy-to-understand. definitive guide to predictive astrology. planetary aspects.95 SAVE 30% Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Predictive Astrology Kris Brandt Riske.95 $16. including transits. this engaging book gives you practical ways for achieving harmony and unity among body. and soul. family.A.95 $15.95 $24. eclipses.llewellyn. This astrological guide also features fascinating case studies of celebrities such as Britney Spears.95 $15. You can then link these life events with aspect “hooks” to derive the most likely birth time. lunar cycles. the fulfillment of human potential. Learn the basic principles of electional astrology. your birth chart. Midheaven.47 $24. Imagine that you can look at astrological charts and be able to make accurate predictions for coming events. foolproof way to pinpoint behaviors that may be keeping you from peace and fulfillment. This new edition adds information on Chiron. transits. such as the best times for an audition. too! Learn how to work with the progressed moon. you can. progressed house cusps. making it better than ever! Includes all information needed to advance from beginning to expert astrologer. Oprah Winfrey.95 288 pp • 6 x 9 $16.P.95 SAVE 30% 264 pp • 6 x 9 $10. and improve current relations with friends. and use these insights to transform your life. horary acts like a trusted advisor to whom you can turn in times of trouble. and lunations.95 Horary astrology is the best method for getting answers to questions of pressing personal concern: Will I ever have children? Should I buy that lakefront property? What happened to my car keys? Here is the best how-to guide for the intermediate astrologer on the art of astrological divination. home life. and lunar nodes.Horary Astrology Plain & Simple Anthony Louis 978-1-56718-401-3 288 pp • 7 x 10 $21. transits. Tebbs. and spouses. Imum Coeli. and relationships—as it makes aspects to the Ascendant. M. This groundbreaking book can help readers identify karmic partners. Insights into Evolutionary Astrology Rose Marcus 978-0-7387-1986-3 288 pp • 6 x 9 $29.A. planetary nodes. a physical exam. Contributors explore Pluto’s influence on the sexual/relationship characteristics of each zodiacal sign. 978-0-7387-1308-3 Llewellyn’s New A to Z Horoscope Maker and Interpreter Llewellyn George 978-0-7387-0322-0 240 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 480 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $34. Reach the heart of spirituality and life with this beautiful exploration into the sacred science of astrology. past life regression. Also features a basic introduction to horary astrology. air or car travel.com 25 . progressions. C. the vertex. transneptunians. as well as a study guide and a complete astrological dictionary. Fulfilling your contract is just a matter of knowing where to look—your celestial map of planetary energies. Saturn Cycles Wendell Perry 978-0-7387-1493-6 Is there a karmic connection that binds us to the closest people in our lives? Learn from past incarnations via the karmic “footprints” visible in an astrological birth chart. a tool for discovering your soul’s true intention and purpose. career.A. horary and mundane astrology.95 The Power of Evolutionary Astrology Shedding new light on soul growth and life’s most profound mysteries. progressions. eclipses. whether you want to seize upcoming opportunities or prepare for challenges ahead. Includes celebrity case studies. health considerations..95 This expanded and revised edition of Predicting Events with Astrology offers brand-new material and additional forecasting tips for life’s anticipated adventures and choosing ideal times for planned events. you will learn how to perform each major predictive technique: solar arcs. and Descendant. the dynamics between twins. and by using the techniques she reveals here.

. and is independent of any philosophy or set of beliefs.·. It starts with the revolutionary premise that money belongs to the element of Air.·. and the book is encyclopedic in depth and inclusive of even chaos and cyber magic. 978-0-7387-1063-1 480 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 Money Magic Frater U. D. hermeticists. a mantrical spell method.D.T. 978-0-7387-0471-5 432 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 Where Do Demons Live? Frater U. 26 1. This comprehensive guide explores a variety of magical topics—mirror magic.95 SAVE 30% $22. 978-0-7387-2127-9 240 pp • 53/16 x 8 $31. N E W .D.·.. 978-0-7387-1479-0 216 pp • 5 x 7 $31.D.·.95 Europe’s best-known mage and contemporary occult author shares his extensive magical expertise in the companion volume to his highly acclaimed High Magic. magical orders. Previously unavailable in English. nondogmatic way.37 $11.·. By transforming the idea of money in your psyche.17 The essence of Magic is a simple formula based on the exercise of Will. and Gnosis. and much more.. mudras. and divination—in a modern. $16. from secret orders and poltergeists to astral travel and Aleister Crowley. 9753 ) . Today.. detailed information on a broad array of magical topics..·. using the Alphabet of Desire.. Imagination. 87 7. invent sex magic? Playing Dear Abby for the occult crowd. It covers a pictorial method. shamanism. High Magic II Frater U. 877.95 One of the world’s best-known ceremonial magicians.O. and then details how to activate them with magical trance.·.95 SAVE 30% $15.D.. The program is effective and entirely self-directed. The book begins with Austin Osman Spare’s theory of sigils. Frater U. The author is widely regarded as Europe’s bestknown magician and living occult author. and used copies have sold for up to $200.. mages.D. constructing sigils with planetary cameas.·. Previously unavailable in English.·. this guide has been eagerly awaited by ceremonial magicians. Practical Sigil Magic presents the clearest and most extensive set of instructions on the making of sigils. you will invite wealth to flow more freely into your life. W R L D ( 1. and Hermetic practitioners. a “sigil” indicates a personal symbol magically created and empowered to bring you a goal. 978-0-7387-3153-7 168 pp • 53/16 x 8 m a g i c k $15. These short and snappy essays offer accurate. this advanced guide will be welcomed by ceremonial magicians.·. This book guides the magician through a series of basic exercises and real magical practices in a consistent program with examples and explanations. answers frequently asked questions about magic..95 High Magic Frater U. The technique is popular because it requires no complex rituals or paraphernalia. sigil magic. and other magic users. This book has been out-of-print for twenty years. Where do demons live? What’s the skinny on sigils? Did the O. 639 .The Most Wanted Book in Magic! Practical Sigil Magic Frater U. Discover why this book is one of the most wanted books in magic. presents the definitive guide to money magic.D. the renowned European author and magician Frater U.

Learn about the ancient Jewish beliefs and methods of astrology. and numerology related to Jewish mysticism? The fabulous. consecration. and psychology. A complete course with information and techniques in the order of initiation.com 27 . through the magic and mysticism of the Qabala. this book has caused a furor for revealing real secrets of magick. magic.95 792 pp • 7 x 10 $42. ritual.95 384 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 384 pp • 8 x 10 $17. The Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth. as well as the rich history of the Golden Dawn and its founders.77 This classic work introduces a psychological perspective on magic and occultism. and explanatory notes.95 $39. miraculous. The Middle Pillar Israel Regardie. The responsibility and the opportunity for real spiritual development is personal. religion.95 $26. name of God. magic. planetary hours. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn took dozens of confusing traditions and united them into a practical whole. this is the first Tarot deck to incorporate the symbolism necessary for use in rituals. Since then it has achieved the status of a classic among texts on the Hermetic Qabalah. and Plane of the Tree of Life is fully described and cross-indexed. from neophyte to adeptus minor.95 240 pp • 51/4 x 8 SAVE 30% $12. Magic and Mysticism Rabbi Geoffrey W. edited by Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero 978-1-56718-141-8 Godwin’s Cabalistic Encyclopedia David Godwin 978-1-56718-324-5 The Golden Dawn Israel Regardie 978-0-87542-663-1 844 pp • 6 x 9 Golden Dawn Magical Tarot Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero 978-0-7387-2339-6 832 pp • 6 x 9 552 pp • 6 x 9 $21. Learn what the Golden Dawn tradition is and what it has to offer. astrology. Break the barrier between the conscious and unconscious through the Middle Pillar exercise—a bridge into magic. chakra work.95 312 pp • 6 x 9 $17. or a researcher.” How are alchemy.95 SAVE 30% Boxed kit includes a 79-card deck and 240-page book $15. it describes the tools of the magician and how to use them.llewellyn. It has been updated with full annotations. free of jargon and complex language.47 $22. Whether you are a Kabbalist. critical commentary. to become “more than human. Within each of us is the potential to manifest greater love and fulfillment to all areas of our lives. this guide is a must for self-initiation into one of the most important Western magical systems. and mysterious are all explored in this comprehensive reference to Jewish esotericism.95 552 pp • 6 x 9 SAVE 30% $24. a Pagan. Magic and the Great Work of SelfTransformation Lyam Thomas Christopher 978-0-7387-0893-5 The Sword & The Serpent Denning & Phillips 978-0-7387-0810-2 544 pp • 6 x 9 $24. Presenting all of the rituals and “Knowledge Lectures” clearly. It now includes annotations and more. in addition to important rites.A Garden of Pomegranates Israel Regardie. Not requiring adherence to any particular religious or magical group. this book is a must. and with written selfcheck tests. This book was the first to present traditional Kabbalah from a scientific orientation—showing how it clearly relates to Quantum Theory.95 Advancing to higher levels of ritual magic requires a spiritual transformation. Written and created by internationally known adepts Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero. This guide also explores Kabbalist principles. Relativity. Based on the Qabalah. The Sword &The Serpent unites Qabalah and Gnosis. have made his work more accessible by adding extensive notes and explanatory chapters. with the first practical guide to Golden Dawn initiation. he designed it to be a simple yet comprehensive guidebook outlining the complex system of the Qabalah and providing a key to its symbolism. Created at the behest of renowned occultist and father of the modern Golden Dawn movement. and culture. power. The Ciceros. Considered by many to be the book that started the modern occult movement. and the Big Bang. www. which incorporates hundreds of new entries into one comprehensive dictionary. invocation. angel. edited and annotated by Chic & Sandra Tabatha Cicero 978-1-56718-140-1 Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero 978-1-5671-8136-4 The Tree of Life Israel Regardie Edited and Annotated by Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero 978-1-56718-132-6 Kabbalah for the Modern World Migene González-Wippler 978-0-7387-0987-1 288 pp • 51/4 x 8 $13. This is a valuable resource for Cabalistic pathworking. along with real-life stories illustrating the challenges and triumphs of the magical journey. Formerly entitled Simplified Magic. Path.95 $9. regardless of your magical knowledge or background. Learn and live the Golden Dawn tradition. this introduction to High Magic is both straightforward and succinct. Dennis 978-0-7387-0905-5 Since it was originally published in 1932. correspondences related to the Tree of Life. Israel Regardie. The attritubutes and association of each demon. One of the most valuable books on the Cabala has a new format. and more. and all Qabalistic correspondences of the Hermetic Order. Also included are tables of the Hebrew alphabet. Divine names.37 $34. a magician. Sephiroth. m a g i c k Explore the Golden Dawn Tradition The Essential Golden Dawn Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero 978-0-7387-0310-7 336 pp • 6 x 9 $18. Tarot studies. meditation. numerology. this book is always clear and simple but never simplistic. and this is an effective guide to your personal program.95 When Israel Regardie wrote A Garden of Pomegranates in 1932. complete with detailed tables and examples. This book combines the two systems in a way that is both spiritual and practical.95 Written by recognized experts on the topic. It explores the origins of Hermeticism and the Western Esoteric Tradition. and more! Simplified Qabala Magic Ted Andrews 978-0-7387-0394-7 Kabbalah.95 $37. this stunning deck masterfully blends traditional Tarot imagery with the descriptions from Golden Dawn initiation ceremonies. including the transformation of self. it was Regardie’s primary desire to point out the fundamental principles of magic that cut across all boundaries of time. who knew Israel Regardie personally. and magic. this is a thoroughly modern presentation of classic and new material that will help you discover the true secret of magic. The Golden Dawn addresses initiation.

John Dee’s Spiritual Diaries (1583–1608) Edited by Stephen Skinner In 1974. this reference work presents all aspects of this revered magical system in one impressive source. Stephen Skinner explores the full history and practice of divinatory geomancy. It has the complete manuscript of The Nine Great Keys.00 Hardcover with Dust Jacket $65. and added detail. used copies sell for up to $450. it is arguably the most significant magical text in the world. It includes seven books. and more. the heavens and their angels. Contains Dee’s final corrected versions of tables and invocations. making the system accessible to many for the first time. animals. John Dee’s Enochian Tables Stephen Skinner & David Rankine 978-0-7387-2351-8 $65. Here. For the first time ever. Skinner offers a revised.The Key to Enochian Magick Dr. magickal timing. and edited edition as a hardbound volume. allowing magic scholars worldwide to finally access its treasures. In this volume attributed to Psellus of Constantinople (credited with triggering the shift away from Aristotle to Platonism) are the secrets of calling and working with these spirits. and the I Ching as a major form of divination.00 Hardcover with Dust Jacket This important grimoire from the early 1600s reveals how to evoke the archangels. Here is the suppressed Enochian material that the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley didn’t know. Stephen Skinner published John Dee’s True and Faithful Relation. this is perhaps the most comprehensive version of the Key of Solomon ever published. reset. annotated. 877. 87 7. sparking the modern interest in traditional Enochian magick. Sepher Raziel Don Karr 978-0-7387-2353-2 A dæmon was a being that existed between humans and gods. Sepher Raziel (or Liber Salomonis) is a full grimoire in the Solomonic tradition from a sixteenth century manuscript. including astro-geomancy. Completely new and richly detailed. magical directions. considered by some to be the most powerful system of magick ever. 9753 ) . Derived from two previously unpublished manuscripts. This practical manual will be invaluable to those interested in divination. The Hours of the Day and Night. and astrology. astrology. and The Figures of the Planets. and supplemented with modernized English. The three major sections include: The Mansions of the Moon. W R L D ( 1. 639 . perfumes and incenses. Based on one of the best-known grimoires of the Western world. Based on the original Key of Solomon manuscript. working with orisons (prayers). A must for practicing magicians looking for authentic rituals and techniques. stones. herbs.00 Liber Lunae Stephen Skinner & Don Karr 978-0-7387-3139-1 Magical Treatise of Solomon. this book reveals exactly how Dee and Kelly performed their angel evocations.” $96. The true source of the Key of Solomon. 28 1. As one occultist wrote: “This is the first organized and readable form of one of the most important magickal books in his978-0-7387-3138-4 666 pp • 81/2 x 131/4 tory. The Magical Treatise of Solomon. the figures and properties used in invocations.00 Hardcover with Dust Jacket 296 pp • 7 x 10 $65.00 Hardcover with Dust Jacket 488 pp • 71/2 x 10 $65.00 Hardcover with Dust Jacket The Veritable Key of Solomon Edited by Stephen Skinner & David Rankine 978-0-7387-1453-0 Geomancy in Theory & Practice Stephen Skinner 978-0-7387-2350-1 384 pp • 7 x 10 $65. Now you can safely and effectively perform the real Enochian magic! The Keys to the Gateway of Magic Stephen Skinner & David Rankine 978-0-7387-2352-5 296 pp • 7 x 10 256 pp • 7 x 10 $65. the Nine Orders of Angels and the secrets of working with the four Demon Princes. magic.00 Hardcover with Dust Jacket 348 pp • 71/2 x 101/4 96 pp • 7 x 10 $75. you can read the original with complete explanatory notes so you can use the system as initially practiced. This book reveals the secrets of: m a g i c k • • • Dee’s invocation of the angels His reception of their Enochian system of magic His experiments in alchemy Other books give interpretations of the system. and shows how the Enochian and Solomonic systems interrelate. or Hygromanteia Ioannis Marathakis 978-0-7387-3140-7 Michael Psellus on the Operation of Daemons Stephen Skinner & Marcus Collisson 978-0-7387-2354-9 296 pp • 71/2 x 101/4 Practical Angel Magic of Dr.00 Hardcover with Dust Jacket Liber Lunae has been transcribed from a sixteenth-century English manuscript. The book also gives practical examples for interpreting and practicing the art. Now. Geomancy ranks alongside the tarot. preparations for invocation.00 Hardcover with Dust Jacket $65. Based in the tradition of Solomonic magick. including sections on astrology. or Hygromanteia is the ultimate grimoire—the absolute foundation of ceremonial magic. this extraordinary work has been translated from the original Greek into English. this brand new text features neverbefore-published material. this is an important resource for all practitioners of magic. N E W .

95 SAVE 30% $12. It includes methods for entering sacred space. Magic. Learn the forbidden magickal secrets of Yog-Sothoth.com. Type in Llewellyn Publications. the elements. yet because it is written in the language of its day. Necronomicon Tarot Donald Tyson. creatures. and black organdy bag $26.95 $11. The Dream World of H.P. individual rituals devoted to the seven major figures of the mythos. P.95 Boxed kit (53/8 x 81/4) includes 78-card deck. languagedriven paradigm touches on all elements voiced and written. Necronomicon Donald Tyson 978-0-7387-0627-6 On the heels of his widely successful trilogy of works honoring H. Mysteria Magica contains the most vital procedures of High Magick. Available formats: Apple iBook 336 pp • 6 x 9 360 pp • 6 x 9 288 pp • 6 x 9 $17. witches.com Hover mouse over “Books” on the left-hand navigation column.itunes. and ghouls—as the foundation for a coherent system of modern ritual magic based on the thirteen true zodical constellations. The dream-world sources for his mythic Old Ones are examined. Revealed are the secrets of alchemy. Lovecraft’s cosmic visions and horrific dream world to examine. Lovecraft’s compelling character.com 29 . It contains potent techniques and rituals for self-training. Available formats: Sony eReader and Kobo 408 pp • 6 x 9 216 pp • 6 x 9 $14. making this historically important work accessible to contemporary readers. how to set the intent of a ritual. where he is tormented by his dark lord.borders. and a grand ritual for personal attainment. Lovecraft. This grimoire features ritual forms and invocations for the daily and yearly rites of the Old Ones.com Open the iTunes store within iTunes. the Sony eReader. P. and includes a program of study so you can use any of the ninetyone systems described. warts and all. understandable. how to do evocations using electrical fire. is brought to life in this epic tale detailing the mad sorcerer’s tragic history and magical adventures. It makes the ancient magical systems accessible. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.95 SAVE 30% $18. Necronomicon follows the soul-numbing travels of the “mad Arab” Abdul Alhazred. Now occult scholar Donald Tyson has modernized and annotated the original text. P.llewellyn. and search away! Available formats: Kindle eBook 288 pp • 7 x 10 288 pp • 53/16 x 6 $17. P.com for the Kindle.95 $18. Along the way you’ll meet almost indescribably monstrous things in Alhazred’s search for arcane wisdom and the magick of the elder gods. well. This authoritative guide presents elements of the Necronomicon mythos for use in esoteric practices. Symbol Patrick Dunn 978-0-7387-1360-1 www. Lovecraft Donald Tyson 978-0-7387-2284-9 Part adventure and part grimoire. and Apple iBooks! To find Llewellyn eBooks: www. Then select Kindle eBooks. you can download it for free at www.47 This reference is overflowing with a wide range of occult and esoteric materials on Eastern and Western magical systems. Artwork by Anne Stokes 978-0-7387-1086-0 Llewellyn Books on the Move! In addition to the hundreds of Llewellyn titles available at Amazon. www. with a richness of inspiration embraced by experienced mages. and consecrating your own magical implements. without any spoilers that could ruin a future read of his stories. the Dreamlands. magical alphabets. you can now find Llewellyn eBooks for the NOOK.com Type Llewellyn into the search box at the top. Kobo devices. The Lovecraft Necronomicon Primer T. this illustrated guide presents detailed descriptions of twentynine of the monsters.barnesandnoble.The 13 Gates of the Necronomicon Donald Tyson 978-0-7387-2121-7 Alhazred Donald Tyson 978-0-7387-0892-8 Grimoire of the Necronomicon Donald Tyson 978-0-7387-1338-0 672 pp • 7 x 10 432 pp • 7 x 10 $21. and much more. he ends up mutilated and cast into the desert by the king.com Type Llewellyn into the search box at the top. Lovecraft’s story elements and characters— alien races. work. Power.95 $24. constructing magickal defenses.95 608 pp • 7 x 10 $29. Allan Bilstad 978-0-7387-1379-3 H. Gruesome gods.57 www. 240-page book. and gods that inhabit Lovecraft’s macabre fictional universe. Nocturnicon Konstantinos 978-0-7387-0832-4 Available formats: NOOKBook eBook www. Mysteria Magica reveals essential and advanced teachings in terms that even newcomers can follow. You’ll discover the way to do divinations. the Tree of Life. along with the practical esoteric implications of Lovecraft’s unique mythology.95 SAVE 30% $10.37 eBooks Occult scholar Donald Tyson uses H. selecting “eBooks” from the drop-down menu. and even mighty Cthulhu himself! The Demonology of King James Donald Tyson 978-0-7387-2345-7 Donald Tyson offers another innovative tribute to renowned occult writer H.95 216 pp • 7 x 10 $18. Originally a handsome boy from Yemen. Patrick Dunn delves into the web of language and symbols that constitute nearly every magical act.95 $15. His theoretical.95 $19. A quest to restore his body and reunite with his true love takes him to fantastic realms. and how to use daemons to eliminate demons. denizens of the dark but brilliant imagination of H. Shub-Niggurath. and type Llewellyn Worldwide into the search box at the top. Here you will find the roots of Lovecraft’s extraordinary cosmic vision laid bare. Language.amazon. selecting “NOOKBooks” from the drop-down menu. Here is a complete practical grimoire for those who would dare work with the dark. The Magician’s Companion Bill Whitcomb 978-0-87542-868-0 The original edition of Demonology is regarded as one of the most interesting and controversial religious writings in history. A trained linguist and enthusiastic intellectual. sinister monsters. and how to design and use the sigils of desire. P. Donald Tyson now unveils a true grimoire of ritual magic inspired by H. and the Golden Dawn. Azathoth. The symbolism of these vividly illustrated cards corresponds with astrology. Designed for individual or group use. ancient sorceries. Donald Tyson plumbs the depths of H. Mysteria Magica Denning & Phillips 978-0-7387-0169-1 Get better acquainted with how your workings. Lovecraft. Dagon. P.95 SAVE 30% $29. Abdul Alhazred. Written for those curious about Lovecraft and his work.itunes. from speaking in tongues and creating mantras to composing Enochian spells and understanding gematria. Lovecraft.77 Meet the creatures of the Cthulhu Mythos. it has been notoriously difficult to understand. If you don’t already have iTunes on your computer. and useful to modern magicians. and other strange creatures lurk throughout this fully functional tarot deck.P. the strange life of the man who created the Necronomicon and the Cthulhu mythos. All seven rulers of the Old Ones from Tyson’s Necronomicon star among the deck’s trumps.

. spells. 9753 ) .024 pp • 7 x 10 $18. resulting in a uniquely American system of magic. Continuously in print since that first publication. The LongLost Friend—filled with tokens. Llewellyn is proud to present the most complete. Agrippa Edited by Donald Tyson 978-0-87542-832-1 1.95 Having been used for five centuries (but never reprinted in its entirety). 87 7.. The Complete Magick Curriculum of the Secret Order G. 639 . Ancient magic lives again! Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune were two of the most controversial and powerful magicians of the 20th century. spells. $19. publisher of Culling’s original edition. Now.B. geomantic figures. Culling’s original edition of this classic book broke all the rules.. and original notes Over three hundred charms.95 Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune Alan Richardson 978-0-7387-1580-3 216 pp • 6 x 9 Three Books of Occult Philosophy Henry C. accurate.The Most Famous Book of American Magic The Long-Lost Friend Daniel Harms In 1820. is considered one of the cornerstones of Western magic. and modernized edition. For more than three hundred years. 978-0-7387-3254-1 312 pp • 6 x 9 $17. and their influence upon contemporary magicians has been profound. Edited by occult author Donald Tyson and presented as Agrippa intended. definitions. sigils. cures and more—is a milestone in magical history. Llewellyn is proud to present an updated. N E W . and fully annotated version of this book ever published. This provocative book by occult scholar Alan Richardson draws upon unpublished material to reveal little-known aspects of Crowley and Fortune’s relationship and their role as harbingers of sweeping cultural changes.. Culling. m a g i c k • • • • Original German text published for the first time in over a century English translation featuring extensive. astrology. Louis T. revealing.97 Louis T. Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Agrippa is the single most important text in the history of Western occultism. Carl Llewellyn Weschcke. 30 1. providing contemporary magicians with a working grimoire of the arcane. and recipes for home remedies Over one hundred previously unpublished recipes and charms The Long-Lost Friend combines Germanic European folklore with the American Pow Wow tradition.G. Learn to use magical seals.95 SAVE 30% $13. W R L D ( 1. 877.. by Henry Cornelius Agrippa and unnamed others. and more. folk healer Johann Georg Hohman published a book in German.95 The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy. They produced some of the best books on occultism ever written. It’s a foundational document for American magical traditions from Hexcraft to Hoodoo.95 SAVE 30% $13. this mysterious tome has been regarded as difficult or even impossible to understand—until now. Occult scholar Donald Tyson presents a fully annotated. Edited and Expanded by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke 978-0-7387-1912-2 360 pp • 6 x 9 The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy Edited and annotated by Donald Tyson 978-0-7387-1876-7 480 pp • 7 x 10 $37. this new edition is easily available to scholars and laypeople alike. magic squares. offers illuminating commentary. and discussion points to render these profound magickal practices even more accessible for contemporary magicians..27 $49. corrected. expanded edition of this pioneering work.

O’Neill 978-0-7387-0743-3 408 pp • 6 x 9 $27. and more. There are exercises for editing old memories and creating new ones. including Isis. Magician Andrieh Vitimus presents a revolutionary hands-on course of study for the average Jane or Joe. O’Neill introduces the basics of spellcraft and explains the psychological preparation needed to work magic. and divinity. this book invites you to begin a soul-level transformation and awaken to your own strength. the tools of a magician. theology. hymns.95 $19. Can the psyche have an impact on magical practice? Without emphasizing any school of magic or belief system. Foundations of Magic J. Osiris.95 264 pp • 6 x 9 $18. Pathworking with the Egyptian Gods Judith Page & Jan A.0-7387-1924-5 216 pp • 6 x 9 $16. culture. Sekhmet. Perform a soul-level initiation and tour this ancient land through astral travel techniques. this dynamic book brings to life nineteen Egyptian deities. F. how to make talismans to achieve a goal. how to choose the right time for rituals.97 Casting a modern light on the age-old practice of talismans. Mason correlates the mystical properties of these wondrous objects with the science of gemology. From using Shakespeare to remove a curse to the ins and outs of working with demons.57 $13. Hathor. the secrets of the ancient magickal grimoires are fully explained so anyone can use them! The book includes the history of magick. discover their legends. offering an accessible and practical approach that makes it easier to perform successful chaos magic that is uniquely your own.com/journal www. My Life with the Spirits. The complete system set forth here is designed for both the beginner and the established mage.95 Read articles from Brandy Williams at www. Amun. the book contains a complete and workable ritual system based on Egyptian cosmology. and reaching higher trance states. Describing both the physical layout of the lodge (including officer responsibilities and ritual movements) and the building of the group’s spiritual egregore through initiations and rituals. this groundbreaking book presents a new paradigm that celebrates and empowers the woman magician. Nut. J. Discover the truth about Freemasonry—a major theme in Dan Brown’s best-selling novel—including its rituals.95 $11. de Biasi details the Masonic tradition’s history. the Temple of Solomon. create a doorway into other dimensions. and their sacred names. meditations. and connect to their potent energies with rituals.The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans Henry M. temples. power. its Hermetic and Qabalistic underpinnings.95 360 pp • 6 x 9 SAVE 30% $17.95 SAVE 30% SAVE 30% $9. Take a fascinating journey into the life of one of the most respected. Following a discussion of gender.95 312 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $19. Mason 978-0-7387-1144-7 Secrets and Practices of the Freemasons Jean-Louis de Biasi 978-0-7387-2340-2 Secrets of the Lost Symbol John Michael Greer 978-0-7387-2169-9 Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires Aaron Leitch 978-0-7387-0303-9 240 pp • 5 x 7 456 pp • 81/2 x 11 240 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $17. and renowned magicians alive today: Lon Milo DuQuette. Through guided pathworkings.com 31 . In this follow-up to his popular autobiography. consecrations. and magic. and receive messages from Isis. philosophy. Discover your true magickal name. 384 pp • 6 x 9 $19. Inside a Magical Lodge provides information pertinent to any magical group. and the evolution of magical systems. Low Magick Lon Milo DuQuette 978.95 216 pp • 6 x 9 $17. sought-after. self-hypnosis. The Inner Guide to Egypt Alan Richardson B. From selecting and preparing the proper mineral to empowering your talisman. this secular spell book is for people of all backgrounds. blessings.95 $12. Invoking the Egyptian Gods Judith Page & Ken Biles 978-0-7387-2730-1 The magickal methods and esoteric knowledge of medieval Europe form the ancestral backbone of modern ceremonial magick. This deeply spiritual and unique book guides you on a powerful self-initiation into the Egyptian Mysteries. Inside a Magical Lodge John Michael Greer 978-1-56718-314-6 Invoke the deities of ancient Egypt. the entertaining true stories in this memoir contain authentic magical theory and invaluable technical information. science. one of the most respected and sought-after books ever written on the topic of planetary spellwork. you will visit sacred sites and see how each is linked to psychological and physiological aspects within. Combining elegant rites with an evocative description of each deity’s myths. history. F. Commune with the gods.95 264 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $16. Uncover the fascinating truth behind Freemasonry and learn powerful Masonicinspired rituals with this remarkably detailed and comprehensive insider’s guide. Now. As you travel along a river of inner consciousness symbolized by the Nile. Get the real story behind the Rosicrucians.87 Women ARE Magicians Shattering outdated notions of the Western magical tradition. God as divine feminine. and more. sexuality. the Scottish Rite’s degree-based system.95 SAVE 30% $11. Walker-John 978-0-7387-1875-0 m a g i c k Planetary Magick Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips 978-0-7387-2734-9 480 pp • 6 x 9 288 pp • 6 x 9 $24. Brandy Williams boldly revisions women’s roles in tradition. the Qabbalah.95 Llewellyn is pleased to bring back into print Planetary Magick. and infamous members such as the legendary Albert Pike. Vitimus banishes the severe tone of other esoteric orders. and Horus. gemologist Henry M.95 $34.llewellyn. and many others. written by a 32nd Degree Freemason.llewellyn. this guide takes you through every step of creating and using talismans and amulets for optimum effect. and now the fourth book in Denning and Phillips’s renowned Magical Philosophy series. Malique 978-0-7387-1906-1 Secrets of the Lost Symbol is an essential resource for Dan Brown fans that want to know the facts behind the fiction. Based on original texts and archeological findings. and ancient occult rites.87 The Woman Magician Brandy Williams 978-0-7387-2724-0 This irreverent guide to chaos magic emphasizes experimentation and finding out what works best for you. Hands-On Chaos Magic Andrieh Vitimus 978-0-7387-1508-7 Discover what has been hidden for centuries: the true secrets of the happenings inside a magical or fraternal lodge.

$17.H. 639 . Learn about the time-honored traditions and healing practices of cultures past and present. don’t you think there should be a better. morning sickness.95 Discover a simpler. When you see all of those artificial ingredients with names you can’t pronounce. and others to recreate exotic entrees. pets. insomnia. M. including Native and South American. stave off wrinkles. This book shares everything you need to make your own skin care products that will give you glowing skin and shiny hair. 9753 ) . Eight hundred remedies and recipes in all! $24. Learn how to make a potent juice to flush out fat. more natural product? The Essential Guide to Natural Skin Care provides healthy alternatives for cosmetics that you can easily and safely make at home.95 SAVE 30% $12. toners. Schmukler 978-0-7387-0873-7 360 pp • 6 x 9 $17. East Asian. make perfumes.a lt e r n at i v e h e a lt h & s e l f. 32 1. lip balms.H. and free of chemical side effects—the benefits of homeopathy are endless! Homeopathy discusses the history and science of homeopathy and provides a comprehensive list of proven remedies—safe for people and animals. This guidebook is jam-packed with dozens of tasty recipes and natural remedies. garden.95 SAVE 30% $17. and a host of other ailments and injuries. and household. Lavender Lemonade. and Dream Charms made with Mugwort. and easy-to-use way. Mediterranean. safe. Learn what to use to fade scars.47 This comprehensive book offers herbal folklore. what herbs to use to rid your pet of fleas. In fact.95 Herbalist Doreen Shababy shares her deep. more natural way of life. tips for growing and harvesting herbs.h e l p Skin Care That’s Simple and Natural The Essential Guide to Natural Skin Care Hélène Berton Take a look at the formulas of your cosmetics and skin care products. N E W . Candied Catnip Leaves. Garlic Tonic.95 Jude’s Herbal Home Remedies Jude C. the purpose of just about any cosmetic can be reproduced in a natural. creams. 978-0-87542-869-7 384 pp • 6 x 9 Mother Nature’s Herbal Dr. 87 7. 978-0-7387-2927-5 240 pp • 53/16 x 8 $16. including skin care oils. C. colds. including Glorious Garlic and Artichoke Dip. and kitchen. and ultimately enjoy a rich heritage of herbal craft. Judith Griffin 978-0-7387-1256-7 432 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $18. Todd. Learn how to modify recipes to your specific skin needs. field. ointments. and repel insects. This simple guide to self-care provides herbalists with advice for family. hair care preparations. Homeopathy is packed with homeopathic treatments for arthritis. promote hair growth.57 Employ health remedies that are effective.. effective. 877. and over two hundred medicinal and culinary recipes. abiding love for the earth and its gifts in this collection of herbal wisdom that represents a lifetime of work in the forest. The Wild & Weedy Apothecary Doreen Shababy 978-0-7387-1907-8 384 pp • 6 x 9 Homeopathy Alan V. and many more. W R L D ( 1. Parsnip Hair Conditioner. mix elixirs to treat ailments. and much more. heal and prevent acne. affordable.

Anne Jirsch teaches you how to connect with this natural force and use it to transform your life.95 SAVE 30% $16. mantras.95 $16. and more passionate—it’s easy when you’re attuned to cosmic energy. Boost your self-awareness with an introduction to astrology. Joe Slate offers many joyful. along with fascinating anecdotes and scientific experiments that illuminate the immense power of prayer. and experiences from her own life. Anyone struggling with any issue will find inspiration and practical wisdom in this guide. Richard Webster explores all aspects of prayer and shares easy techniques for connecting with the divine. www. Bitkoff teaches readers how to transform this soul-draining journey into one of divine lessons and meaning. Using Tess’s holistic and easy-tofollow system. you will learn to decode your own fingerprints so you can unlock the secret to fulfilling your full potential in your relationships. Using inspiring research. healthier. Letting the Light In Philip M. get insight into problems.D.com A Commuter’s Guide to Enlightenment Dr. Meditations. center yourself. from visualisation and thought field therapy to her pioneering etheric energy. you will learn to unblock your subconscious mind to program yourself for continued success. focus on what is truly important. handson approach—you don’t need to take great leaps of faith or radically change your beliefs in order to achieve a better life. let this book be your guide to creating joy daily. 978-0-7387-0529-3 Get Out of Your Way Layton Park 978-0-7387-1052-5 216 pp • 6 x 9 288 pp • 7 /2 x 9 /8 1 1 240 pp • 7 /2 x 9 /8 1 1 240 pp • 5 /16 x 6 3 $13. Live Happily Ever After The Good Energy Book Tess Whitehurst 978-0-7387-2772-1 240 pp • 53/16 x 8 $14. Diagnosed with cancer in 2003. Compatible with any faith. Use life’s darkest moments to cultivate the deepest rewards. and the wisdom of some of the world’s oldest spiritual traditions. Through seven easy-to-understand lessons. offering more than 150 simple exercises and activities. we need a reminder that peace is all around us. You’ll also find long-term projects and guidance for connecting to your higher self and manifesting positivity over a lifetime. In our hectic world.365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency Melissa Alvarez 978-0-7387-2740-0 Blissology Andy Baggott 978-0-7387-2004-3 Connecting to the Power of Nature Joe Slate. and soul. This is a real. Awake in the World Debra Moffitt 978-0-7387-2722-6 Master hand analyst Ronelle Coburn introduces you to a completely unique. mind. and other spirit-enriching activities—can be performed anytime. and prayers will help you shut off shallow concerns. Jirsch explains a variety of simple yet effective techniques. This guide to precious stones and crystals will show you how to select. and more.95 216 pp • 6 x 9 $16.47 This unique book contains 108 quick and simple exercises inspired by wisdom traditions around the globe. Prayer for Beginners Richard Webster 978-0-7387-1538-4 432 pp • 5 x 7 240 pp • 53/16 x 8 264 pp • 53/16 x 8 $14. achieve goals.95 $15.95 $10. and grace. step-by-step meditations and exercises to release stress. Browse inside The Good Energy Book at www. and in all aspects of life. and powerful language for profound personal transformation—discovering your Life Purpose from your own fingerprints. Reclaim your personal power with a simple four-step process that combines powerful law-of-attraction techniques. Learn to stay calm in a crisis. In five simple steps.95 $14. clarity. and then discover a combination of gemstones perfectly tailored to your individual needs. you’ll discover how to keep your energy positive and traverse any place.95 216 pp • 53/16 x 8 $14. and enjoy soul-nourishing peace in this fast-paced world. situation. You can have the life you want—and you can have it now. It addresses several energy theories in depth.95 $21. purchase. Discover prayer’s links to magic.0-7387-1973-3 Discover what you really want and how the universal laws will assist you in obtaining it. His personal stories draw insightful parallels between the “road of life” and one’s spiritual path. The simple act of prayer has extraordinary power to guide and comfort. The fun and effective techniques in this book draw from both the physical and energetic realms.95 $17. recognize the divine in everyday life. and more. and sharing positive energy. heart. Transform your favorite ring or necklace into a spiritual tool cosmically tuned to your unique horoscope. Jewelry & Gems for Self-Discovery Shakti Carola Navran 978-0-7387-1443-1 Maximize the power of your personal energy simply by becoming aware of it! Energy SourceBook describes how energy manipulation is a terrific tool for self-healing and transformation. From star gazing to meditating with animals.95 Become a fountain of good energy in every area of your life! Tess Whitehurst offers sparkling advice for creating. Stewart Bitkoff 978-0-7387-1263-5 Destiny at Your Fingertips Ronelle Coburn 978-0-7387-1324-3 Energy SourceBook Dr. Dr. blessings. This inspiring book offers a wonderful plan to explore and reconnect with nature and empower your life. he describes how he transformed a difficult experience into a powerful catalyst for a better and more meaningful life. or challenge with confidence. rituals. praying with a mandala.com 33 .h e l p 216 pp • 5 x 7 264 pp • 6 x 9 432 pp • 5 x 7 $16. Be happier. Berk offers a moving account of his healing journey.95 SAVE 30% $10. Ed. the techniques behind the theories are also taught. innovative.llewellyn. and open up to a higher consciousness. 978-0-7387-1566-7 Cosmic Energy Anne Jirsch 978-0-7387-2125-5 a lt e r n at i v e h e a lt h & s e l f. Following his guided self-hypnosis techniques. cutting-edge science. Generous actions and a positive attitude can make a difference. cope with grief. your career. Ph. Berk 978.llewellyn.D. client success stories.47 This simple guide makes it easy to find inspiration in ordinary activities. strengthening prayer through chakra energy. Layton Park has simplified the self-hypnosis process by identifying the universal laws of mind and applying them through questions and simple techniques that anyone can learn.95 $12. tips. maintaining. and wear jewelry that will enhance your body. spanning everything from meditation to Chakra work.95 SAVE 30% $16. the practical techniques—including meditations. exercises. Jill Henry. From singing and cooking to visualization exercises and techniques for reducing negativity.57 Blending spiritual wisdom with his own observations from the road.

95 The Clairvoyant Path Michelle DesPres 978-0-7387-3018-9 240 pp • 6 x 9 The Llewellyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment Carl Llewellyn Weschcke and Joe H. intuitive coach Jodi Livon shares the fascinating true stories and hardwon wisdom she’s acquired on her journey as a psychic medium. offering a compelling firsthand account of how the psychic process works. and work with your personal energy to change your life and your reality. It includes: • • • • • • Definitions of over five hundred symbols Practical. cohesive plan that features straightforward instruction on a wealth of psychic empowerment methods and practices. Featuring lab-proven techniques for developing psychic skills. N E W . explore your soul’s history.D.17 Tap into the limitless wellspring of natural psychic power within you.95 SAVE 30% $11. These true and incredibly touching stories illuminate spirit communication and offer instruction on developing your own intuitive skills. 978-0-7387-2709-7 744 pp • 7 x 10 $14. $29. and higher consciousness by accessing your inner wisdom through your innate clairvoyance and intuition.h e l p What’s That Symbol Mean? The Book of Psychic Symbols Melanie Barnum Symbols are all around us. 978-0-7387-2303-7 288 pp • 6 x 9 $15. Slate. hands-on exercises Ways to receive messages Ways to develop your intuitive abilities How to create a symbolic reference journal And much more! This is a powerful book of self-discovery that will answer all of your questions about symbols and show you how to find out the meanings of new symbols. A life of greater awareness.D. The Happy Medium Jodi Livon 978-0-7387-1463-9 312 pp • 6 x 9 Psychic Empowerment for Everyone Carl Llewellyn Weschcke and Joe H. aura viewing. navigate psychic planes. Jodi reveals how she receives and interprets psychic impressions. and intuition. 877. prepare for 2012. Ph.87 $15. $11.95 SAVE 30% With warmth and candor. and other exciting areas so that you can communicate with your spirit guides.a lt e r n at i v e h e a lt h & s e l f. 639 .95 Build a new life of peace. Slate. W R L D ( 1. explore past lives. 978-0-7387-1893-4 264 pp • 6 x 9 $16. Progressive psychic exercises and stories from the author’s life as a clairvoyant medium combine to help you cultivate higher senses. We see them in the physical world and in the psychic world—through dreams. visions. It organizes the concepts of psychic empowerment into a progressive. self-hypnosis. 9753 ) . 87 7. Now you can explore your psychic talents and interpret symbols when you use The Book of Psychic Symbols. and discover a life of true empowerment. and higher purpose is available to you. consciousness-expanding meditations.95 Embark on the journey of a lifetime—master the psychic tools and techniques required to develop your highest potential and enjoy success beyond your wildest dreams. as well as give advice on how to work with them. purpose. this book guides you through a practical seven-day empowerment plan grounded in dream work. selfauthority. Ph. This is the most comprehensive guide to psychic development available anywhere. 34 1. Psychics are asked to interpret the meaning of symbols all the time.

astral sex. both physically and spiritually. Discover for yourself that the soul mate bond goes beyond “’Til death do us part. Spanning medieval Pagan festivals to modern success stories. romance. practical advice and soul-centered meditations and exercises to help you develop your natural intuitive gifts. and more. this book offers fresh. find an ideal partner. and you can do it again in this lifetime. and guided meditations to strengthen your relationship. and meditation. spells.95 SAVE 30% $11.Soul Mates Richard Webster 978-1-56718-789-2 Souls United Ann Merivale 978-0-7387-1528-5 Love and Intuition Sherrie Dillard 978-0-7387-1555-1 240 pp • 53/16 x 8 336 pp • 53/16 x 8 $15. More than a guide to great sex.17 312 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $17. Voodoo trance. You’ll learn the magical capabilities of the body’s erotic zones. and get candid answers to common relationship questions as men set the record straight.” perfect the art of flirting and seduction. and build an erotic space at home. this easy-to-use and practical book shows you how to use sexual energy to get anything you want.” Regression therapist Ann Merivale presents true stories of those who have experienced profound love from transformative twin soul relationships. magic spells.95 SAVE 30% $16.95 Tune Him In.95 Find (and keep!) your soul mate. this book offers practical and theoretical keys to real sexual freedom. foods. 978-0-7387-1560-5 264 pp • 53/16 x 8 $15. heal rifts. Webster illustrates how people have used these powerful symbols to attract a partner. numbers. This saucy sex guide offers Voodoo-Tantric practices that will invigorate your sex life and enrich your sexual power. past lives. this book helps you reach new heights of sexual ecstasy and create a profoundly spiritual relationship.07 Discover how to combine love. and your intuition to attract your ideal partner and experience true. 336 pp • 6 x 9 288 pp • 53/16 x 8 $18. You’ll learn how to enhance love and pleasure. be sexually creative.17 www. Sex and Transcendence Keith Sherwood 978-0-7387-1340-3 Richard Webster introduces an array of items— colors. find “the one. You found your soul mate then. with sex magic. Blending the latest scientific research with methods such as energy work. or physical—and then find out your spouse or partner’s love type. Blending tantra. but also having a more intimate relationship with your partner. Popular author and magician Skye Alexander teaches you to direct your innate creative force to attract good health.com 35 . this soulful and sassy guide offers fun. this book teaches you the secrets to overcoming the emotional and physical blocks to conception. Practice creative exercises. prosperity.95 336 pp • 6 x 9 A Love Alchemist’s Notebook Jessica Shepherd 978-0-7387-1964-1 a lt e r n at i v e h e a lt h & s e l f.llewellyn. visualizations. erotic dance. and learn to sustain a loving relationship built on trust. karma. Professional psychic Sherrie Dillard shows you how to develop your intuition so that you can attract and sustain soulful love. and sexual healing rituals are all covered in this bold and bawdy collection of Voodoo sex secrets.95 $9. visualization. and offers guidance on how you can do the same. astrology. perfumes. Whether you’re looking for a partner or trying to sustain a long-term flame.95 $17. and happiness. Dispel sexual shame and awaken powerful Goddess energy vital to health and happiness. and deepen your connection. stimulate marriage.h e l p $14. medieval England or lush Thailand. In this unique book. Sex Magic for Beginners Skye Alexander 978-0-7387-2637-3 Now there is new hope for the millions of women worldwide who are diagnosed with unexplained infertility. All you have to do is tune in to your intuition! Dishing up expert advice on every stage and aspect of romantic relationships. Va-Va-Voodoo! Kathleen Charlotte 978-0-7387-0994-9 A unique blend of sex magic and the Law of Attraction. mental. Discover spiritual foreplay techniques for multiple full-body orgasms. soulful love. practical insight into attracting your ideal man. True love never dies. or resolve relationship issues. and meditations to explore your heart and grow spiritually. Imagine not only having a sex life that’s out of this world. and more— that signify this ubiquitous.95 SAVE 30% $16. how to overcome sexual blocks. and create a deeply spiritual bond. and spiritual wisdom with this inspiring guide to the ever-evolving world of intimate relationships. You may have enjoyed a passionate romance in ancient Egypt. and universal consciousness. this book illuminates the intense nature of twin soul relationships. Sexual positions. you’ll meet a few of Voodoo’s most helpful spirits in matters of love and happiness and learn how to work with their energy to attract a lover. Wicked Voodoo Sex Kathleen Charlotte 978-0-7387-1200-0 168 pp • 7 x 7 $14. the two of you have been together countless times before. develop magnetism.” keep a relationship steamy or recover from heartbreak.95 $11. From the glorious moment of instant recognition to karmic partnerships to shared past lives. Gain insight into creating and maintaining love with the Nine Soul Mate Secrets and engage in rituals. Improve your relationships. Discover your personal love type—emotional. Sex and the Erotic Lover Mabel Iam 978-0-7387-0825-6 The Intuitive Heart of Romance Servet Hasan 978-0-7387-2584-0 Magical Symbols of Love & Romance Richard Webster 978-0-7387-1032-7 288 pp • 5 x 8 264 pp • 5 3/16 x 8 $12. increase personal power. Also featured are twin soul experiences of famous figures.95 $14. spark creativity. Learn to decode body language and “man-speak.95 264 pp • 6 x 9 240 pp • 6 x 9 $15. complicated emotion. aphrodisiacs. the passionate spiritual practice of Voodoo has much to offer those seeking romance.95 264 pp • 7 x 7 $16. spiritual. The Mind-Body Fertility Connection James Schwartz 978-0-7387-1376-2 What’s the secret to attracting your soul mate and feeling profound love every day? This hip and fun guide teaches you to use the rules of attraction.95 Attract and Perfect Relationships with Your Intuition You can get inside any man’s mind. magic. Turn Him On Servet Hasan With its emphasis on love and freedom.

This innovative guide simplifies psychic development with step-bystep exercises and engaging true stories from the author’s own experiences.95 Ignite Your Psychic Intuition Teresa Brady 978-0-7387-2170-5 288 pp • 5 x 7 The Return of Intuition Kathryn Harwig 978-0-7387-1880-4 216 pp • 53/16 x 8 $14. medium.87 What’s the secret to getting the most from your psychic reading? Sassy. courage. and clarity. this is the perfect book for you! This concise. and on-your-own study that will help you learn divination. one for each letter of the alphabet. Think of how great it will feel when you are giving dependable guidance to your friends and family. and more.17 Natural psychic sensitivity is often associated with children. Designed in an A-to-Z format. W R L D ( 1. 978-0-7387-3065-3 264 pp • 53/16 x 8 $14. Intuition in an Instant Kathyrn Klvana 978-0-7387-2330-3 240 pp • 5 x 7 The Street-Smart Psychic’s Guide to Getting a Good Reading Lisa Barretta 978-0-7387-1850-7 312 pp • 6 x 9 $14. 36 1. channeling. Using these techniques and exercises. 877. and money by using this simple form of divination. 639 . you’ll be giving accurate psychic readings in no time. spirit communication. $16. friendly guide teaches you how to use a small pendulum when asking intuitive questions. The secret of this down-to-earth guide is rapid development. receive messages from friends and family in spirit.95 Designed for people with busy lives.95 SAVE 30% $11. sharing the truth of survival.95 If you want to become more intuitive. Ignite Your Psychic Intuition presents quick and easy techniques for sparking your intuitive abilities and using them to enhance your life every day. Get started on the way to becoming a professional psychic…or just have the skills of a professional! Every chapter is filled with personal stories. You can use the knowledge gained from dowsing to improve your relationships. N E W . StreetSmart Psychic Lisa Barretta’s guidance will help you choose the psychic that’s right for you—astrologer. automatic writing. True stories from Barretta’s colorful career reveal what to do—and what not to do—to build rapport with your psychic for the best possible reading. $15. tarot reader. 9753 ) .h e l p What? Me? A Psychic? So You Want to Be a Psychic Intuitive? Alexandra Chauran Whether you’re a beginner wanting to become a psychic intuitive or you already have inklings of your psychic abilities. or phone-line psychic— and steer clear of charlatans. even communicate with your pets! Save time. money. candid. rather than the classic forked stick. So You Want to Be a Psychic Intuitive? is indispensible. and gain new levels of confidence.a lt e r n at i v e h e a lt h & s e l f. enhance your health. Its inspiring true stories highlight the transformative power of intuition. revealing powerful information on love. Imagine what people will say when you prove you can talk to the departed. 87 7. This unique guide reveals the littleknown. revealing how this life-changing gift can be used to help others. this book offers twenty-six practical teaching tools. and spot-on. energy. telepathy. and health. exercises. widespread phenomenon of profound intuitive awakening occurring in adults—usually around the age of fifty.95 SAVE 30% $11.

creative inspiration. and spells. and ultimately deepen your spiritual practice. no problem is too large or too small for an angel. Light and Shadow angels. These personal tales offer a compelling glimpse of angels at work— protecting children. Enjoyable activities will help you sharpen your intuitive skills. and crystals—can put you in touch with the Angel of Salvation. Connect with power animals. and developing a lasting bond with him. quick techniques for angelic communication—including three-minute meditations. You’ll find a thorough history of this divine physician along with simple techniques for communicating with him.17 Chantel Lysette offers a hands-on guide and workbook for recognizing the presence of angels and learning to connect with them. protection. Irreverent and uplifting. Tap into this angel’s compassion and wisdom to soothe karmic imbalances. personalities.95 $11. power naps.95 264 pp • 5 x 7 SAVE 30% $14. signs and symbols. bringing messages from loved ones who have passed on. who can help with inspiration. crystals. and fourteen other angels as you become familiar with their appearances. or prophetic insight. rituals. giving advice during a crisis.The Angel Code Chantel Lysette 978-0-7387-2123-1 Angels Silver RavenWolf 978-1-56718-724-3 288 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 360 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 Azrael Loves Chocolate. Michael’s a Jock Chantel Lysette 978-0-7387-1441-7 Encyclopedia of Angels Richard Webster 978-0-7387-1462-2 a lt e r n at i v e h e a lt h & s e l f.95 How will your angels and spirit teachers guide you on your life’s path? Develop a personal and meaningful relationship with your spirit guides through unique meditations. in fact. create an ideal meditation space. www. This book will help you to realize when this occurs. and even text messages—are all designed to fit your busy lifestyle. the book provides a variety of methods for connecting with Raphael. This uplifting guide features a directory of 250 angels and reveals the ways in which they assist us. you’re only a petition away from deeper understanding.95 192 pp • 6 x 9 $17. Uriel can heal emotional trauma. Gabriel Richard Webster 978-0-7387-0641-2 Michael Richard Webster 978-0-7387-0540-8 Raphael Richard Webster 978-0-7387-0649-8 Uriel Richard Webster 978-0-7387-0703-7 216 pp • 53/16 x 8 192 pp • 53/16 x 8 192 pp • 53/16 x 8 216 pp • 53/16 x 8 $12. Get to know Michael. Eason’s simple. petitioning his help.95 $12. inspiration. and offering strength at the darkest hour. Whether you need spiritual enlightenment. modern philosophers. fertility. From money problems to spiritual insight. Invisible helpers are available to all of us. And when you carry out the exercises provided. Webster also offers techniques for contacting the Angel of Annunciation. and creativity. to gain better health. Hear Metatron deliver messages to humanity in a candid “Q and A” session channeled through inspirational writing. this book will help you understand and connect with these celestial beings who—like any close friend—want to hear from you.95 SAVE 30% 312 pp • 53/16 x 8 368 pp • 5 3/16 x 8 $9. enhance creativity and prosperity. and spiritual guidance. the archangel of healing. nature spirits.87 Internationally recognized angel expert Cassandra Eason shows how to attract harmony. healing. guided visualizations. spiritual growth. Guardians and Angels D.77 $15. Conway 0-7387-1124-9 This practical guide provides a variety of methods for connecting with Michael. Through easy-to-perform rituals and meditations—some involving candle magic. Here is an alphabetically arranged collection of more than five hundred angels from diverse traditions and cultures around the world. This fascinating collection of true angel stories highlights how spiritual beings have touched lives around the world. Angels lend comfort and strength. J. you will be able to communicate freely with both your guardian angels and spirit guides. help us achieve goals. Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians Richard Webster 978-1-56718-795-3 Metatron Rose Vanden Eynden 978-0-7387-1343-4 240 pp • 53/16 x 8 $13. we all regularly receive messages from our guardian angels and spirit guides but usually fail to recognize them. music.95 $17. and creating a lasting bond. helpers. family.95 $12. meet your guardian angel. Archangel Metatron is the strongest link between us and the divine.95 $11. and dreamwork—readers will learn how to get in touch with the Prince of Light for courage. developing clairvoyance. With the “angel of God’s presence” in your corner. The Ultimate Practical Guide to Working with Angels Angel Magic Cassandra Eason 978-0-7387-2178-1 264 pp • 6 x 9 $16. protection. and set our souls soaring toward the divine. learn about each angel’s traits and specialties.95 SAVE 30% $11. and profound peace. protection. achieving a fresh start. comforting the dying. blessings. and artists.07 Richard Webster’s second book of the Archangels series chronicles the appearances of Gabriel among Old Testament figures. and more. and other forms of divine energy into your everyday life.llewellyn. Relating to the angels isn’t always easy for us lowly humans. They are universal guides. and friends just waiting for you to call on them for assistance. and receive Divine guidance. True Tales of Angel Encounters Carmel Reilly 978-0-7387-1494-3 Known for transforming misfortunes into blessings. petitioning for his help. Connect with Raphael.95 SAVE 30% $9. the practical techniques in this book—involving meditation. Discover the roles of angels throughout history. chants. Gabriel. childbirth. develop intuition. this unique guide to the angels will inspire you to get off your butt and develop a personal relationship with your spiritual teachers.com 37 . strength. color.95 $17. Guides.h e l p 264 pp • 6 x 9 $15. and the spirits of friends. Breaking the ice between humanity and divinity.95 $12. and overcoming limitations. engaging look at the nature of angels and the creative techniques you can use to work magick with them every day. Angels is an upbeat. and even pets for personal empowerment. Presenting real life angel stories from the author’s own experience. Islamic prophets. and bring tranquility.

died. a hospice nurse. Virginia. It provides proof that love really does conquer everything. Death was the start. returns as the editor and analyst for a series of case studies that highlight the profound impact of spiritual regression on people’s everyday lives. W R L D ( 1. The last time she saw him. The author. these vivid firsthand accounts—of receiving signs. It confirms. Ph. find emotional healing. In this unforgettable story. Drew. $15. and acceptance.95 SAVE 30% $17.95 Told with courage and warmth.95 Dr.a lt e r n at i v e h e a lt h & s e l f. reassurance. 9753 ) . and visits from the spirits of beloved pets— offer hope. encounters with angels. near-death experiences. shares the wisdom she has gained from nearly twenty years of working with the dying and bereaved.D. 877. Michael Newton.” Troy’s remarkable story and amazing messages from spirit.95 We all suffer the loss of a loved one. which include moving accounts of how children and animals communicate from beyond. Appropriate for all faiths. once and for all. will touch your heart and remind you that your loved one are always with you. messages. they said goodbye at the railway station on a midsummer afternoon in Springfield. and comfort. Practicing lawyer and gifted medium Mark Anthony shares incredible true stories of contact with spirits and their enduring messages of forgiveness. gratitude. 978-0-7387-1527-8 336 pp • 6 x 9 $15. this comforting book offers true healing and hope—with a little help from the Other Side. and even hugs from family members who have crossed over. 38 1.17 Spiritual medium Troy Parkinson shares fascinating first-hand stories of his experiences with the spirit realm. 87 7. N E W . even physical death. read how Ginny was able to guide Drew’s confused spirit to the light. but love and survival are the message. 978-0-7387-3294-7 336 pp • 53/16 x 8 $15.95 Bridge to the Afterlife Troy Parkinson 978-0-7387-1435-6 240 pp • 6 x 9 Memories of the Afterlife Edited by Michael Newton. until he visited her in spirit on a snowy night in Denver. This uplifting book will guide you through grief and inspire you with evidence of the afterlife. best-selling author of Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.h e l p Love Defeats Loss By Morning’s Light Ginny Brock Perhaps there is no greater loss than the death of a son or daughter. 639 . and enrich their lives with new meaning. These fascinating true accounts reveal how spiritual regression can help ordinary people understand adversity in their lives. A North Dakota native and selfdescribed “ordinary guy. He continued to communicate his love through vivid dreams and surprising signs and coincidences. This was Ginny Brook’s shattering experience when her son. that friends and family are always with us. Miraculous Moments Elissa Al-Chokhachy 978-0-7387-2122-4 312 pp • 6 x 9 Never Letting Go Mark Anthony 978-0-7387-2721-9 288 pp • 53/16 x 8 $17. $11. realize their true purpose. Coming to terms with the loss was not easy. This true story gives hope for survival to those who remain in sorrow.

But what is it. The chakras are the batteries for the various levels of your life energy. detailed descriptions of energetic fields found nowhere else and a wealth of information on healing the earth as you heal yourself. Engage in step-bystep exercises using gems.95 $21. from the bodily instincts of survival to the processing of deep thoughts. manifest goals. crystals. Pond describes all seven dimensions through which we experience life and gives practical methods for developing and integrating each of these aspects.95 $19. Energy to Transform Your Life Kundalini Cyndi Dale 978-0-7387-2588-8 288 pp • 6 x 9 $17. Humanity is entering a new era—we are evolving into super-powered beings of light. and modern technology resulting in a multi-sensory journey that will help awaken the elemental power of each chakra and lead you to a state of being that can only be called transcendent consciousness.Chakra Awakening Margaret Ann Lembo 978-0-7387-1485-1 Chakras for Beginners David Pond 978-1-56718-537-9 Chakras for Beginners Audiobook David Pond 978-0-7387-1917-7 A Chakra & Kundalini Workbook Dr. produced.95 $24. a longer life. this guide explains karmic attachments and how to remove them. Bridging ancient spiritual wisdom and the law of attraction. and visionary art.87 $15. colors. and other tools to foster healing. It even explores the influence of non-physical beings that get trapped in the human energy field and tells how to safely release them. elemental magick.95 $12. Jonn Mumford 978-1-56718-473-0 a lt e r n at i v e h e a lt h & s e l f. and maximize health and well-being in all aspects of your life. down-to-earth style.95 Four CD set and a 28-page booklet $26.95 264 pp • 53/16 x 8 $15. Tailored for the Western mind. The Pursuit of Happiness David Pond 978-0-7387-1403-5 The Illuminated Chakras is a guided journey. This book is written in a practical. written. having more meaningful relationships. and greater control over your destiny by spending only a few minutes each day.47 $11. diagrams. more people are experiencing the “big release” spontaneously. your loved ones. Discover what is causing any imbalances. poetic meditations. It is a tour-de-force of mysticism. Recognizing and integrating kundalini is essential to achieving vibrant health.95 SAVE 30% SAVE 30% SAVE 30% $10.95 288 pp • 7 x 10 $21. this guide will teach you how to heal yourself by healing your energy system. psychic powers. essential oils. really? Renowned intuitive healer Cyndi Dale presents clear guidance to help you truly understand kundalini energy and how to use it to transform your life. including a new introduction with true stories from Cyndi’s healing practice. Gain inner relaxation that will lead to better health. and the full illustrations will take the reader on a journey through aspects of consciousness. 528 pp • 6 x 9 Kundalini and the Chakras Genevieve Lewis Paulson 978-0-87542-592-4 The Awakened Aura Kala Ambrose 978-0-7387-2759-2 240 pp • 6 x 9 $14. This groundbreaking guide contains a wealth of practical exercises. Our auric energy bodies are experiencing a transformational shift as new crystalline structures form within and around our auras.llewellyn. practical guide teaches simple techniques for activating and balancing the seven chakras—the body’s main energy centers. and finding your life’s authentic purpose.95 230 pp • 6 x 9 $14. overcome imbalances that block spiritual progress. and how to achieve higher levels of consciousness. this in-depth. www. You will learn techniques to bring you back into balance and harmony with your self.000 readers to the chakra system. This audio edition uses everyday language to explain how each of the seven chakras impacts your daily life. and the world in which you live.95 Written for people who have some familiarity with energywork principles. Kabbalah.37 Tap into the amazing energy within using gemstones and crystals. and create positive change. most approachable books on Yoga there is.95 256 pp • 5 /16 x 8 3 456 pp • 7 /2 x 9 /8 1 1 $11. how to activate the higher and lower chakras to strengthen your aura. This book shows you how to release Kundalini gradually and safely. and mental health and level of consciousness. kundalini is often linked to sacred sex and our spiritual mission. directed. and narrated by Anodea Judith.17 $10. Chakras for Beginners introduced more than 100. and cosmic consciousness.com 39 . David Pond offers unique and easy-to-follow guidance for experiencing true happiness in your life.95 Complex and powerful.47 Discover the ancient metaphysical system of the chakras under the new light of popular Western metaphors: quantum physics. you gain a multidimensional awareness that serves as a powerful source of strength and hope. emotional. When you’re fully engaged at each level of your being. but have been ill equipped to channel its force in a productive manner. This comprehensive expanded edition of Cyndi Dale’s classic guide to the chakras offers more than 150 pages of new information. We all possess the powerful evolutionary force of Kundalini that can open us to genius states. As the energies of the Aquarian Age intensify. and stand out as the most useful model for identifying how your energy is expressing itself. how to bring your energies back into alignment. Featured is an abundance of original material and illustrations. and instructions that show you how to use this energy to create powerful positive change in your life and in the world.95 SAVE 30% SAVE 30% $18. spirituality. this practical system of personal training is suited for anyone in today’s complex world.h e l p 264 pp • 6 x 9 192 pp • 53/16 x 8 $19. Easy meditations and simple exercises will help you align your chakra energies. and how to work with kundalini energy. A Chakra & Kundalini Workbook is one of the clearest. Chakra Healing and Karmic Awareness Keith Sherwood 978-0-7387-0354-1 Chakra Therapy for Personal Growth & Healing Keith Sherwood 978-0-87542-721-8 The Complete Book of Chakra Healing Cyndi Dale 978-0-7387-1502-5 The Illuminated Chakras Anodea Judith 978-0-7387-2365-5 312 pp • 6 x 9 DVD $14. Wheels of Life Anodea Judith 978-0-87542-320-3 Because it is actually energy in its myriad forms that determines a person’s physical. physical exercises. from making decisions to overcoming fears.

This guide offers simple techniques for attracting the powerful energy known as ch’i into your home and workplace. If you’re in the market for a house. colors. Just a few minutes of meditation each day is all you need to gain a deeper understanding of what goes on inside your mind when awake and asleep. mirrors.95 $14. 639 .D. even if you live in an apartment! Anyone can use plants to create more ch’i in his or her life. and other psychic abilities. and is the force that shapes the entire universe. Feng Shui for Success & Happiness will help you activate the energy in your home to improve your environment and achieve happiness and abundance. Perhaps the greatest boundary we set for ourselves is the one between the conscious and less conscious parts of our own minds. Meditation has many purposes.95 Connecting with the divine is crucial for spiritual advancement.95 SAVE 30% SAVE 30% $8.95 $11. Real Steps to Enlightenment Amy Elizabeth Garcia 978-0-7387-0896-6 Meditation José Lorenzo-Fuentes 978-0-7387-0256-8 Meditation for Beginners Stephanie Clement. learn how its current design may be creating negative energy. Whether you are buying a car. ancient techniques to win more dates. you can use feng shui to analyze advantageous locations. or just dealing with an unruly teenager. This book takes a fresh look at love and what we can do to attract love. you can create a more peaceful home. and magical power.95 168 pp • 5 /4 x 8 1 264 pp • 5 /16 x 8 3 192 pp • 5 /4 x 8 1 $9.95 $12. Paulson 978-0-7387-0851-5 168 pp • 6 x 9 264 pp • 53/16 x 8 $14. Learn how to listen to your spirit and use its wisdom to enrich your life with the simple. 87 7. Feng Shui in the Garden Richard Webster 978-1-56718-793-9 Negotiate with Feng Shui Jose Armilla 978-1-56718-038-1 101 Feng Shui Tips for Your Home Richard Webster 978-1-56718-809-7 The Yin & Yang of Love Shan-Tung Hsu 978-0-7387-0347-3 216 pp • 53/16 x 8 $12. Make subtle. N E W . This step-by-step approach introduces you to the rich possibilities of this age-old spiritual practice. It is the only feng shui book to reveal Yin moonlight and Yang daylight lucky charms for all birth years. She offers a variety of simple ways to create a harmonious home while enhancing your own happiness. Benefit from feng shui by making subtle changes to your living area that will literally transform your life. Focusing on a specific spiritual lesson. select auspicious moments and maximize compatibility between the parties. Discover remedies from Lao-tzu and Confucius and learn to remedy the negative chi in your home that is barring you from success and happiness. inexpensive changes to your home that can literally transform your life. fragrances. Discover the best places for other furniture and how to remedy negative areas with plants. Avoid pointing your bed toward the “disaster” location. intuition. The techniques in this treasured guidebook can also help you in developing clairvoyance.95 168 pp • 51/4 x 8 SAVE 30% $9. call fairies into your garden.95 $12. Love is a process of dynamic balance of Yin and Yang energies.a lt e r n at i v e h e a lt h & s e l f. In this delightful book.37 $9. and if you want to improve upon your existing home. crystals. intuitive counselor Tess Whitehurst reveals how your home can be a powerful catalyst for personal transformation and manifestation. each chapter begins with a divine message from the author’s spiritual master that includes stories from her human incarnations. this insightful guide provides intriguing.97 When you live in harmony with the universe. Learn how to construct a serene. Discover and direct the powerful creative force of your spirit through meditation. even find true love. clairaudience.07 Select your most beneficial location. or swimming pools.95 160 pp • 51/4 x 8 $9. 9753 ) . 40 1. Learn what to look for when selecting an apartment. herbs. learn what to look for. A Powerful and Transformative Home Magical Housekeeping Tess Whitehurst 978-0-7387-1985-6 240 pp • 5 3/16 x 8 $16. and much more. and it can also enhance our spiritual lives by bringing about peak experiences or transcendental states. asking for a raise. hanging wind chimes outside your door. See page 33 for more from Tess Whitehurst. and garden accessories based on proven feng shui principles.95 Let your home nourish your soul and uplift your spirits. 978-0-7387-0203-2 Meditation as Spiritual Practice Genevieve L. direct guide to healthy and harmonious relationships. flowers.95 $6. enhance your creativity. or placing a bouquet of flowers in your bedroom. Author Shan-Tung Hsu combines his knowledge of traditional feng shui and Taoist philosophy in this simple. Swirl magical botanicals into your cleaning supplies. waterfalls. creating a win-win situation in any negotiation. ask a spider for advice. This introductory guidebook explores several different types of meditation. By simply rearranging your furniture.95 264 pp • 53/16 x 8 224 pp • 6 x 9 $13. a mystic way to hurry house sales. secret garden. W R L D ( 1. layout. Ph. the Nine Celestial Cures. Learn how to sense and balance chi in your body and your environment.h e l p Feng Shui for Beginners Richard Webster 978-1-56718-803-5 Feng Shui for Your Apartment Richard Webster 978-1-56718-794-6 Feng Shui for Success & Happiness Richard Webster 978-1-56718-815-8 Feng Shui in 5 Minutes Selena Summers 978-0-7387-0291-9 224 pp • 51/4 x 8 216 pp • 53/16 x 8 $13. Written in a conversational. Discover simple ways to remedy problems without the cost of major renovations or remodeling. Meditation as Spiritual Practice focuses on the practice of meditation for expanding consciousness and awareness. and wind chimes. Discover the optimum placement of fountains. but choosing a spiritual path is anything but easy.95 $12. effective meditation techniques presented here. Every chapter includes a prayer inspired by angels and exercises for spiritual growth—the perfect complement to this beginner’s guide. as well as the results of medical and scientific research and an introduction to the use of mandalas in meditation. 877. good things naturally flow your way. common feng shui faults. no-cost methods to improve your luck. question-andanswer format. Whether you live in a one-room apartment or a sprawling mansion.

95 Astral Projection for Beginners Edain McCoy 978-1-56718-625-3 Read articles. be fully conscious. Bruce Goldberg 978-1-56718-308-5 264 pp • 6 x 9 264 pp • 5 /16 x 8 3 192 pp • 6 x 9 256 pp • 5 /16 x 8 3 $12. rather. or etheric realms. mental. and spirit. Astral projection. Based on your answers.95 $13. 978-0-7387-2761-5 264 pp • 6 x 9 $15.95 For beginners.Astral Project in Just Thirty Days! Navigating the Out-of-Body Experience Graham Nicholls p a r a n o r m a l Have you been disappointed with books that promise you can astral project if you follow their plan? This is the book you need! Rather than force you into a one-size-fits-all set of exercises. How it works: begin by filling out a simple questionnaire. life-changing experience. you’ll be able to do anything you desire! Boldly challenging long-held notions about astral projection.47 A six-CD set with 64-page booklet $49. assist others to project astrally. enlightening anecdotes from the author and other lucid dreamers. Whoever and wherever you are.95 Mastering Astral Projection Robert Bruce & Brian Mercer 978-0-7387-0467-8 288 pp • 53/16 x 8 $14. you can travel to different times and eras. Free yourself from the limitations of the earthly plane and the laws of space and time. This revolutionary book features a history of astral practice. yet easy-to-follow.95 $15.95 SAVE 30% $34. six-CD audio course teaches you how to consciously have an out-of-body experience (OBE) and remember your life-changing journey into the astral realm.com 41 . interviews.llewellyn.95 SAVE 30% $17. and also gives advanced techniques for use on the astral plane. Once you’ve mastered self-awareness while dreaming. the thirteen-week program provides daily exercises that progressively prepare and train readers for this incredible. The exercises in this book take you step-by-step through an actual out-of-body experience. It gives you all the skills you need to easily have your first OBE. and remember the experience after you return. receive direction from your spirit guides. is a completely natural experience. You will have the freedom to go anywhere and do anything. the author provides a system custom designed just for you. the astral record of all past and future events for each soul. You might even venture to the soul plane and observe the process of selecting your next lifetime! Mastering Astral Projection CD Companion Robert Bruce & Brian Mercer 978-0-7387-1079-2 Lucid Dreaming for Beginners Mark McElroy 978-0-7387-0887-4 Soul Flight Donald Tyson 978-0-7387-1087-7 360 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $18. thirtyday plan. and the creatures you’re likely to meet there. and physiology. and exercise can help you achieve your projection goals. Donald Tyson proposes that the astral plane—a fantastic realm just as real as the physical word—is a dimension within our minds. the book guides you to develop your own. body. Techniques for encouraging lucid dreams are punctuated by funny.95 SAVE 30% $13. there are endless possibilities awaiting you on the astral plane. and view your Akashic Records. the system in the book is adapted to fit you and your personal life.llewellyn. These recordings are used to induce an altered state of consciousness. Navigating the Out-of-Body Experience is based on the latest in scientific research. Explore nonphysical dimensions and learn more about your spirituality with Mastering Astral Projection. Perform astral healing. exercises for achieving this state of consciousness. astral doorways into this incredible dimension. This book lays out in plain language the basics of astral projection. Learn how to leave your body at will. and discover astral animal spirit guides. It provides all the basic information needed to remove any limiting beliefs or fears. art. This guide presents more than sixty-five exercises that train you to safely leave your physical body and return unharmed from explorations of the upper astral plane and the causal. This revolutionary. personalized. Projecting out-of-body requires a delicate balance of mind.97 Take charge of your dream life by exploring the stages of sleep and learning to boost your lucid dreaming potential. diet.95 $14. In your astral body. Also included is information on how meditation.27 504 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 $24. please do not listen to them while operating machinery or a motor vehicle. www. or out-of-body travel. You don’t have to change to fit the system in the book. this book provides step-by-step instructions for safe and proven astral projection techniques. reunite with departed loved ones. and more from Graham Nicholls at www.com Astral Projection Plain & Simple Osborne Phillips 978-0-7387-0279-7 Astral Travel for Beginners Richard Webster 978-1-56718-796-0 Astral Voyages Dr. practice astral time travel. presented in an easy-to-follow workbook format.

95 SAVE 30% $12. When Tomorrow Speaks To Me Bridget Benson 978-0-7387-2106-4 240 pp • 53/16 x 8 Is Your Pet Psychic? Richard Webster 978-0-7387-0193-6 240 pp • 53/16 x 8 $15. 639 . And yet. N E W . from childhood experiences with ghosts and fairies to her career as a successful medium. ranging from a famous actor she’d grown close to. this indispensable guide helps you support. all the way to her “mentors” (such as Samuel Clemens [Mark Twain] and Harriet Beecher Stowe).95 SAVE 30% $9. Why? She learned from spirits that her purpose is to bring messages of comfort and hope. providing a distinctive look into an undiscovered world. who also had “the gift. Part collection of amazing animal stories.57 Filled with practical advice for parents of intuitively gifted and spiritually evolved children. $17. she is still here. Along with a treasury of heartwarming and compelling true stories from his work as medium.95 Tragic deaths. energy healing. Be astounded as you read about her experiences with the dead. and Bridget would carry on as the family seer.95 The end of physical life doesn’t have to mean the end of a day-to-day relationship with the people we love. encourage. 42 1. Her grandma told Bridget that her beloved father. W R L D ( 1. both human and nonhuman. But like any talent. part psychic manual. Sara Wiseman explains the psychic awakening process and the talents that emerge from toddler to teen. and messages from the spirit world have long colored Bridget Benson’s remarkable life. have the ability to use psychic powers. psychic talent must be developed and practiced.Messages of Comfort and Hope From the Other Side Dreaming of the Dead Marilou Trask-Curtin p a r a n o r m a l That’s the astounding experience of Marilou Trask-Curtin. her communications came at the will of the spirits. $12. Uniquely. Dreaming of the Dead is a chronicle of her communication with the spirit world. one that will touch you forever. primarily through vivid dreams. With warmth and humor. secret love affairs. or mediumship. 978-0-7387-3191-9 240 pp • 6 x 9 $15. 877. 9753 ) . and raise uniquely gifted kids. Never Say Goodbye will help you learn to recognize spirit communication and establish an ongoing relationship with those in spirit. She recalls her communications with close friends and famous personages. This is Bridget’s story.07 All animals. this guide will show you how to develop your pet’s psychic powers. It relates a story that is told simply and from the heart. Patrick Mathews answers the questions he’s most often asked about life in Heaven. 87 7. Discover easy and fun exercises that will help your child create a spiritual connection and develop skills in clairvoyance.95 Never Say Goodbye Patrick Mathews 978-0-7387-0353-4 216 pp • 6 x 9 Your Psychic Child Sara Wiseman 978-0-7387-2061-6 312 pp • 6 x 9 $15. She’s also been healed by an angel and “died” three times.” would die when she was twelve.

table tipping. massage therapists. Michelle Belanger illuminates death as a gateway to change and regeneration. often with one or more legs rising into the air. you will become a walker between worlds to experience healing and empowerment. predictions. music. This postmodern Book of the Dead is for anyone attracted to the beauty and mystery of death—a vital force integral to our daily lives. subtle guidance of spirit beings and want to learn how to contact them more directly? Written by a certified and practicing medium. Drawing on the wisdom of shamans. before Ouija boards™.95 Psychic knowledge gained through the sensitivity of touch is something anyone can develop. and other tools. Bestselling author Raymond Buckland presents nearly twenty methods for contacting the spirit world anytime. crystal scrying. This was table tipping. you can learn how to contact inhabitants residing in the mysterious world beyond our own! $10. This book includes step-by-step instructions to safely and effectively experience table tipping on your own or with a group.95 SAVE 30% $12. and the history of spirit communication.47 Connecting with the spirits of loved ones isn’t just for professionals. he shows how to engage spirits through dreamwork. Step by step. Table tipping can be used to get advice. tea-leaf reading.95 Solitary Séance Raymond Buckland 978-0-7387-2320-4 240 pp • 5 x 7 How to Communicate With Spirits Elizabeth Owens 978-1-56718-530-0 216 pp • 53/16 x 8 $14. Learn how to tap into the expertise of your fingertips for keen insight into your own wisdom so you can begin to reach out and help others. people went to séances to communicate with spirits of the dead. automatic writing.95 SAVE 30% $13. Includes a discussion of mediums.com 43 . 978-0-7387-3111-7 240 pp • 6 x 9 p a r a n o r m a l $14. and for problem solving. or warnings. Learn how to prepare and how to use crystals. An excellent tool for caregivers. Tibetan Buddhists. and anyone who wants to connect through touch. the nature of death.95 Do you feel the friendly. www. safely and effectively. On this life-affirming journey. and other powerful techniques. learn everything from history to techniques you can use. photographs.97 $8. healers.llewellyn. fire gazing. Table Tipping for Beginners focuses exclusively on this almost-forgotten technique of communicating with the dead. candles. and ancient Egyptians.Is This the Most Unusual Way to Communicate With Spirits? Table Tipping for Beginners Teresa Lally Before channeling. with fantastic stories from real-life psychics that run the gamut of spiritual entity encounters. Walking the Twilight Path Michelle Belanger 978-0-7387-1323-6 336 pp • 6 x 9 How to Do Psychic Readings Through Touch Ted Andrews 978-0-7387-0814-0 240 pp • 53/16 x 75/8 $18. numerology. They’d put their hands on the table and the table would move.

Medium Michelle Belanger.95 288 pp • 6 x 9 264 pp • 53/16 x 8 $12. full of detailed advice culled from his seven years of experience. 978-0-7387-1195-9 The Ghost Hunter’s Survival Guide Michelle Belanger 0-7387-1870-5 264 pp • 53/16 x 8 $14. who appears on the A&E hit show Paranormal State. From the case of a black-robed monk that terrorized a family for years. Exploring environmental. Discover the vampire’s evolution. hear mysterious voices warning of danger.D 978-0-7387-0191-2 This groundbreaking book presents the findings of Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Philip J. scientists. After learning the history.95 From communicating with spirits to witnessing orbs burst from an inter-dimensional portal. this guide explores a bone-chilling gallery of the mysterious entities known as poltergeists. The authors discuss the military’s interest in these clandestine beings and offer eyewitness accounts. The Fangs of Vampires Drip Passionate Blood Interred in shadows no more. exploring the history of death rituals and attitudes from other ages and cultures. academics. is it possible to establish communication with it? For centuries.95 $7. Editors 978-1-56718-298-9 Poltergeist Colin Wilson 978-0-7387-1867-5 216 pp • 6 x 9 384 pp • 6 x 9 $17. philosophers and scientists have investigated the mysteries of the afterlife. to the investigation of a talking mongoose. Discover the secrets about the electromagnetic nature of the mind. and cast members of the popular TV shows Ghost Hunters and Paranormal State. witches. Ghosts. Psychic Vampir1es Joe H. you’ll encounter haunted violins. you’ll learn to protect yourself. religious figures. Uncover surprising facts about this inevitable life event. the church’s fight against vampirism. hellhounds. N E W . from Dracula’s mysteriously empty grave and the enduring legend it spawned to terrifying documented cases of real-life blood drinkers. 87 7. astral entities. and discover lycanthropic legends from other cultures. Melba Goodwyn has seen it all as a psychic spirit investigator. the vampire mythos is illuminated in this captivating exploration of one of the world’s most feared creatures. W R L D ( 1. dark fey. Ph. Belanger shares insightful analysis of her truly frightening—and sometimes dangerous—haunted experiences. In this classic book on destructive hauntings. This book is an exhilarating celebration of life and death.97 Vampires Through the Ages Brian Righi 978-0-7387-2648-9 240 pp • 5 x 8 $14. and demons. Moreover.Werewolves Konstantinos 978-0-7387-2160-6 The Vengeful Djinn Rosemary Ellen Guiley Philip J. 9753 ) . and how it continues to exist in the astral world even after the death of the body. Slate. Paranormal Obsession Deonna Kelli Sayed 978-0-7387-2635-9 For almost fifty years. Imbrogno 978-0-7387-2171-2 Strange But True Corrine Kenner & Craig Miller.95 $17. Jonn Mumford 978-1-56718-476-1 256 pp • 53/16 x 8 224 pp • 53/16 x 8 $9. and astral. Imbrogno’s investigation into the powerful and mysterious interdimensional beings known as djinn or genies. see guardian angels. psychic vampires come in a variety of unsuspecting guises. learn about Native American shapeshifting beliefs.95 SAVE 30% $6. complete with full details and vivid descriptions. Also explored: various cultures’ folklore. this vital guide presents effective step-by-step empowerment procedures to safeguard your energy reserves. where they can be found—and their hidden agenda against the human race. In this fascinating examination of paranormal phenomena. With methods to identify and counteract the effects of psychic attacks. voluntary. she offers original insights into the nature of ghosts and haunting. Every report is a first-hand account. In this collection.95 Consuming energy instead of blood. developmental and past-life factors. and witness the miraculous.95 $15.95 240 pp • 53/16 x 8 $15. Ghost Worlds Melba Goodwyn Join seasoned paranormal investigator Brian Righi on a tour through four thousand years of hauntings and ghost huntings. It reveals what the djinn are. you’ll meet loved ones who return from beyond the grave. Find out which kinds might actually exist.95 Discover more from Brian Righi at www.57 p a r a n o r m a l Where do our modern shapeshifting stories come from? Konstantinos digs into centuriesold myths and compelling scientific evidence surrounding these enigmatic creatures. Death: Beginning or End? Dr. along with a seven-day psychic protection plan. and offers compelling insight into what our fixation on ghostly activity says about American culture. provides straightforward instruction on proven protection techniques. knowledge that is guaranteed to have a profound impact on how you live the rest of your life! 44 1. and even an astral vampire summoned by an aspiring magician who becomes its unwitting target.95 288 pp • 6 x 9 $16. true account of a ghost investigation conducted by Belanger.95 $16. launch a paranormal investigation of your own with Righi’s guide to modern ghost hunting. and a host of astral parasites. Colin Wilson examines the evidence and develops a definitive theory of the poltergeist phenomenon. to true stories of sorcerers. Also included are practical tips for ghost hunting. FATE magazine readers have been reporting their encounters with the strange and unknown. discover the ultimate truth about death.95 SAVE 30% SAVE 30% $9. Alter your perceptions of death and prepare for reincarnation. and dark forces. What Happens After Death Migene González-Wippler 978-1-56718-327-6 Most ghost hunters are unaware of the very real harm that can be done by malevolent human spirits. 877. otherdimensional beings. Uncover the truth behind myths and beliefs throughout history. Explore four types of werewolves: involuntary. non-human entities. Woven through each chapter is a gripping.95 $15.com/journal If the mind of a person continues after death. Why is America so captivated by the creepy and unexplained? Paranormal investigator and researcher Deonna Kelli Sayed interviewed ghost hunters. Apparitions.07 $12. along with true stories of her thrilling adventures. Michelle Belanger’s collection of true ghost stories will take you further into the realm of spirits. and Poltergeists Brian Righi 978-0-7387-1363-2 Haunting Experiences Michelle Belanger 978-0-7387-1437-0 264 pp • 6 x 9 264 pp • 6 x 9 264 pp • 6 x 9 $16. Along the way. and Hollywood’s depictions of vampires.llewellyn. 639 .

978-0-7387-2731-8 288 pp • 53/16 x 8 These true stories of a haunted woman make for exciting reading that is chilling and enthralling.95 $17. a history of hauntings. and freakish folklore associated with these resting grounds of the dead: vengeful ghosts. museums. This true haunting story of Harmon’s research into the history of his land and Mary Bell Wilson. Colorado. $15. interact with ghosts. founder of Witches in Search of the Paranormal (WISP). tried-and-true low-tech approaches.95 SAVE 30% $11.95 $15. they were aware of its notorious reputation. Join Marcus F. the troubled spirit of society belle Ladell Allen still roamed the mansion where she had comitted suicide in 1948. gather and examine evidence—and what not to do when seeking spirits. Chasing Graveyard Ghosts Melba Goodwyn 978-0-7387-2126-2 When Mark Spencer and his family moved into the historic Allen House. finding justice for a young girl murdered in 1896. From childhood to the present. From Ford’s Theatre to Alcatraz Island. the nature of the spirit world. as he and his team explore the Midwest’s most haunted properties. shadow shapes. The results haven’t been pleasant. She has been haunted since childhood. residual hauntings. she offers insights into graveyard ghosts and more. retired police officer Kenneth W. phantom sounds.95 $15. and all of these horrors are documented in Stalked by Spirits. a doppelganger spirit—and experienced a shocking event that shed light on Ladell’s tragic end. This intrigue-filled. This alphabetized reference guide features over one thousand places in all fifty states that you can investigate yourself. this book is a must for your bedside table. ghostly legends. and dealt with spirits making unwelcome visits to everything from holiday dinners to Girl Scout meetings.95 264 pp • 53/16 x 8 432 pp • 6 x 9 240 pp • 53/16 x 8 SAVE 30% $15. humorous book dishes up cool evidence of the supernatural. and more. the spirit that lives there.95 Ghost Under Foot Kenneth W. welcomed the spirit of a departed pet. hotels. If you like ghost stories. and other sites. you’ll discover where to find apparitions. Find out how to form a team. psychokinetic activity. Melba Goodwyn explores the weird phenomena. saloons. sheds light on spirit communication.95 216 pp • 6 x 9 288 pp • 53/16 x 8 $15. These investigations include the creepiest-of-the-creepy cases WISP has tackled over the years. however. many of them in locations that have never before been investigated.95 $11. all of which are safe and accessible.95 $14. the dead and other spirits have followed Vivian.87 Take a bone-chilling tour of haunted graveyards and unhallowed ground. even crossing over a group of souls at Wal-Mart—it’s all in a day’s work. The Ghost Hunter’s Field Guide Rich Newman 978-0-7387-2088-3 We all wonder: do ghosts really exist? Giving you the real story. and an insider’s look into the art of ghost hunting. professional ghostbuster and skeptic Adam Selzer of Weird Chicago Tours investigates ghost sightings and true spooky tales worldwide. www.com 45 . Read about: p a r a n o r m a l • • • • Angry wraiths Terrorizing demons Violent phantom attacks Battles with an evil spirit that threatened her daughter Other experiences. even phantom cemeteries.17 Weeks after settling into their new home in Fort Collins.llewellyn. theaters. You’ll also read how she received a small favor from the ghost of a little girl. Extreme Paranormal Investigations Marcus F. When she and her family moved. According to local lore. Harmon 978-0-7387-3081-3 A Haunted Love Story Mark Spencer 978-0-7387-3073-8 Wayward Spirits & Earthbound Souls Anson V.Haunted Since Childhood— Terrorized by Spirits! Stalked by Spirits Vivian Campbell Imagine the terror of poor Vivian Campbell. malevolent red-eyed orbs.Along with true stories of her own hair-raising experiences. Professional ghost hunter Rich Newman shares proven scientific methods. Gogh 978-0-7387-1935-1 Your Neighborhood Gives Me the Creeps Adam Selzer 978-0-7387-1557-5 288 pp • 53/16 x 8 240 pp • 53/16 x 8 $15. and the mysteries of crossing over. spirit wrangler and psychic clairvoyant Anson V. haven’t been that bad. This how-to guide presents eveything you need to know to conduct a successful paranormal investigation. Mark remained skeptical— until his family encountered faceless phantoms. Harmon and his family make a chilling discovery: they’re living with a ghost. Griffin 978-0-7387-2697-7 In this fascinating collection of true stories. graveyard statues that come to life. Griffin. Gogh shares her most interesting and unusual cases. Ghost Hunting for Beginners Rich Newman 978-0-7387-2696-0 312 pp • 53/16 x 8 $16. and the latest technology used by the pros. This book includes advice readers can use to help lost spirits cross over. Helping an escaped slave reunite with his family. Experience ghostly activity at battlefields. the spirits followed.

95 Ghosts of the McBride House Cecilia Back 978-0-7387-1505-6 The Ghosts on 87th Lane M.95 In 1994.L. 9753 ) . 87 7. Yes. The scent of pipe tobacco drifts through an empty room. N E W . these true family ghost stories are brought to life with vintage photographs. A door slams shut by itself. a magical bookstore. mysterious scratches appearing on her throat. You hear your name being called. It also includes a paranormal FAQ and advice on talking to children about ghosts. This is the firsthand account of what Tony and Debra Pickman and their newborn son experienced in the now notorious Sallie House. green orb floats in the bedroom A spirit imitates their voices But unlike most ghost stories. the Pickmans share personal photographs and journal entries. Along with fascinating insights from prominent psychics. The last chapter.47 $9. this record is about caring people.77 What is it about the McBride House that serves as a beacon to the dead? Built in the oldest town in Oklahoma by physician George McBride in 1895. $15. Spooky. This book is the true story of how one family tried to cope with living in a haunted house. bit. this book includes simple protection rituals and a ceremony to honor your own family in spirit. and a faceless ghost girl who haunted Annie’s mother for decades. Each ghost has a personality of its own. Woelm 978-0-7387-1031-0 Grave’s End Elaine Mercado.N. . R. they had no idea that they were embarking on a thirteen-year nightmare. This friendly beginner’s guide to ghosts and hauntings offers practical advice on identifying. this moving memoir chronicles the hair-raising experiences of an ordinary woman living in a haunted house. the one thing that—if it can keep them together—can keep any family together: love. It also describes how. the family discovered the secrets buried in the house at Grave’s End. even though you know you’re home alone. They include tales of a haunted hotel. But instead of fleeing. How did she cope with disembodied sobs.95 SAVE 30% $16. for example. and how she came to know the ghost who taught her not to be afraid of thunderstorms and the Native American spirit that tucked her into bed. any paranormal activity that’s creeping you out.17 $16.95 240 pp • 53/16 x 8 192 pp • 6 x 9 $13. Spirits Out of Time Annie Wilder 978-0-7387-1440-0 When Elaine Mercado and her family bought their home. and humorous. Spanning three decades.What it’s like .95 $10. This is their story. with the help of a parapsychologist and a medium. This gripping memoir chronicles the hair-raising and hilarious moments in Michael Bodine’s haunted life. the Back family remained. It includes amazing true stories along with an inspiring account of his successful battle against chemical dependency as he learned to accept his unusual gift. W R L D ( 1.95 SAVE 30% $14. It’s an intensely personal story of what it’s like to live in a home with haunts. 978-0-7387-0003-8 Growing Up Psychic Michael Bodine 978-0-7387-1961-0 192 pp • 6 x 9 $13. Annie Wilder and her children moved into a one hundred-year-old house in an historic Mississippi River town. Underneath it all you’ll discover the one thing that kept the family 978-0-7387-3236-7 264 pp • 53/16 x 8 together through thick and thin. . and a phantom child’s voice crying “Mommy!” in her ear? Discover how frazzled nerves wreak havoc on the author’s health and marriage. 46 1. Living in a Haunted House On Haunted Ground p a r a n o r m a l Lisa Rogers This is the story of the Rogers family and their two decades spent living in a haunted house. 877. Along with historical research. and terrorized their family. Tony and Debra reveal untold stories. including one entity whose antics are downright terrifying. poignant. until she finds validation and understanding. Covering a decade’s worth of ghostly activity and supernatural events. gives the daughter’s perspective on growing up in such a home. there are strange occurrences: • • • • Doors slam closed when no one is around Objects fly across the room An eerie.95 288 pp • 6 x 9 $11. House of Spirits and Whispers Annie Wilder 978-0-7387-0777-8 Is Your House Haunted? Debi Chestnut 978-0-7387-2681-6 The Sallie House Haunting Debra Pickman 978-0-7387-2128-6 240 pp • 6 x 9 $15. and putting a stop to. this unusual story is the true account of Wilder’s experiences living in a haunted house. It felt like—and proved to be—a very haunted house. 639 . this Victorian home is rife with spirits from the past. describing what it was like to live with menacing entities that scratched.95 312 pp • 6 x 9 216 pp • 5 /16 x 8 3 288 pp • 6 x 9 $14.95 SAVE 30% $12.

00 This software program calculates charts and returns with the highest degree of accuracy— ideal for the beginning astrologer! Pegasus CPPEG030 $100. To order.00 Advanced Forecast Deluxe CP157E (12-month) $50.L L e w e L Ly n A s t r o L o g y r e p o r t s Find information about the future to plan what will happen and how to deal with the energy.00 CP155E (12-month) $36. Professional Natal Chart APS03-119 $5.00 Learn your vocational skills and aptitudes and how to best implement them in your career.00 Find your most favorable career—the one that satisfies a broad spectrum of needs and desires—with Vocational Guidance. but not quite ready to calculate your own birthchart.0 CPKEP070 $300. call Customer Service This report addresses the changes and possibilities we face in our later years. AstroTalk Detailed Birth Chart Analysis APS03-525 $20. Simpáticos APS03-533 $15. Karmic Past Life CP105E $10.00 Be prepared with information about how you respond in new environments.00 APS03-528 (12-month) $24.00 CP110S (Spanish) $15. Understand your needs on every level.00 This illuminating report reveals the strengths of and the challenges faced by your child. Opportunities APS03-534 $15. Psyche and Eros Report CP180E $20. Kepler 7. Woman to Woman APS03-531 $24.00 Compare and contrast your individual charts to reveal the ways to keep a relationship fruitful.00 The Solar Returns report gives you a picture of the coming year. Choose up to three relocation destinations.00 The depth of this interpretation considers all the basics of your birth chart.00 This state-of-the-art software program provides all you need to access the best astrological information available. Advanced Forecast CP151E (3-month) $15. Friends & Lovers APS03-529 $20.00 CP153E (6-month) $24. Senior Report CP100E $10.00 CP120S (Spanish) $15. Vocational Guidance CP110E (English) $15.00 CP140S (Spanish) $15.00 Get a monthly overview of what the on-the-go planets and their transits have in store.00 Not available for international orders. Compatibility Report CP140E (English) $15.00 Not available for international orders. as well as the year ahead.00 This accurate and detailed natal report is designed for those with intermediate to advanced skill at interpreting charts.00 CP130S (Spanish) $10. try Astrojourney! Astrojourney CP171E (3-month) $10. Heaven Knows What APS03-532 $15.00 This report offers valuable insight into the opportunities and challenges in your life.00 Review your past lives and how they may be affecting your happiness and success today. Natal Interpretation: The Merlin Report CP130E (English) $10.00 Modern women need a report that can keep pace with them. Relocation CP160E $10.00 CP173E (6-month) $24. Timeline Forecast APS03-526 (3-month) $12.00 If you’re bored with daily horoscopes. 1-877-639-9753 47 .00 CP175E (12-month) $36.00 The Simpáticos composite chart is a detailed analysis of the planetary aspects of your relationship.00 APS03-527 (6-month) $18.00 This is an advanced astrological analysis based on your birth chart. Child*Star APS03-530 $15.00 Analyze yourself and your partner to find greater pleasure in your relationship.00 Connections between your chart and your partner’s define how you connect. Solar Returns CP120E (English) $15.

coUNtY. state. 877. coUNtY. state. All reports are computer-generated. Books from this catalog should be ordered using the form on the last page of this section. coUNtY. N E W . coUNtRY Name of RepoRt fULL Name BiRth time am / pm Date YeaR oRDeR NUmBeR Name of RepoRt fULL Name BiRth time am / pm Date YeaR oRDeR NUmBeR BiRthpLace: citY. 2143 Wooddale Drive. coUNtY. 4. state.s e r v i c e s 1. coUNtRY 48 1. SHIP TO Name aDDRess citY state Zip aDDRess citY state Zip DaYtime phoNe CHARGE IT! ■ Visa ■ mastercard ■ american express caRD NUmBeR exp. 3. 9753 ) . fill out SHIPPING INFORMATION section. please allow 2–4 weeks for delivery. MN 55125-2989. This order form is for service reports only. based on correct planetary data provided by the United States Naval Observatory. fill out BILLING INFORMATION section. enclose payment. 5.) Name of RepoRt fULL Name BiRth time am / pm Date YeaR oRDeR NUmBeR Name of RepoRt fULL Name BiRth time am / pm Date YeaR oRDeR NUmBeR BiRthpLace: citY. coUNtY. 87 7. state. coUNtY. Woodbury. be sure to include birth information for both people. W R L D ( 1. ORDER FORM (Specify up to four reports on one form. Use birth certificate for accurate information. make checks or money orders payable to Llewellyn Worldwide. BILL TO Name 2. coUNtY. 3. coUNtRY BiRthpLace: citY. coUNtRY O r d e r i n g cURReNt ResiDeNce: citY. fill out ORDER FORM. coUNtY. a s t r O l O g i c a l 1. coUNtRY cURReNt ResiDeNce: citY. coUNtRY BiRthpLace: citY. state. mail entire page to the address shown below. state. coUNtRY cURReNt ResiDeNce: citY. Date sigNatURe of caRDhoLDeR P e r s O n a l FILL OUT THE REPORT REQUESTS BELOW AND MAIL THIS FORM WITH PAYMENT TO: Llewellyn Personal Services. state. 639 . 2. When ordering our Psyche and Eros interpretation. prices include shipping. coUNtRY cURReNt ResiDeNce: citY. state.

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PoSTagE Duplicate copies? Help us conserve precious resources. $16.95 See page 7 for full title information. To order call 1-877-NEW-WRLD or visit our website at www. MN 55125-2989 Source code: U. Woodbury.95 .com NW122 P a I D PERMIT #14 DETRoIT LakES.95 $18.llewellyn.PRSRT STD 2143 Wooddale Drive.95 $14. MN ASTROLOGY • a Sacred SolStice Celebrate A Year of Ritual Sandra Kynes 978-0-7387-0583-5 240 pp • 71/2 x 91/8 HEALING • MAGICK • MIND & BODY • TA R O T • WITCHCRAFT • YOGA Seasons of Witchery Ellen Dugan 978-0-7387-3078-3 336 pp • 71/2 x 71/2 Sabbats Edain McCoy 978-1-56718-663-5 368 pp • 7 x 10 Wheel of the Year Pauline Campanelli 978-0-87542-091-2 176 pp • 7 x 10 $18.S.