Saturday November 17th!

Closing Date on November 7th!!

Jive Turkey and Jumpin’ Event Derby

This is an actual full three day event this year!!!

Class One: Green as Grass A
2011 Intro A, 8 to 12 jumps at max of 18” optional, No optimum time but has max time. Show Jumping not optional, cross rails only.

Class Two: Green as Grass B
USDF 2011 Intro A, 8 to 12 jumps at max of 18” not optional, No optimum time but has max time. Jumping is not optional.

Class Three: Restricted Beginner Novice
USDF 2011 Intro B, 8 to 12 jumps at 24” max. No optimum time but has max time. All jumps must be jumped.

Class Four: Beginner Novice
USEA 2010 Beginner Novice Test B, 14 to 18 jumps max of 2’7”. Jumps will include oxers. . Class Five: Novice USEA 2010 Novice test B, 14 to 18 jumps max at 2’11”. Jumps will include oxers.

Jumper Classes
6. Schooling 2’ 7. Schooling 2’3 8. Level 0.5 Jumpers Optimum Time 9. Level 0.5 Jumpers Power and Speed 10. Level 1 Jumpers Optimum Time 11. Level 1 Jumpers Power and Speed 12. Level 2 Jumpers Optimum Time 13. Level 2 Jumpers Power and Speed 14. Level 3 Jumpers Optimum Time 15. Level 3 Jumpers Power and Speed *All of these classes will be held In our Jump Field

Covered Arena Starting at 9:00 am
16. Leadline 17. Walk Trot Cavalities Equitation 18. Walk Trot Cavalities U/S 19. Walk Trot Equitation 20. Walk Trot Cross Rails Equitation 21. Walk Trot Cross Rails U/S 22. Walk Trot Cross Rails Equitation 23. 18” Verticals Over Fences Equitation 24. 18” Verticals Over Fences U/S 25. 18” Verticals Equitation. 26. Dressage – USDF Intro Test A 27. Dressage – USDF Intro Test B

Fun Classes
*These Classes will be after lunch and they are for anyone you can ride in a western saddle or English just for fun and to have a good time!!!

28. Warm Up Barrels 29. Barrels 30. Warm Up Poles 31. Poles

32. Magazine Race 33. Egg and Spoon 34. Flag Race 35. Ride a Buck

 All Dressage classes will be held in an enclosed small regulation (20x40) arena.  Fun Classes will be held in the enclosed arena after lunch.  Jumpers will be held in our jump field.  All riders MUST wear a regulated vest when competing in Cross Country.  All Horses MUST have a valid coggins. *Ride Times will be posted about 5 to 7 days before event!

       Pony Clubbers $60 for full event. Non-Pony Clubbers $75 for full event. Jumper Classes - $10.00 each Individual Dressage Tests - $10.00 Equitation Divisions - $30.00 for Division and $10.00 for individual classes All fun classes - $3 Stabling - $25, but it is very limited so you need to call ahead. For a non-showing horse - $25

 Grounds fee - $10 (Everyone must pay this)  Late Entry fee - $10 (If entries are not in by November 7th!!!)

If you have any questions what so ever please feel free to contact Amy Rapaport. Barn Phone: (662)-255-2698 Email:

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