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Vol. 73 No.28 September 12 - 18, 2012 50 cents

Jeff Zaffino Wins 20th Title in PBA East Region’s Strike Zone Senior Open
By Russ Mills - PBA
POTTSVILLE, Pa. – Jeff Zaffino of Warren, Pa., collected his 20th career regional title when he defeated Bob Caruso of Dayton, N.J., 205193, in the Professional Bowlers Association East Region Strike Zone Senior Open presented by Etonic at Strike Zone Alleys last week. Zaffino, who competes in both the East and Central Region events, has advanced to the finals in each of the seven East Region senior events he has entered since turning 50 in 2009. Last week’s win was his fourth of the current season. He earned $1,500 for the win while Caruso received $825 as the runnerup. Zaffino defeated George Tignor of Winchendon, Mass., 222-193, and Caruso defeated Steve Ferraro of Kingston, N.Y., 194-181, in the semifinal round. Tignor and Ferraro each earned $700 as semifinal round losers. In the round of 8 where the best of three games, losers are eliminated and earned $600 each:

Anthony Angelo, Steven Sabella 300 at Coram Country Lanes
CORAM, NY - Anthony Angelo and Steven Sabella each found perfection in a 300 game to lead the high scorers at Coram Country Lanes. It was while competing in the Sunday Invitational that Anthony Angelo posted his 300 and Steven Sabella earned his perfecto rolling in the Perfect Fit Quads where Ryan Mapes did well with a 259 game. Rolling in the Wednesday Summer Mixed, Meghan McGee shot a 217 and Jim Leahy took high game honors with a 278.

Amanda Hermann Blasted 300 In Doubles at Majestic Lanes
HOPELAWN, NJ – Amanda Hermann blasted perfect with a 300 game along with games of 223-214-211 for a 948 series in the Handicap Doubles League at Majestic Lanes. Brian Bamforth rolled 258-222233-238-951, Eric Haltli 270-222245-209-946, Joe Lampariello 211-277-222-212-922, Angelo Fallacaro, Jr. 231-257-222-212922, Dotti Artale 225-276-245921, Joe Hendricks 211-238-249222-920, Jim Medoro 205-211265-225-906, and Tommy Medoro 205-204-238-254-901.

PBA Photo

Strike Zone Manager Savas Logothetides with champion Jeff Zaffino.
Zaffino def. John Chapman, Brampton, Ont., 2-0, Caruso def. Sammy Ventura, Syracuse, N.Y., 20, Tignor def. Sam Maccarone, Glassboro, N.J., 2-1, Ferraro def. Kent Wagner, Palmetto, Fla., 2-0. It was the best of five games in the round of 16 where losers are eliminated and earned $525 each: Zaffino def. Pete Danyo, Toms River, N.J., 3-1, Caruso def. Steve Stein, Staten Island, N.Y., 3-1, Tignor def. Mike Tryniski, Fulton, N.Y., 3-0, Ferraro def. Mark Glover, Woodbridge, Va., 3-0, Maccarone def. Andy Ippolito, Forest Hills, N.Y., 3-0, Wagner def. Charlie Toney, Oak Hill, W.Va., 3-0, Ventura def. John Conroy, Mahopac, N.Y., 3-1, and Chapman def. Dave Zelger, Red Lion, Pa. 3-2. There were no perfect games in the event.

Mike Roman 300 at Wallington
WALLINGTON, NJ - Mike Roman who tossed his first 300 game in the doubles league has done it again rolling this 300 along with a 255 while contesting in the Marko’s Foursome League at AMF Wallington Lanes. Brian Heinrich rolled 279, 225 followed by Joe Leardo Sr. with a269 in a 680 set, John Rebecky 257, Rich Graf 255, Joe Leardo Jr. 246-234709, Emmanuel Cruz 245, Pete Renelt 244, Alan Kowal, 237, Craig Bagnoli and Justin Chmielarz each with a 235 game, Louis Rondon with a 234, and Debbie Henkelman 224.

By Lucas Wiseman - USBC HENDERSON, Nev. - Team USA's Stefanie Nation, Shannon Pluhowsky and Liz Johnson claimed the women's trios gold medal at the 2012 Pan American Bowling Confederation Adult Championships. The Team USA trio finished with 4,007 for six games to take the top spot at Sunset Station's Strike Zone Bowling Center. Canada took the men's trios gold, while Team USA earned silver. Nation led the way for Team USA with 1,371, while Pluhowsky shot 1,324 and Johnson added 1,312.

Team USA pulled away in the final game with 694 to lock up the win. "We came together as a team today, bowled well and could not be happier," Nation said. "It never gets old to win gold and hopefully we will be celebrating another one in a couple days." Colombia's Maria Jose Rodriguez, Rocio Restrepo and Clara Guerrero claimed the silver USBC Photo medal with 3,925, while Mexico's Liz Johnson, Stefanie Nation, and Shannon Sayuri Yamada, Gabriela Pluhowsky all smiles as they display their Gonzalez and Sandra Gongora gold medals at PABCON. took the bronze with 3,892. Team USA's Josie Earnest, Diandra Asbaty and Leanne Hulsenberg shot 626 in the final game and dropped off the podium, finishing fourth with 3,878. On the men's side, George Lambert, Mark Buffa and Jean Sebastian Lessard earned Canada the gold medal with 4,094. Powered by a 300 opening game, Lambert led the way with 1,469, while Buffa shot 1,349 and Lessard had 1,276. "It's frustrating to come out and be so close so many times and to come out on top today means redemption for us," Lambert said. "To come out here and represent your country and win a gold medal is second to none." Team USA's Tommy Jones (1,415), Bill O'Neill (1,384) and Marshall Kent (1,264) earned the silver medal with 4,063. Venezuela's Eddy Fuentes, Richard Leon and Amleto Monacelli took bronze with 3,991. The United States' John Janawicz, Patrick Allen and Steve Smith missed earning a medal by 40 pins, finishing fifth with 3,951.



September 12 - 18, 2012

Rob Larsen 716
FARMINGDALE, NY – Rob Larsen topped the scoring in the Tuesday Party League firing games of 279-259 for a high series of 716. Jay Lane rolled 255-242-697, Steve Terech 254-226-668, Joe Angelone 246-226-656, Kenny Keating 240, Eric Vazauez 237, Howie Garfinkel 233, Tony Falzone 231-227, Mike TenBrink 224-220-222-666, Katie Rahner 215, Chick Haines 204, and Rhiannon Plock 200.

Mark Testa 664
FARMINGDALE, NY – Mark Testa paced the Wednesday Adult/Junior League firing 202232-230 for ahigh series of 664. Joseph Angelone rolled 231-213645, Paul Kraus 237-214-642, Bruce Markland 254-212-637, Ed Mencarelli 225, Michael Berardino 224, Joe Mibliano 218, and Maria Tamburrino 209. In the Wednesday Friends League Brian Walsh shot 253, Brian Bolen and Joe Montefusco 222, Robert Engellau 205, and Bunny Doherty 202-200.

Michael Berardino 714
FARMINGDALE, NY – Michael Berardino led the scoring in the Wednesday Adult/Junior League firing games of 278-244 for a high series of 714. Joseph Angelone rolled 244233-652, Paul Kraus 230, Bruce Markland 223, Joe Migliano 215, Ed Mencarelli 214, Craig Liguori 211, Frank Berardino 210, and Pat Berardino 205. In the Pro Shot Challenge League Joe R. Mele rolled 247660, Adam Chase 231, and Chris Liotta 215. Marvin Slifkin rolled 231, Mike Bagnato 220, Joe Montefusco 215, Brian Walsh 212, Trevor Hennesey 210, and Steve Butera 205-201 in the Wednesday Friends League.

Idle bowling thoughts… •••Larry Doby, the all-time baseball great, the first African-American to play in the American League, shortly after Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in the National League, has been accorded one of the world's unique honors, recognition on a postage stamp. As a kid growing up in Paterson, N.J., I admired Doby's skill as an all-around athlete who starred in basketball and football as well as baseball. Though Doby never was an avid bowler, he was present at many bowling charity events, and mixed with all the participants. Also honored in July on a Forever stamp release were fellow Hall of Famers Joe Di Maggio, Willie Stargel and Ted Williams. •••.Jack Mordini, a top executive for many decades at the American Bowling Congress and United States Bowling Congress pointed out, "There is no other sport that invites the entire grassroots membership to have an opportunity to compete for world championships." •••In many areas of the country, Labor Day week usually signals the start of fall and winter leagues. Nobody seems to know exactly why but maybe it's because for many, bowling is a lot of work. •••Carolyn Dorin Ballard has long been rated one of the best female bowlers in history. "As a youngster Carolyn was always competitive and competent, whether it came to winning a role in a school play or a spot on the bowling team." recalled her mother, Maryann Dorin. "She was proud when she graduated college, but I had second thoughts when she told us she

Sal Alberino 708
FARMINGDALE, NY – Sal Alberino topped the Monday Summer Trio firing games of 259234 for a high series of 708. Joe Giammarino, Jr. rolled 278704, Barron Terrell 224-244-224692, Curtis Brown 256-233-681, Michael Walsh 265, Kerrick Jones 246, and Steve Pasciuto 237-215.

Michael Berardino 672
FARMINGDALE, NY – Michael Berardino led the scoring in the Wednesday Adult/Junior League firing games of 235-202 for a high series of 672. Brian Bolen rolled 224, Bunnie Doherty 204, Brian Walsh 203, Steve Butera 202, and Joe Baumann and Irene O’Malley 201. In the Monday MNFP League Danny Schrafel shot 253. Ken Lauri rolled 184, Jerry Hoeler 169, Elsie Dugan 161, and Alice Bruns 159 in the Monday AM Seniors League.

Skylar McGarrity 257
FARMINGDALE, NY – Skylar McGarrity led the scoring in the Wednesday Adult/Junior League firing a high game of 257 and a high series of 600. Robyn Haines hit 212, Greg Pess 210, and Nicholas Mencarelli 208. In the Junior Pro Shot Challenge League Sean Mott shot 225.

Adam Chase 275
FARMINGDALE, NY – Adam Chase led the scoring in the Pro Shot Challenge League firing a high game of 275. Sly Curreri hit 223, Eugene Neal 216, and Chris Liotta 215.

Michael Berardino 237
FARMIGNDALE, NY – Michael Berardino rolled 237, Ed Mencarelli 222, Paul Karus 214214, Pat Berardino 207, and Scott A Puetzer 203 in the Wednesday Adult/Junior League. Nicholas Mencarelli shot 238, Greg Pass 215, Casey Sparacio 204, and Deanna Rosenberg 176 in the Wednesday Adult/Junior League.

Ta k e Yo u r Fa m i l y B ow l i n g

was going out on the women's tour because she wanted to be the best." added Mom. It took her some years, but she made it. •••Bowlers praise the good old days, not because the times were better, but because they were better. •••Want to make scoring more difficult? Just allow one four pound pin along with the other nine. •••Through the dedicated work of Peggy Elias over the past decade, the Eddie Elias Bowling Center at the University of Akron stands as a tribute to the founder of the Professional Bowlers Association and the reminder that Akron was the home of the PBA at its beginnings in 1958. Peggy, widow of Eddie, has spearheaded the Elias Bowling Scholarship tourney at Akron U. It is unique in that no entry fee is charged. Funds are always needed for the scholarships and to present interesting PBA exhibits. This event could serve as a model for other colleges. Mail a donation, large or small, to Department of Development. The University of Akron, Edward G. Elias Bowling Scholarship, PO Box 2203, Akron, Ohio 44398-9649. •••Many golf tournaments pay more for a top 20 finish than a pro bowler earns in a season. Golf has the advantage of huge crowds that generate huge amounts of money, but they also have some impressive help from sponsors. It's long past the time when some of these sponsors support bowling events. Bowlers long have been spenders for the products of sponsors. •••Everyone likes a good loser. You can't help but like a good loser, unless it's your doubles partner.

September 12 - 18, 2012



Mike Rositano 759
STATEN ISLAND, NY- Mike Rositano led the scoring in the Wednesday Summer Mixed League firing games of 245-259-255 for a high series of 759. Bob Jacobson rolled 257-719, Janice Birona 228-278-698m Lisa Christiano 216-238-642, Ken Solo 256, John Peduto and Eugene Sarsosa 257, and Lenny Bivona 246. In the Senior Men’s Club League Don Schwed shot 224-224-639, Tom O’Sullivan 208-224-202-634, Stu Isaacs 244-619, Al Felline 224-207-616, Larry Yurman 216-600, and Anthony Rubilotta 203.

Bill Horner 731
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Bill Horner led the scoring in the Senior Men’s League firing games of 266-261 for a high series of 731. Larry Yurman rolled 257-214-641, Frank Parello 223-231-634, Dan Cioffoletti 268-633, Benny Garcia 255, and Tom Mannino 257. In the Staten Island Youth Leaders Triples League Anthony Terzakos and Luis Gutierrez rolled 232, Vincent Gide 231, and Ashley Martinez 205. Bob Lampariello rolled 205-226-209-650, Jim Touhey 215, Tom Griffiths 214, and Hank Barnett 213 in the Golden Oldies League.



September 12 - 18, 2012

PBA Unveils New Regional Invitational Tournament Program for 2012-13
By Bill Vint - PBA

Alex Padmore Takes Second LIGBT Title
East Meadow, NY: The LIGBT made a summer stop at East Meadow and at the end of the day Alex Padmore, Jamaica, NY took the $1000 first place. This was Alex’s second LIGBT title and his first in over a year. Alex secured his title with a mark in the tenth frame which gave him a 229 handicap game. Finishing second was Fermin Diaz, New York, NY with a 207 worth $500. Third place went to Tony Gee, Floral Park, NY who earned $250 with a 191. Tony was the 3pm squad leader with an amazing 820 handicap series.

Closer-to-home championship events provide unique incentives, opportunities for PBA members
Here’s how the new Regional Players Invitational program will work: *** Within the five standard regions, PBA members who reside within the region and finish 1-15 in the seasonal competition points standings will receive an invitation and free entry into the end-of-season RPI for their home region. Players who finish 16-32 on the points list are invited, but must pay a $220 entry fee. *** The next 16 spots will go to players on the points list who have participated in a minimum of 50 percent of the region’s tournaments during the year. If any spots remain open, invitations will be extended based upon players’ rankings on their home region’s points list. *** PBA members living outside of the United States will be eligible based upon their participation in events within any given region. The “home region” residency rule will be waived for international players. If international non-residents bowl in more than one region, they will be required to designate the RPI they wish to enter by July 15, 2013. *** Special rules will apply to the joint WestNorthwest RPI. West Region points leaders 1-10 and Northwest Region points leaders 1-5 will earn the free entries. West Region leaders 11-23 and Northwest Region points leaders 6-9 will be eligible for the $220 entry positions. The balance of the field will be offered to the next 12 West Region and next four Northwest Region players who meet the 50 percent participation rule. *** The new RPI program will be open to all PBA members: touring players, senior/PBA50 members, regional members, PBA24 members and PBA International members. Players will only be eligible to participate in one RPI. RPI points qualifying will begin on Sept. 1, 2012, and end on July 15, 2013. *** Each RPI will consist of a Friday pro-am and two six-game qualifying rounds on Saturday. The top 16 qualifiers will advance to three rounds of best-of-fivegame elimination matches and two rounds of one-game eliminations on Sunday. Saturday’s top four qualifiers will earn two bye rounds and qualifiers five through eight will earn one bye round.

SEATTLE, Wash. – The Professional Bowlers Association has created a new PBA Regional Players Invitational series for the 2012-13 season that will give all PBA members an opportunity to qualify for a prestigious new regional championship event closer to home, was shared by PBA Commissioner Tom Clark recently. The new tournament series, which will be conducted in the PBA’s East, South, Central, Midwest, Southwest and joint West-Northwest Regions, will provide dozens of top regional players with international media exposure because all six events will be webcast live, exclusively on PBA’s online bowling channel, Xtra Frame. Each of the six RPIs also will offer prize funds in excess of $25,000, including $6,000 to each winner and a 1:2 payout ratio, and the winner of each will win a paid entry into the 2013 PBA World Series of Bowling. “In a typical year, the PBA conducts roughly 170 regional tournaments throughout its seven regions, ranging from New England to Hawaii,” John Weber, Director of Regional and Senior Tours, said. “In years past, the PBA has conducted two national championship events specifically for regional players – a PBA Regional Players Championship and a PBA Regional Players Invitational. “We have found, in our changing economic climate, that regional players are having an increasingly difficult time traveling cross-country to attend those national events,” Weber added. “The new RPI program addresses that problem by providing our members with signature tournaments that are more affordable and more easily accessible, but still retain special levels of exclusivity and prestige that will reward performance.” Since the late 1960s, the PBA Regional program has been the proving ground for hundreds of young players who aspire to become the future stars of the PBA Tour, and it continues to provide an affordable, close-tohome competitive arena for many others who love to compete but who are involved in careers other than professional bowling. “The new RPI series also will provide PBA’s Xtra Frame subscribers with the added value of bonus coverage featuring both current and future stars in professional bowling,” Clark noted. “This is a level of competition never before available to the general public, but because of Xtra Frame’s online reach, it’s going to be a great addition to the PBA program for players and fans alike.” In order to qualify for their home area RPI, players will be required to qualify among the top 48 in competition points within their own regions during a seasonlong points race.

Now is the time to advertise that Special Event in the

Sports Reporter



September 12 - 18, 2012

Jim Dressel of BJI Reported:
*** The recently-concluded 2012 USBC Open Championships had a $113.2-million economic impact on Baton Rouge and the surrounding area. In all, 58,704 USBC bowlers and 11,496 guests visited Baton Rouge for the 151-day event. To land the event, local groups paid USBC a total of $1.1 million in seed money from a partnership that included the City-Parish, three neighboring visitors bureaus, two local casinos and the Baton Rouge Chapter of the Louisiana Restaurant Association. “To get this type of return [100-1] on our investment in today’s economy is phenomenal,” said Mayor-President Melvin “Kip” Holden. The $1.1 million in local support was part of the agreement that was made to get the USBC to return the tournament to Baton Rouge after a successful stint there in 2005. Courtesy of Bowlers Journal International Cyber Report.

September 12 - 18, 2012

On the Men’s end we have Bob Eaton with a 277 game and a 675 series; John Howarth followed that up with a 259 game and a 674 series; Michael Fisch shot a 259 game and a 635 series; Vincent Maffetone came in with a 257 game and ended with a 713 series; and Les Forrai bowled 255 game and a 684 series; Down on the Woman’s end Eileen Rufer shot a 212 game and a 517 series; Maria Price came in with a 206 and 194; Jill Dilbari followed with a 205 game and a 500 series; Theresa Nolan came through with a 202 and a 484 series; and April Manzolillo followed with a 196 game and a 530 series


On the Men’s end we have Richie Henner with a 289 game and a 709 series; Joe Conigliaro also with a 289 game and a 738 series; Matt Achstatter came in with a 269 game and ended with a 693 series; Terry Sussman shot a 267 game; and Rick Boremski bowled a 266 and finished with a 724 series; Down on the Woman’s side Jennifer Yerkes got a 208 and ended with a 532 series; and Vonetta Jolliffe shot a 193, 190 and 162 which brought her to a 545 series

On the Men’s end Cesar Ocasio had a wonderful night when he shot a 279 game and a 711 series; Bill Koste came in with a 266 and a 259 and ended with an awesome 690; Rob Benenati followed with a 256; and Paul Barbuzza shot a 254 game and a 704 series; On the Woman’s end we have Audrey Singleton had an awesome night with a 227 and a 219 and ended with a 644; Donna Gregston came in with a 215 and ended with a 570; Gloria Belmonte followed with a 214 game and a 570 series; and Vicky Lockwood came through with a 201 game and a 550 series


58 Terhune Ave. Lodi, NJ 07644 Phone 973-471-7100 Fax 973 473-7101

Includes a Super Bowl Bash

58 Terhune Ave. Lodi, NJ 07644 Phone 973-471-7100 Fax 973 473-7101



September 12 - 18, 2012

Brian Dudek 1051
HOPELAWN, NJ – Brian Dudek topped the Handicap Doubles League firing 238-268-278-267 for a high 1051 set. Angelo Fallacaro, Jr. rolled 229-236-290-257-1012, Brian Bamforth 212-279-239-254-984, Steve Venito 257258-201-224-940, Joe Hendricks 211-265-238-212-926, Amanda Hermann 288-211-224-922, and Lisa Palazzola 244-235-247-900.

Don Anione 778
HOPELAWN, NJ - Don Anione led the scoring in the Guys & Dolls League firing games of 278-247-253 for a high series of 778 Bonnie DeSimone rolled 279-225-678, Kyle Januzzi 237-235-206-678, Elio Carrasco 226-214-235-675, Vince Rudrow 201-234-205-640, and Bill Gallo 227.

Mitch Sacks 735
HOPELAWN, NJ – Mitch Sacks topped the scoring in the Monday Main Event League firing games of 201-275-259 for a high series of 735. Paulo Toy rolled 210-258-241-709, Kelly Daunno 235259-207-701, Scott Soltis 278-220-697, Joe Herber 244267-691, Matt DeGennaro 267-675, Jackie Mintz 259-224672, Jen Daunno 247-218-207-672, and Amanda Hermann 227-246-667.

Paulo Toy 750
HOPELAWN, NJ – Paul Toy topped the scoring in the Monday Main Event League firing games of 257-278-215 for a high series of 750. Matthew Manenty rolled 267-237-703, Tommy Magers 215-225-257-697, Ryan Friend 248-232-209-689, Billy Smith 234233-212-679, Eric Oppenheimer 219-269-678, Rick Sciulla 212-265-676, Michael Consiglio 224-242-206-672, Bill Daunno 224-242-206672, Chris Lighty 272-210-225-662, Amanda Hermann 202-239-631, and Jen Daunno 220207.

John Kertesz 717
HOPELAWN, NJ – John Kertesz led the scoring in the Performance Ball Trios League firing games of 259-222236 for a high series of 717. Nick Schneider rolled 267-656, Matt Mitchell 247, and Amanda Kertesz 204.

Joe Plescia 694
HOPELAWN, NJ – Joe Plescia led the Monday Adult/Junior League firing 232-263 for a high series of 694. Dave Rezes hit 223-227-642, Vinny Medvetz 223-210624, Courtney Crane 213, and Lisa Kjersgaard 207.

Don Anione 750
HOPELAWN, NJ – Don Anione led the scoring in the Guys & Dolls League firing games of 235-237-278 for a high series of 750. Kyle Januzzi hit 264-231-672, Carlos Toro 227-246-655, Randel Hernandez 227-246-634, Vince Rudrow 240-616, and Nicole Baginski 233.

Ken Horvath 968
HOPELAWN, NJ – Ken Horvath topped the scoring in the Handicap Doubles League firing games of 238-224254-252 for a high series of 968. Angelo Fallacaro, Jr. rolled 279-276-210-960, Tommy Martino 253-214-251-223-941, Rocco Fortunato 221-23246-259-929, Joe Lampariello 244-267-238-922, Eric Velazquez 215-224-268-214-921, Lisa Palazzola 236-202244-212-894, and Dotti Artale 236-258-877.

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