Make Entries Payable: Brewer Equestrian Center Mail Entries to: Brewer Equestrian Center 448 CR 855 Shannon, MS 38868

Name of Horse or Pony If your entries are postmarked after November 7th need to include a $10 late fee with the entry fee!

Brewer Equestrian Center
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Rider Information Name Address City State & Zip FEES: Make Check Payable to BEC

Fun Class WARNING: Under Mississippi Law, an equine activity or equine sponsor is not liable for an injury to Division and or death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks equine activities, Individual Class pursuant to Mississipppi Laws 443, Chapter 443. Show Responsibility: All entries are at the rider's, Schooling Fee (Per Horse) owner's and trainer's own risk with the understanding that there is an inherent risk in riding horses. Non-Showing Horse Fee Neither Brewer Equestrian Center, Kim or Donnie Head, the management, nor the officals and Grounds Fee employees will be responsible for any accident or loss that may occur to an exhibator, animal, or Stall @ $25 equipment at the Brewer Equestrian Center Horse Shows. Signing and presenting this form shall be Late Fee
deemed accpetance of the above terms and agreement with the rules and regulations listed in the prize list and on this entry form.

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