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PROBLEMS AND PROS PECT OF RETAIL MARKETING Statement of the problem: The important area of Retail Marketing in India has come through only from 1970 onwards. However this system is not yet percolated to the lowest level . Therefore the problem is to study how retail Marketing system can go to the lowest category of customer without sacrificing the quail ty of the products and without loosing the profit for Organization

Review of literature:-

Research methodology.

Scope of Present problem:Help management of Retail marketing to improve to their planning. The scope of this subject is very vast. It covers marketing products quality, price systems, Distribution system, product differentiation, product mix. It helps the management to have good planning.

Object of the study:-

Bangalore city.

Formulation of Hypothesis:-

3% share and the remaining share is contributed by organized sector.

terested in getting the high profit because they have invested huge amounts.

retail. cept - what is retail marketing.

Selection of Variables:The variables will depend on the situations Representative population will be around 200 consumers and 10 in charge of the organized retailer of the Bangalore of this year.

Design of research Metdhology:-

Defining of population:All the consumers and in charge of the organized retail shop who have in the Bangalore. In 2011 -2012, but they are consumers and employees of that whom I am going to take as a population. Methodology of Sampling:Steps in selection sample size based on age, sex income limited to 300 customers

. Assumption of the Study:are of the products that are available in this particular retail shop. Tools and Test:Questionnaire method, Graphs also has been used to show progress. Collection of the Data Primary data Data directly collected by the Researcher for the problems understanding by proper method is called primary data Methods to be used to collect primary data

Secondary Method:ational data

Analysis and Interpretation of data data, the data should be analyzed which is representative in nature. Testing of Hypothesis:-

ce level

Limitation of study:Only for short term analysis.

Finding and decisions Conclusion and recommendation These projects conclude that the research regarding the problems and prospect of retail marketing and try to give good recommendation as per study Books :- Research Methodology written by C.R Kothari Suggestion by the supervisor of Retail Business

Reference Period:-