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NET - WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 10 - 16, 2012
Rochester, NY
september 10 -16
From Information to Understanding g t
VOL 5. NO. 45
Status of World Trade Center Site
11 Years Later
Creang an Independent Civilian Review Board of the
Police: Can We Put a 50 Year Old Demand to Bed?
Guest Editorial by Ryan Acuff, p3
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Vincent Felder
Diane Watkins
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Davy Vara
Ayesha Kreutz
Minority Reporter, Inc. is a family of publications
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ther, Minority Reporter, Inc. seeks to present a bal-
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In This Issue:
- 9/11: Status of World TradeCenter,
11 Years Later
-Hip-hop Mogul Chris Lighty Dies in
NYC at 44
- The Genesee Brew House Opens
its Doors
- Gov. Andrew Cuomo Endorses
Assemblyman Gantt
-Schumer: Young Footbal Players
Need Safe Helmets
- Despite Growing Education,
African Americans Still Not Getting
Influenza Vaccines
- Sabres’ Owner Sparks
Development in Buffalo
COLUMNS: Pg 13-15
- Lest We Forgot to Vote
By Gloria Winston Al-Sarag
- Don’t Bite the Apple!
By Michael Vaughn
- Family Caregiving: Easy? Think
By AARP Edna Kane-Williams
- Why It Takes Poor & Middle-Class
White Racists a long time to Figure
out Rich & Wealthy White Racists?
By Chris Stevenson
1 :: WWW.0,125,7<5(3257(5.NET - WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 10 - 16, 2012 Rochester, NY september 10 -16
From Information to Understanding g t
VOL 5. NO. 45

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Wotch On||ne
The CIty of Pochester Is now offerIng ñnancIaI
assIstance t o el i gi bl e owners of pre-1978 1-4
uni t pri vat el y-hel d housi ng l ocat ed i n t he Ci t y of
Rochest er t o cont rol l ead based pai nt hazards.
TypIcaI work actIvItIes covered under thIs
program IncIude: pai nt i ng, si di ng, wi ndow/ door
repl acement and porch repai r/ repl acement .
Fundi ng wi l l be provi ded based on uni t si ze (see
bel ow). Bot h owner-occupi ed and rent al propert i es
wi l l be served. Owner-occupant s must have a
chi l d or vi si t i ng under age 6.
The Ci t y of Rochest er
2012 Lead Hazard
ControI Program
1 uni t - $14, 000 2- uni t s - $20, 000
3-uni t s - $26, 000 4-uni t s - $32, 000
How to appIy! Cal l ei t her agency l i st ed
bel ow t o recei ve an appl i cat i on.
Act i on f or a Bet t er Communi t y
550 E. Mai n St . 325-5116
Nei ghborworks Rochest er
571 Sout h Ave. 325-4170
Quest i ons? Cal l 311 or vi si t www.cItyofrochester.govlIeadpaInt
President Obama’s Pro-Growth Soluons by the Numbers
[Original Op-Ed by Ayesha Kreutz: hp://
Mr. Obama connues to provide lip-service to the radical le, as he rules His Kingdom by
execuve privilege. America will not recover from this Socialist Dictator. Sad in America.
Freedom is the price for what I worked my life to have. I saved so He can call me rich &
pay for his social experiment- Gay rights & aboron. God help us- save us from ourselves!
~Rich Rainey
Our income has dropped over $10,000 per year. We lost our rerement, and as we are
close to rerement age, we will never be able to recover those funds. We had to sell our
home and downsize considerably so we have a chance of surviving in our rerement. I
count my blessings daily that my husband (although in not the greatest health) is sll able
to work. Yes we were lucky to sell our home but for $12,000 less than what it appraised
for just 2 short years ago. I tell you my story, because I truly believe this administraon’s
policies are not working, in actuality, they are crippling our economy and a chance at
recovery! Please hold Pres Obama to his word. Vote him out!
~Kat Crosby
I have experienced and improvement in my medical care capability and I have seen no
private medical insurance companies go out of business. Hospitals and medical providers
receive lower payments, but with more people having insurance the cost of providing
medical services is also lower (due to a greater number of people being able to pay their
It seems the research done for this wring was done completely on the internet and
from Republican based infomercials. Government and its expenditures have goen
smaller over President Obama’s term of offi ce. The stripping of government controls
on financial organizaons during the eight years of the previous administraon allowed
homeowners to get entangled in poor mortgages, reree porolios to shrink to new
lows or non-existence, and the jobs that workers depended upon to be shipped out of
the country. Add to that the Republican mantra of doing everything in their power to
make President Obama unsuccessful during his term of offi ce, then it becomes apparent
why there is such a supposed “lack of predictability”.
Lastly Ayesha, if you believe the folks that treat our President with such disrespect and
insolence will engage you any differently upon vong them in offi ce, your disappontment
will be insurmountable.
~T. Banister
No maer how many hard facts and figures we cite, there will always be those who want
to ignore them. The so-called Republican mantra of doing whatever it takes to make sure
Obama is unsuccessful is actually just checks and balances. Without them, a socialist like
Obama could push through whatever legislaon his lile heart desires, like he did in his
first two years when the Democrats had a super majority in both Houses of Congress.
Republicans enjoyed perhaps the largest turnaround ever in 2010 because the American
people got a glimpse of what Obama and the Democrats would do if le unchecked. The
greatest Romney campaign commercials during the next two months will be Obama’s
own words juxtaposed with the results that Ayesha menoned.
~Tim AlƟer
It’s ok to cricize the president but let’s look at the non-parsan facts. Mit Romney
installed a very similar plan in Mass and now they have 98% of the people there insured.
The only reason he’s running from his health insurance success there now is because it’s
unpopular among naonwide polling.
This arcle is not based on facts but based on republican and conservave ideology.
~Greg Moore
29 New Homes to be Build in 19th Ward
[News Story: hp://]
It bothers me that most of the new apartments, houses and condos being built within the
city will not be affordable by the average city resident! Has anybody paid any aenon
to that? The rents and mortgages will probably be at the least $1100 a month. I am a
middle class person...I can’t afford those kinds of rents and mortagages. Will someone
please build something that the average middle class working person can afford? Thank
LovaleeSam, You are right, but you need to put your thoughts into an email to all of
the city offi cials listed in the arcle above. By the way, it’s called gentrificaon. At least
there are agencies in Rochester that help people learn about home ownership so that
maybe they can buy their 2nd home in Brooks Court. I’m of the mindset that less is more
anyway. We moved from an apartment in the city to a house in the suburbs (bigger than
we need) and our next move is to the country where it’s quieter and more private and
the taxes will be lower. Then we can use our extra money for to rent a lakeside coage
or take vacaons.
FYI, home ownership is not cheaper than renng unless the house has a new roof,
furnace, hot water heater and is in a clean, safe, neighborhood with reasonable taxes,
otherwise, keep paying rent! Don’t forget when you own a home you have to cut the
grass, shovel the snow, buy your own washer and dryer (and maybe stove and fridge)
and pay taxes on top of your mortgage. If you want to invest money their are other
vehicles to do that--talk to a financial planner and/or tax accountant before you buy a
Send us your
As the old
p r o v e r b
goes the
more things
change the
more they
stay the
same. This
s t a t e me nt
couldn’t be
more spot-
on when it
comes to
the enduring
p o l i c e -
c ommuni t y
conflict and the persistent calls for
genuine and credible civilian oversight of
the police in Rochester, NY. From 1962 to
2012, community groups have consistently
fought for an independent Civilian Review
Board (CRB) to handle, invesgate, and
rule on allegaons of police brutality and
In response to a number of police brutality
cases and several protests at police
headquarters in the early 1960s, the City
of Rochester was one of the first cies in
the country to instute an independent
civilian review board. The reform was most
notably a response to the Rufus Fairwell
incident where Fairwell, a black gas staon
owner on South Plymouth, was “mistaken”
for a burglar and brutally beaten by white
police offi cers breaking mulple vertebrae.
From 1963-1970 the Police Advisory Board
invesgated excessive force complaints
and their findings were made public if they
differed with the police chief. In 1970 the
Republicans retook control of City Council
and defunded the board, effecvely
dissolving this necessary instuon.
Shortly aer it was defunded 22 people
from 11 different organizaons spoke
out before City Council demanding that
the Police Advisory Board be reinstated.
From that point forward, the chorus of the
community groups has been consistent for
Community groups, lead especially by
outspoken black religious leaders Minister
Franklin Florence and Reverend Raymond
Graves, have called for an independent
Civilian Review Board with invesgave
and subpoena power for the last 42 years.
Commission upon commission has met
following instances of police brutality and
misconduct. Nevertheless, the city has
refused to heed the community’s demands
for an independent review process.
In 1976, the “Crimi Commission” was
convened in response to civil unrest and
widespread calls for reform aer the police
shot and killed 18 year old Denise Hawkins
in 1975. In 1977 the City instuted a
“Complaint Invesgaon Commiee”
(CIC) which had some civilian involvement
in reviewing police invesgaons of civilian
complaints. However, the commiee
could not interview civilians or directly
invesgate any claims, leaving what some
crics called “the fox in charge of the
hen house.” In 1983, the killing of Alecia
McCuller, the daughter of prominent black
leader James McCuller, by Rochester Police
sparked another major reform process.
However, the recommendaons for a
genuine CRB by the McCuller Commiee,
chaired by Minister Florence, were
ignored. In 1984 one civilian was added to
the CIC leaving the basic system intact.
In 1992, when former Rochester police
chief Gordan Urlacher was sent to federal
prison on corrupon charges and 5 vice
squad offi cers were standing trial on 19
counts of police brutality, another push
for genuine reform was led by the United
Church Ministries, a coalion of mostly
black churches. Despite the community
support for the UCM proposal, the
oversight process was simply renamed and
reshuffl ed. The Complaint Invesgaon
Commiee became the “Civilian Review
Board” (CRB) where a panel of three
civilians would review internal police
invesgaons of police misconduct.
However, as Reverend Graves remarked, it
remained a “toothless ger” as the board
had no invesgave or subpoena power.
This CRB has been in effect for 19 years
(with minor modificaons in ‘95) with the
same conflicts of interest in place (police
invesgang themselves) and in defiance
of constant protests to fundamentally
change the process and restore
invesgave power to the Board as it had
in the 1960s and similar to the January
2012 CRB reform just implemented in
In August 2011 a Commission to Reform
the Civilian Review Board was convened
by Rochester City Council, in response
to the Emily Good and Willie Lighoot
incidents caught on video, and widespread
allegaons of racial profiling in the
community. Chairman of the City Council
Public Safety Commiee Adam McFadden
blasted the current oversight process
saying that it was “badly damaged and
has no credibility in the community.” Yet,
aer another 11 month commission and
despite a swell of support for a CRB with
invesgave power (including support
from Commission members) it appears the
current process may simply be tweaked
and reshuffl ed without fundamental
What would it take for our policians to be
foresighted enough to change course and
find the funding to implement genuine
reform that is credible in the eyes of
the community? If we don’t implement
civilian review of police with invesgave
and subpoena power this me around,
Rochester may have to wait unl the
next major police abuse incident that
sparks the next police commission. Note
that the current Rochester police reform
commissions are running average every
10-15 years. Meanwhile we will be stuck
with the reshuffl ing of the current civilian
oversight process that sll lacks credibility
in the community, despite the hard work
done by the most recent commission.
The 50 year old demand for independent
civilian oversight isn’t going away as long
as racial and economic inequality plague
our community and the Rochester Police
reflect the demographics of the suburbs,
not the actual people they police.
Ryan Acuff
Community Commiee, Commission to
Reform the Civilian Review Board
Board Member, New York Civil Liberes
Union, Genesee Valley Chapter
Creang an Independent Civilian
Review Board of the Police:
Can We Put a 50 Year Old
Demand to Bed?
The Genesee Brew House Opens its Doors
Rochester, New York – The Genesee
Brewery held a ribbon cu ng
ceremony on Aug. 31 to unveil The
Genesee Brew House and announce
details of its grand opening.
The public grand opening celebraon
was held on Sept. 8 at their St. Paul
Street locaon on Rochester’s North
East Side and featured a free concert,
tours of the pilot brewery, beer
tasngs, food and more.
“The Genesee Brew House
commemorates Genesee brewery
employees and our loyal fans,” said
Rich Lozyniak, CEO of North American
Breweries, Genesee’s parent company.
“It captures Genesee’s rich history
while paying tribute to brewing in
Rochester, New York.”
“For over 130 years, The Genesee
Brewery has been a vital part of our
local economy and has helped put
Monroe County on the map. Today’s
opening of the Brew House signifies
the many great things that are in store
for our region. I applaud the public-
private partnerships that made this
investment possible and wish North
American Breweries connued success
in revitalizing this historic jewel of our
community,” said Monroe County
Execuve Maggie Brooks.
In November of 2011, The Genesee
Brewery announced plans to
renovate the former packaging
center in Rochester’s Northeast
neighborhood. The majority of the
development project is complete but
the outdoor concert and event space
will be completed in spring 2013. The
company has invested nearly $3.9
million into the project.
“The Genesee Brew House will be a
desnaon for Rochester residents
and visitors alike,” said Mayor Thomas
S. Richards. “We look forward to the
vibrancy that people will bring here
as they come to dine, see the exhibits,
sample the brew and take in the newly
opened vistas of the High Falls and
Genesee River gorge.”
Gov. Andrew Cuomo Endorses Assemblyman Gan
(ROCHESTER, NY--) The Commiee
to Re-Elect David Gan announced
today that Assemblyman Gan has
been endorsed by Governor Andrew
Cuomo in the primary elecon for the
Democrac seat in the 137th Assembly
District – the seat which has been
held by Assemblyman Gan since the
district was first created as the result
of an historic federal Voter’s Rights
lawsuit brought by Gan in 1983.
“I am proud to endorse Assemblyman
David Gan to connue to serve
the 137th Assembly District,” said
Governor Cuomo. “He is a man
of courage and passion who is an
outstanding advocate for the people
of Rochester and Gates. We have
many challenges ahead of us -- and we
need experienced leaders like David
Gan in Albany to help New York
and its people soar into a new era of
prosperity, equality and excellence.”
“I thank Governor Cuomo for his
support. From his work to create job
opportunies for our inner-city youth
to his fight to bring accountability
to our schools, Andrew Cuomo
understands the challenges we face,”
said Assemblyman Gan. “I am
proud to have his endorsement and
his friendship, and look forward to
connue working with him to move
Rochester forward.”
David Gan is the first African American
from this area to be elected to
statewide offi ce and is the Dean of the
Rochester State Legislave Delegaon
and a senior leader in the New York
State Assembly. He currently serves
as Chairman of the Assembly Standing
Commiee on Transportaon.
He also chairs both the Assembly
Subcommiee on Affordable Housing
and the Subcommiee on Voter
Registraon, and he is a member of the
Assembly Standing Commiees on:
Economic Development, Corporaons,
Rules, Local Governments; and Ways
and Means.
Schumer: Young Football
Players Need Safe Helmets
ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) -- U.S. Sen.
Charles Schumer wants to make sure
young football players wear safe
Schumer is vising Gates Chili
High School football field Monday
to announce his support for new
legislaon designed to improve
standards for youth and high school
football helmets.
Schumer says the current voluntary
safety standards for football helmets
do not specifically address concussion
risk or youth-size helmets. The
proposed legislaon would establish a
process for new, youth-focused safety
Concerns about the long-term health
effects of repeated concussions have
increased in recent years and many
parents are reconsidering whether
football is safe enough for their
811 West Avenue
Rochester, NY 14611


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NEW YORK — Eleven years aer
terrorists aacked the World Trade
Center, the new mulbillion-dollar
World Trade Center once again
dominates the lower Manhaan
skyline. Hundreds of construcon
workers are at the 16-acre site every
day, and tourists snap thousands of
photos of the two towers that are
nearing compleon.
Here is a look at the status of the trade
center’s major components, according
to its developers:
>> Most of the 8-acre memorial
quadrangle at the World Trade
Center opened last year on the 10th
anniversary of the aacks. Since then,
some 4.5 million people have visited
the memorial, with its twin reflecng
pools where the towers stood. But
a museum being built in a cavern
beneath the plaza is sll incomplete.
Work all but stopped last fall because
of a funding dispute between the
memorial foundaon and the Port
Authority of New York and New
Jersey. Joseph Daniels, president of
the Naonal Sept. 11 Memorial and
Museum, said that once construcon
resumes it will take more than a year
to finish the job, meaning the museum
might not open unl 2014.
>> One World Trade Center, formerly
known as the Freedom Tower, will
open in 2014 on the northwest corner
of the trade center site with 3 million
square feet of offi ce space. Tenants so
far include magazine publisher Conde
Nast and the federal government’s
General Services Administraon. The
spire atop the 104-story building will
reach the symbolic height of 1,776
feet. There will be observaon decks
on the 100th, 101st and 102nd floors.
The building without the spire has
reached its full height of 1,368 feet. It
is expected to cost $3.9 billion by the
me it is finished.
>> The first offi ce building to open will
be the 72-story 4 World Trade Center at
the southeast corner of the site. It has
reached its full height of 977 feet and
is scheduled to open in October 2013.
Tenants will include the Port Authority,
the bistate agency that owns the trade
center site and lost its headquarters
when the twin towers were aacked.
>> Just north of 4 World Trade Center
is 3 World Trade Center, which is now
an eight-story stub but will reach
80 stories and 1,150 feet when it’s
complete. Developer Larry Silverstein
is required to lease at least 400,000
square feet of space before finishing
the building. Silverstein’s team is
projecng a compleon date of 2015
or 2016.
>> At the site’s northeast corner, 2
World Trade Center is up only to street
level. The building is planned as an
88-story skyscraper but will not be
built unl the commercial real estate
market picks up enough to fill it.
>> The new transportaon hub at
the trade center will connect 13
subway lines and PATH trains to New
Jersey when it opens in 2015. It will
replace the temporary PATH staon
that was built aer the Sept. 11
aacks. Designed by Spanish architect
Sanago Calatrava, the staon will
serve 250,000 travelers a day. There
will be two levels of retail space. None
of the tenants has been announced
yet. The cost of the transportaon
hub, originally pegged at $2.2 billion,
is now expected to exceed $3.5 billion.
>> A performing arts center planned
for the site has been in limbo for years.
A board of directors was named this
year and was given the task of raising
money to build the center, which is to
include a 1,000-seat theater.
>> An underground vehicle security
center and bus parking facility just
south of the main trade center site will
open in 2013.
9/11: Status of World Trade
Center Site, 11 Years Later
One World Trade Center rises April
17, 2012, above the lower Manhaan
skyline and the Naonal September 11
Memorial and Museum, in New York.
Eleven years aer terrorists aacked
the World Trade Center, the new World
Trade Center now dominates the lower
Manhaan skyline. / AP Photo / Mark
Although federal, state, and county
offi ces connue to increase efforts
providing educaon and awareness
about influenza, the stascs do not
seem to be changing. Despite Healthy
People 2020 Targets for Influenza
vaccinaon coverage are 80% for six
months to 64 years of age and 90% for
65 years and older, most people do not
receive the vaccine. This is parcularly
true among the African American
Populaon, especially in the high risk
groups of elderly, pregnant women,
and those with chronic illnesses.
Coverage for the 2010-2011 season
(September 2010 – June 2011) for
adults (age 18 and older) for non-
Hispanic Blacks was 34.2% (compared
to non-Hispanic Whites at 43.2%).
56.1% of non-Hispanic Blacks, age 65
years and older received the vaccine;
which is about 7,957 people total in
the United States. Despite increased
educaonal efforts; increased access
through pharmacies, work places,
and schools; and even the 2009 H1N1
Pandemic; most African Americans,
including the elderly populaon, seem
to be avoiding the influenza vaccine.
The Fl u Can Be Pr event ed!
The low percentages of immunizaons
indicate barriers that prevent African
Americans from receiving vaccinaon.
One of the biggest barriers – common
among other groups as well – are the
misconcepons and misinformaon
about influenza and its vaccine.
The flu can be prevented by ge ng
the flu vaccine each year. You can
get the flu vaccine at your physician’s
offi ce, health care clinics, and many
pharmacies; and the vaccine is usually
covered by insurance. The vaccine
offers protecon against mulple
strains of the virus.
You cannot get the flu from the flu
vaccine! The viruses contained within
the flu shot are inacvated or killed, so
that they cannot cause an infecon.
As the virus is made, flu vaccine
manufacturers kill the virus and
conduct tests to ensure the vaccine is
safe and will not cause the infecon.¬
If a person develops the flu or flu
like symptoms aer ge ng the
vaccinaon, it is usually because they
have already been exposed to the
disease prior to receiving the shot. It
can take two weeks for the vaccinaon
to take full effect. If you have been
exposed during this me period, your
body may not have created all the
anbodies it needs to successfully
defeat the infecon.
Flu viruses constantly change and a
person’s immune protecon from the
vaccinaons can decline over me.
So, it is important to get a flu vaccine
every year for the best protecon.
The CDC and federal government
suggest ge ng the vaccine as soon
as it is available. The flu vaccine
usually becomes available in early fall,
approximately in September.
Protect your family, friends, and co-
workers by ge ng vaccinated this flu
Mary Pat Adams is a Director of
Nursing at HCR Home Care, whose
purpose is reducing disparies in
health outcomes of African Americans
and other minority groups. HCR
provides nursing, therapy, home
health aide service, and companion
care to older adults in the comfort of
their homes. It is the only home care
agency in our region to be designated
a five-me winner of the naonal Top
100 Home Care Elite Award, and is a
valued partner of Minority Reporter
and the Perspecves TV show. To learn
more call us at 585-295-6590, or visit
25% of the US
population gets the flu
each year!
The flu vaccine is the
best way to protect
yourself and your loved
ones from the flu!
Peak flu activity is usually
from February to May.
• Get Vaccinated
• Cover your cough & sneeze
• Wash your hands

• Sore throat
• Aches & pains
• Fever
Despi t e Gr owi ng Educ at i on,
Af r i c an Amer i c ans St i l l Not Get t i ng I nfluenza Vac c i ne
By: Mary Pat Adams, RN, BSN, Director
of Nursing at HCR Home Care
44,000 seniors die from
flu and complications
from the flu each year.
HCR treats me
like family.
HCR Home Care provides culturally sensitive care
in the security and comfort of your own home.
• Skilled Nursing
• Physical Therapy
• Occupational Therapy
• Speech & Language Therapy
Home Care Services Available:
• Medical Social Work
• Home Health Aides
• Companion Care
• Registered Dietitians
At HCR Home Care, we understand and
recognize your cultural preferences regarding
health care. Our goal is to meet your home
care needs in a culturally-sensitive manner
that is most appropriate for you and your
family. We respect and support your family
traditions, religious beliefs, and facilitate your
language requirements.
HCR is known for providing the best quality
care – get the peace of mind and comfort you deserve. Home care designed to help you
maintain quality of life in your own home, safely and successfully...We can do that!
For more information on HCR’s
programs & services, call us!
Culturally-Sensitive Care
in the security and comfort of your own home
Home Care
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Being informed is
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National Council on Alcoholism
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Building Community through Diversity
Spirituality, State and Politics
Thursday, September 20, 2012
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fPanel Discussions
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BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - Byron Brown
is fine with either tle, mayor of
Buffalo or “Pegulaville,’’ which is what
Sabres fans have begun affeconately
referring to their city in tribute to the
NHL franchise’s owner Terry Pegula.
It works either way, because Brown
knows all too well that this rustbelt,
hard-luck town with a reputaon for
chicken wings, harsh winters and two
professional sports teams without
a championship between them has
been called far worse.
“I absolutely get a kick out of it,’’
Brown said, referring to the nickname
“because it’s another posive way the
community is being branded.’’
He’s more impressed with the man
behind the name, because of what
Pegula has done for Buffalo in the
18 months since the Pennsylvania
billionaire purchased the Sabres.
“He’s a person of acon. He’s someone
that gets things done,’’ Brown said.
“One of the first conversaons I had
aer he came to town is that he said, `I
want to help you build Buffalo.’’’
That vow is turning into reality because
Pegulaville is in for an expansion.
The Pegula-backed and fully privately
funded $123-million development
proposal to build a mul-purpose
complex on a downtown block across
the street from the Sabres arena
received the green light last week.
Construcon is set to start in March
on a 614,000 square-foot building
that is designed to feature a 200-room
hotel, two ice rinks (including one
with an 1,800-seang capacity), retail/
restaurant space and parking garage.
For Buffalo, it’s the latest in a string
of under-construcon and proposed
developments set to be built on prime
land along the newly redeveloped
Canalside harbor front district.
For Pegula, who made his fortune in
the natural gas industry and whose
worth has been esmated at $3
billion, it’s his latest $100-million-plus
Over the past two years, Pegula has
commied more than $100 million to
his alma mater Penn State to fund the
construcon of a hockey arena and
elevate the school’s hockey program
to Division I. He then spent nearly
$200 million to purchase the Sabres
and their minor league affi liate in
And that doesn’t include the $8 million
he spent on renovang the Sabres
locker room or the some $140 million
the team has commied in salary to
sign free agents and secure its own
Now he is turning his aenon to the
city itself.
“I’ve always been what you call a
Northeasterner, and it just happens
that my favorite hockey team
resided in Buffalo,’’ said Pegula, who
previously lived in western New York
and now makes his home in Florida.
“And I see where the city needs some
Buffalo is but a shadow of the bustling
manufacturing-driven and Erie Canal
Great Lakes shipping gateway it was in
its heyday.
It now ranks as the naon’s third-
poorest city with 250,000 or more
residents, behind only Detroit and
Cleveland. And its populaon of
260,000 is half of what it was in the
It was while Pegula was negoang
to purchase the Sabres that he
informed his closest advisers that his
presence in the city wouldn’t stop at
hockey. Whether it was glancing at the
undeveloped land around the city’s
waterfront or seeing the aging grain
mills just south of the Sabres arena,
Pegula began considering ideas of how
he could contribute.
That is when the opportunity to
redevelop the former Webster Block
parking lot was proposed.
“We’re excited to bring this thing
together,’’ Pegula said. “When we get
this thing done, hopefully, we’ll make
Buffalo part of a hockey desnaon in
the U.S. It’ll be a magnet and it’ll help
everybody in the area.’’
The Sabres esmate the new facility
will annually aract 500,000 visitors.
The ice rinks will be open to the public
and double as the team’s pracce
facility. With an addional two rinks
downtown, the Sabres also see this
as an opportunity to lure naonal and
internaonal hockey tournaments.
Buffalo drew more than 330,000
fans to the 11-day 2011 World Junior
hockey championship, making it the
second-best aended tournament.
The Sabres also hosted the 2003 NCAA
Frozen Four.
Canisius College, whose hockey team
plays at a rink off campus, is also
in negoaons with the Sabres to
relocate to the downtown facility.
Canisius athlec director Bill Maher
is impressed with what Pegula has
accomplished in such a short me.
“Terry came in and created a
tremendous amount of excitement
when he purchased the Sabres. And
he’s backed that excitement up with
acon,’’ Maher said. “Buffalo has
always been searching for a silver
bullet, and I think there’s any one silver
bullet. It’s going to take a lot of hard
work and dedicaon. I think that’s one
of the things that Terry Pegula’s done.’’
Read more: hp://sportsillustrated.
Sabres Owner Sparks Development in Buffalo
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown Sabres Owner Terry Pegula
Just one…
needs you.
A message from the Boomer Mentor Project of Rochester Mentors at Lifespan.
You’ve got what it takes
tomake a difference in
the life of a child.
Call 271-4050 or visit
2012 J/24 World Championship
Time: 8:00am
Locaon: Come make history at the
2012 J/24 Worlds hosted by the
Rochester Yacht Club. Challenge
some of the best sailing competors
in the world at a world class venue.
Competors and their guests are
welcome to use all Rochester
Yacht Club facilies. The Club has
extensive food and bar facilies
along with a swimming pool, tennis
courts, playground, cabana and
laundry equipment. The pool will
be closed, however, at the me of
this event. Dress code is “sailing”.
No swim suits are permied in the
Club House. Please visit hp://
for more informaon surrounding the
Employment Alliance Job Fair
Time: 9:00 AM
Locaon: Diplomat at 1 Diplomat Way
Job fair featuring an array of
local businesses. This event is
free and open to the public. Any
businesses that are interested in
aending are encouraged to contact
Marianne Barton at: mbarton@ The
registraon fee for businesses has
been waived thanks to the generosity
of the McGowan Foundaon. Don’t
miss out on this opportunity to find
great staff free of charge!
Buerfly Beltway Project
Time: 4:00 PM
Locaon: Helmer Nature Center, 154
Pinegrove Ave. in Irondequoit
Join us, rain or shine, as we release
buerflies in our buerfly garden!
Learn about the life cyce and
migraon of Monarch Buerflies from
Seneca Park Zoo staff and parcipate
in a special buerfly release. Free and
open to the public
Food Truck Rodeo
Time: 5:00 PM to 9:00PM
Locaon: Damascus Shrine Center,
979 Bay Road, Webster
Food trucks from all around Rochester
will descend on the Damascus Shrine
Center, 979 Bay Road, to help raise
money to rebuild the Bay View YMCA
Climbing Tower. There will be live
music by Webster-based Irish duo
Barry’s Crossing. Kids acvies include
a bounce house, dunk tank and face
painng. There will also be prizes
and raffl es. For more info, please
visit hp://
North Winton Village Fesval of the
Time: 10:00AM-5:00 PM
Locaon: 2299 E. Main St.
One-day North Winton Village Fesval
of the Arts, from Linear Park to the
Gazebo Garden Park on North Winton
Road, that offers residents and visitors
alike music, art, and an opportunity
to mingle and learn more about the
vibrant city neighborhood always on
the move to improve. Contact: 585-
Immigrants Connect 2012
Time: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Locaon: Rochester Public Market,
280 N. Union St.
Government and Community
Resources for Immigrants and Small
Businesses. For more informaon,
please contact: Joseph Hamm 585-
Sept ember
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NEW YORK (AP) — Chris Lighty, a hip-
hop mogul who helped the likes of Sean
“Diddy” Combs, 50 Cent and Mariah
Carey aain not only hit records, but
also lucrave careers outside music,
was found dead in his New York City
apartment Thursday in an apparent
suicide. He was 44.
He was found at his home in the Bronx
with a gunshot to the head and was
pronounced dead there, police said.
No note was recovered, but a 9 mm
handgun was found and there was no
sign of forced entry, said Paul Browne,
New York police spokesman. The
shoong appears to be self-inflicted,
authories said.
Lighty had been a part of the scene
for decades, working with pioneers
like LL Cool J before starng his own
management company, Violator. But
he was in the midst of a divorce and
had been having recent financial and
personal troubles.
Twier was abuzz with condolences
just hours aer the body was found
around 11:30 a.m.
“R.I.P. Chris Lighty,” Fat Joe posted on
his account. “The man that saved my
life!” Diddy wrote: “In shock.” Rihanna
posted: “Rest peacefully Chris Lighty,
my prayers go out to family and loved
ones! Dear God please have mercy.”
And Mary J. Blige wrote: “U never
know what can send a person over the
edge or make them want 2 keep living.
take it easy on people.”
50 Cent said in a statement issued
through his publicist that he was
deeply saddened by the loss.
“Chris has been an important part of
my business and personal growth for
a decade,” he said. “He was a good
friend and advisor who helped me
develop as an arst and businessman.
My prayers are with his family. He will
be greatly missed.”
Lighty was raised by his mother in
the Bronx as one of six children. He
ran with a group called The Violators,
the inspiraon for the name of his
management company, according
to the company website. He was a
player in the hip-hop game since he
was a kid DJ. He rose through the
ranks at Rush Management — mogul
Russell Simmons’ first company —
before eventually founding Violator
Management in the late 1990s.
“Today, we lost a hip-hop hero and one
of its greatest architects,” Simmons
Lighty’s roster ranged from Academy
Award-winners Three 6 Mafia to
maverick Missy Ellio to up-and-
comer Papoose and perpetual star
Carey. He made it his mission not so
much to make musical superstars,
but rather mulfaceted entertainers
who could be marketed in an array of
ways: a sneaker deal here, a so drink
partnership there, a movie role down
the road.
In a 2007 interview with The
Associated Press, Lighty talked about
creang opportunies for his stars —
a Chapsck deal for LL Cool J, known
for licking his lips, and a vitamin
supplement deal for 50 Cent.
“As music sales go down because kids
are stealing it off the Internet and
trading it and iPod sales connue to
rise, you can’t rely on just the income
that you would make off of being an
arst,” he said at the me.
Survivors include his two children. He
and his wife, Veronica, had been in the
process of divorcing. The case was sll
listed as acve, but electronic records
show an agreement to end it was filed
in June.
He was also having financial trouble.
City Naonal Bank sued Lighty, whose
given name is Darrell, in April, saying
he had overdrawn his account by
$53,584 and then refused to pay the
balance. The case was sll pending.
He also owed more than $330,000
in state and federal taxes, according
to legal filings. His tax problems
were much steeper a year ago, but
he cleared away millions of dollars
in earlier IRS liens last October, aer
selling his Manhaan apartment for
$5.6 million.
Larry Mestel, the CEO of Primary Wave
Music, the entertainment company
that created the joint venture Primary
Violator management last fall with
Violator Management, said: “We are
extremely shocked and sadden by
this tragic news. Chris was a friend,
business partner and most of all, an
icon, role model and true legend of the
music and entertainment industry. He
will be missed by many and we send
love and support to his family.”
Associated Press writers Jennifer Peltz,
David B. Caruso and Mesfin Fekadu
contributed to this report.
Hip-hop Mogul Chris Lighty Dies in NYC at 44
LL Cool J, Russell Simmons, 50 Cent
and Grandmaster Flash are among the
mourners at the Manhaan funeral of
hip-hop mogul Chris Lighty.
Speaking outside the chapel,
Grandmaster Flash said he wished
Lighty had reached out to him for help.
He says Lighty must have been under
“tremendous pressure,” adding, “it’s
really sad.”
Before the service, mourners filed
past his open casket. Lighty was laid
out in a dark suit, surrounded by
arrangements of white flowers. A slide
show depicng his life appeared on a
Stars Aend NYC Funeral of Hip-hop Mogul Lighty
(R) LL Cool J, foreground right, shares an embrace with another as he leaves the
Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel following the service for hip-hop mogul Chris Lighty,
Wednesday Sept. 5, 2012 in New York. Mourners in the packed chapel Wednesday
included Sean “Diddy” Combs, Missy Ellio, Q-Tip, LL Cool J, Russell Simmons, 50
Cent and Grandmaster Flash. Lighty, the 44-year-old hip-hop mogul was found dead
in his Bronx apartment last week with a gunshot wound to the head. (AP Photo/Tina
Lest We Forget To Vote
The me has come
for my annual
public service
announc ement ,
reminder, and plea
to the irresponsible
cizens who fail to
take the me to
Specifically, this
message goes to
the ones who
are so apathec,
uneducated and
ill-informed that they think their vote does
not maer: Nothing could be further from
the truth!
All votes count and historically there
are races that have been determined by
just one vote. They say in a presidenal
elecon which occurs every four years,
that voters are prone to take more of an
interest and parcipate as opposed to
other elecon years.
That may be true in some communies
but my major concern is always what
transpires in my community.
Depending on who is reading this, that
may make me a concerned cizen or a
racist. Whatever.
The boom line is, in my community apathy
is running rampant. The beat downs and
false starts we have had collecvely are no
excuse, but they are used effecvely to not
parcipate in the polical arena.
I don’t expect every voter to become the
polical animal that I am, but any self-
respecng black person aware of their
history and the trials and tribulaons
that brought us this far, will find nothing
more important to do on elecon day than
Some say that barber’s kids need
haircuts, beaucian’s kids need a hair do,
preacher’s kids are wild, chef’s kids can’t
cook, mechanic’s kids drive cars that break
down, and polical animal’s kids don’t
Their is some truth to the aforemenoned.
I just had this conversaon with my eldest
son, who unl recently, would not miss an
opportunity to vote.
On August 28, a new mayor, David Grissom,
was elected in Russellville, Alabama.
It was a hotly contested race. The outcome
was predictable according to those I
inially spoke with. And those I spoke with
prior to the outcome followed through on
elecon day by heading to the polls.
However, what shocked me was when I
asked my son if he voted and he said no.
That “no” came across as too uncaring
for me. I sat him down and gave him the
lecture and the reminder of the awesome
responsibility all blacks folks inherited
from their ancestors.
I reminded him of the Fannie Lou Hamer
story and those, both black and white,
who died in Mississippi, Alabama, and
elsewhere, to assure him the right to vote.
I took him there and hopefully come
November he will remember to exercise
his right to vote because there was a me
it as not a given.
We’ve had to fight for ours. Lest we forget
that lots of blood was shed via murders
and lynchings; sweat was pouring and
tears shed got us here.
Historically speaking, I’m one of the
conspiracy theorists who do not
support many of the theories proposed
surrounding the assassinaon of President
John F. Kennedy.
The ming of his assassinaon occurred
not long aer he proposed a strong Civil
Rights Bill with language taken form a bill
proposed by Dwight D. Eisenhower some
years before. Most historians will recall
it was the Birmingham, Ala., riots that
possibly movated JFK into introducing
the bill.
But, his assassinaon caused the bill to
stall. It would take two more years (1965)
and the leadership of President Lyndon B.
Johnson for the Vong Rights Act to finally
become law.
We needed a law because our status as
cizens with certain “unalienable rights”
was never a consideraon or a given.
These days, the only local race that
interests me this year is the one occurring
in the 137th Assembly District.
The seat currently being held by my friend
of over 50 years, David F. Gan, is being
challenged, and a primary will take place
Thursday, Sept. 13.
David’s challengers don’t hold a
candle to his record of achievement,
accomplishments and what he has
delivered to this community.
What concerns me are the people, who
like me are staunch loyal supporters, who
may stay home on primary day assuming
he has nothing to worry about.
Quiet as it is kept, David does not have
anything to worry about. His record is
solid. But, we will all be remiss if we fail
to follow through and turn our lip service
into a vote for him.
The same will hold true for those who
support the re-elecon of President Barack
Obama. If we truly feel he is deserving of a
second-term in offi ce then we will need to
be out in full force on Nov. 6.
We can no longer sit on our laurels and
assume anything, especially the fact
that it is someone else’s responsibility to
parcipate and not ours.
If you can’t find the me to parcipate and
vote then you have nothing to complain
Anyone that knows me well knows how I
feel about folks who don’t vote at some
point finding a need for a polician to help
them do anything.
Policians who are on their jobs know
they are there to serve all constuents. I
admire those with a true commitment to
do so. They are all beer than me.
One reason I don’t hold polical offi ce is
because if someone called my offi ce for
help, I would first pull their vong record
at the Board of Elecons – not only to see
if the were registered voters, but to also
see when they last voted.
And guess what? If I could not find their
name on the rolls (regardless of party
affi liaon) having taken the me to
exercise their right to vote, they would not
have to worry about me helping them do
I guess that is why I choose to hold
policians accountable as opposed to
being one. Exercising our right to vote is
part of it, lest we forget.
Gloria Winston Al-Sarag is a Community Activist, Writer,
Communicator, Political Activist. She is a native Roches-
terian and has been involved with numerous community
orgainzations in Rochester.
Contact Gloria at:
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minority reporter
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The views expressed on our opinion pages are those of the author and do not
necessarily represent the position or viewpoint of Minority Reporter.
In the Old Testament
there is the story
of Adam and Eve
who disobeyed the
command of God
and took from the
tree in the midst of
the garden and bit
the fruit (Genesis
This act represented
Adam and Eve
believing the lie of
the serpent (who
was influenced by Satan). They believe the
lie more than the truth and were severely
punished for it.
As I write this leer the Democrac
Naonal Convenon is going on and the
Republican Naonal Convenon has
As we move through this polical campaign
season leading up to elecon day, I want
to admonish you not to bite the apple.
There are untruths being told and we are
expected to believe them so that our votes
will be influenced. One of them is that the
president has not had the proper support
to get his agenda across and that is why he
has been unsuccessful.
That is a lie, what president really has had
everyone supporng them?
It takes leadership in order to get people
on board with your plan and you do not
play the blame game when your plan does
not work.
It is too easy to blame the other person
instead of taking responsibility for your
own acons. This type of mentality only
helps to promote a vicm mindset and
keeps people bound.
Too many people in our country do not
want to accept the responsibility for their
acons. Do not bite the apple and be one
of them.
Another lie that is being told is centered on
how we should deal with taxes in America.
People always want to talk about not
giving tax breaks to the wealthy but they
never want to talk about the millions of
Americans that do not pay taxes at all.
And worst yet, are able to get thousands of
dollars in a tax refund. If the truth about
taxes were told, it would be shown that
the top 1% of the wealthiest Americans
pay more than half of all taxes in America.
And that about one-third of Americans do
not pay taxes at all.
True tax reform would mean people who
do not pay into the system, should not get
anything back.
People that receive a tax refund who
pay nothing in, where do they think that
money comes from? How come there is
not discussion on that issue?
Everyone should pay taxes. Those that
currently do not pay taxes need to
pay some type of tax as their duty and
obligaon as an American cizen.
We as an electorate have to look at the
issues that the candidates provide to us
and remove the emoon and look directly
at what they stand for and what they want
to do. We have to stop vong against
someone and instead vote for someone.
All too oen the Democrac Party has
tried to pit African-Americans against
Republicans and paint the Republican
Party as evil.
That is working on one’s emoon and not
allowing them to use their reason. The
ideas that the democrats espouse do not
lend themselves to helping us achieve the
American dream.
Instead they cause one to want to run
away from being successful. It is a sad day
in America when someone that has made
their money successfully and legally is
demonized for being too rich.
That philosophy goes against the basic
tenets of our American ideology.
President Obama, the first black president,
has had the opportunity to lead by
example and show African-Americans that
hard work indeed will pay off in the end.
However, he has reverted to the “crab-
in-the-barrel” idea. He got his, now you
cannot get yours!
He should have used his offi ce to
encourage people to stop relying on
government to meet their needs and use
their God given gis to meet their needs.
He is a successful black man and we
should be able to look at him as a model.
However, his policies and his party help
to keep African-Americans in their place,
always looking for the government to help
them out.
African-Americans are a strong people and
this elecon year, look closely at whom
you support and what they stand for. As
you go into the vong booth, “don’t bite
the apple!”
Don’t Bite the Apple!
Family Caregiving: Easy? Think Again
Mu l t i c u l t u r a l
My 90 year-old
mother moved
in with me
aer suffering
a massive
heart aack.
Doctors weren’t
hopeful. They
r ec ommended
hospice. Aer
two weeks, I
knew she’d do
beer in my
home. Eighteen months later, she’s
done tremendously well, but our lives
have changed completely.
I wasn’t prepared. I’d been an indirect
caregiver, helping my mother move
to assisted living near her home in
Philadelphia; then later to a senior
building near my home in Maryland.
Aer her near death health crisis, it
made sense she’d live with me.
Not even working for AARP prepared
me to care for my mom 24/7. I was
clueless. The first six months were
• Who do I call?
• What’s the cost?
• Why aren’t services covered?
• No, I don’t need help. Really.
• Help!
For me, being a caregiver means my
mom doesn’t lie awake worrying. She
knows I’ll take care of her. That’s the
most important thing.
Each day brings us joy, anxiety,
frustraon, guilt, smiles and tears. I
work full-me, so someone always has
to be with Mom. Business travel means
making arrangements well in advance.
Mom needs help standing, walking
and managing personal needs. And
almost monthly, her health prompts a
hospital trip.
My fiercely independent mother now
relies on someone for all her needs.
That’s hard for her. And I’ve gone
from an empty nest to looking aer
someone again and learning important
lessons, like checking on Mom at night.
Once, she slipped off the bed. I found
her sleeping on the floor the next
morning. She didn’t have the strength
to get back in bed. Finding her like that
broke my heart. Acknowledging her
physical limitaons broke hers.
As a family caregiver, I join about one
in four adults caring for adult relaves
or friends – typically 50+ with chronic
condions or disabilies.
Sixty-five percent of caregivers are
women. The ‘average caregiver’ is
49, female, employed and caring for
her mother nearly 20 hours weekly
without compensaon. About 53
percent of African Americans are
family caregivers or have been.
Growing up, no one called themselves
caregivers or thought about their
personal sacrifices. If a family member
needed help, you helped. When I was
lile, my grandmother always lived
with one of my aunts. And my uncle,
disabled aer a stroke, eventually
lived with his sisters.
Today, more people recognize the
importance of family caregivers, their
need for relief, and how much their
care is worth. In 2009, family caregivers
provided $450 billion in care – just $59
billion less than Medicare spending
that year.
Family caregiving is intense. At work,
Mom’s on my mind, then I’m rushing
home to relieve the caretaker. I’m
constantly in prayer, because faith
keeps me strengthened and focused.
Family caregiving also equals spending.
That’s just the reality. I’m grateful Mom
gets Social Security and a pension from
years of factory work, but those checks
don’t cover everything. I balance
Mom’s care, my son’s college tuion,
living expenses and everything else.
Somemes, something falls through
the cracks. It’s challenging, but now I
can’t imagine things any other way.
Caregivers also need lots of love,
support and help. Inially, I turned
down help. I thought, “My brother’s
across the country, so it’s all my
Wrong! You can’t do a good job caring
for someone else if you don’t take care
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The sooner you
figure out why
Mi rhymes with
s**t, the beer
off you’ll be.
Not only that,
Bain is a bane
to humanity,
and Paul Ryan is
ripe for failure.
Those are lines
you must learn
and repeat to
yourself before
this elecon of
what is looking more and more like
good vs. evil. You see, Governor Mi
Romney (MA) is a problem-creator not
worth your aenon, much less your
vote. By all evidence he has secretly
been on a mission to turn the rest of
the country into another Detroit. This
will prey much be the result if what he
has been allowed to do in Bain Capital
LLC crosses over into how he plans to
run affairs in the White House, and his
new vice-presidenal pick Ryan could
make it that much worse.
Before last week’s Republican Naonal
Convenon, and before the Democrac
Naonal Convenon, it seems a major
missile has been fired by the former
republican candidate called Newt in
what is a 30-minute aack ad called
“When Mi Romney Came to Town.”
This is really nothing new but been
in the works since late 2011 at least
and produced by a former Romney
supporter named Jason Killian Meath
and a PAC closely aligned with Newt
Gingrich called Winning Our Future.
Based on or originally called “King
of Bain: When Mi Romney Came
to Town,” The Daily Caller considers
it a Michael Moore-style aack ad.
Actually that puts this film in good
company. It’s also a response to
Mi’s ad against Newt (I’m sure we all
remember that one. The one about...
well, you remember).
The parts of this ad that are worth
remembering and free of exaggeraon
is that 1-Mi Romney became CEO
of Bain the day the company was
formed. 2-Yes Bain’s mission is to reap
massive financial rewards for himself
and his investors. 3-Bain, like much of
Corporate America is decisively an-
American in their foreign business
dealings and investors, frivolously
firing employees, cu ng employee
benefits, and selling assets. 4-The four
companies focused-on in this docu-
expose; KayBee Toys, UniMac, AmPad,
and DDi really did get taken over, run
into the ground, and are now closed
down due to their “cash rampage”
and deliberate financially-unstable
decision-making that only Bain
could profit from. One of the AmPad
branches was located just outside my
hometown of Buffalo several months
ago; they are now closed, pu ng
over 180 people out of work. 5-Such
an a tude does start with what was
called a “high disdain for American
workers.” 6-Mi has an even worse
disdain for American voter-intelligence
when he gives his explanaon for his
firm’s economic atrocies, authoring
a ridiculous phrase called “creave
destrucon” when responding to his
crics. He gave a similar explanaon
aer he gave himself credit for Detroit’s
auto industry comeback as a result
of Obama’s smulus package, even
though he was well-known to have said
beforehand “let Detroit go bankrupt”
by using another BSplanaon called
“managed bankruptcy.” WTF.
These four companies weren’t just
some mismanaged start-up plants
that were now in need of financial
overhaul; KB was 80-years-old. Bain
purchased them in 2000 and by
2004 365 stores were closed aer
implemenng Romney’s creave
destrucon by reportedly forcing them
to go deep into debt by millions, and
then using the money to repurchase
Bain stock. From KB Romney and his
partners made $120 million (evidently
these guys were experts at bloang
stocks, and financial rangs, with
some Wall Street banks covering
for them. They made a 900% return
on their investment with KayBee).
The stories of the other companies
featured in the broadcast have similar
endings. What seems to be clear is a
paern by Bain of hi ng small towns
in America’s heartlands and sucking
the life out of-oddly enough-key
plants that seem to be the lifeblood of
those towns, and their mostly white
working class factory laborers, and
then blowing town. There’s a certain
detached cowardice to this that isn’t
really focused on.
Much of this has to do with the
history of Bain from day one. In their
beginning they went aer foreign
investors according to an arcle in the
Los Angeles Times. Though the venture
capitalist company was an offshoot
of Bain & Co., founded by Bill Bain,
established American families like
the Rothschilds stayed away from the
young Romney and his fellow upstarts
fresh out of Harvard Business School.
Thus began a trend of searching for
foreign investors, some of them were
on the suspect side. Among the first
was Sir Jacks Lyons of London (Jean
Overseas) who invested $2.5 million.
Lyons was later convicted of stock fraud
and died someme aer. Another Brit;
publisher Robert Maxwell gave them
$2 million; he was later accused of
stealing money from pension funds.
Bain also received $9 million from Lan
American Salvadorans; suspicions are
that some of them were Miami exiles
who were already funding right wing
death squads.
One of the Bain partners introduced
them to some Lan American coffee
growers like Miguel Duenos, Francisco
R.R. de Sola, Herbert Arturo de Sola,
Ricardo Pama, Frank Kardonski, and
Diego Ribadeneira.
Lile-known to some is the deal where
Romney bought an Italian telecom
company through Bain, then sold it
for 25 mes what he paid for it. Aer
which he funneled the money through
Luxembourg to circumvent taxes.
In spite of his claims that he wasn’t
with Bain during the me of some of
these deals, it’s a safe bet to believe
he oversaw all of them, Marion IN,
Holyoke MA, Buffalo NY, and many
other states and townships.
Beneath the smokescreen of lies put
forth to the public by Paul Ryan about
President Obama being responsible
for a plant shutdown in his home state
of Missouri even before he took offi ce,
and his cricism of Obama’s smulus
even though he supported Bush’s
smulus, some serious fact-finding
and personal soul searching needs to
be undertaken by many armchair CPAs
before they draw any conclusions
before elecon day. Because what’s
le of their own race-based blind trust
stands to be as under aack as their
bank accounts if they pull the lever
for Romney, and at his pace it could
happen overnight.
Chris Stevenson is a syndicated
columnist, his arcles also
appear on his blog; the Buffalo
Bullet, www.thebuffalobullet.
com Blackcommentator www. Polical
Affairs Magazine, www.policalaffairs.
net Follow him on Twier( hp:// )and
Facebook ( hp://www.facebook.
com/pointblank009 ) Sign his Peon
to Abolish the Death Penalty. Contact
him at
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of yourself. When trusted family and
friends offer help, take it! Let people
“spell” you, prepare meals or take you
out. Rest and relaxaon are crical for
I’m grateful when my brother visits
from Minnesota, my children show up,
relaves come by or friends stage an
intervenon and send me out for the
day. It’s great for me and for Mom.
Don’t go it alone. Here’s what I’ve
• Plan ahead before launching
into caregiving;
• Research informaon and
• Communicate your needs;
• Establish a team of helpers;
• Don’t get mad – everyone
doesn’t have the temperament to help
• Don’t beat yourself up; there’s
enough stress.
Learn about AARP’s caregiving
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groups and more. Caregivers and loved
ones deserve all the help they can get!
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