What Do Anarchists Want? Anarchism is a philosophy that states that all forms of interaction must be voluntary.

We believe that individual societies can regulate themselves and do not need a violent monopoly to tell us how to live. We consider governments to violate the concept of voluntary association, so we just want to eliminate governments, be they socialist, communist, capitalist, totalitarian, religious, etc. Any use of force is unjustified in our view. How Will We Do This? With the advent of man came the advent of power. Power is basically legalized sociopathy. To remove this power does not take violent action. It takes UNDERSTANDING. We will achieve anarchism by letting people know the message of non-aggression and voluntaryism. We are running a massive US campaign to spread this message and help the people start the revolution themselves. How Can I Help? The Vote For Nobody campaign needs your help. This message cannot get out there without massive grass root support and assistance. There are many forums available for grass-roots work. Any person can join any team at any time and help in the manner they see fit. This is how we will maintain and liberate our message. Web: anti-politics.ws Facebook: Vote For Nobody Campaign Twitter: @VoteForNobody1 Youtube: VoteForNobody2012

When Do We Want It? We want it yesterday. This campaign is not for the year 2012. This campaign will continue FOREVER, even in non-election seasons, and will never be silenced by the police state. How Do We Get it? We need to start talking about anarchist principles everywhere, at all levels of society. Family, friends, coworkers, online discussions, and facebook feeds. Get this message out as soon as we can. We may not have much time remaining. First and foremost, we need to stop picking our slaveowners.

What is Free Association? Free Association is an idea that people should be allowed to choose whom they will interact. This is a vital component to Anarchist thought. Anarchists believe that people have the freedom to separate themselves from others if they choose. While this may sound somewhat obvious to most of us, many people haven’t taken the time to think about this concept, and whether it applies in our society, or not. One certainly does not have the right to disassociate from the President or any members of congress. While it is technically possible to become a sovereign person, it becomes very difficult to travel and often results in increases of police harassment. We believe that people shouldn’t have to live in fear if they decide they don’t want to be part of the system that surrounds them. We believe they should be free to choose their friends, their business associates, and their own form of government. We are free to do all of these, except for one. We are not free to choose our own government. We are free to choose between two parties that are owned by the same companies. The system is fixed, and they don’t want you to think about these ideas. This is why anarchists have been the most persecuted political group in the modern age. The governments of the world, ALL GOVERNMENTS, do not exist to make your lives better. They don’t exist to make you safe. They exist to control you and maintain power. It is time to break off the chains that bind you, and start disassociating from the system.

VOTE FOR NOBODY 2012 “If voting changed anything, it would be illegal.” -Emma Goldman www.anti-politics.ws

What is the Non-Aggression Principle? The non-aggression principle states that it is unethical to initiate the use of force against another person. The nonaggression principle allows for you to use force to defend oneself from an aggressor, but does not allow you to start any violence. What Is Anarchism? Anarchism is a philosophy that aims for freedom of every man, woman, and child -- spiritually, economically, socially, and politically. Anarchism is not the stereotype you typically hear and see on the news. The vast majority of modern-day anarchists are completely non-violent, as they would see violence as a violation of the Non-Aggression Principle. All governments, no matter how small, create a legalized system of violence, kidnappings, and theft. This is what’s known as the “mafia model” of government. They allow you to work as you wish, but you must pay your protection money. If you refuse, the government with threaten you with arrest. If you resist, you will probably be tasered or shot, and then arrested. Taxes are theft, plain and simple. If they are theft, they must be removed from an organized society. We, therefore, advocate abolition of all taxation. We also believe that safety can be maintained by the individual communities, however large they choose themselves to be, provided these communities do not steal or threaten their people. Since governments are institutions that are inherently violent, they violate the Non-Aggression Principle, and we therefore believe that all governments should be removed and replaced with local institutions of free association.

Where Can I Find More Information? We recommend you use the internet. Finding information on anarchism is quite difficult without it. Wikipedia: search for “anarchism” Visit the Anarchist Library at www.anarchistlibrary.org for hundreds of free books to help you learn more about the different philosophies of anarchism.


The Black Flag is an international symbol of anarchism. The choice of black is used because it represents an absence of colors (which are found in all governmental flags). Black is also a symbol of negation: in this case, we are trying to negate institutionalized violence, also known as “the state” or governments. The “Circle A” on the front of your handout is probably the most famous anarchist symbol. It was created after the philosopher Pierre-Joseph Proudhon proclaimed, “Anarchy is order.” In this case, the A for anarchy and the O for order are combined. We are anarchists, and we are the only political movement that does not want to control you in any way Join Us.

Written by Mark Van Gelder for THE VOTE FOR NOBODY CAMPAIGN www.anti-politics.ws All material is creative commons. Use, modify, distribute freely. Ideas belong to humanity, not to the person who originated them.

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