Posiible remedies PARENTING and It's ROLE : Parenting is the social process of raising, bringing up and educating a child from

birth until adulthood. This is usually done in a child's family by the mother and father (i.e., the biological parents). Where parents are unable or unwilling to provide this care, it is usually taken on by close relatives (including older siblings) and grandparents, adoptive parents, foster parents, godparents, or institutions (such as group homes or orphanages). Aspects of parenting Physical care: Reliably providing shelter, education, medical care, physical safety and nourishment. Social development and emotional support: Love, play and physical touch. Social skills and etiquette. Ethics and value systems. Moral and spiritual development. Norms and contributions to the child's religion and ethnic customs. Financial support: Money provided by non-custodial parents, following a divorce. Insurance coverage and payments for education. Parenting Methods and Practices Parenting may involve praise, but it also involves punishment. Some parents no longer consider spanking a necessary punishment. The term "child training" implies a specific type of parenting that focuses on holistic understanding of the child. The "Taking Children Seriously" philosophy sees both praise and punishment as manipulative and harmful to the child and seeks other way to reach agreement with them. The term "attachment parenting" seeks to create strong emotional bonds and avoid physical

punishment, with discipline being accommodated by interactions with a child's emotional needs. Discipline: Time-out Spanking Taking Children Seriously (TCS) philosophy Parental supervision

Parenting fundamentals: Structure Accountability Consistency Motivation Assistance: Parents may receive assistance from a variety of individuals and organizations. Employers may offer specific benefits or programs for parents. Delinquency Prevention: Juvenile Delinquency and its effects are very costly to individuals, families, and societies. Millions of tax dollars are expended each year to cover the costs of law enforcement, legal proceedings, victim assistance, and offender incarceration. Author: Chockalingam Eswaramurthi (http://en.articlesgratuits.com/juvenile-delinquency-prevention-care-and-cure-id388.php) For the remedies of juvenile delinquency following efforts must be taken: i. Family counseling ii. Parenting education iii. Youth mentoring iv. Educational support

v. Abuse education and treatment vi. Youth sheltering vii. Teaching the social and religious values to young generation With the development of delinquency in youth being influenced by numerous factors, prevention efforts must comprehensive in scope. As it is difficult for state like Pakistan to provide the financial resources necessary for the remedies of juvenile delinquency it is necessary that NGOs, communities must work in collaboration with each other to prevent juvenile delinquency. (http://jamshoro1.wordpress.com/2011/05/16/remedies-of-juvenile-delinquency/)

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