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Types and Appeals Of Advertisements

Presented By Shreya

1) HERO MOTO CORP. (Hum Mein Hai Hero) TYPE - Institutional APPEAL- Emotional This advertisement has shown emotional bondage with the company i.e., Hero Moto Corp. the slogan used by the company brings the patriotic feeling. The advertisement has shown almost every model of Hero. Thus advertisement is not confined towards one brand but promoting the company as a whole. 2) INCREDIBLE INDIA (Atithi Devo Bhavah) TYPE- Non Commercial APPEAL- Emotional The advertisement of Incredible India again brings the patriotic feeling. The slogan in this Ad has been used beautifully. Even though it is a non-commercial, this Ad has helped in bringing a lot of tourism for our country. 3) Pulse Polio TYPE : Reminder APPEAL: Rational Repetitive Advertisements of Pulse Polio has enabled it to be in Reminder Advertisemnt Category. In addition to it, celebrity endorsements like Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar has made this Ad Rational or informative. 4) Tata Tea (jaago Grahak Jaago) TYPE: Social APPEAL: Rational This advertisement brings a feeling to take a stand against bribary, dowry, corruption etc. thus, it comes under social advertisements. 5) Hawkins (kucch v lao, kucch v pao) TYPE- Persuasive APPEAL- Rational This advertisement persuades customers to take advantage of exchange offer. Thus it is a persuasive advertisement.

1) BOMBAY DYEING Type: Institutional Appeal :Rational The advertisement of Bombay Dyeing has created a proper image of the company rather than its specific products. 2) Streax Type: Brand Appeal: Rational This advertisement has been designed to create a long term brand identity and image. 3) EXPO/FAIR at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi Type: Local Appeal : Rational The circumference of this advertisement is intended to cover the local public of Delhi & NCR. Such kind of advertisements has restricted geographical area. 4) AXE Type: Brand Appeal : Sex Sex and nudity have always sold well. Especially in the advertisements of Deodorents, the Ad of AXE promotes its brand with sexual appeal raising curiosity among the audience and resulting in strong feelings about the advertisement. 5) Nakshatra Diamond Type : Brand Appeal: Snob The Advertisement of Nakshatra Diamond Jewelleries are designed to create a feeling of desire that have considerable qualities of luxury, elegance associated with them. This Advertisement provoke people to buy branded jewellery shops instead of visiting a local jewellery shop.