Annexure-1 ARMY INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY MBA-8 BATCH Minor Assignment: E-R MODELS Syllabus Ref: MS 239.2.

2 Note: - All questions is compulsory for all. Last date of submission:-14-09-2012 Exercise1:-Design AN E-R Model Case study of university system – A university DB contains information about professors (identified by social security number, or SSN) and courses (identified by coursei d). Professors teach courses; each of the following situations concerns the Teachers relationship set. For each situation, draw an ER diagram that describes it (assuming no further constraints hold). • Professors can teach the same course in several semesters, and each offering must be recorded. • Professors can teach the same course in several semesters, and only the most recent such offering needs to be recorded. (Assume this condition applies in all subsequent questions.) • Every professor must teach some course. • Every professor teaches exactly one course. • Every professor teaches exactly one course, and every course must be taught by some professor. Now suppose that certain courses can be taught by a team of professors jointly, but it is possible that no one professor in a team can teach the course EXERCISE 2:-(Post-Graduate studies)  Consider a database that records the grades of students in different exams of different course offerings. a) Assume that course offerings include time, room; and can be identified uniquely by course_no, semester, year, section_no. b) students, including student-id, name, and program; c) Exam, including eid (optional), name, place, time. Furthermore, grades of students in different exams of course offerings must be appropriately modeled.  Construct an E-R diagram that models exams as entities, and uses a ternary relationship, for the above database.  Construct an alternative E-R diagram that uses only a binary relationship between students and course-offerings.  Make sure that only one relationship exists between a particular student and course-offering pair, yet you can represent the marks that a student gets in different exams of a course offering. Mks Allotted : 10

Mem_type. the following entities and attributes can be identified. (CRC). rank and salary. Employees are involved in servicing of planes. Author. and Available (y or n) as its attributes. purchase price. is of a particular plane type and is stored in a particular hanger. • prepare E-R model • convert to the relational model Exercises4: E-R Diagram for library management system In the library Management system. • A service information contains date of work. engine size. City. The member is described by the attributes Member_id. and Zip_code. address and phones. Street. • A person buys a plane on a particular date and cost. City. Street. Name. Member-the set all the library members. Each plane type has a model number. Each book has a Book-id. Mem_date (date of membership). It is the . • Pilots and employees are persons. Members borrow the book (only issue). • Each pilot is authorized to fly certain types of planes. nature. subcontractors (i. Supplier supplies book to library. Publisher-the set of all the publishers of the books. Zip_code. • Airport database…. Attributes of this entity are Sup_id. purchase date.e. Supplier-the set of all the Suppliers of the books. Title. registration number. Cars are to be described by such data as: make.Exercise3 : Airport database • Prepare E-R model • Convert to the relational model • keeps track of airplanes.Return of book is not taken into account Exercise5:. Name. Pilots have a license number with validity and salary. year of production. City. • • • • Book -the set all the books in the library. garages). and Zip_code. rent price and insurance details. Expiry_date. capacity and location. hours spent. their owners. company revenues and customers. fuel type. Street. cost. • The database also keeps track of who owns which plane. Assumptions: a publisher publishes a book. company expenditures. • Each plane undergoes service many times.Construct an E-R Diagram For Car Rental Co  A database is to be designed for a Car Rental Co. model. etc. The information required includes a description of cars. airport employees and pilots • Each airplane has a registration number. Each hanger has a number. Attributes of this entity are Pub_id. Name. capacity and weight. number of passengers. • Employees have a number. Price. Persons have name.

All major credit cards care accepted. Each project is worked on by one or more professors (known as the project’s co-investigators). and a budget. a sponsor name. the enrollment of students in courses and grades awarded to students in each course they are enrolled for must be appropriately modeled. including identification number. Professors can manage and/or work on multiple projects. a starting date.S.Construct an E_R Diagram for a Hospital Construct an E_R Diagram for a Hospital with a Set of patients & a set of medical doctors. Projects have a project number. Similarly the cash inflow coming from all sources . credits. a rank. maintenance. title. repairs. b) course offerings. name. All major repairs and maintenance are done by subcontractors (i. car hire. Company expenditures are to be registered for all outgoings connected with purchases. including course number. syllabus. Associate with each patient a log of the various tests & examination conducted. including number. an age. an ending date. Casual customers must pay a deposit for an estimated time of rental. range of services and the like. and prerequisites.CRC maintains a reasonably stable client base. address. with whom CRC has long-term agreements. name. an age. and title. unless they wish to pay by credit card. department. including student-id. Personal details (such as name. and a research specialty. c) students. insurance etc. These reservations can be made for any period of time up to one month.D. Exercise9:. For this privileged category of customers special credit card facilities are policy not to keep any car for a period exceeding one year. section number.  Exercise6:.Construct an E-R Diagram for a Banking Enterprise  . a name. or Ph. number) about each customer are kept in the database. a name. These customers may also book in advance a particular car.  Exercise8:. and classroom. franchised garages).Construct an E_R Diagram for a university registrar’s office A university registrar’s office maintains data about the following entities: a) courses. Each project is worked on by one or more graduate students (the project’s research assistants). Therefore the data about garages to be kept in the database includes garage names. timings. e) Further. semester.Construct an E_R Diagram for a university DB • • • • • • • Professors have an SSN.  Exercise7:.e. Some garages require payments immediately after a repair has been made.must be kept of file. telephone number. addresses. instructor(s). with others CRC has made arrangements for credit facilities.) Each project is managed by one professor (known as the project’s principal investigator). year. Graduate students have an SSN. d) instructors. driving licence. and program. and a degree program (M. insurance claims .

INSTRUCTIONS FOR ASSIGNMENT • • • • Hand written. This is an individual assignment. Note: . assignment is to be submitted with the standard AIMT Assignment Sheet (yellow color).Construct appropriate tables for each of the E_R diagrams in exercise . This is an individual assignment and is to be written in own hand and NOT typed/printed on computer. Late submission will not be accepted.

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