orkers of South Africa, whether in unions or unemployed, we call on you to support the struggle of the exemplary striking AMCU and NUM miners, who are today facing both economic and political enemies of ‘joint power and conspiracy’. Behind the police guns of Marikana stands a whole line of private property self-interests, both behind and within the African National Congress government – and they intend to continue to live off of the sweat and blood of the impoverished working masses.

Socialist Fight
Miners and their families on the hilltop overlooking the site of the Marikana massacre. The ANC has been losing authority and credibility for years and is primarily viewed as corrupt, incompetent and arrogant today. Nelson Mandela led a ‘peaceful revolution’ that promised to bring prosperity and equality to the county's poor. But a large share of the black majority still lives in corrugated metal huts. South Africa's schools are just as miserable as the health care system, and youth unemployment exceeds 50 percent. The gap between rich and poor is now even wider than in the days of white rule, and a great many of the ANC and NUM leaders have become multi-millionaires themselves by serving the interests of Lonmin and others.

Successive NUM leaders, who today sit on boards of numerous wealthy companies, have successively betrayed the hardworking members of those unions they once ‘led’, only to take posts and multimillions of Rands for themselves and to the better interests of international monopoly corporate mine owners, who they of course, identify and socialise with (in private). The AMCU was obliged to emerge in contrast the mine-owner friendly NUM leadership, who for decades have sought collaboration with mine bosses (both under apartheid and ANC rule since), rather than to firstly fight for the wages and conditions needed by the members of the union. This method of betrayal, is itself, a general attitude of various COSATU -amalgamated leaders who seek to hold the ordinary members backward rather than lead.

in their own way, made this a political struggle within the ‘wages and conditions’ trade union struggle. It is they who have to be fought on all their fronts by the workers and poor!

• We demand the TUC gives full support to the striking AMCU and NUM combined - as representing all real fighters for workers unity going progressively forward!

• We demand the TUC calls on all affiliate trade unions to give immediate financial support directly to the striking miners and their families regardless of whether they are members of the NUM or the So, to the non-striking NUM members themselves, we AMCU via a hardship fund administered by Cosatu. say: Do not allow the employers to use the police to shoot and baton the AMCU into submission – for the • Down with the Lonmin bosses and the state that AMCU opposition have brought a spark of life to the protects their interests! We demand that mining general interests of miners and workers everywhere in bosses open their books for inspection by the workSouth Africa, and represent your interests even if you ing class. Forward to nationalisation of the mines are not formally together right now’ – the present mis- under the control of workers and working class comleadership of the NUM want the AMCU to be beaten munities! and kept apart from them – why? – You should and • Break the ANC/SACP/Cosatu Triple Alliance! In a must ask yourselves this – and answer. Together you new and telling way, the massacre highlights the newould represent a mightier force in your own/joint class interests against the ruling class interests - which cessity for COSATU, the SACP, the YCL (Young Communist League) and Sasco (South African Student are opposite in society. Congress) to break from the ANC and fight for the The NUM, COSATU and SACP leaders are all within the political and organisational independence of the African Nation Congress but are under pressure from their members to break from them now. They all have, working class.
Contact: Socialist Fight: PO Box 59188, London, NW2 9LJ. Email: Socialist_Fight@yahoo.co.uk

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