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last man left ten days ago. They never stay for long." Comment Old Thomas, the cart driver who was waiting for Manson at thetrain station said that to him. Manson was a newly graduate young doctor and this was his first job. Thomas meant to say that none of the previous young doctors had stayed for long. Partly because the work was too difficult and there was another reason that he refused to mention. 2. What was wrong with Dr Page? Why was Manson shocked when he saw him? Dr Page was very sick. Actually, he was paralyzed. When Manson him he was greatly shocked saw because he realized that (Dr Page) would never be fit to work again. He was also shocked because when he first applied for this post there was no mention that Dr Page was seriously ill. He wondered why Miss Page had kept the matter of her brother's illness a secret. 3- What caused the typhoid fever in Glydar Place? . The sewer was the cause of the trouble. There were holes in it, and the dirt flowed through those holes into the well. The water in the well became infected. 4- "It's Griffiths who ought to be boiled!" Comment. Denny said that to Manson when the later decided to advise his patients to boil their water as a precaution from being infected by typhoid fever. Denny was so angry because he had discovered the cause of the typhoid fever and reported that matter to firiffths several times, but the Medical Officer refused to do anything about it. Denny was so angry with Griffths, the useless doctor. 5- "He's a bad doctor. He refuses to give medicines. He's so rude, too! I forbid you to see him." Comment, Miss Page said these words to Manson after he had received a telephone call from Denny asking him to visit his house that afternoon. Miss Page, like so many others didn't like Denny and considered him a bad doctor because he refused to give medicines. They also considered him a rude person. 6- ” That`s the end of that particular cause of misery” Comment. Denny said these words to Manson after blowing up the old sewer at Glydar Place. He was so relieved to get rid of the main cause of that terrible disease (typhoid fever) which caused misery and losses in life at Glydar Place. Denny was sure that it was the only way to get a new sewer built up. quite 7, "Well, Denny. I'll have to build that new sewer for you now” Comment. Griffths, the Area Medical Officer at Drineffy said these words to Denny. He was quite sure that Denny was behind thatbusiness (the one who had blown up the old sewer). Denny had spoken to him several times and warned him of the bad condition of the old sewer and how it was harmful, but Griffths refused to take any action. But now the old sewer had been blown up and the important people of the town hadblamed him for neglecting his duty, Griffths was forced to build up a new sewer.


8- In Emylen case Manson proved to be a skilful doctor_ Discuss One morning Manson was called by Dr Bramwell to help him a madman. Dr Bramwell had with already examined the patient and found him very dangerous. He decided to send him to the mental

After twenty years of marriage. He swapped rich patients with other doctors in the pretence of seeking another opinion. he found out that he suffered from a hermone problem. the bank manger about Morgan's cheque. In each time. He made good use of his profession to make money and gain fame. 11. 9. He only thought of making money. Discuss. They became more friendly and smiled at him in a warm manner. Second the people's attitude towards him was changed. hefelt so fed up with the whole system that he decide to leavehis but he needed another doctor to sign the report so that the hospital might admit him. Unfortunately the baby was born lifeless. Explain how Manson was able to save Mrs Morgan and her baby. 10 . The mother also was about to die. He dipped the baby in hot water and cold water in turns. Then he pressed on the baby's chest so as to get breath into his body. She accused Manson of being dishonest and trying to take over Dr Page's business. When he saw she was out of danger. He gave her amedicine to make her heart strong. He was a bad true example of the rotten medical system in Britain at that time. . Mrs Morgan was expecting her first baby. and he gave her a month's notice. Manson was called to help her. the patient would pay the fees twice or three times. Though Miss Page apologized at once.Freddie Hamson is more of a businessman than a doctor is. but still Manson had some doubts.How was Mgnson rewarded for saving the lives_of Mrs Morgan and her baby? First' he felt so pleased with himself because at last he had done something good. 12. he turned his attention to the baby. Manson gave his attention to the mother. He treated him with some medicine and within a few weeks Emylen was well again and returned towork. When he examined Emylen thoroughly. Manson got very angry and warned her either to apologize immediately or he would bring an action against her in a court of law.What made Manson decide to give up his post at Drineffy? / Miss Page knewfrom Mr Rees. He did that for almost half an hour but still the baby showed no sign of life.Hedid not take much interest in the medical profession. He seemed to be pleased too much with himself. Third Mr Morgan gave him a cheque for five pounds to express his gratitude and thankfulness. The patient had all the signs of a madman. He made business with other important doctors in London. Freddie Hamson was a young arrogant doctor ivho worked in London. Manson decided to examine the patient first. Suddenly the baby's pale face turned pink and Started to cry.

"All right . of As a result of all that all Ben Chenkins friends and relatives became his enemies. And I hope that Evans lives through it." Comment. 15. When Manson said that he would come every morning to clean Even's burn and continue the treatment himself. the miner. a As result he had also lost more patients 14. She refused to submit to a younger doctor. Evans burnt his arm and she put oil on it. Ben Chenkins.Manson wanted to improve the medical system at Aberalaw but he unfortunately began After examining the first patient. She was so mad with Manson because he changed the treatment she had given to Evans. He politely asked the nurse to continue his treatment. The Area Nurse said that to Manson. Explain. The Area Nurse also tried to persuade his patients to leave him . Hecleaned the burn and treated it and put on a clean bandage. In his first day of work. Third he defied the Area Nurse and insisted on using the kind treatment he thought was right. But he was determined not to give any more sick notes unless necessary. he found that there was nothing wrong with him. He gave the patient a note stating that he only suffered from drinking too much and wasquite fit for work. The nurse feit insulted as she hod been using oil as treatment for twenty years and so had all the a doctors. she got mad and challenged him. She had never heard about Manson's treatment. Secondly he challenged Ben Chenkins and sent him back to work. Manson had to give forty sick notes to people who seemed quite healthy and fit for work. But Manson saw that the oil would make the arm infected. When he changed her treatment. the nurse said the above words meaning that Evans would not live through that treatment. A few days later he found himself in quarrel with the Area Nurse who gave wrong treatment to a miner who had burnt his arm. As a result a lot of patients got angry with him and demanded their cards.13.Why had Manson become unpopular in Aberalaw? *First he made all the miners who wantedsick notes angry by refusing to give sick notes unless necessary.

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