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Within these pages you will find school policies, explanations of services offered, a calendar of events, parent involvement information, and faculty and staff listing. You will also find specific directions for implementing any of the procedures necessary for your involvement in our school. We hope you find this information useful. Please save this document. We look forward to serving you and your children throughout the coming year. Please feel free to contact the school when questions arise. This document is also on our school blog, found on the “Resources” page: http://blog.elanco.org/br/resources/

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Eastern Lancaster County School District Brecknock Elementary School 361 School Road, Denver, PA 17517 717-445-8600 717-445-8604 (Fax) Mrs. Lynmarie Hilt, Principal lynmarie_hilt@elanco.org Website: http://blog.elanco.org/br Twitter: www.twitter.com/brecknockelem

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Communication between home and school is essential to student success. We appreciate the partnership of our parents and school community members and look forward to the opportunity to work together to best serve children. Parents are encouraged to contact classroom teachers directly with concerns, questions, or when issues arise. Classroom teachers are the most knowledgeable resources regarding classroom incidences and information regarding homework, tests, projects, etc. There are a variety of ways you can communicate with our teachers and school personnel: Via telephone – Call 717-445-8600 to reach the main office; all teachers have voicemail, where calls will be directed during school hours (see below). Via email – All teachers and staff have email addresses that follow the format firstname_lastname@elanco.org By visiting teacher webpages/blogs – Teachers are expected to keep families informed about classroom happenings via their classroom website or blog. Your child’s teacher will share their blog/website with you. Visit often! By visiting our school blog – Mrs. Hilt maintains a school blog and updates it weekly. There is always a lot of important information to read on the blog, and parent comments are encouraged. You can also find important resources such as the handbook, school calendar, and more. http://blog.elanco.org/br On Twitter, “follow” Brecknock Elementary School to receive the latest updates on school happenings and links to great resources! https://twitter.com/brecknockelem

BRECKNOCK PHONE PROCEDURES When you call our main office number, 717-445-8600, listen carefully to the options provided. Each teacher has his/her own voicemail where messages can be saved. Classroom phones will not ring between the hours of 8:30 AM-4 PM so as to not disrupt instruction. If your call involves a time-sensitive issue such as early student pick-up or a request for homework, PLEASE speak with someone in the MAIN OFFICE and leave your message with the office, who will then contact the teacher. Teachers may or may not have time to check their voicemail in the middle of the instructional day. The best way to ensure a message is received in a timely manner is to speak to someone in the main office. Thank you for your understanding!


Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade Kelly Dupas, Tara Heller Bonnie Brier, Sharon MacAdams, Audra Martin Erin McDonough, Julie Muhr, Mandy Swavely Steffany Ciabattoni, Jena Gerhard, Donna Stoppi Amber McCabe, Cristen Miller, Heather Snyder Margaret Kidhardt, Kerry Kuipers, Laurette O’Donnell Karen Huber, Beverly Libell, Wendy Twaddell

Art Music Physical Education Librarian Library Aide Life Skills Learning Support Autistic Support Gifted Support ESL Steve Lewis Joc Heckman, Jennifer Schoener, Ena Banks Katie Epler Jean Putt Susie High Roxanne Gehman & Alanna Shrawder Sue Grigas Jennifer Shade & Natalie Woodward Libby Echternach Gretchen Neely & Kari Burkhart

Principal Secretary School Nurses Cafeteria Managers Cafeteria Classroom Assistants Life Skills Support Autistic Support IU 13 Autistic Support School Monitors Head Custodian Lynmarie Hilt Kathy Trofe, Angela Bowman Colleen Coldren, Jacque Hollinger Marilyn Martin, Phyllis Radcliffe Bonnie Bogush, Sharon Kurtz, Bobbi Jo Nolt, Patricia Warner Cheryl Fox, Audrey Haller, Donna Horst Tracy Hess, Cheryl Crosbie, Michelle Coblentz, Christie Hertzler, Michele Vargo Lucy Shriver, Jeanne Fisher, Patricia McCafferty, Kim Finkey, Stephanie DiStefano, Linda Martin, Bethann Poehler, Jodi Hibberd Lanita Miller, Barbara Curry, Joyce Kaczinski, Colleen Nolt, Nyeemah Frederick, Sharon Zamrin, Emily Lebo, Sharon Risser Elaine Bollinger, Audrey Haller, Julie Hamer, Barb Leisner Holly Royle, Rosanne Taylor Maureen Hogan

Guidance Counselor Title 1 School Psychologist Data Specialist Speech Clinician Occupational Therapy Home-School Visitors Elizabeth Horbal Karen Senior, Jennifer Franks, Tynea Lewis, Kate Couturier, Denise Martin Dr. Dick Hall Greg Frederick Amanda Pierce, Linda Nguyen Carol Wallace, Courtney Baumer Mindy Menard, Kathy Kuhn


Our daily schedule is as follows. It is subject to adjustments as needed. Parents and students will be informed of any changes. 8:45 AM 9:00 AM 11:45 AM
Grade 1 Lunch 12:40-1:05 Recess 1:05-1:25 12:45 PM 3:30 PM

Buses arrive - Doors open for Kindergarten through Gr.6 Classes Begin Dismissal for AM Kindergarten classes
Grade 2 Lunch 12:10-12:35 Recess 12:35-12:55 Grade 3 Recess 12:40-1:00 Lunch 1:00-1:25 Grade 4 Recess 11:30-11:50 Lunch 11:50-12:15 Grade 5 Recess 12:10-12:30 Lunch 12:30-12:55 Grade 6 Lunch 11:25-11:45 Recess 11:45-12:10

PM Kindergarten begins Dismissal for all students

KINDERGARTEN Schedule for Planned Early Dismissal Days There will be two-way transportation provided to students on these days only. Either AM or PM will be in session on these days, not both. All kindergarten parents received this information over the summer months. There is no ELK on early dismissal days.
Friday, October 5, 2012 Monday, November 19, 2012 Tuesday, November 20, 2012 Wednesday, December 5, 2012 Wednesday, February 6, 2013 Tuesday, March 26, 2013 Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Friday, May 3, 2013 Wednesday, June 5, 2013* Thursday, June 6, 2013* AM Session PM Session AM Session PM Session AM Session PM Session AM Session PM Session AM Session PM Session 9:00 AM-12:30 PM 9:00 AM-12:30 PM 9:00 AM-12:30 PM 9:00 AM-12:30 PM 9:00 AM-12:30 PM 9:00 AM-12:30 PM 9:00 AM-12:30 PM 9:00 AM-12:30 PM 9:00 AM-12:30 PM 9:00 AM-12:30 PM

*Tentative early dismissal days at the end of the year, dependent on the amount of snow days needed and the official last day of school

Students should arrive between 8:45 AM and 9:00 AM. Students MAY NOT be in the building or on the school grounds before 8:45 AM since there are no means for student supervision. Students arriving for PM Kindergarten sessions should not arrive before 12:40 PM. Please wait until the kindergarten teacher opens the door before leaving the car and entering the building. These policies are to ensure teacher supervision when your child arrives in his/her assigned classroom. Any person can occasionally be late to school, for an appointment, meeting, etc.; however, continued tardiness is indicative of personal habits that are not to the advantage of teaching punctuality or getting the child’s day off to the best possible start. Any student arriving late for school must check in at the office before reporting to their classroom.


November 19, 2012 November 20, 2012 12:30 PM Early Dismissal; Conferences held 12:45-7 PM 12:30 PM Early Dismissal; Conferences held 12:30-4 PM

Spring conferences are by teacher and/or parent request only. Dates designated for these conferences are March 26 and 27, 2013, and those days are 12:30 PM dismissal days for all students. Please do not wait until conference time to address issues/concerns! Help keep the home-school lines of communication open! We encourage parents to call, email, and write notes to teachers/office staff when questions and concerns arise.

In cases of school closing due to snow or other unforeseeable circumstances, information will be broadcast on the following radio and television stations. Also look for online alerts from WGAL, Facebook and Twitter (@brecknockelem). Television: Radio: WGAL-TV13 WJTL-90.3/FM WDAC-94.5/FM WLYN-TV15 WLAN-97/FM WSBA-910/AM WHP-TV21 WHP-580/AM WIOV-105/FM WPMT-TV43 WSBA-103/FM

Policy for Parent Involvement The community, parents, staff, and students of Brecknock Elementary School are dedicated to providing a safe atmosphere of acceptance for the diversity of learners. Each student is guaranteed an opportunity for growth and success through a coordinated, ongoing, systematic implementation of effective instruction and intervention. Brecknock Elementary School and parents will serve as equal partners for student learning.
Developed by the Brecknock Elem. Title 1 Parent Advisory Council

Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) MISSION STATEMENT
The Brecknock PTO is dedicated to:  Providing a regular forum for parent-teacher communication and feedback  Ensuring the mental, moral and physical development of our children  Raising funds to provide programs and materials not budgeted by the school district, but necessary for a well-rounded educational experience.

President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Sarah Albertson Carcy Vreeland Michelle Armbruster Sonya Sauder

Primary Fundraisers Secondary Fundraisers Volunteer Coordinators Programs Publicity Hospitality Publicity/Historian Teacher Rep. Principal Rebekah Felpel Jolyn High Cindy Horning Deb O’Neill Meg Vickers Melanie Klemas Joni Nolt Wendy Twaddell Mrs. Hilt


7:00 PM in the Library – Everyone is welcome! Meeting dates for this year: August 20, September 10, October 1, November 5, December 3, January 7, February 4, March 4, April 8, May 6 If school is closed due to inclement weather, the PTO meeting will be rescheduled or canceled.

To stay informed about PTO events and school happenings, visit the Facebook page maintained by our PTO group: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brecknock-Elementary-School/109391865829772 and also their district website page: http://www.elanco.org/BrecknockElementary.cfm?subpage=63514

October 26, 2012 TBA Race for Education Spaghetti Supper, Brecknock Spirit Sale

Brecknock Elementary School raises money for field trips and other programs through various means. This year’s main fundraising event will be the Race for Education. PTO also sponsors the collection of General Mills Box Tops For Education. There are collection boxes for these items in the school office-foyer area. Even though we encourage you to participate in these fundraisers, you are under no obligation to do so.

PTO sponsored roller skating parties are held at Skateaway on Route 222 in Shillington from 6:30-8:30 PM. Dates forthcoming. Brecknock students and their immediate families, as well as the faculty and their families, are invited to attend. Neither the skating rink nor the PTO is responsible for accidents. Due to the possibility of injury, a Brecknock Parent or grandparent who is responsible for them that evening must accompany students. Cost of admission is $2.50 and no passes are required. Skate rental is $2.00. If you use your own inline skates, the bolts must be flush.

All Skateaway rules will be enforced by management. They are as follows:
1. Gum chewing is not allowed in the building. 2. No hats may be won on the skating surface. 3. We do not permit foul language inside or outside of the building. 4. No outside food or drinks are allowed in the building. 5. No verbal fighting or threats. 6. No fast or reckless skating is allowed. 7. All eating and drinking is to be kept in the snack bar area only. You may not carry any food or drink onto carpeted areas. 8. No T-shirts with profanity allowed. School dress codes are to be followed. 9. No torn or ripped clothing will be permitted in the building. 10. There is no littering or loitering inside or outside the building. Please use trash cans provided for your litter. 11. The video games in our building are not our machines. We will not give refunds for lost money in the machines. We also ask that you do not kick or abuse them. 12. There is no pushing, shoving or tag playing allowed while you are in the building. 13. Parents are not permitted to carry their children while they are wearing roller skates. 14. No trains are allowed on the skating surface during all skates. 15. Skateaway is not responsible for lost or stolen objects. We have lockers provided for your personal belongings at the cost of 25 cents. 16. You must be wearing skates to be in the building (this does not apply to parents who come to supervise their children). 17. While on the skating surface, we ask that you keep moving. There is no stopping or standing. We ask that you look both ways before entering or exiting the floor. 18. There is no sitting allowed on the skate room counter. Please keep this area cleared for people wishing to rent or return skates. 19. Skateaway reserves the right to refuse entrance to anyone who is suspected of drug or alcohol intake.


We welcome parent and adult family volunteers in our school and appreciate your time! Volunteers work at the request of the faculty and administration; performing a variety of jobs at school such as writing activities, tutor aids, listening to children read, chaperones, demonstrating hobbies or vocational skills, etc. Volunteers may also help in non-instructional services such as typing, making copies for teachers, designing bulletin board displays, correcting papers, etc. Volunteers work in the school or at home at their convenience, anywhere from several hours a week to once a month, or helping with special projects. ***All volunteers are required to complete Elanco’s Volunteer Certification Form before beginning their work as a volunteer. This form remains filed in our office. You must resubmit a form if any information changes in the categories reported on the form. Please notify the main office if you need a copy of this form.*** Due to the distraction of students, please make other arrangements for younger siblings when volunteering in the classroom. Volunteers are required to sign in at the school office and to wear a volunteer sticker at each visit. Brecknock’s Volunteer Coordinator for 2012-2013 is Cindy Horning (445-9769). If you would like more information, or to sign up to volunteer, please call the Volunteer Coordinator! Look for information coming home regarding parent volunteers during the first weeks of school.

BECAUSE BRECKNOCK CARES FOR OUR PLANET Brecknock Elementary participates in a variety of recycling programs. Hopefully your family will be able to participate in at least one of them! All recycling items should be dropped off in the office lobby at our Recycling Center. Brecknock supports the Ronald McDonald House of Hershey by collecting aluminum beverage tabs and glossy magazines. New this year – we are participating in the FundingFactory® Recycling Program! This fundraiser is FREE and simple because there’s nothing to sell, no paperwork to fill out and no deadline. The program runs year-round, accumulating constant income for our efforts. But we won’t get very far without your support. Please donate your empty printer cartridges, cell phones, GPS devices, MP3 players, and laptops to our school and we’ll take it from there! We will recycle the cartridges, cell phones, small electronics, and laptops through FundingFactory. Last year alone, more than 300 million cartridges were thrown away, while 30,000,000 cell phones were tossed or replaced. We’re alleviating the volume of waste that goes into landfills, while collecting some extra funds we could certainly use! Your help is vital to our fundraising success. Cartridges, cell phones, small electronics, and laptops can be dropped off in the office lobby. FundingFactory also sponsors a business’s support program, where your employer can help out our school without spending a cent. FREE prepaid shipping labels can be sent, free of charge, directly to any business, organization or other facility within the continental United States. Business supporters simply need to load boxes, apply a FREE prepaid shipping label and leave them for the next UPS pickup. If you work for a company that may be interested in supporting us, please call FundingFactory toll-free at 1.888.883.8237. Give the customer service representative our school identification number, 302711 and they’ll set you up to support our account. Items from businesses to recycle can also be dropped off here at school.


In accordance with the PA Law of Compulsory Attendance, Eastern Lancaster County School District has adopted the following attendance guidelines:

1. After an absence, please return a completed/signed excuse card to your child’s teacher/school office. 2. All excuse cards must be returned to the teacher or the office within three (3) consecutive school days. 3. If no excuse card is returned, the day will be marked as an illegal day. (See – “Illegal Days”) 4. No excuse card will be required if a child is sent home by the school nurse.

1. When absence is from a contagious disease. 2. When absence is chronic (more than 5 consecutive days) 3. When proof of illness is deemed necessary by school authorities. 4. When required because of excessive absenteeism.

1. This form letter is to advise parents that their child has been absent for ten (10) days, regardless of the nature of the absences. 2. The reasons for these absences will not be questioned. It is an informational letter to keep parents apprised of the number of absences their child has accumulated.

This form letter will advise parents that, due to the excessive amount of absences, a doctor’s excuse will be required for each day of absence from that date forward. If a child returns to school and does not have a doctor’s excuse, the day will be considered illegal.

1. A child is permitted three (3) illegal days per school year. 2. Upon accumulating three (3) illegal days, a warning letter is sent to the parents via certified mail. 3. After this letter is picked up by the parent/guardian, any additional illegal days will be prosecuted through the district magistrate’s office.

1. Invalid/forged signature 2. Failure to turn in a written excuse from a parent or guardian within three (3) days of the absence 3. Missed bus/car problems

1. Illness or injury-If absence more than five (5) or more consecutive days, a doctor’s excuse is needed. 2. Family emergencies 3. Major religious holidays 4. Death of a family member 5. Pre-approved education/travel days (up to 5 per school year); travel form to be submitted at least five (5) days prior to departure. 6. Authorized school activities


1. Tardy shall be defined as any student arrival to school after the start of the school day (9:00 AM) until 10:40 AM. 2. Any student who reports late to school must check in at the office before going to his/her classroom. This is to ensure they are removed from the absentee list.

1. Students arriving to school after 10:40 AM will be charged with a 1/2 day absence. 2. An excuse card will be required.

Students will be dismissed early only when the office approves a signed note from the parent requesting early release on any given day. Parents should report to the school office to pick up students. If early dismissal occurs before 2:00 PM, the student will be charged with a 1/2 day absence. An excuse card will be required.

The School District recognizes that from time to time, students may have the opportunity to participate in preplanned trips and educational experiences during the regular school year. Upon receipt of prior written request from the parents or guardian of the pupils involved, pupils may be excused from school attendance to participate in educational tours or trips, when the Superintendent or designee evaluates such trip. Pupil participants therein are subject to direction and supervision by school approved adult persons. The determination of each request will be made on the following: prior attendance records, previous requests, frequency of such requests, and the educational value of the requested experience. An Educational Travel Form should be submitted to the office 5 days prior to the date of departure. It is to be understood by each student and parent that class work missed during the period of absence will be made up. Students will generally be limited to five (5) days of education travel. A separate form should be signed for each student within the Eastern Lancaster County Schools. Educational travel/vacation days do count toward the child’s absence total for the year. It is the school’s desire to work closely with parents concerning regular school attendance. Please feel free to contact the office if you have any questions concerning this policy.


“Because Brecknock Cares” At Brecknock Elementary School, we will strive to be respectful, responsible, and safe.
*Be respectful. I am a good school citizen. I show respect in words and actions. I treat others with respect at all times. I work out differences in a peaceful manner. I take care of school property and the property of others. I demonstrate honesty in words and actions. I am friendly and kind. * We will not bully others. * We will help students who are bullied. * We will include students who are left out. * If we know somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home. *Be responsible. I am a quality worker. I come to school prepared to learn. I actively participate in the learning process. I complete assignments. I work to the best of my ability. I practice good listening skills. I follow the rules and am a fair participant. *Be safe. I practice self-control. I make responsible decisions. I keep hands and feet to myself. I use equipment and materials safely and properly. I keep safety in mind at all times.

Each day, strive to be the best you can be!
Each teacher will set forth guidelines for student behavior expected in his/her classroom, which will align to our school guidelines. In the event a student’s behavior interferes with the learning of others, and the teacher's classroom management plan is exhausted, a student may be referred to the building principal. The person referring the student may complete a discipline referral. Together, the principal and child will discuss the situation and infraction. The appropriate warning or consequence will be assigned and parents may be notified. There are severe instances that will be referred to the principal immediately and dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


The ELANCO school district utilizes the Olweus Bullying Prevention program. Resources about this program are found on our school blog here: http://blog.elanco.org/br/school-climate/

What Is the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program? (info paraphrased from the parent pamphlet) “The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP) prevents or reduces bullying in elementary, middle, and junior high schools (with students ages five to fifteen). OBPP is not a curriculum, but a program that deals with bullying at the school-wide, classroom, individual, and community levels.”     Teachers and staff are trained to use the program and deal with bullying problems. A school-wide committee oversees the program. Students give us information about the amounts and types of bullying at our school through class meetings, reporting incidences, and surveys. All students will follow these four anti-bullying rules: o We will not bully others. o We will try to help students who are bullied. o We will try to include students who are left out. o If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home. Staff will make sure that all areas of our school where bullying is likely to occur are being watched. There may be school-wide parent meetings and communication shared, and parent and student events. The four anti-bullying rules are taught in classrooms, and there are regular class meetings held to discuss issues and problem solve together. Teachers will work to make the classroom a positive place for students. Similarly, all adults in our building will promote safe, positive learning environments in all school areas (playground, cafeteria, etc.) There is a bullying reporting system in place for our school. All adults are expected to intervene when they witness an act of bullying, and incidences are reported using our system. Following a referral, students who displayed bullying behavior will be given consequences as soon as possible. Parents will be notified. Consequences are developmentally appropriate and seek to engage the student in learning about acceptable social behaviors. Students who are bullied are supported by staff. If a student has multiple bullying referrals, the parents/guardians of that child will be asked to meet with school personnel to discuss how we can best support the child.

  

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If you believe your child is being bullied, notify your child’s teacher immediately with details. Talk with your child and try to get as many details about the situation as possible to share with school personnel. Other suggestions for how to support your child are located in the Olweus parent pamphlet.


PLAYGROUND To protect the safety of all students and to avoid damage to equipment, the following items are not permitted in the school or on the playground. Knives Chains Matches Radio Cap/water pistols Any sharp instrument Lighters Pets Skateboards Chewing gum HARD BALLS (any kind)

Playground balls are provided. Students are not to bring balls from home. Playground supervisors are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our students on the playground. Please discuss with your child the importance of adhering to all playground rules and showing utmost respect for the playground monitors and other staff who supervise recess. TOYS/ELECTRONIC GAMES/iPODS/E-READERS If a student rides a bus, and his/her driver permits the use of iPods, mP3 players, card games, or electronic games, he/she may use those devices on the school bus. These items should be secured in backpacks before entering the building and should remain in backpacks during the school day. Students may not use personal iPods/mP3s/games throughout the school day, unless specifically approved by the teacher and/or administration for use in an educational endeavor. School personnel may place a student’s electronic device in a safe place at any time if the student fails to follow guidelines and it becomes disruptive to the learning environment. It may be held in the office until a parent comes to school to retrieve it. Some students have Kindles, iPads, or similar devices used for reading literature. With parent and teacher permission, at the discretion of the building administrator, a student may bring his/her personal e-reader device for use during independent reading time (or other educational use as approved by the teacher and administration). The district is not responsible for theft or damage to the device if the student chooses to bring it to school and use in the classroom. It is to be used only by the student to whom it belongs. **The school district is not responsible for the loss/damage to any personal item the student brings on the bus or to school.** DRESS CODE - The question of student dress and appearance is the shared responsibility between home and school. We sincerely want your children to be comfortable, so as to maximize their time on task and increase learning. However, we need to consider safety at all times and want our children to dress in a way that allows them to be active both outside and inside the classroom. Cold Weather Dress Children will go out to recess if the wind chill factor is above 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Please make sure children are dressed appropriately for all weather conditions. Warm Weather Dress Clothes that are too skimpy and tight fitting are deemed inappropriate for school. The following are the guidelines for warm weather dress: 13

1. Shorts are allowed if they are no higher than mid-thigh (bottom of extended arms and fingers) and they are not tight-fitting. 2. NO halter-tops, muscle shirts, and/or spaghetti string tops that reveal a midriff are allowed. Tank tops may be worn in warm weather if shoulder straps are approx. 2 inches wide and the top is not revealing. Footwear School personnel have the right to determine if shoes worn to school are appropriate. DO be aware that if you allow your child to wear sandals that have an open-toe design, there is an increased chance of injury on the playground. No Heelies are to be used on school property. PARENTS – please be advised that students who are not wearing sneakers or closed shoes will NOT BE ALLOWED ON ANY CLIMBING PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT. Also be advised that SNEAKERS MUST BE WORN ON ALL PHYSICAL EDUCATION DAYS. We believe it is very important that students are as active as possible when outside for recess. We want your child to come to school wearing footwear that allows for running outdoors. Many times teachers will take their classes outside as a reward or for a learning activity. Wearing sneakers or active footwear daily will help ensure your child can participate in these activities! If a student continues not to wear proper footwear on P.E. day, he/she will have to make up the physical activity time lost at a future recess, or borrow sneakers from the nurse’s office in order to participate. Please help us by following these guidelines. Students may be asked to change into appropriate attire that is kept in the nurse’s station if it is determined the dress code has been violated.
TELEPHONE - STUDENT USE FOR EMERGENCY SITUATIONS The school telephone is to be used by pupils in emergency situations only. Messages will be carried to pupils on the same basis. Children will not be allowed to use the phone to call home for minor problems or transportation arrangements that could be made in advance. The phone is usually very busy, so plan ahead. Each student is allowed a maximum of 3 phone calls per year. This phone call limit guideline will be strictly enforced. CELL PHONES Cell phones should only be brought to school with parent permission. A student’s cell phone must be kept in the student’s backpack, powered off or in silent mode, during school hours, unless specially permitted by administration/teacher for use for an educational activity or with prior permission to make a phone call. Students may be asked to report to the office to use their phone. If a student does not follow expectations and uses his cell phone during school hours for nonemergency reasons, without prior permission from the teacher or office staff, the phone may held in a teacher’s possession or the main office until it is appropriate to return the phone to the student. In the case of multiple infractions of this guideline, the phone may be held in the main office until a parent is asked to retrieve it. Phones may also be kept in the office during the day if requested. The school is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to personal cell phones brought on the bus or on school property.


Mrs. Kathy Trofe and Mrs. Angela Bowman 717-445-8600

Please inform the office if you have a change and/or additions of address or phone number (cell phone numbers are also helpful) after the first day of school in order to help with mailings and in case of emergency.

The administration and staff at Brecknock Elementary School appreciate the fine spirit and cooperation of parents and encourage them to visit the school at any time the need or opportunity arises. In order to make a visit profitable to all concerned, the following procedure should be followed: 1. When possible, schedule your visit in advance. A phone call to the school office (445-8600) is all that is necessary. 2. If you desire a conference with a teacher, make an appointment through the office. Classes CANNOT be interrupted for this purpose. 3. Entrance doors will be locked at all times. For entrance into the building you must ring the doorbell. 4. Please report to the office when you enter the building. 5. ALL school visitors will be asked to sign in and pick up a visitor/volunteer sticker in the office. This allows the school to properly identify persons in the school buildings at all times. This helps assure the safety of all students throughout the school day. Your support and cooperation is most important.

The ELANCO School District offers a group medical plan to all students for a very reasonable rate. All parents are urged to take advantage of the good coverage and low rates when materials are sent home at the beginning of the school year. However, coverage is available throughout the school year.

“Released Time” is a state approved and student/parent initiated program, which allows public school students with parental permission to be dismissed from school for one hour per week for Bible instruction. CBM Ministries, which coordinates and sponsors the program, is a non-denominational organization. More information about this program will be sent home in the fall.

Pupils finding articles of clothing, lunch boxes, money, tokens, jewelry or purses should take them to the classroom teacher or the school office. We strongly urge parents to check the Lost and Found items whenever you visit the school. Items are on display during parent conference weeks and some PTO functions. Many times students are not aware that they lost some article of clothing, so parent support helps. It will be helpful if you put your child’s name on all book bags, jackets and other articles of clothing. Note: All remaining lost and found items are donated to Goodwill in July.


The main entrance door will be locked at all times. For entrance into the building you must ring
the doorbell. Students arriving late for school MUST check in at the office before proceeding to their classrooms. When it is necessary to bring a student to school or pick up from school, please use extreme caution while driving on school property during school hours.

No vehicles will be allowed to enter the front of the school between 8:30-9:15 AM or between 3:10-3:40 PM. If you are bringing your child to school or picking up your child from school, please use the west side (gas pump) of the building. No children will be dismissed to parents in cars through the front office lobby at the regular school dismissal time. EARLY RELEASE REQUEST - DURING SCHOOL DAY
Students will be dismissed early ONLY when the office approves a signed note from the parent requesting early release on any given day. Parents should report to the school office to pick up students. If early dismissal occurs before 2:00 PM, the student will be charged with a 1/2 day absence. An excuse card WILL be required.

If a child is to be picked up by a parent at the end of the school day, the office must be notified. If written or verbal notification has not been made, the student WILL be sent home on their school bus. This notification must occur no later than 3:00 PM. We cannot promise proper notification of the child, teacher, etc. after that time due to increased office calls near the end of the school day. Children who are being picked up by parents via car will report to the west side of the building for pick-up during dismissal time. Children will be called to this area at 3:25 PM. DO NOT ENTER THE BUS LOADING AREA TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD during regular dismissal time, either on foot or by car. Please pull your car into the west side loop area. If you are volunteering in the building and have parked in the front parking lot we ask that you wait until the buses have left before you leave the building. If you are having a neighbor, grandparent or friend pick up your child, please make sure they are aware of this parking restriction.

          State Law requires that bus drivers have emergency cards for each child on their bus. It also regulates the number of children allowed on a bus. Because of these laws, the school CANNOT permit children to ride on any bus except the one that has been assigned. Any medication which comes under the law of controlled substances (such as Ritalin) must be delivered by the PARENT to the school nurse. Students must ride assigned bus at dismissal unless office has written notification. Be at your stop five minutes before scheduled pickup. Board the bus only when the bus has stopped, and cross the highway only when the driver signals you. Cross the highway in front of the bus- never behind it. Remain seated while the bus is in motion. If the bus doesn’t arrive within 1/2 hour of the scheduled time at the bus stop, please contact the school. School bus evacuation drills are held periodically so that pupils know exactly what to do in case of an emergency. Bus riders are asked to cooperate fully with the bus driver and the assigned helpers. No food or drink is to be consumed on buses. Any school bus related questions or concerns are to be directed to the Transportation Dept. at the District Office (354-1523).


These rules are posted on all district buses. Students should pay strict adherence to these rules at all times while riding the bus.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Observe the same conduct as in the classroom. Be courteous; use no profane language. Do not eat or drink on the bus. Keep the bus clean. Cooperate with the driver. Do not smoke. Do not be destructive. Stay in your seat. Keep head, hands, and feet inside the bus. Bus driver is authorized to assign seats.

NO BICYCLE RIDING privileges will be extended to students. Increased traffic flow on area roads has raised serious questions regarding student safety.

ELANCO School District employs four certified school nurses, four registered nurses, and two LPNs. The elementary school buildings are covered by nurses according to the school’s population. All elementary schools have full time nursing coverage. Brecknock Elementary School’s nurses are Jacque Hollinger and Colleen Coldren. STUDENT INFORMATION FORMS Please fill out both sides of the student information form carefully. It is important for your child’s well being that BOTH SIDES OF THE FORM MUST BE SIGNED AND DATED. If any phone numbers or addresses change, please inform the school promptly. Please include any cell phone numbers as well! FIRST AID First-aid is provided at all schools. In case of an accident on the school grounds, children will be given first-aid by the school nurse or a faculty member. If further treatment is necessary, parents will be notified. If the parents cannot be reached, the school will follow the emergency procedure card. MEDICATION It is sometimes necessary for pupils to receive medication during school hours. State regulations limit the dispensing of medications in school to either prescription medications or medicines provided by a physician. Students who need to self-administer medications (such as inhalers) are permitted to do so with the school nurse’s permission after the required medication form is completed and received by the school nurse. The medication form, which is completed yearly by the parent/guardian and the physician, should specify that the student may carry and self-administer the medication (i.e. asthma inhaler). The use of the medication should be reported to the school nurse. It is important that the parent understand that the school entity and/or any employee cannot be held responsible for the benefits or consequences of the prescribed medication when it is parent authorized, and the school entity bears no responsibility for ensuring that the medication is taken.


If medicine must be given during school hours, the following procedure must be followed: The child or parent must deliver the medication to the school nurse or secretary IN THE CONTAINER WITH THE PRESCRIPTION LABELED BY THE PHARMACIST OR PHYSICIAN. The label is to include the child’s name, name of medication, amount to be given, when it should be given, and the name of the physician prescribing the medication. Please DO NOT send unlabeled containers to school! (For prescriptions you could ask the pharmacist for two containers - one for home and one for school.) Any medication considered to be a controlled substance (such as Ritalin) must be delivered by the PARENT to the school nurse. All medications will be stored in the nurse’s office along with the permission slip signed by the parent and the physician. Refrigeration is available when required. Students are expected to come to the health room at the appropriate time to take their medicine. The taking of medications or drugs is a serious health concern and your cooperation in following the above guidelines to ensure your child’s health would be greatly appreciated. ILLNESS Any child with a fever of 100 degrees F or higher, or any condition which the nurse feels requires attention, will be sent home. If your child is feeling ill before school, please do not send him/her to school. If your child has a contagious condition or disease such as head lice, impetigo, pink eye, or chicken pox, please contact the nurse before returning the child to school. IMMUNIZATIONS All children entering school for the first time must have the required immunizations. If you have any questions, contact the school nurse at 717-445-8600. DENTAL EXAMINATIONS The Pennsylvania School Code requires dental examinations for children on original entry (Kdg. or Grade 1), as well as grades 3 and 7. Family Dental forms are given to students near the end of the school year preceding the year in which they need the exam so that they can be completed by your family dentist and returned to the School Nurse by the first day of school. The dental exam must be completed in the year prior to the start of the current school year. PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS Pennsylvania School Code states that children on original entry (Kdg. or Grade 1), grade 6, and grade 11 are required to have a physical examination. This examination should be performed by your family doctor since he can best evaluate your child’s health. The Private Physician forms are given to students the year before the required year so that you may have the summer to have the exam completed. These forms are to be returned to the School Nurse by the first day of school. The Physical Exam must be completed within the year prior to the start of the current school year.

Vision Hearing Scoliosis Height and Weight Far and near vision for every child, every year, K-12 All children, grades K, 1, 2, 3, 7, 11 and those with known hearing problems in other grades All children, grades 6 and 7 Every child, every year, K-12

Screening referrals - If you receive a notice that your child failed one of these above tests, please take him/her promptly to be checked and return the completed referral notice to the school nurse. Should you have questions about the referral, please contact or call the school nurse.


Lunch prices for the 2012-13 school year: Elementary Breakfast $1.10 Elementary Lunch $1.80 Milk $ .55
The school cafeteria will be in operation from the opening day of school. Student lunches, balanced according to state and federal regulations, are available at a cost of $1.80, including milk. The school is required to serve a complete lunch to all pupils, and we encourage them to eat what is provided. Menus are sent home so the children may carry lunch when they do not care for major portions of meals. Please help us to develop good eating habits and avoid waste. Check the menu before having your child buy lunch. Please note that children have a choice of three entrees. Stress with your children that they must eat the entree they chose that morning. Students who pack a lunch may purchase milk at $.55. Breakfast will be served beginning the first week of September. The cost for breakfast is $1.10. The LIBERAL POLICY for charging of daily lunches will be discontinued once a child has accumulated three lunch charges. They will be DENIED a fourth charge, unless a parent note explaining the problem is submitted to the school office for approval.

Request forms for free or reduced lunches may be obtained in the office.
Our food service department operates on a non-profit basis, with independent full service kitchens in each building. The independent kitchen allows maximum quality and service to each and every student. Our menus are planned around student desires, while providing a well-balanced pattern of nutrition, consisting of components recommended by the US Dept. of Agriculture. The food service dept. has concentrated on fat and cholesterol reduction. We have done this by acquiring lower fat meats, cheeses and milk. We purchase turkey, hams, burgers, bologna and salami, and we are in the process of buying soup bases with low sodium content. WE DO NOT deep fry any of our products and choose rather to bake or steam items to preserve their nutritious qualities. The food service dept. provides a program that allows lower income families to receive meals for their children at a reduced price, or at no cost. This program is non-identifiable and completely confidential. We can help families who need assistance for the whole year, or for one month, depending on the situation. If you have any questions about the program please call Phyllis Radcliffe, Food Service Director, at 717-354-1581.

Our cafeteria system is a computerized debit system that has three basic components. There is a touch screen computer monitor that allows the cashier to input menu selections your son/daughter makes on the lunch line (this system will not affect the food items that will be offered). The cafeteria uses a barcode scanner to make the process more efficient. A digital camera will be used to show your child’s picture on a monitor for the cashier to view to assure that the child’s purchase appears on the correct account.


How It Works
Money that you send to school will be deposited into your child’s account. When your child purchases lunch, the cost of the lunch will be subtracted from the money you deposited. Please enclose cash or check in the sealed envelope provided and mark on the outside the child’s name and the child’s account number. Write your child’s name and pin number on your check. Extra envelopes are available in the cafeteria and the school office.

Any money received after 10:30 AM will be entered the next day. The cafeteria will not enter any money into accounts during the lunch periods. If your son/daughter is participating in the free or reduced lunch program, the system will know this and price their meals accordingly. You can still deposit money into your child’s account so they can purchase ice cream. There is no limit on the amount of money that can be deposited. The system is very confidential. Every student uses the system in the same manner regardless of the meal status. As you can see, this system is designed to be a convenience for the parents, the student, and the district. It eliminates the need for the token system that we previously used and it allows you to prepay for the meals and snacks you wish. All students will have an established account. One added feature that you may wish to take advantage of is the Individual Participation Report. This report is available to verify the use of deposited funds so you can be assured of where your money is going. Please tell your child what they may buy from their accounts so that they are responsible to you for their choices.

May the debit system be used to purchase dessert and snack items? Yes. Discuss with your child your wishes for using the debit system for purchasing treats. May cash be used to purchase dessert and snack items? Yes. You may send cash for these special items. How can I prevent my child from purchasing dessert and snack items with the computerized system? You may send a note to the cafeteria staff indicating that your child may not use the debit system to purchase dessert and snack items. In doing so, it will be noted on the computer screen when your child’s pin number appears. If you have any further questions please call Phyllis Radcliffe, Food Service Director, at 717-354-1581.

Brecknock Elementary School provides students, families and staff with the services of a fulltime PA certified school counselor. Mrs. Liz Horbal, Brecknock’s school counselor, works with students in classroom lessons, individually, and/or in small groups to help them develop and maintain positive selfesteem, social skills, good work habits, and an awareness of the educational and work world beyond their own school. Classroom guidance lessons dealing with conflict resolution, decision-making, refusal skills, and career awareness are taught at every grade level, with other topics available as needed. Brief, individual counseling is always available for students with social, emotional, family or transitional needs, or other concerns. Students may be referred to the counselor by parents, teachers, administration, or themselves. Mrs. Horbal can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM by calling 717-445-8600.


Field trips are specifically designed and planned by classroom teachers. They are undertaken in connection with courses of instruction and school-related activities. They are designed to provide enrichment experiences to:
   Provide information not readily obtained by other means. Motivate pupils toward higher achievement Raise pupils’ aspiration levels    Foster interaction between and among groups of students Broaden children’s interests Stimulate intellectual curiosity

Time and Location
Classroom teachers will determine the dates, times, and locations for field trips, taking into consideration curriculum connections, and available resources for taking the field trip.

Parent Assistance
TEACHERS will select parents to assist on field trips when they perceive a need for assistance, when seating on the bus is available, and when monies allow. By district policy, accompanying adults must sign papers agreeing to “no smoking” and “no intake of alcoholic beverage”. To comply with the transportation code, ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST USE DISTRICT VEHICLES FOR TRANSPORT. We CANNOT honor requests for parents, families and others to follow school buses and then to meet at some designated point. Such requests lead to delays, and missing individuals, adversely affecting the quality of the field trip and safety for the students.

Our PTO provides financial resources for the majority of the field trips. On some occasions parentchaperones may be asked to provide the admittance fee for their part of the trip.

We respect students’ and family time outside of school hours. Homework may or may not be assigned depending on the preference of your child’s teacher. Homework assigned should be meaningful, relevant, and appropriate to student needs (length, requirements, content). If you have specific questions about homework and/or projects that are assigned, contact your child’s teacher directly.

Title 1 services for math and reading are available to students who qualify based on district universal screening measures. Parents of students who qualify for these services will be notified and kept informed about student progress and involved in the process throughout the year. For further information about any of the Title I or district support programs, contact Karen Senior, Greg Frederick, or Lynmarie Hilt at (717) 445-8600.

Brecknock Elementary is ELANCO's elementary port-of-entry school for the English as a Second Language (ESL) program. Students who qualify for ESL instruction receive daily ESL services which are specially designed to teach listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The ESL teachers help the students increase both their social and academic English language skills. The program's goal is to accelerate the acquisition of English while assisting the students in meeting PA grade level standards. For more information, please contact Gretchen Neely, ESL Coordinator, at 717-445-8600.


Our physical education teacher, Mrs. Epler, will be coordinating a morning exercise program for Brecknock students during the 2012-13 school year. The Morning Mile Club will begin on Monday, September 10, 2012. After the first week where one grade level will participate each day to introduce the program, students in Grades 3 and 5 will participate on “odd” date days and students in Grades 4 and 6 will participate on “even” date days. For example, on October 23, students in grades 3 and 5 will participate, and on April 24, students in grades 4 and 6 will participate. Opportunities to participate for students in grades 1 and 2 may be added during the second semester. Students who attend breakfast will be dismissed from buses at 8:40 AM. After breakfast students have cleared the bus, morning milers will be dismissed to enter through the main lobby doors and meet Mrs. Epler on the playground to run/walk/jog their laps. Students will re-enter the building at 8:55 to report straight to homeroom. Students will learn about the location of the track in PE class, so even if your child attends breakfast in the AM, he can still utilize recess time to walk, run, and/or jog around the “morning mile” area. Please contact Mrs. Epler or Mrs. Hilt with any questions, and encourage your children to attend in order to build their levels of fitness and get an energetic start to the day!

       Every class comes to the library at least once during the six day cycle. The entire student body has free access to the library immediately before and after the routine school day if the library is supervised by a teacher, librarian, principal, library aide or other adult hired for the purpose of supervision. During the school day, students may come to the library at any time, with the approval of the classroom teacher. Small groups may work in the library with teacher and librarian permission. Faculty members have full use of the library at all times. The Brecknock Library is open to the community over the summer on specified evenings when the librarian is present. This service is paid for with PTO funds. Pre-Schoolers (ages 4-5) and their parents also have access to library books and programs through the “Pre-School Story Hour” in the Brecknock library, held the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays, October through May. Students have the opportunity to use the Internet at school if they have returned a signed “ELANCO Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy Agreement”.

      Most books and magazines may be borrowed for a one-week period. Encyclopedias, dictionaries, and assorted materials may be checked out for OVERNIGHT use only. Books may be renewed only if the book is brought to the library to be stamped. Students with overdue books are notified on their library day. When a book is one month overdue, the librarian will notify parents. The offender must pay for books, which are lost or damaged beyond repair. The amount due is to be collected by the library aide or the librarian, and held for reordering or other uses.

The contents within this handbook are meant to serve as additional information relating to the policies and procedures located within the Eastern Lancaster County School District Calendar Handbook. It is important for all parents/guardians to read and understand this information. If you need a copy of the district calendar/handbook, please contact the main office. Thank you for your continued support!


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