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Mullins, James L. Friday, June 22, 2012 10:00 AM 'Gordon Dean'; Banfield, W Scott; Schumaker, Judith D. Schumaker, Judith D.; Howarth, Sandra H RE: Presidential search

Dear Gordon: Although I wanted to respond to your email when you first sent it, until the Trustees acted yesterday, the appointment of Governor Daniels as the 12th President of Purdue University was not official. As has been evidenced in the media and on campus, being governor is not a typical path to assume for such a position. However, I believe that Governor Daniels is not a typical governor. Although he has gained wide recognition within his party (and the country) for his stewardship of Indiana's finances during the economic downturn, he also worked hard to keep the impact upon higher education, including Purdue, to a minimum. When compared to our counterparts throughout the country, Purdue faired quite well in our continuing support from the state. Governor Daniels, long before he became a candidate for the presidency of Purdue, stated that Indiana's outstanding institutions of higher education are engines that help fuel the state's economy. He also has been a strong proponent for the globalization of the University, which he also reiterated yesterday. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to be included in meetings with him three different times outside the formal vote of the Trustees. Each time I came away with a greater excitement and anticipation of his assumption of the presidency. This was a bold move by the Search and Screen Committee and the Trustees, one, that I believe, will provide us many new possibilities and opportunities. Anyone coming in to the presidency of Purdue has a learning curve, whether it is the institution, the state, or academia in general. For Governor Daniels it will be the intricacies and ethos of an academic institution. At his meetings yesterday he was humble about all that he didn't know about the inner workings of Purdue, but he has an excellent Provost, Tim Sands, a noted researcher in nanotechnology, who will guide and serve as the leader for the academic programs. Provost Sands will serve as Acting President until Governor Daniels assumes the presidency in January. Governor Daniels is well educated with his undergraduate degree from Princeton and his law degree from Georgetown, his respect for Purdue was apparent and in fact, he stated he had been approached by five or six universities to consider leading them, and he turned them down. There have been successful instances where governors have assumed leadership of universities and governmental officials moving into these positions, one such instance is Robert Gates from the CIA to Texas A&M (when he left TAMU, my counterpart there was depressed, she said they had never had a more thoughtful and visionary leader than Mr. Gates). I believe we will look back at this appointment in five years, and think what a great decision this was. Best regards, Jim

James L. Mullins, PhD Dean of Libraries and Esther Ellis Norton Professor Purdue University 504 W. State Street West Lafayette, IN 47907 Ph. 765-494-2900 Email:

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