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Requesting your attendance at the pilot of the new Culture of Safety Training This is your opportunity to become involved!

A truly unique opportunity has presented itself, I would like to extend an invitation to you and any interested members of your congregation to participate in the pilot and evaluation process of the new Safe Ministry training. Your input into this process will provide valuable insight and could significantly contribute towards the future shape and direction of these workshops because we will be asking you to us tell us what you think about this training. We will be receptive and responsive to your feedback and provide support for you to implement this training in your congregation. Why is this training important? As a church engaged with contemporary society and the issues this raises, we need to develop the skills to create communities of safety. As a church we need to work towards breaking the silence about areas of the church that hold us back from us reaching our potential. These issues include child abuse within the wider church, which has been in the media recently, and issues of bullying which are not discussed as widely. By raising our awareness of the need to prevent child abuse and mistreatment of vulnerable adults, and by talking about the issues that face us, we can find the strength to influence our congregations to become healthier communities. Engaging with this training material, either as someone with leadership responsibility or as a member a congregation contributes significantly to shaping the future of the Church. The Culture of Safety unit is excited to announce the established of multi-stream training. Which of the two streams of training is most suitable for my congregations needs?

The Assembly released A Safe Place for Children in 1999, a policy statement which declared: The Uniting Church of Australia is committed to provide safe places where people are cared for, nurtured and sustained. The Uniting Church commits itself to the care, protection and safety of all children relating with it or its agencies. We seek to provide a safe environment for children to encounter God, to develop relationships as part of a community, and to grow in faith The Culture of Safety Unit (CoS) was created as part of the Synods response to this declaration, to resource, support and assist the Church to implement this policy statement, both for children and vulnerable people. As the Safe Church Educator I will be offering training to congregations and leaders to raise awareness of the issues that can make the Church an unsafe place, and to help empower congregations and leaders to take charge of implementing this safe place policy. I plan to do this by offering training, specific information about implementation, and consultations by telephone or in person.

Stream 1- Safe Church Training: If your congregation is

A congregation with Children A congregation that offers programs for vulnerable adults A congregation that employs Children & Families and/or Youth Ministers Involved in Fresh Expressions or A multicultural congregation

We suggest you attend the Safe Church Training stream, which is being piloted on November 9th at the CTM (full details on the attached poster)

The Safe Church Training is full day (six hours) prescribed training workshop and concentrates on establishing and maintaining safe ministry teams, safe recruitment, selection and supervision of leaders as well as a comprehensive discussion of child abuse and working safely with vulnerable adults. Stream 2- Culture of Safety Training: If your congregation is Without children or A smaller congregation

We suggest you attend the Culture of Safety (CoS) stream, which is taking place at the CTM on October 23rd and 25th at the CTM, 1 November in Penguin and 2 November in Launceston (full details on the attached poster) The CoS training is a half day training workshop where we will help participants understand how abuse occurs in the Church context, develop skills to facilitate discussions into sensitive issues such as managing inappropriate behaviour, raising awareness of child abuse issues, and understanding the effects of sexual abuse. A CoS session will also cover where to find support and resources for participants and their congregations. Who can attend? For now we are seeking a group of people who would be interested in attending the pilot with a view to completing an evaluation form and offering feedback on the day. In the new year, once both streams are up and running, we plan to have an open door training policy which means anyone is welcome to attend either stream of training. You may be invited to attend the Safe Church Training as part of your leadership role. As a Congregational member, you may decide the CoS training is more suited to your role in with the Church at this time. This doesnt prevent you from attending the Safe Church Training at a later time if you wish. The choice is yours. How much does it cost? Attending the pilot and evaluation is FREE When is the training coming to my region? While the pilot is not accessible for everyone the training will be provided regionally, in consultation with all Presbyteries in the new year. We are committed to offering this important training throughout the Synod. A brief description of each training follows on the attached poster. Please display this poster where it can be seen and/or include a copy in your pew sheets. Please feel free to contact me (93408810), we are more than happy to discuss your training options with you.

Josh Woollett Safe Church Educator

Requesting your attendance at the pilot of the new Culture of Safety Training
This is your opportunity to become involved!
Stream 1: Safe Church Training
If your Congregation is a Congregation with Children, a Congregation that offer programs for vulnerable adults, Children Families and Youth Ministers, Fresh Expressions and/or Multicultural Congregations To be held at the Centre for Theology & Ministry, 29 College Cres Parkville,3052 November 9th Welcome Ministry Duty of Care Discussion about what is a safe ministry and ministering together Protecting Vulnerable People Discussion about vulnerable people, power and relationships Safe Ministry Leaders Discussion about selection, recruitment and supervision Safe Ministry Programs Discussion about creating safe programs

Stream 2: Culture of Safety training

If your congregation is without children or a smaller congregation To be held at The Centre for Theology & Ministry, 29 College Cres, Parkville October 23rd (G3, 9.30-12.30pm) The Centre for Theology & Ministry, 29 College Cres, Parkville October 25th (G3, 1-4.30pm) Penguin Uniting Church, Main Road Penguin November 1st (1pm) Launceston North, 128-132 George Town Road, Newnham November 2nd (9.30am) Welcome Child Protection Discussion around impact of child abuse on the Church and discussion based on a hypothetical Becoming aware of Elder Abuse Discussion about its impact on Congregations and discussions based on a hypothetical Break Recognising Bullying behaviour in and around the Church Discussion based on a hypothetical Safe Guidelines for Leaders and Safe Practice Guiding Congregations on safe leadership- discussion based on a hypothetical

Attending the pilot and evaluation is FREE For more information: Josh Woollett Culture of Safety Unit, 29 College Cres, Parkville, VIC 3052 03 9340 8810

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