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Some Archaeo-Sky Matrix Correlations Involving a Predicted NIBIRU Perihelion Sky-Location

Michael Lawrence Morton 2010 Woodborough Hill, near Alton Barnes .. Wiltshire, England .. Reported 22 July 2009
First I will give the raw data I received in a private email from well-known researcher Bert Janssen (of, for the centered latitude and longitude of this crop formation. I see the need to make my findings available concerning significant correlations involved, which can be evaluated according to the empirical evidence indicated .. regardless of anything other than the centered latitude and longitude location of the formation and the obvious Circumscribed Regular Tetrahedron which is very well-depicted. To see photos of this crop formation, you can go to the website via this link .. Latitude 51.34989 deg N Longitude -1.82687 deg (W. Greenwich) Given latitude translates to 51 deg 20 min 59.604 sec N, and given longitude translates to W. Greenwich 01 deg 49 min 36.732 sec As per Archaeo-Sky Matrix protocol {C. P. Munck, Sr., 1991, The Code, Volume A, self-published} the longitude must be converted to W. Giza via the longitude variance of 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec .. and so this means W. Giza 32 deg 57 min 37.532 sec Multiplying the numbers of deg * min * sec .. for latitude; 60796 approx .. for longitude; 68458 approx For reasons that should become self-evident (sooner or later), I assess and interpret the centered latitude encoding as 60792.71018 N = 51(deg) * 20(min) * 59.60069626(sec) and the centered longitude encoding as 68489.38267 W. Giza = 32(deg) * 57(min) * 37.54900366(sec) Encoded Grid Point value at center of formation .. (68489.38267 / 60792.71018) = 1.126605188

At Peak of Total Solar Eclipse .. Sky-Location of SUN According to the theory of Mary Anne Weaver, which I have proven as correct through many years of intensive research since February of 1999, there is a sky component to this encoded system .. and thus I have named the encoded system the Archaeo-Sky Matrix. The ORION Beltstar Alnitak is the marker, as observed from Earth center, for the ecliptic prime meridian. The sky component is ecliptic-oriented via the sidereal zodiac, and the raw data source is the

Astrolog 5.40 online freeware program (with interactive menu). Given raw data longitudes must be converted to Alnitak E. or Alnitak W., and Alnitak itself is assumed to be at (sidereal zodiac) 29 deg TAURUS 56 50 or 03 10 of ecliptic longitude West of the cusp of GEMINI/TAURUS. In order to get raw data to the nearest arc-sec (which is necessary), you must go to the View section of the online freeware interactive menu, and click-off show graphics while clicking-on print nearest second. You will not get a printout per se on your printer but you will get a screen readout. I have no proprietary interest in the Astrolog 5.40 program whatsoever. I was referred to the Astrolog 5.40 program by Mary Anne Weaver in February of 1999, and I have consistently used it since that time for all sky-locations in this work. I have never been in touch with Mr. Pullen, who is listed as the writer of the program, although I did try, more than once, years ago to contact him via email. On 22 July 2009 at 2:35 UT we had the peak of the total solar eclipse. The Astrolog 5.40 raw data for that timing shows the SUN at (always sidereal zodiac) 04 deg CANCER 33 51 ecliptic longitude. Converting this to ALNITAK orientation, you add-on 03 10 plus the 30 degrees for the full sign of GEMINI .. which means 34 deg 37 01 E. Alnitak. Multiplying just the numbers gives 34(deg) * 37(min) * 01(sec) = 1258, and my experience and knowledge of the ASM then leads me to an assessment of an apparently-intended encoding of 1256.637061 E. Alnitak or (400 * 3.141592654) = 34(deg) * 37(min) * 0.998916583(sec) Youll notice that the figure 400 encodes the ratio of the diameters of SUN and MOON .. referencing the perfect coverage of Moon over Sun that we observe from Earths surface during any peak solar eclipse. And as I mentioned earlier, the Pi constant is a major icon in the ASM. Here we have (400 * 3.141592654) E. Alnitak encoding the sky-location ecliptic longitude of the Sun in the ASM for this particular total solar eclipse peak-moment down to the timeminute. The ecliptic latitude of the Sun is always designated 360 in the ASM, so the Grid Point value sky-location for the Sun at this timing is thus (1256.637061 / 360) = 3.490658504 Sky-location of MOON at Peak of this Total Solar Eclipse Astrolog 5.40 raw data shows the Moon at 04 deg CANCER 34 09, which converts to E. Alnitak 34 deg 37 19 .. and multiplying gives 34(deg) * 37(min) * 19(sec) = 23902 E. Alnitak. Latitude raw data gives N. Ecliptic 00 deg 04 15 and multiplying gives 04(min) * 15(sec) = 60 N. Ecliptic. If we assume 24000 E. Alnitak as the intended ecliptic longitude encoding, we would have (24000 / 60) = 400 Grid Point value for the Moon sky-location. This seems to be much more than a random coincidence. This then means that we are being shown the Pi constant as the ratio of the encoded ecliptic longitude for the Sun and the Grid Point value for the Moon at this timing .. (Sun 1256.637061 E. Alnitak / Moon 400 Grid Point value) = 3.141592654

Who/what is showing us the Pi constant as this ratio, above? I think it is Nature itself, essentially, that is showing us this elegant equation. And herein, I suggest, is a major key involving what we as Earthhumans (IMO) will come to understand as the profound levels of Natures intelligence .. here illustrated in the actual locations (against the zodiac background) and orbital timings of major celestial bodies in our Solar System .. as observed from the center of Earth. We will then see that the centered locations of the pyramids, mounds, stone circles, etc. are located in terms of latitude and longitude on Earths Surface in order to elegantly integrate with the Celestial locations and timings to form exquisite self-referential and redundant equations in the ASM. Then a third parameter we will recognize will be the timings of particular major events which have a significant impact on Earth human civilization and consciousness, and these will also integrate perfectly and elegantly with the Celestial and Surface site encodings in terms of ASM equations. There is also apparent here the element of intent-to-communicate with us Earthhumans, as a factor which is embedded in this self-evident intelligence of Nature, and the language used is the ASM itself. And what about the date of this total solar eclipse? .. 22-07-09 .. where the day and month are showing (22 / 7), the classic Pi approximation in whole numbers. And where the year can be expressed as 09 or 9 .. and so now if you divide Pi by 9 .. (3.141592654 / 9) = 0.3490658504 .. merely one power-of-ten away from the Suns encoded Grid Point value location at the peak time of total solar eclipse. Random coincidence? (MOON Grid Point value 400 / SUN Grid Point value 3.490658504) = 114.591559 = (360 / 3.141592654) .. and here you have the ratio of our conventional 360 arc-degrees (number) in a circle and the Pi constant. Again, I cannot accept this as random coincidence. I also raise the idea (possibilities and probabilities) here of some intelligent beings (ETs, Interdimensionals, etc.) having such an advanced intelligent interaction with Nature .. including with celestial bodies/systems themselves .. that the Beings can fine-tune or tweak (or even more substantially orchestrate) the sky-locations and orbital timings of the celestial bodies over long time-periods, to help show particular equations to us the observers at the present time in our (Earthhumans) history on Earth. This is not to say that we should always presume that the Celestial Bodies are merely being manipulated into position to show equations; but Im trying to suggest that the Celestial Bodies and the Beings are all highly intelligent and capable of sophisticated intentional creation (and co-creation) of encodings directed at various observers such as Earth humans on Earth. If We are fractals in-and-of Nature, then this makes some basic sense, does it not?

Relating Peak Eclipse to Crop Formation

Next Ill show the apparently-encoded relationship (within the ASM) of the above numerical entities to each other. Taking the ratio of the Grid Point values shown above .. (3.490658504 / 1.126605188) = 3.098386676 .. = (2 * 3.141592654) / 2.027889338 = (27143.36052 / 8760.48194) = (360 * 3.141592654) / 365.0200809 The expression (2 * 3.141592654) is a relatively-precise rendition (to 10 digits) of the (2Pi) constant. There are (2Pi) radians-of-arc on any true circumference (circle). The radian-of-arc is also a basic angular constant. If you draw a circle on paper and draw its radius, lift it out, and then curve (bend) that radius, and then fit it precisely onto the circumference of that same circle .. you have the radian-of-arc length for that circle. And if you then draw straight lines from the center of that circle to the ends of that radian-of-arc length .. you see the radian-of arc angle. 2.027889338 is the Grid Point value encoded (M. L. Morton, 2009;) at the center of the Double Yin-Yang crop formation of (Wiltshire, England) 21 June .. (scroll down to my posting) .. 2009 which appeared on the morning of the June solstice .. where (62252.99362 W. Giza / 30698.41754 N.) = 2.027889338 where 62252.99362 W. Giza = 32(deg) * 58(min) * 33.54148363(sec) and where 30698.41754 N. = 51(deg) * 24(min) * 25.08040649(sec) 27143.36052 = (286.4788975 * 94.74820225) .. where 286.4788975 = (3712766.512 / 12960) or the ratio of [Torus volume / (Torus surface area / 10)] where volume and surface area are each given here (for several reasons which will become apparent later) in the 360 system where the radian-of-arc angle in degrees is (360 / 2Pi) = 57.29577951 deg. And where 94.74820225 = Giza Pyramids Composite Grid Points (centered) where (Cheops 238.3004375 * Mycerinus 2261.946711) / (Chephren 5689.003885) = 94.74820225 C.P. Munck, Sr. (1991; self-published) decoded the North Face Grid Point values for the Cheops and Chephren pyramids (as well as the center location value for the Mycerinus Pyramid), which then inspired me (M. L. Morton, Internet) to decode their centered Grid Point values. North Face encodings .. Cheops .. (89298.07683 / 360) = 248.0502134 where 89298.07683 N. = 29(deg) * 58(min) * 53.09041429(sec) and where 360 is the prime meridian designation. Chephren .. [67858.40132 N. / 11.77245771(sec) W. Giza] = 5764.166073 where 67858.40132 N. = 29(deg) * 58(min) * 40.34387712(sec)

Center encodings .. Cheops .. (85788.1575 / 360) = 238.3004375 where 85788.1575 N. = 29(deg) * 58(min) * 51.00366082(sec) and where 360 is the prime meridian designation. Chephren .. [66973.55765 N. / 11.77245771(sec) W. Giza] = 5689.003885 where 66973.55765 N. = 29(deg) * 58(min) * 39.81781073(sec) Munck decoded the (center) Mycerinus pyramid location .. [46756.36369 N. / 20.67085112(sec) W. Giza] = 2261.946711 = (720 * 3.141592654) North Face Composite is then .. (Cheops 248.0502134 * Mycerinus 2261.946711) / (Chephren 5764.166073) = 97.33868822 Note: 97.33868822 is also {Munck, 1991, self-published) the encoded diameter for the Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge in regular English feet. Now .. the ratio of the North Face and Center Composites for the 3 main Giza pyramids is .. (97.33868822 / 94.74820225) = 1.02734074 And 1.02734074 is, in-turn, the ratio of the sky-location Grid Point values for PROCYON and VEGA or [3.270127141 / (10 / 3.141592654)] .. {M. L. Morton}. The expression (10 / 3.141592654) is the ASM encoding for the star VEGA. PROCYON is the alpha star in Canis Minor (the Little Dog). In Greek, Procyon means before the dog. Procyon rises before Sirius, and of course Sirius is the alpha star in Canis Major. Ive decoded the ORION Belt-stars Composite {M. L. Morton, Internet} as (Alnitak 43.63323131 * Mintaka 31.00627668) / (Alnilam 170.010936) = 7.957747155 Note: (7.957747155 / 1.02734074) = 7.745966694 = Square-root of 60 .. = (Procyon 3.270127141 * Sirius 2.368705056) Sirius sky-location is encoded as (58755.77946 S. Ecliptic / 24805.02134 E. Alnitak) where 58755.77946 S. Ecl. = 39(deg) * 36(min) * 41.84884577(sec) and where 24805.02134 E. Alnitak = 19(deg) * 23(min) * 56.76206256(sec) Procyon sky-location is encoded as (1673.128806 E. Alnitak / 511.6402922 S. Ecliptic) where 1673.128806 E. Alnitak = 31(deg) * 06(min) * 8.995283903(sec) and where 511.6402922 S. Ecl. = 16(deg) * 01(min) * 31.97751826(sec) ORION Belt-stars encodings:

Alnitak .. (15707.96327 S. Ecliptic / 360 Ecliptic prime meridian) = 43.63323131 where 15707.96327 S. Ecl. = 25(deg) * 17(min) * 36.95991358(sec) Mintaka .. (23561.9449 S. Ecliptic / 759.9088773 W. Alnitak) = 31.00627668 where 23561.9449 S. Ecl. = 23(deg) * 33(min) * 31.04340567(sec) and where 759.9088773 W. Alnitak = 02(deg) * 19(min) * 19.99760203(sec) Alnilam .. (33121.22147 S. Ecliptic / 194.818182 W. Alnitak) = 170.010936 where 33121.22147 S. Ecl. = 24(deg) * 30(min) * 46.00169649(sec) and where 194.818182 W. Alnitak = 01(deg) * 13(min) * 14.986014(sec) Note .. (Center Giza Pyramids Composite 94.74820225 * ORION Belt-stars Composite 7.957747155) = (240 * 3.141592654) Note .. (240 * 3.141592654) / (Procyon 3.270127141 * Sirius 2.368705056) = 97.33868822, which is both the diameter of the Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge in regular English feet and also the North Face Giza Pyramids Composite. If we now compare {recall from earlier} the Center Giza Pyramids Composite with the ratio of the Peak Solar Total Eclipse Grid Point value for the SUNs sky-location (at that timing) and the Grid Point value at the center of the Circumscribed Tetrahedron crop formation which appeared that same morning .. [94.74820225 / (3.490658504 / 1.126605188)] = 30.57985079 .. which is exactly one-tenth the encoded Sarsen Circle Circumference (305.7985078) of Stonehenge in regular English feet {Munck, 1991}. Now I will multiply the (2Pi) constant Circumference .. the number of radians-of-arc in any true circle .. by the decimal-fractal (which I just showed) of the Stonehenge Sarsen Circle circumference in regular English feet .. [30.57985078 * (2 * 3.141592654)] = 192.1388691 And 192.1388691 is a very key encoding. It is the ratio of the Pi constant and the encoded Grid Point value for the sky-location of the SUN at the exact moment of solstice (11:11 UT) on 21 December 2012 .. {M. L. Morton, Internet} .. where (603.6220596 / 3.141592654) = 192.1388691 192.1388691 is also the ratio of (5764.166073 / 30). This is encoding the 5764.166073 ASM figure which is referencing the number of days from the appearance of the Phoenix Lights on the evening of 13 March 1997, to 21 December 2012 or 5764 days .. and the Grid Point value (30) at the center of the intersection of Indian School Road and 7 th Avenue in downtown Phoenix, Arizona which is where a gigantic UFO hovered for 4 time-minutes beginning at 8:20 pm PST. And 5764.166073 is also the North Face Grid Point value for the Chephren Pyramid of Giza. As Klaus Totzek of Germany pointed out to me (private email), 4 time-minutes (the

length of time the gigantic UFO hovered over that spot) is the time during which Earth rotates one arc-degree on its axis. Of course our conventional system uses 360 arc-degrees in a circle, so one arc-degree (of Earth axial rotation) in our conventional system can be expressed as (1 / 360). In terms of radians-of-arc, one arc-degree is expressed as [1 / (2 * 3.141592654)] And so we can then notice this .. 192.1388691 * [1 / (2 * 3.141592654)] = 30.57985078 The radian-of-arc in degrees in the 360 system is expressed as [360 / (2 * 3.141592654)] = 57.29577951 arc-degrees. And then you can see this .. [(1 / 360) * 57.29577951 * 192.1388691] = 30.57985078 .. = [94.74820225 / (3.490658504 / 1.126605188)] .. recall from above.

Some Underlying Geometry

Now consider this equation .. (8760.48194 / 30.57985078) = 286.4788976 = (3712766.512 / 12960) The 8760.48194 is what I have named (M. L. Morton, Internet) the Hyperdimensional Tetrahedral Grid LAT or HD-TET Grid LAT in the ASM. Of course this is an ASM encoding for what Richard C. Hoagland has discussed for years .. the Tetrahedral Latitude on (large enough) rotating celestial bodies N and S of the equator. This is where 8760.48194 = 19(deg) * 28(min) * 16.46707132(sec) north and south of the equator. At Giza; Munck (1991) has decoded the original encased (including capstone) height for the Great Pyramid as 480.3471728 regular English feet. Notice .. (8760.48194 / 480.3471728) = 18.23781306 = (57.29577951 / 3.141592654) .. the radian-of-arc angle in degrees in the 360 system, divided by Pi. And 18.23781306 is the center Grid Point value for the Akapana Pyramid at Tiahuanaco, Bolivia {Munck, 1997, Whispers from Time} where (82505.9225 W. Giza / 4523.893421 South) = 18.23781306, where 82505.9225 W. Giza = 99(deg) * 48(min) * 17.36235743(sec) and where 4523.893421 S. = 16(deg) * 33(min) * 8.567979964(sec), and where the W. Greenwich longitude is 68 deg 40 16.56 Mark Vidler (The Star Mirror) has shown how Sirius passes (observed from the location of the Akapana Pyramid) directly overhead the Akapana Pyramid as of circa 2000 AD during Earths daily axial rotation.

In late 2000 AD, Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara posted a series of articles on TEM website concerning certain calendar-related and celestial aspects of Y2K, and Part Two of that series .. .. focused on some very intriguing SIRIUS items. Last year (2009) I sent Richard Hoagland some additional discoveries Ive made regarding the New Years moment (1999-2000) location of SIRIUS on the sky-meridian as observed at Giza at the stroke of (Giza) midnight. Ive discovered the encoding {M. L. Morton, 2009, selfpublished private paper} for the ASCENDANT at the actual Greenwich Midnight Y2K-moment .. and how it relates specifically to the encoded sky-location for SIRIUS. The Y2K-moment ASCENDANT .. 36217.32359 E. Alnitak = 106(deg) * 09(min) * 37.96365156(sec) Now .. when you multiply the Y2K-moment ASCENDANT by the SIRIUS Grid Point value .. (36217.32359 * 2.368705056) = 85788.1575 .. which is the precise latitude encoding for the Center of the Great Pyramid of Giza {M. L. Morton, Internet}. Recall this 85788.1575 figure from earlier in this Part Two. Now consider that (as detailed in the Hoagland/Bara article above) SIRIUS was the closest to the sky-meridian at midnight, at Giza, on New Years Eve 1999-2000 as it WILL EVER BE in the known past or in future projections! And now also consider that the ASM prime meridian passes through the center of the Great Pyramid of Giza and that the ASM prime meridian itself has the numerical value 360. If you will .. visualize the sky-meridian as a seamless continuation of the ASM prime meridian straight up into the southern sky from due south on the horizon as seen from the observers location at the center of the Great Pyramid of Giza. And so this SIRIUS alignment is revealing the (85788.1575 N. / 360 prime meridian) = 238.3004375 Center Grid Point value for the Great Pyramid of Giza, by way of the Y2K-moment ASCENDANT. This is a breathtaking ASM encoding involving ascension metaphor as of the Y2K-moment. SIRIUS is ISIS. Meanwhile, Ive (M. L. Morton, Internet) decoded Horus as REGULUS .. where (22324.51921 E. Alnitak / 1130.973355 N. Ecliptic) = 19.7392088 = (2 * 3.141592654) * 3.141592654 .. where 22324.51921 E. Alnitak = 65(deg) * 08(min) * 42.93176771(sec) and where 1130.973355 N. Ecliptic = 27(min) * 41.88790205(sec) Notice .. that 19.7392088 = (360 / 18.23781306) (Akapana 18.23781306 / Sirius 2.368705056) = 7.699486693 = [(36217.32359 / 238.3004375) / Horus 19.7392088] = (151.9817755 / 19.7392088)

When do the Giza Pyramids Match the ORION Belt-stars?

Thanks to the groundbreaking work of Thomas G. Brophy, PhD. and his book The Origin Map, I was able to decode the March Equinox calendar years BC for when the angle-and-spacing of the 3 ORION Belt-stars matched the angle-and-spacing of the 3 main Giza Pyramids. Brophys years BC are 11772 BC and 9420 BC, at March Equinox .. which he gives in his book. For the 11772 BC March Equinox, this was when the ORION Belt-stars matched the 3 main Giza

Pyramids angle-and-spacing when ORION was transiting the sky-meridian in the due south as observed at Giza. For the 9420 BC March Equinox, this was at Giza Sunrise (Sun right on the horizon) when the 3 Belt-stars were over the Mycerinus Temple .. a structure more-or-less on line-of-sight with the Giza Grid Point (Munck). The Giza Grid Point is the intersection where the latitude of the 3 small (E-W aligned) heavily-eroded Pyramids just south of the Mycerinus Pyramid meets the longitude of the 3 small (N-S aligned) heavily-eroded pyramids just east of the Great Pyramid. At the time of this Giza Sunrise alignment Im discussing here, Mintaka was directly above the Giza Grid Point. Brophys years BC (at March Equinox) were accurate enough for me to recognize the actual ASM values as 11772.45771 and 9424.777961, and these are both related directly to the Great Sphinx. Muncks work (1991) has shown that the Great Sphinx longitude is 11.77245771 arc-sec E. Giza, and that its gaze is oriented at an azimuth of 94.24777961 arc-degrees (not 90 degrees as most people assume). A possible ASM encoding year for the Great Flood would be (30000 / 3.141592654) or 9549.296586 BC. I can envision a scenario in which the 9424.777961 encoding would have represented the Zep Tepi time when the construction of the Giza complex would have been dedicated .. a ribbon-cutting, if you will. Taking the ratio of the ASM encodings for these 2 years BC (at March Equinox) for the matching angle-and-spacing of the 3 ORION Belt-stars and the 3 main Giza pyramids .. (11772.45771 / 9424.777961) = 1.249096558 The multiplied-product of the ORION Belt-stars Composite and the Center Giza Pyramids Composite .. (7.957747155 * 94.74820225) = 753.9822369 = (240 * 3.141592654) Now .. (753.9822369 / 1.249096558) = 603.6220596 .. Sun at the 11:11 UT moment of solstice on 21 December 2012. As Brophy states in his book, these 2 years BC bracket the time of the ORION southern culmination (in the Earth precession cycle). Brophys research places the time for the ORION southern culmination as approximately 10600 BC. My ASM interpretation for this is a decimalfractal of the Hunab metrology unit (in meters) .. 10595.21194 My year AD for the northern ORION culmination is the 2368.705056 encoding. This would accommodate the number 2368 which is Greek gematria for the name Jesus Christ. I think March Equinox of 2368 AD will also mark the ceremonial entry into the Age of Aquarius at the exact cusp of sidereal Pisces/Aquarius. The ideal Sun location on March Equinox of 2368 AD would be 248050.2134 W. Alnitak = 89(deg) * 56(min) * 49.76930445(sec) .. or almost exactly 90 arc-degrees from the sidereal Gemini/Taurus cusp. And theres more to this. If you take the decimal-fractional portion of the 2368.705056 figure .. the 0.705056 portion .. and you project that out from the 1st of January 2368 AD, you come to the 15th of September. And the 15th of September (see Laurence Gardners books Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Genesis of the Grail

Kings, The Grail Enigma, etc.) is the ceremonial date for the birthdays of the Nazarene and Essene Kings! Notice now the sky-location Grid Point value for the Sun at the ideal W. Alnitak encoding in the preceding paragraph .. (248050.2134 / 360) = 689.0283706 .. a decimal-fractal of the longitude encoding for the Face One at Cydonia on Mars (6.890283706 arc-min E. Cydonia). Also; 689.0283706 is the ASM Grid Point value for the star Spica .. where (28861.95289 E. Alnitak / 41.88790203 S. Ecl) = 689.0283706, where 28861.95289 E. Alnitak = 119(deg) * 09(min) * 26.94860214(sec) and where 41.88790203 S. Ecl = 02(deg) * 03(min) * 6.981317005(sec) Researcher Damon Elkins informed me that Spica rose heliacally exactly due East on the horizon at June Solstice of year 00/00 .. which would have been when Jesus the Christ was age 7 years. And D. Elkins also informed me that Mintaka rose heliacally exactly due East on the horizon on June Solstice of year 2000 AD. Taking the ratio of their ASM sky-location Grid Point values .. (689.0283706 / 31.00627668) = 22.22222222 .. which is the exact ratio of the 2000 years spanning these heliacal June Solstice risings and the 90 degrees azimuth of these risings .. (2000 / 90) = (689.0283706 / 31.00627668) Note the ratio of southern ORION culmination and northern ORION culmination .. (their calendar year encodings) .. (10595.21194 / 2368.705056) = 4.472997562 .. = 1.059521194 * (27.39575307 / 6.489245881) This is where 1.059521194 is the Hunab (in meters) .. where the meter is 3.28280635 regular English feet {M. L. Morton, Internet}. And this is where 27.39575307 is the ASM encoding for the Lunar sidereal cycle in days. Notice that the ASM Lunar sidereal cycle is in fact a decimalfractal reciprocal of the ASM Solar year .. (10000 / 365.0200809) = 27.39575306 The 6.489245881 is the center Grid Point value for the location of the Moon Pyramid at Teotihuacan, Mexico.

The Galactic Center Northern and Southern Culminations

Brophy, in his book The Origin Map, also discusses the matter of the northern culmination (Earth precessional) of Galactic Center. His BC calendar year for Galactic Center northern culmination is 10900 BC, and my ASM interpretation for this is the figure 10908.30782 And my figure for Galactic Center southern culmination (this century) is .. 2054.68148 .. a decimal-fractal of the sky-location Grid Point value (20.5468148) for the Moon at the Giza Sunrise timing of 4:48 UT on 21 December 2012! Taking the ratio of these Galactic Center culminations (their calendar year encodings) .. (10908.30782 / 2054.68148) = 5.309001875 Now recall the ORION culmination ratio from above .. [1.059521194 * (27.39575307 / 6.489245881)]

Now .. 5.309001875 / [1.059521194 * (27.39575307 / 6.489245881)] .. = 1.186900239 = (3.728757071 / 3.141592654), where 3.728757071 is the center Grid Point value for the location of the Marcahuasi Head in Peru {Munck} .. = (Dome of the Rock 779.2727281) / (Face One at Cydonia, Mars 656.56127) The Marcahuasi Head location is encoded as (89298.07683 W. Giza / 23948.4834 South) = 3.728757071, where 89298.07683 W. Giza = 107(deg) * 43(min) * 19.40840618(sec) and where 23948.4834 S. = 11(deg) * 46(min) * 47.32901858(sec)

The Matching Angle .. Giza Pyramids and ORION Belt-stars

It is perfectly appropriate that the matching angle would connect Giza and Teotihuacan, and would also involve the Suns sky-location at the 11:11 UT timing for the solstice on 21 December 2012. And the equation is exquisite .. (38.96363641 * 15.49193338) = 603.6220596 If you imagine yourself positioned directly over the Great Pyramid and looking down, and you draw an imaginary line from the center of the Great Pyramid to the center of the Mycerinus Pyramid, you would then measure the angle from the prime meridian (which passes through the center of the Great Pyramid) to your imaginary line. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Hexahedron * Tetrahedron) Encoded at Center Location of Gizas Great Pyramid ..

Take the Grid Point value for the center location of Gizas Great Pyramid .. 238.3004375 (M. L. Morton, Internet) and multiply by 6 powers of 10, and now I will show how 238300437.5 encodes the multiplied-product of the ASM encodings for the latitudes (N and S) where the vertices of these circumscribed regular Platonic Solids touch the circumscribing sphere. This assumes a radius length of 57.29577951 for the circumscribing sphere. Regular Hexahedron .. 27201.74976 (N and S) = 35(deg) * 15(min) * 51.81285669(sec) Regular Tetrahedron .. 8760.48194 = 19(deg) * 28(min) * 16.46707132(sec) Now .. (8760.48194 * 27201.74976) = 238.3004375 * (10^6) The ORION Belt-stars Composite (recall from earlier in this paper .. M. L. Morton, Internet) is the encoding for OSIRIS. HORUS(19.7392088) * ISIS(2.368705056) * OSIRIS(7.957747155) = 372.0753202

Then .. (Y2K-moment ASCENDANT 36217.32359 / 372.0753202) = 97.33868822 .. which is the figure for the Sarsen Circle diameter at Stonehenge in regular English feet (Munck, 1991) and also the North-face Giza Pyramids Composite (recall from earlier). The 372.0753202 is a decimal-fractal of 37207.53202 .. a very major icon in the ASM. I will soon discuss this further in this paper. It is important to notice (recall from earlier) the ratio of the centered 3 main Giza Pyramids (Composite) and the North-Face Giza Pyramids (Composite) .. (97.33868822/ 94.74820225) = 1.02734074 1.02734074 = (Procyon 3.270127141 / Vega 3.183098862) Apparently, Vega is the marker-star for the ecliptic longitude of the perihelion spot in our sky (as observed from Earth) of the orbit-path of the Celestial Lord NIBIRU.

Perihelion and Aphelion Sky-locations for Nibirus Orbit , Encoded in the ASM, against the Zodiac Background, as Observed from Earth ..
Im thankful for the work of Damon Elkins, independent researcher, for greatly helping in pointing me to the areas of our sky which led to the decoding of these parameters. And of course the work of Zecharia Sitchin was of basic importance. It was Damon Elkins who suggested to me that SIRIUS marks the sky-location (again, as seen from Earth) for Nibirus aphelion (not sure how accurately at this writing, but close enough at least to warrant the apparent encoding in the ASM), and he also suggested that Vega would be the likely marker for the ecliptic longitude of Nibirus perihelion sky-location. Further, he stated that the perihelion location would be a few degrees of ecliptic latitude north of the ecliptic latitude for Altair. In-addition, he stated that Nibirus orbit would appear to pass over Altair upon its incoming passage as it nears perihelion, after having crossed the ecliptic from south to north in sidereal Pisces possibly near to (2-D line-of-sight observation from Earth, remember) the intersection of the Galactic Pole and the Ecliptic. Im predicting that the perihelion is encoded as 3.6 AUs (from the Sun). I finally came to the conclusion that the figure 32.89868134 (north ecliptic latitude degrees) is encoding Nibirus peak at its perihelion, as observed from Earth. I had also decoded Vegas ecliptic longitude as 180000 W. Alnitak = 159(deg) * 21(min) * 53.9083558(sec). Notice that this is at roughly 20 degrees sidereal Sagittarius, just to give an idea of where this is in terms of the zodiac background as seen from Earth. So the Grid Point value for the sky-location of Nibirus perihelion peak, as observed from Earth and encoded in the ASM, is (180000 / 32.89868134) = 5471.343917

Vegas sky-location is encoded {M. L. Morton, Internet} as [180000 / (18000 * 3.141592654)] = 3.183098862 = (10 / 3.141592654) .. where (18000 * 3.141592654) north ecliptic latitude = 61(deg) * 44(min) * 21.06880319(sec) Now .. notice the multiplied-product of the sky-location Grid Point values for Perihelion and Aphelion .. keeping in mind that the Aphelion point is also (at least for encoding purposes) the Sirius location; (2.368705056 * 5471.343917) = 12960 The 12960 is the symbolic number of Half an Earth Precession cycle in years, or halfway around the zodiac, and of course Nibirus aphelion to perihelion is half of its orbit cycle. And 12960 is a term in an equation from earlier .. (3712766.512 / 12960) = 286.4788976 .. where 12960 is one-tenth of the 129600 Surface Area on a Torus in the 360 system .. (360^2) .. and where 3712766.512 is the cubic Volume of a Torus in the 360 system. It appears to me that the last perihelion of Nibiru marked the beginning of our current consensus calendar .. at 00 BC / 00 AD .. and that Y2K marked 2000 years since the last perihelion. I do not agree with the allegations that Nibiru is coming to perihelion in 2012 or in this century. I think its next perihelion will be circa 3600 AD. {Note: this is not to be construed as a denial that certain interesting phenomena are being currently observed pertaining to the celestial bodies in our Solar System}. Note .. using the ASCENDANT encoding for Y2K-moment .. (36217.32359 / 2000) = 18.10866179 = (27.58106915 / 1.523087099) .. where 27.58106915 is the Grid Point value for the center of the D&M Pyramid at Cydonia on Mars {Munck, 1991, The Code, Volume A, selfpublished} .. where (9929.184894 North / 360 prime meridian on Mars) = 27.58106915 .. and where 1.523087099 is the ASM encoding for the planet Mars AU (mean) distance. This is where 9929.184894 North = 40(deg) * 52(min) * 4.773646584(sec), and where the Mars prime meridian in the ASM passes through the center of the D&M Pyramid {Munck, 1991}. The reciprocal of 1.523087099 .. (1 / 1.523087099) .. is 0.65656127 .. a decimal-fractal of the 656.56127 center Grid Point value for FACE ONE at Cydonia on Mars, which is the original Face on Mars acclaimed by R. C. Hoagland, et al. This is where (4523.893421 N. / 6.890283706 E. Cydonia arc-min) = 656.56127 .. where 4523.893421 N. = 41(deg) * 11(min) * 10.03080581(sec). Munck (1991) decoded this from a map made by cartographer Erol O. Torun who worked for the (USA) Defense Mapping Agency. Recall the figure 7.957747155 as the ORION Belt-stars Composite. If you divide that by the encoded AU distance (mean) for planet Mars, you will get the encoded AU distance (mean) for planet Jupiter .. (7.957747155 / 1.523087099) = 5.224748578 And Nibirus perihelion AU distance (3.6 encoding, I think) is between that of Mars and Jupiter.

If you then divide the 5.224748578 by the Teotihuacan Composite of 4.931235553 .. you have the encoded value for the HUNAB .. (5.224748578 / 4.931235553) = 1.059521194 meters (M. L. Morton, Internet) in the Hunab of Hugh Harleston, Jr. who took many measurements and did much research at Teotihuacan. This is the number he was looking for, according to the equations now indicated. Teotihuacan Composite = (CITADEL 9.118906529 * Moon Pyramid 6.489245882) / (Sun Pyramid 12) = 4.931235553 This is where Citadel is (362173.2359 W. Giza / 39716.73958 N.) .. where Moon Pyramid is (284244.6068 W. Giza / 43802.4097 N.) .. and where Sun Pyramid is (280538.1821 W. Giza / 23378.18184 N.) Citadel .. where 362173.2359 W. Giza = 129(deg) * 58(min) * 48.40593904(sec), which is W. Greenwich 98 deg 50 47.61 .. and where 39716.73958 N. = 19(deg) * 40(min) * 52.25886787(sec) Moon Pyramid .. where 284244.6068 W. Giza = 129(deg) * 58(min) * 37.99045801(sec), which is W. Greenwich 98 deg 50 37.19 .. and where 43802.4097 N. = 19(deg) * 41(min) * 56.22902401(sec) Sun Pyramid .. where 280538.1821 W. Giza = 129(deg) * 58(min) * 37.49507914(sec), which is W. Greenwich 98 deg 50 36.69 .. and where 23378.18184 N. = 19(deg) * 41(min) * 30.010503(sec) Notice .. that if you multiply the Teotihuacan Composite by the Pi constant .. (4.931235553 * 3.141592654) = 15.49193338 .. the azimuth in arc-degrees of the Avenue at Teotihuacan itself .. and which (15.49193338) is the Square-root of 240 {Munck}. And now if you use the M. L. Morton value for feet in the Meter, you can translate the 480.3471728 (original, encased, incl. capstone, decoded by Munck) feet height for the Great Pyramid of Giza into meters .. (480.3471728 / 3.28280635 feet in the meter) = 146.3221164, and then into Hunabs .. (146.3221164 / 1.059521194) = 138.1021137 Hunabs Then you can notice this .. (138.1021137 * 1.523087099) = 210.3415477.. the Y2K-moment planet Mars sky-location Grid Point value {M. L. Morton, Internet}. This is where (21040.36366 W. Alnitak / 100.0295181 S. Ecliptic) = 210.3415477 .. where 21040.36366 W. Alnitak = 117(deg) * 06(min) * 29.97202801(sec) and where 100.0295181 S. Ecl. = 01(deg) * 04(min) * 25.00737953(sec) The meters encoding, above .. 146.3221164 meters for the original encased (incl. capstone) height of the Great Pyramid of Giza .. if divided into my 2266.81248 Hunabs for the ceremonial length of the Avenue at Teotihuacan (see Hugh Harlestons work) .. (2266.81248 /

146.3221164) = 15.49193338 arc-degrees, the azimuth of the Avenue itself as decoded by Munck. If you then take the encoded sky-location Grid Point value for the Sun at the moment of solstice (11:11 UT) on 21 December 2012 .. (603.6220596) .. and divide by the azimuth of the Teotihuacan Avenue .. (603.6220596 / 15.49193338) = 38.96363641 .. the arc-degrees angle for the layout of the 3 main Giza pyramids .. that is; if you draw an imaginary line (looking straight down onto Giza from directly over the Great Pyramid) from the center of the Great Pyramid through the center of the Mycerinus Pyramid (the smallest of the 3 main pyramids) .. the angle offset from the prime meridian (which passes through the center of the Great Pyramid) is encoded as 38.96363641 (deg). Here is the encoding for the Suns sky-location at 11:11 UT, the time of solstice, on 21 December 2012; (217303.9415 W. Alnitak / 360 ecliptic) = 603.6220596, where 217303.9415 W. Alnitak = 174(deg) * 52(min) * 24.01679283(sec) If you take the W. Alnitak Grid LONG figure for the Mars sky-location at the Y2K-moment .. and you divide by the north-face Grid Point value location for the Great Pyramid of Giza .. (21040.36366 / 248.0502134) = 54 .. and then when you divide that by the Giza pyramids offset angle, (54 / 38.96363641) = 1.385907605 .. the Grid Point value (M. L. Morton, Internet) at the center (where the Sun is depicted) of the 15 July 2008 Solar System crop formation in Wiltshire, England. Please see my posting (Indications of Archaeo-Sky Matrix Encodings in Some Recent (2008 season) Crop-formations in England) regarding this, within the Research section of .. If you recall, that particular crop formation showed a depiction of the layout of our Solar System planets around the Sun at December Solstice 2012. And Avebury Circle was shown in the background in proximity to the crop formation. I found that Avebury Circles updated (WGS 1984 mapping datum) ASM encodings .. for example its Grid Point value at its center of 1.936491673 .. {WGS 84-based datum, updated from Muncks OS 36 datum, by R. Carl} .. were deliberately figured (pun intended) by the makers into the evident encoded equation. The number of days from 15 July 2008 to 21 December 2012 is 1620 .. and then the equation presents itself .. (1620 / 603.6220596) = 1.385907605 * 1.936491673

The Royal Cubit Encoded

If you multiply the center Grid Point values for the 15 July 2008 Avebury Solar System crop formation and the 01 June 2008 Barbury Castle Pi-Ratcheted crop formation .. (1.385907605 * 1.240251067) = 1.718873385 .. the ASM encoding for the Royal Cubit in regular English feet {M. L. Morton, Internet}.

And then you can see the ASM encoding for the axial rotation speed of Earth at its equator in statute miles per time-hour .. (1.718873385 * 603.6220596) = 1037.549893 mph This then brings you to the ASM encodings for the Earth orbit period in days and the skylocation Grid Point value for the Solar Apex as of circa 2000 AD .. (2.842446068 * 365.0200809) = 1037.549893 Munck (1991) decoded the ASM Earth orbit period in days. I found the circa 2000 AD encoding for Solar Apex as (105760.4031 / 37207.53202) = 2.842446068 where 105760.4031 W. Alnitak = 173(deg) * 13(min) * 47.02552383(sec) and where 37207.53202 N. Ecliptic = 53(deg) * 26(min) * 27.00111177(sec) Solar Apex is the spot in our sky at which our Sun appears to be aimed in relation to the net apparent motions of all of the observable stars in our sky. This parameter is relatively new in astronomy, and has been derived from astronomical observations blinking many composite photographs of the sky since before the year 1950. (Im not an astronomer, so I apologize if Im not explaining the parameter correctly, but I hope you get the idea). This figure (2.842446068) is a major icon in the ASM. Notice how it relates to the {M. L. Morton, Internet} encoding for equatorial circumference of Earth in statute miles .. (8760.48194 * 2.842446068) = 24901.19744 .. and again theres the 8760.48194 encoding for the HD-TET Grid LAT or the Tetrahedral Latitude {R. C. Hoagland} which Ive discussed earlier. Also note that 8760.48184 is the ASM encoding for the number of time-hours in the Earth year. The 105760.4031 is also a major icon because it is encoding all four of the (so-far) known Prime Meridian Marker Grid Point values in the ASM .. where (Alnitak 43.63323131 * Great Pyramid 238.3004375 * Greenwich Observatory 280.5381821) / (D&M Pyramid @ Cydonia, Mars 27.58106915) = 105760.4031 By the way .. Greenwich Observatory location is encoded in the ASM as (55670.04474 N. / 198.4401707 W. Giza) = 280.5381821, where 55670.04474 N. = 51(deg) * 28(min)* 38.98462517(sec) and where 198.4401707 W. Giza = 31(deg) * 08(min) * 0.800161979(sec) An important ratio which I will refer to later .. (85788.1575 / 55670.04478) = 1.54101111 .. where 85788.1575 N. = 29(deg) * 58(min) * 51.00366082(sec) .. is the encoded center latitude for the Great Pyramid of Giza, and if you recall from earlier, this is encoded as the multipliedproduct of the sky-location Grid Point value for Sirius and the ASCENDANT at the Y2K-moment (Greenwich midnight) .. (2.368705056 * 36217.32359) = 85788.1575 Also important to know is that the Y2K-moment ASCENDANT is exactly one-tenth the Grid LONG W. Giza for the center of the CITADEL at Teotihuacan, Mexico {Munck}. This is where 362173.2359 W. Giza = 129(deg) * 58(min) * 48.40593904(sec) .. and so it can be verified that the W. Greenwich longitude at the center of this structure is 98 deg 50 47.61

FACE ONE and Horus

Returning to the Grid Point value at the center location of The Face (Face One) at Cydonia on Mars (there are more than one face on Mars); if you multiply the 656.56127 by the sky-location Grid Point value for Regulus (Horus) .. (656.56127 * 19.7392088) = 12960, identical to the multiplied-product of Sirius (2.368705056) times the predicted {M. L. Morton} Nibiru perihelion sky-location point (5471.343917) discussed earlier. In Sitchins The Lost Book of Enki (not a fictional work, contrary to the disclaimer on the dust jacket), the Face One at Cydonia is described as a depiction of ALALU, the Nibiruan king prior to ANU. It was ALALU who had journeyed solo to Earth in a mad dash to escape heavy political turmoil on Nibiru and had found gold in Earths oceans. He was the father of Enkis official spouse Damkina, he was the paternal grandfather of Marduk/Ra, and he was therefore a paternal great-grandfather to Asar (the historical OSIRIS) .. and therefore a paternal great-great-grandfather to the historical Horus. At the Y2K-moment (Greenwich midnight of 1999-2000 AD) .. which Im thinking was celebrating 2000 years since the last perihelion passage (at the high point or ascension point in its orbit path as seen in the sky from Earth) of the Celestial Lord Nibiru .. the Suns skylocation was encoded as (233280 W. Alnitak / 360 ecliptic) = 648 Grid Point value .. where 233280 W. Alnitak = 164(deg) * 49(min) * 29.02936784(sec) If you multiply Regulus(Horus) times the Sun at that Y2K-moment, you have (648 * 19.7392088) = 12791.0073 .. and that figure is the ASM encoding {M. L. Morton} for the Obliquity-to-theEcliptic Angle of Earths axial tilt at the Y2K-moment! This is where 12791.0073 = 23(deg) * 26(min) * 21.38964431(sec) .. and you can compare this to the figure (angle) listed for that date and year (1st of January 2000 AD) in the Supplemental section of the Astronomical Almanac, and you will see how incredibly close the figures are. The Great Sphinx of Giza (as the story is told in Sitchins The Lost Book of Enki) was originally built in honor of Thoth/Ningishzidda. When Ra/Marduk deposed Thoth as ruler of Egypt circa 3100 BC, Thoth went to what is today Mexico (where he became known as Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, etc.) and Ra/Marduk then removed the head of the Great Sphinx and replaced it with a depiction of his son Asar (OSIRIS). The center location of the Great Sphinx of Giza is encoded (Munck, 1991) as (63571.27163 N. / 11.77245771 arc-sec E. Giza) = 5400, where 63571.27163 N. = 29(deg) * 58(min) * 37.79504853(sec) Then you can see Sirius/Isis emerge as the ratio of (12791.0073 / 5400) = 2.368705056 If you divide the 12791.0073 by 360, where 360 is the ecliptic latitude designation for the ecliptic itself .. (12791.0073 / 360) = 35.53057584 .. identical to the Grid Point value for the ASM encoding for the sky-location of Galactic Center .. {M. L. Morton, Internet}.

In fact, the actual ecliptic longitude encoding for Galactic Center is 127910.073 W. Alnitak = 179(deg) * 17(min) * 42.03420079(sec), and the actual ecliptic latitude encoding for Galactic Center is 3600 S. Ecliptic = 05(deg) * 40(min) * 18(sec) .. and 3600 is also the symbolic number for the orbit period of Nibiru in terms of Earth years.

The US Naval Observatory Center Location

In the late 1990s I decoded the center location for the US Naval Observatory. I found its center longitude to be 2368.705056 W. Giza = 108(deg) * 12(min) * 1.827704519(sec), which is W. Greenwich 77 deg 04 1.03 .. and its latitude is encoded as 35530.57584 N. = 38(deg) * 55(min) * 17.00027552(sec) .. for a center Grid Point value of (35530.57584 / 2368.705056) = 15 .. the number of OSIRIS Re-Membered. Notice that its longitude encoding is a decimalfractal of the Sirius 2.368705056, and that its latitude encoding is a decimal-fractal of Galactic Center. I have great difficulty in assuming this is mere coincidence. Notice that the arcseconds tag on its W. Giza longitude is a decimal-fractal reciprocal of Nibirus predicted perihelion spot; (10000 / 5471.343917) = 1.827704519

Giza Sunrise on 21 December 2012

Independent researcher Damon Elkins informed me that as of sunrise at Giza on 21 December 2012, when the Sun is observed exactly on the horizon, the time-of-day is projected to be 4:48 UT or 6:48 am Cairo time. The Suns sky-location (as seen from the center of Earth) is encoded as of that moment (to the nearest time-minute) as (54713.43917 W. Alnitak / 360) = 151.9817755 .. {M. L. Morton, Internet} .. where 54713.43917 W. Alnitak = 175(deg) * 08(min) * 39.08088512(sec) .. and you can notice the decimal-fractal of the 5471.343917 (predicted) Nibiru perihelion sky-location. In-addition, planet Mercurys projected sky-location at that timing is encoded as (23687.05056 E. Alnitak / 547.1343917 N. Ecliptic) = 432.9292934, where 23687.05056 E. Alnitak = 169(deg) * 25(min) * 56.06402499(sec) and where 547.1343917 N. Ecliptic = 26(min) * 21.04355353(sec) .. and again a decimal-fractal of the 5471.343917 is evident here, along with a decimal-fractal of the 2.368705056 Sirius. The Moon at that timing is projected to be at a sky-location encoding of (98696.04401 W. Alnitak / 4803.471728 N. Ecliptic) = 20.5468148 .. and notice the decimal-fractal of the 480.3471728 (regular English feet) original encased (incl. capstone) height of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Another significant bit of Giza data is encoded here, when you realize that (151.9817755 / 20.5468148) = 7.396853329, which is the arc-sec E. Giza longitude {Munck, 1991} for the set of 3 small highly-eroded pyramids aligned north-south and just to the east of the Great Pyramid. Plus, (7.396853329^2) = 54.71343917, yet-another decimal-fractal of 5471.343917 When you take the ratio of the Great Sphinx and the Sun at this timing .. (5400 / 151.9817755) = 35.53057584 .. out pops Galactic Center.

And when you multiply the Sun at this timing by Sirius .. (151.9817755 * 2.368705056) = 360 .. a major icon which is intimately involved with Sirius at 2 hours prior to the Y2K-moment when Sirius is all-but-precisely right-on the sky-meridian at the stroke of Giza midnight. If you recall from earlier, the (astrological) ASCENDANT at the actual (Greenwich midnight) Y2K-moment is 36217.32359, and if you take the number 2 (from the two hours time difference between Giza and Greenwich) and divide it into the Y2K-moment ASCENDANT .. (36217.32359 / 2) = 18108.66179 .. and there you have the multiplied-product of Face One and the D&M Pyramid at Cydonia on Mars .. (656.56127 * 27.58106915) = 18108.66179 Recall that when Sirius is multiplied by the Y2K-moment ASCENDANT, you get the latitude at the center of the Great Pyramid of Giza .. (2.368705056 * 36217.32359) = 85788.1575 N. = 29(deg) * 58(min) * 51.00366082(sec) .. and when you then divide by the prime meridian which passes through the center of the Great Pyramid, (85788.1575 / 360) = 238.3004375, the point at its center. Then, if you multiply by the Sun at the 21 December 2012 4:48 UT moment .. (151.9817755 * 238.3004375) = 36217.32359

The ASCENDANT at Solstice on 21 December 2012

Could it be that the ascension meme is involved with astrological ascendants at particular events and/or timings? I have decoded the 11:11 UT ASCENDANT on 21 December 2012 (the time of Solstice) as 162860.1632 W. Alnitak = 97(deg) * 43(min) * 39.0458315(sec) .. in the sign of sidereal Aquarius. How might the (predicted) Nibiru perihelion spot relate to this figure? We only need to see .. (162860.1632 / 5471.343917) = 29.76602561 The figure 29.76602561 = (93.51272738 / 3.141592654)

Fire the Grid Moment

The Fire the Grid moment was 11:11 UT on 17 July 2007, and it was evidently communicated to a woman named Shelley Yates by what she described in various interviews as a Being of Light who contacted her during (and after) a dramatic crisis in which she and her young toddler son found themselves trapped inside their car underwater from an accident in Nova Scotia in November of 2002. I looked up this date and time in the Astrolog 5.40 as usual, and the Suns sky-location at that time on that date is encoded as (33664.58186 E. Alnitak / 360 ecliptic) = 93.51272738, where 33664.58186 E. Alnitak = 29(deg) * 43(min) * 26.99645698(sec)

Another thing I noticed was that the figure 33664.58186 is identical to the W. Giza longitude encoding (R. Carl, Internet) for the center of the Circle of Churches in the vicinity of Rennesle-Chateau in the South of France (see the book Genisis by David Wood). This is where 33664.58186 W. Giza = 28(deg) * 49(min) * 24.53686724(sec), and so this translates to 02 deg 18 36.26 E. Greenwich. The latitude for this circle-center is encoded as (R. Carl, Internet) 51877.49467 N. = 42(deg) * 54(min) * 22.8736749(sec), and so the Grid Point value is (51877.49467 / 33664.58186) = 1.54101111 I also looked-up the Astrolog 5.40 data for the sky-location of the Moon at 11:11 UT on 17 July 2007, and I found the apparent encoding to be (3574.506563 E. Alnitak / 553.7601756 N. Ecliptic) = 6.454972243, where 3574.506563 E. Alnitak = 66(deg) * 54.15919035(sec) and where 553.7601756 N. Ecliptic = 37(min) * 14.96649123(sec) Then I noticed the multiplied-product of SUN and MOON at this Fire the Grid moment .. (93.51272738 * 6.454972243) = 603.6220596 .. the SUN at 11:11 UT on 21 December 2012 at the moment of solstice. And that told me that Fire the Grid had to do with creating an awareness about the Archaeo-Sky Matrix. No wonder the Being of Light had chosen 11:11 UT as the timing on 17 July 2007. Then there is the ASCENDANT for this Fire the Grid moment .. 36917.34502 E. Alnitak = 108(deg) * 57(min) * 5.996969626(sec) Then it can be recognized that (36917.34502 / 603.6220596) = (192.1388691 / 3.141592654) The 192.1388691 is the ratio of (5764.166073 / 30) involving the Phoenix Lights incident of 13 March 1997. The 5764.166073 is the ASM encoding for the number-of-days (5764) from 13 March 1997 to 21 December 2012, and the 30 is the Grid Point value in the center of the intersection of Indian School Road and Seventh Avenue in downtown Phoenix, Arizona .. over which a gigantic craft hovered for 4 time-minutes beginning at 8:20 pm PST. And .. (192.1388691 * 3.141592654) = 603.6220596 Plus 192.1388691 is 10 times the encoding for both the mean ASM AU distance for planet URANUS and the 19.21388691 regular English feet for the height of the Kings Chamber within the Great Pyramid of Giza. Now please follow this link (scroll down to my article) to see a detailed presentation of the ASM encodings involving the ThunderBird crop formation of 14 June 2009 and how it directly references the famous Phoenix Lights incident of 13 March 1997 ..

Procyon, Pluto, and the Mount of Way-Showing

As I mentioned earlier here, I decoded the ASM figures for the sky-location of the Sun at the Fire the Grid moment of 11:11 UT on 17 July 2007. I then wondered what major fixed star might be in proximity to the ecliptic longitude of the Sun at that timing on that date, and I noticed that Procyon was roughly 1.5 ecliptic longitude arc-degrees east of the Suns location, which was close enough to warrant examination. I will again give Procyons encoded ASM location (against the sidereal zodiac background) here: (1673.128806 E. Alnitak / 511.6402922 S. Ecliptic) where 1673.128806 E. Alnitak = 31(deg) * 06(min) * 8.995283903(sec) and where 511.6402922 S. Ecl. = 16(deg) * 01(min) * 31.97751826(sec) When I multiplied the SUN @ Fire the Grid by Procyon .. (93.51272738 * 3.270127141) = 305.7985078 .. identical to the figure for the Sarsen Circle circumference in regular English feet at Stonehenge {Munck}. In Sitchins book The Earth Chronicles Expeditions he has a good detailed photo of the actual Foundation Rock which is located directly under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. The photo reveals various right-angled grooves and indentations which clearly indicate that some sort of equipment was apparently installed there at some time in the distant past. Sitchin discusses in some of his earlier books, the remarkable evidence that a post-diluvial Mission Control Center was in fact located at (and/or within) Mount Moriah. R. Carl and I (R. Carl, M. L. Morton, Internet) decoded the ASM figures for the center of the Dome of the Rock as (56107.63643 N. / 72 E. Giza) = 779.2727281, where 56107.63643 N. = 31(deg) * 46(min) * 39.3461686(sec) and where 72 E. Giza = 04(deg) * 06(min) * 03(sec), which would be 35 deg 14 3.8 E. Greenwich. When I divided the (center) Dome of the Rocks Grid Point value by Procyon, I got a pleasant surprise; (779.2727281 / 3.270127141) = 238.3004375 .. Grid Point value at the center {M. L. Morton} of the Great Pyramid. And when I tested the Dome of the Rocks (center) Grid Point value with the Pi constant, I got another surprise; (779.2727281 / 3.141592654) = 248.0502134 .. Grid Point value on the north-face {Munck} of the Great Pyramid. Then when I tested the 305.7985078 figure (from above) with the Dome of the Rock by multiplying .. (305.7985078 * 779.2727281) = 238300.4375 which is a decimal-fractal of 238.3004375

238300.4375 is also the encoding for the N. Ecliptic Grid LAT of Kochab in the Dipper of Ursa Minor, where 238300.4375 N. Ecl = 72(deg) * 58(min) * 57.06428101(sec) .. and Kochabs ecliptic longitude is encoded as (28424.46068 E. Alnitak) = 48(deg) * 37(min) * 16.0047639(sec) .. so its Grid Point value in the sidereal zodiac background is (238300.4375 / 28424.46068) = 8.383639717 If you recall the encoding for the Grid Point value of the sky-location of the circa 2000 AD Solar Apex, you will notice that 2.842446068 is a decimal-fractal of the Kochab ecliptic longitude encoding. Kochab was aligned at daily culmination with the northern meridian shaft in the Queens Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza at 2368 BC {The Origin Map, Thomas G. Brophy, PhD, pages 86-87, based on results of angular measurements by Gantenbrink}. The 2368 indicates the ASM encoding of 2368.705056, a decimal-fractal of the Sirius skylocation Grid Point value. Testing .. [(8.383639717 * 779.2727281) / 2368.705056] = 2.758106915 .. a decimal-fractal of the 27.58106915 Grid Point value for the center of the D&M Pyramid at Cydonia on Mars. The northern meridian shaft in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid was aligned with Thubans (Alpha Draconis) daily culmination roughly at the same time as Kochabs alignment, and Sirius daily culmination was aligned with the southern meridian shaft of the Queens Chamber at that same time. The ASM encoding for the sky-location of Thuban, although not shown in the Astrolog 5.40, is (42636.69101 E. Alnitak / 36000 N. Ecliptic) = 1.184352528, where 42636.69101 E. Alnitak = 72(deg) * 16(min) * 37.0110165(sec) and where 36000 N. Ecl = 66(deg) * 21(min) * 25.97402597(sec) Multiplying Thuban and Kochab .. (8.383639717 * 1.184352528) = 9.929184894 .. a decimalfractal of the encoded center latitude for the D&M Pyramid at Cydonia on Mars. Thus we have here decoded (see above) decimal-fractals of both the latitude and the Grid Point value for the D&M Pyramid at Cydonia on Mars. Sitchin has written that Mount Moriah was called Mount of Way-Showing. He has also stated that planet Pluto was known (by the Nibiruans) as the one who shows the way, for it was Pluto that was first encountered by the Nibiruans coming from their home planet on journeys to Earth (or to Mars). So I decided to compare the ASM values for the location of the Dome of the Rock and the Y2K-moment sky-location of Pluto. (779.2727281 / 4.055778676) = 192.1388691 .. a figure we have indeed already seen!

(238.3004375 / 192.1388691) = 1.240251067 .. the Grid Point value {M. L. Morton} at the center of the Pi-to-10-digits ratcheted spiral crop formation of 01 June 2008 at Barbury Castle. See my article on this in the Research section of the website .. Plutos Y2K-moment ASM sky-location {R. Carl, M. L. Morton, Internet} encoding .. (37207.53202 E. Alnitak / 9173.955236 N. Ecl) = 4.055778676, where 37202.53202 E. Alnitak = 166(deg) * 45(min) * 4.980927981(sec) and where 9173.955236 N. Ecl = 10(deg) * 51(min) * 17.98814752(sec) Comparing Procyon and Y2K Pluto .. (4.055778676 / 3.270127141) = 1.240251067 So we are presented with the one who shows the way (Pluto) and with Mount of WayShowing (Mount Moriah). Showing the ways of what? This undoubtedly is referring to the orbits of the Solar System planets .. their orbit-paths around the Sun. A mission control center would surely be involved in tracking the motions and the ever-changing locations of these celestial bodies against the zodiac background. The Pi constant is indicated as the planned ratio of the location of the Foundation Rock at Mt. Moriah and the north-face Grid Point value for the Great Pyramid at Giza .. (779.2727281 / 248.0502134) = 3.141592654 It dawned on me that 248.0502134 is an encoding for planet Plutos orbit period in Earth years! And then I also realized that Plutos ASM-encoded mean AU distance is 39.4784176 .. (2Pi)^2 .. and then when you take the ratio of Plutos encoded orbit period (the numerical value) and its mean AU distance .. (248.0502134 / 39.4784176) = exactly (2Pi) or 6.283185307 .. which describes a circle in terms of radians-of-arc.

Encoded Y2K Planetary Locations and Encoded Mean AU Distances

I was then able to further discover that the 248.0502134 figure (which, by the way, is also the Cube of Double-Pi) .. is the ratio of (482209.6149 / 1944) The 482209.6149 is the actual multiplied-product of the ASM-encoded mean AU-distances for the Solar System planets (not including Nibiru). Here is the actual encoded product in the ASM .. (Mercury 0.3872983346 * Venus 0.72 * Earth 1.0 * Mars 1.523087099 * Jupiter 5.224748578 * Saturn 9.549296586 * Uranus 19.21388691 * Neptune 30 * Pluto 39.4784176) = 482209.6149

The 1944 is a decimal-fractal of 1944 * (10^14) .. the multiplied-product of the Y2K-moment sky-location Grid Point values (against the zodiac background) for all of the Solar System planets including Sun and Moon, but not including Nibiru. I will now show the ASM encodings for this multiplied-product as of the Y2K-moment. First I will give the Ecliptic Grid LAT and Ecliptic Grid LONG, with the Grid Point sky-location value. Then I will show (below that) the details for the degrees, minutes, and seconds. (Sun 233280 W. Alnitak / 360 ecliptic = 648) * (Moon 157079.6327 E. Alnitak / 3445.141853 N. Ecl = 45.59453265) * (Mercury 117724.5771 W. Alnitak / 2687.62787 S. Ecl = 43.8024097) * (Venus 94748.20225 E. Alnitak / 384 N. Ecl = 246.74011) * (Earth 1.0) * (Mars 21040.36366 W. Alnitak / 100.0295181 S. Ecl = 210.3415477) * (Jupiter 3183.098862 W. Alnitak / 795.7747155 S. Ecl = 4) * (Saturn 29608.8132 W. Alnitak / 2550.164039 S. Ecl = 11.6105524) * (Uranus 20898.99431 W. Alnitak / 1168.909092 S. Ecl = 17.87905874) * (Neptune 72000 W. Alnitak / 83.77580411 N. Ecl = 859.4366926) * (Pluto 37207.53202 E. Alnitak / 9173.955236 N. Ecl = 4.055778676) = 1944 * (10^14) Details for degrees, minutes, and seconds .. .. SUN .. 233280 W. Alnitak = 164(deg) * 49(min) * 29.02936784(sec) .. 360 ecliptic designated number MOON .. 157079.6327 E. Alnitak = 132(deg) * 36(min) * 33.05547826(sec) .. 3445.141853 N. Ecl = 05(deg) * 13(min) * 53.00218235(sec) MERCURY .. 117724.5771 W. Alnitak = 173(deg) * 34(min) * 20.01437897(sec) .. 2687.62787 S. Ecl = 56(min) * 47.99335482(sec) VENUS .. 94748.20225 E. Alnitak = 156(deg) * 16(min) * 37.96001693(sec) .. 384 N. Ecl = 02(deg) * 04(min) * 48(sec) MARS .. 21040.36366 W. Alnitak = 117(deg) * 06(min) * 29.972028(sec) .. 100.0295181 S. Ecl = 01(deg) * 04(min) * 25.00737953(sec) JUPITER .. 3183.098862 W. Alnitak = 59(deg) * 27(min) * 1.998178821(sec) .. 795.7747155 S. Ecl = 01(deg) * 15(min) * 53.0516477 SATURN .. 29608.8132 W. Alnitak = 44(deg) * 16(min) * 42.0579733(sec) .. 2550.164039 S. Ecl = 02(deg) * 26(min) * 49.04161613(sec) URANUS .. 20898.99431 W. Alnitak = 129(deg) * 54(min) * 3.000142738(sec) .. 1168.909092 S. Ecl = 39(min) * 29.972028(sec)

NEPTUNE .. 72000 W. Alnitak = 141(deg) * 30(min) * 17.0212766(sec) .. 83.77580411 N. Ecl = 14(min) * 5.983986008(sec) PLUTO .. 37207.53202 E. Alnitak = 166(deg) * 45(min) * 4.980927981(sec) .. 9173.955235 N. Ecl = 10(deg) * 51(min) * 17.98814752(sec)

The Messengers Orbit Period and the Depths of the Heavenly Host
Recall from above, the multiplied-product of the encoded mean AU-distances for the Solar System planets (not including Nibiru) .. as 482209.6149 Ive found the apparent ASM encoding for Mercurys orbit period .. 88.13366921 days. I feel confident about this because of what is revealed here .. (482209.6149 / 88.13366921) = 5471.343917 .. the predicted perihelion sky-location for the Celestial Lord Nibiru. This is (again) where 180000 W. Alnitak = 159(deg) * 21(min) * 53.9083558(sec), the ecliptic longitude of Vega .. and where the N. Ecliptic latitude is 32.89868134 (deg) .. so that (180000 / 32.89868134) = 5471.343917 And as Ive stated already, I do not subscribe to the allegations that Nibirus incoming is imminent. On the contrary, I think its next perihelion will be as of circa 3600 AD. However, I do think it likely that there could be incoming in the form of some Nibiruans from their home planet to Earth, who would be prepared to potentially meet in some sort of public way with particular Earth humans at the time of the 2012 December Solstice in a sort of official ceremony which could possibly signal a new emergent paradigm .. maybe even breaking the ice toward a process of reconciliation, and which could also possibly serve as a beginning of a process of public disclosure and contact with other ET/Extra-Dimensional races. I do not deny that there are apparently some very novel and interesting Solar System phenomena in progress .. including some changes having to do with the Sun which are of imminent concern. I think this is happening on a cosmic quantum level which directly involves our current consciousness and behavior as Earth humans. Could our own consciousness and turmoils be affecting the Sun and all other celestial bodies? Could a certain amount of this be unavoidable? Was it actually forseen by people such as Thoth himself? Would an awareness of the ASM itself help to provide a universal language of disclosure and contact which would facilitate the emergent paradigm? Could an awareness of the ASM help to inspire us and then mitigate against so much widespread violence, chaos, confusion, misunderstandings, manipulations, and deceptions?

Le Serpent Rouge

David Wood describes a serpent effigy known as Le Serpent Rouge in the vicinity of the Circleof-Churches in the South of France, in his book Genisis. R. Carl (Internet) was able to decode the WGS 84-based ASM figures for the location of its Head (center) as (110752.035 N. / 66052.47764 W. Giza) = 1.676727943, where 110752.035 N. = 42(deg) * 57(min) * 46.26233709(sec) and where 66052.47764 W. Giza = 28(deg) * 48(min) * 49.14618872(sec), which is 02 deg 19 11.65 E. Greenwich. Of course rouge is French for red, and Nibirus perihelion passage {Sitchin} is apparently described in ancient texts/tablets as taking-on the appearance of a reddish, fiery, flying serpent. And so Im of the opinion that this serpent effigy is an outright symbol of Nibirus appearance at its perihelion as observed from Earth. If this is true, you would think that its ASM numbers would show something significant when compared to the (predicted) ASM figure for the sky-location of Nibirus perihelion. Multiplying .. (5471.343917 * 1.676727943) = 9173.955231 .. which you just saw as Plutos Y2K ecliptic latitude encoding. Munck has identified the figure 4.055778676 as representing the tangent of the statute mileage over the surface of Earth on a direct line from the Kukulkan Pyramid (Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico) to the Great Pyramid of Giza .. TAN 7123.85068 statute miles = 4.055778 .. {C. P. Munck, Sr., The Code 1997, self-published}. The latitude at the center of the Kukulkan Pyramid has been decoded by Munck as (917.3955236 N.) = 20(deg) * 41(min) * 1.118775029(sec) Note .. (9173.955234 / 3.141592654) = 2920.160646 The figure 2920.160646 is a decimal-fractal of the 2.920160646 center Grid Point value for Stonehenge in its WGS 84-based encoding {R. Carl}. This is where (64800 W. Giza / 22190.55999 N.) = 2.920160646, where 64800 W. Giza = 32(deg) * 57(min) * 35.52631579(sec) and where 22190.55999 N. = 51(deg) * 10(min) * 43.51090194(sec) Bear in mind that there is {see the book Genisis by David Wood} an extended starpentagram indicated in conjunction with the Circle-of-Churches in the South of France .. so would the number 5 have any noticeable part to play here? (2920.160646 / 5) = 584.0321292 .. {found by Miranda, otherwise known as Paula Zicafoose, a student of mine who died of cancer in late December 2008) .. the ASM encoding for the Venus synodic cycle in days. It takes 8 years to trace-out the full star-pentagram around the ecliptic, involving 2 apparent rotations around the zodiac .. 5 Venus synodic cycles. Comparing the ASM Earth orbit period and the Venus synodic cycle .. (584.0321292 / 365.0200809) = 1.6 = (8 / 5)

Comparing the Venus (ASM) orbit period and Earths (ASM) orbit period .. (365.0200809 / 225) = 1.622311471 = (584.0321293 / 360) = (779.2727281 / 480.3471728) = (8 / 4.931235553) The Baphomet (see the book Genisis by David Wood) is actually depicted as artwork on a rocky ledge on the banks of a creek in northern Pennsylvania, USA (Cameron County) at a Grid Point location of 4.931235553 .. where (50857.01728 N. / 10313.24031 W. Giza) = 4.931235553, and where 50857.01728 N. = 41(deg) * 24(min) * 51.68396065(sec) and where 10313.24031 W. Giza = 109(deg) * 20(min) * 4.730844179(sec), which is W. Greenwich 78 deg 12 3.93 Notice that 10313.24031 is the Area of a Circle if [360 / (2 * 3.141592654)] is used as the length for the radius. I personally visited this site in northern Pennsylvania (twice), and I reported its location to Munck, who then decoded it in 1994 and self-published it in his newsletter (in 1995, if I recall correctly) at the time.

The Octagon around the Dome of the Rock

Before the Great Deluge (circa 9550 BC, I think) Enlil was in-charge of the Bond Heaven-Earth at Nippur in todays Mesopotamia {Sitchin}, which was the pre-diluvial Mission Control Center for the Nibiruan colony on Earth, if you will. Post-deluge, it was apparently Enlil again who assumed control of the new Mission Control Center in Mount Moriah. The Enlilship had the Sumerian Rank Number of 50. If you take the ratio of the Dome of the Rocks location and the number 50 .. (779.2727281 / 50) = 15.58545456 .. the {M. L. Morton, Internet} sky-location Grid Point value for the line-of-sight (as observed from Earth) intersection of the Galactic Equator and the Ecliptic in sidereal Sagittarius. This is where (5610.763643 W. Alnitak / 360 ecliptic) = 15.58545456, where 5610.763643 W. Alnitak = 174(deg) * 41(min) * 0.786482148(sec) Notice the decimal-fractal of the 56107.63643 N. latitude encoding for the Dome of the Rock. The sidereal Gemini intersection of Galactic Equator and Ecliptic is encoded as (5329.586377 E. Alnitak / 360) = 14.8044066, where 5329.586377 E. Alnitak = 05(deg) * 18(min) * 59.21762641(sec)

The sidereal Pisces intersection of Galactic Pole and Ecliptic is encoded as (2700 W. Alnitak / 360) = 7.5, where 2700 W. Alnitak = 84(deg) * 41(min) * 0.783972125(sec) The sidereal Virgo intersection of Galactic Pole and Ecliptic is encoded as (101321.1837 E. Alnitak / 360) = 281.4477323, where 101321.1836 E. Alnitak = 95(deg) * 18(min) * 59.25215415(sec) Multiplying these 4 intersection points .. (7.5 * 15.58545456 * 281.4477323 * 14.8044066) = 487045.4551 The Ecliptic Pole disappearing points are encoded as (360 / 90 deg N.) = 4, and (360 / 90 deg S.) = 4 Notice that we have outlined these 6 points in space. There is a square around the ecliptic plane, which evokes the 4 arms of the cross symbol. Then those 2 other points, to form the framework of an octagon. Could this be the basis for the octagonal side-structure around the Dome of the Rock? Multiplying all 6 points .. (487045.4551 * 4 * 4) = 7792727.281 or [779.2727281 * (10^4)] .. a decimal-fractal of the Grid Point location at the center of the Dome of the Rock. Mere coincidence? Then notice that if you divide by 8 .. (7792727.281 / 8) = (3.141592654^4) * (10^4)

The WTC 9-11-01 Timing and the Suns Sky-location

The exact time for the First Plane Hit (regardless of whether or not there were actual planes that hit the Towers) at the WTC on 11 September 2001 (my original Google source seems to be lost) was 12:46:40 UT, and I have decoded this as 22017.49256 UT = 12(time-hrs) * 46(timemin) * 39.88676188(time-sec) The ASM encoded sky-location for the Sun at 12:47 UT on 11 September 2001 is (15491.93338 E. Alnitak / 360) = 43.03314828 Ratio of the Timing and the Sun location = (22017.49256 / 43.03314828) = 511.6402922 The 511.6402922 is identical to the encoding for the S. ecliptic latitude of Procyon, where 511.6402922 S. Ecl = 16(deg) * 01(min) * 31.97751826(sec) Also .. 511.6402922 = (779.2727281 / 1.523087099) where 1.523087099 is the ASM mean AU distance for planet Mars. And 511.6402922 = (2075.099785 / 4.055778676) where 2075.099785 is the encoding for the equatorial distance in statute miles in 2 time-hours of Earths axial rotation .. which is referencing the time-zone difference between Giza and Greenwich.

The encoding for the ASCENDANT at 12:47 UT on 11 September 2001 is (176267.3384 W. Alnitak) = 172(deg) * 32(min) * 32.02531585(sec) .. where 176267.3384 = (56107.63643 * 3.141592654) .. and here you see the figure (56107.63643) for the center latitude of the Dome of the Rock. (176267.3384 / 511.6402922) = 93.51272738 * 3.684142201 You will recall that 93.51272738 is the Sun location at the Fire the Grid moment at 11:11 UT on 17 July 2007. Also earlier in this paper, I showed how a decimal-fractal of the center Grid Point location for the Great Pyramid of Giza is encoding the regular (Tetrahedral Latitude * Hexahedral Latitude) .. that is; (8760.48194 * 27201.74976) = 238300437.5 .. where 8760.48194 (N or S) = 19(deg) * 28(min) * 16.46707132(sec) and where 27201.74976 (N or S) = 35(deg) * 15(min) * 51.81285669(sec) .. these are the latitudes at which the vertices of these regular Platonic solids touch the surface of their circumscribing sphere. {Thanks to Robert Carl for the raw data calculations. I then interpreted his work on this and came up with the evident encodings. The original webpage for this data (R. Carl) has apparently been removed from the Internet, unfortunately.} If you multiply the 238300437.5 by the figure 3.684142201 (from above) .. you get 877932698.3 And 877932698.3 encodes the two latitudes for the Dodecahedron where the vertices touch the surface (each hemisphere) of the circumscribing sphere. Dodecahedron A = (41341.70223 N or S) = 52(deg) * 37(min) * 21.48737122(sec) while Dodecahedron B = (21236.00749 N or S) = 10(deg) * 48(min) * 44.24168227(sec) (41341.70223) * (21236.00749) = 877932698.3 If you will recall the ASM encoding for the astrological ASCENDANT at 11:11 UT on 21 December 2012, which is the time of solstice .. 162860.1632 W. Alnitak = 97(deg) * 43(min) * 39.0458315(sec) If you multiply by the Pi constant .. (162860.1632 * 3.141592654) = 511640.2922

511640.2922 = (Fire-the-Grid Sun 93.51272738) * (Predicted Nibiru perihelion spot 5471.343917) .. = (Procyon 3.270127141) * 156458.8379
And what would 156458.8379 be?

It is the encoding for the longitude of the face (literally under the nose) of the CrazyHorse Monument in the Black Hills of South Dakota, which I decoded thanks to the on-site data GPSunit readings taken by Miranda (Paula Zicafoose) on the first weekend of June 2007. This is where 156458.8379 W. Giza = 134(deg) * 45(min) * 25.94673928(sec) 156458.8379 = (238.3004375 * 656.56127) .. the multiplied-product of the center Grid Point value for the Great Pyramid of Giza and the center Grid Point value for the Face One at Cydonia on Mars .. two huge icons in the ASM, to say the very least. The latitude at this spot is encoded as 25920 N. = 43(deg) * 50(min) * 12.05581395(sec) Of course 25920 is the symbolic figure for the Earth precession cycle in years. Grid Point value for CrazyHorse Monument = (156458.8379 / 25920) = 6.036220696 .. a decimal-fractal of the 603.6220596 Sun at solstice-moment on 21 December 2012. Also .. 6.036220596 = (93.51272738 / 15.49193338), where 15.49193338 is the Azimuth in arcdegrees of the Avenue at Teotihuacan, Mexico {Munck}.

The Norway Spiral

The most accurate timing I could find for the beginning of this event was 6:50 UT. The Astrolog 5.40 raw data for the sky-location of the Sun at this time on 09 December 2009, as seen from the center of Earth (geocentric perspective, as always) .. is encoded as 204656.1169 E. Alnitak / 360 ecliptic) = 568.4892135, where 204656.1169 E. Alnitak = 172(deg) * 29(min) * 41.02969465(sec) And now I ask the reader to return to where I discuss the 22 July 2009 Circumscribed Tetrahedron crop formation. And I also refer back to the link to the 14 June 2009 ThunderBird crop formation. Grid Point value at center of Circumscribed Tetrahedron crop formation = 1.126605188 Grid Point value at center of ThunderBird crop formation = 1.073519415 (ORION Belt-stars Composite 7.957747155) * 1.126605188 * 1.073519415 * (Norway Spiral Sun location 568.4892135) = (predicted) 5471.343917 Nibiru perihelion spot And with regard to the center latitude encoding for the ThunderBird crop formation .. 59891.43231 N. = 51(deg) * 29(min) * 40.49454517(sec) .. .. = 1.126605188 * 568.4892135 * 93.51272738

Some additional crop formation articles ..