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Logro Propuesto: Logro Propuesto: Los estudiantes de nivel básico estarán en capacidad de crear producciones orales y escritas teniendo los conceptos adquiridos durante el periodo y lo transmitirán en forma coherente.

Topics: First conditional Passive voice Vocabulary Además, desarrollara las siguientes actividades: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Revisar los temas vistos en clase. Estudiar el vocabulario de las unidades vistas en el del student`s book. Desarrollar el taller. Anexo. Preguntarle al profesor sobre las dudas que encuentres en el taller. Con el docente revisarás el taller para aclarar dudas.

Todos tus sueños pueden hacerse realidad si tienes el coraje de perseguirlos. –Walt Disney

NAME---------------------------------- GRADE------------------------- DATE-------------

Complete the sentences using first conditional. 1. If you (send) the letter today, it'll arrive tomorrow. the exam. at home. sunny, we'll go to the beach. closed, we'll go to another one. , we'll go to the park. late, his father will be upset. a bonus. two. me, I won't answer the phone.

2. If you don't study, you (pass) 3. If it rains, we (stay) 4. If it (be) 5. If that shop (be) 6. If you (want) 7. If Adam (arrive) 8. If you work hard, you (get) 9. If it isn't expensive, I (buy) 10. If you (call)

Fill the gaps using first conditional. 1 2 3 4 5 If Clare ___________________ late again, the hockey trainer will be furious. (to arrive) You'll be sorry if you ___________________ for your exams. (to revise) We ___________________ if the weather's good. (to go) They ___________________ you if you wear a wig and dark glasses. (to recognise) If the bus ___________________ on time, I won't miss the football. (to be)

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If you ___________________ your homework now, you'll be free all tomorrow. (to do) We___________________ out if there's no food at home. (to eat) You'll find life much easier if you ___________________ more often. (to smile) If it's hot, we___________________ for a swim. (to go) You'll do it better if you ___________________ more time over it. (to take) If she ___________________ practising, she'll get better. (to keep) Mum will be very sad if Jim ___________________ Mother's Day again. (to forget) I___________________ so happy if I pass the exam. (to be) You'll be really tired tomorrow if you ___________________ to bed soon. (to go) The government ___________________ the next election if they continue to ignore public opinion. (to lose) If Valencia FC win the Spanish football league, I___________________ my hair blue. (to dye) If someone ___________________ you a bike, you can come with us. (to lend)

Write the next sentences in passive voice. 1. They arrested her last week. 2. John wrote a letter. 3. They invited ten friends to the party. 4. They have just built a new house. . 5. The police caught the thieves yesterday..

6. The maid will clean all the house for tomorrow.

7. My brother hit me.

8. They removed two cars from the street..

9. They have just cleaned the room..

10. We will build a new house.

Fill the gaps with either do or make in the correct form. 1 2 3 The house was a disaster. They ________________ a terrible mess. Have you ________________ all the arrangements yet? Vincent: English football fans came to Valencia last weekend. Maria: Did they ________________ any damage? 4 5 6 7 Listen. I made lunch so you can ________________ the washing up. It's only fair. What he did was terrible. He didn't even ________________ an apology. They're ________________ plans for their wedding. Bob: Richie and I have had a fight. Julio: Not again! You should ________________ amends once and for all. 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Who's going to ________________ dinner? You or me? Be careful that you ________________ the right decision. He's ________________ an appointment to see the dentist on Thursday. Would you ________________ me a favour and feed the cat while I'm away. We normally ________________ the shopping on Saturday mornings. Before you go out, you have to ________________ your homework, OK? This cake is delicious. Did you really ________________ it? I always ________________ my bed before breakfast. Everyone ________________ a big effort to help yesterday. The doctor told me I have to ________________ exercise regularly.

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She ________________ crossword puzzles on the train everyday. Stop ________________ a fuss. I'm perfectly alright. I ________________ a really terrible mistake in my driving test