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Thanks to the kind heartedness and generosity of Alison & Chris Bell for opening their home to host

a reception for Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa so he could meet with Democrat supporters to provide them with his vision of how to bring Texas back into the Democrats column of states with a majority of Democratic Party office holders from the Court House to the State House. As the Chair laid out the goals of the state party to those in attendance you could have heard a pin drop as the crowd eagerly awaited each word spoken. Hinojosa presented recent vote records along with population statistics to illustrate his convincing message. He convinced those there that with hard work and financial support Texas will become a Democratic state once again and possibly not so far off in the distant future.

History making Gilberto Hinojosa the first Hispanic Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party (TDP) with Reception Host Houston's popular Chris Bell (background). While Texas Democrats are embracing Hispanic involvement in party politics as well as in all phases of Texas Government, their Republican counterpart is doing much of the opposite. Republican Legislators along with Republican Governor Rick Perry produced legislation to stymie Hispanics. From their Redistricting efforts to prevent Hispanics from electing their representatives of like nationality. Making a Photo I. D. a requirement to be allowed to vote. Both of which recently this past week Federal Court's denied the Republicans their use claiming discriminatory reasons. Gilberto makes several good points to the Bell's packed house. One point was the fact that if Democrats could have produced just 50,000 more votes statewide in the most recent General election they would have won all their statewide races. He went on to say one way to archive those 50,000 votes is getting only 10% more first time Hispanic voters across the state to go vote in the next election and to encourage them to vote straight Democrat. Chairman Hinojosa a former Cameron County Judge has been crisscrossing the state to mobilize voters for President Obama and Democratic Party candidates. He's spent very little time at home with his family or applying his trade as an attorney. Folks if you want to really help please visit the following web site and click on the CONTRIBUTE link... any size donation is accepted and it'll help President Obama along with all the other Texas Democratic Party candidates.

On the far right here is newly elected Harris County Democratic Party (HCDP) Chair my friend Lane Lewis. To his immediate left in the middle is Steve Roberts Jr. the Superintendent of Northwest Preparatory Academy Charter School. On the left is HCDP's Zach Brigham Finance Director of Harris County Democratic Party. Zach and I have been recently working together at the party headquarters on getting area Democrats to turn out to the Annual Johnson Rayburn Richards Dinner. SEE THIS LINK FOR DETAILS / Young Zach from Austin reminds me of myself back in my youth when in 1968 I had attended my first Democratic Party State Convention. Those of us who was at the State Convention in 1968 can think back and marvel now because back then there wasn't laptops, cell phones, tablets, power point presentations, wireless microphones, digital cameras, camcorders and much more. To take a indoor photo I had to load a new flash bulb before every indoor shot.

On the left is Senate District 6 and State Party Rules Chairwoman my beautiful young counterpart Rose Silas. Rose also served as Rules Chair for former Chair Boyd Richie. I'm honored and proud to serve with Rose, she's bright, very talented and will be a tremendous asset in helping Democrats turn Texas Blue. Never let it be said a female or for that matter a Hispanic can't get the job done. Deputy Executive Director Jacob Limon on the right was recently appointed by Chair Hinojosa. He works out of the new State Party Headquarters located inside the IBEW Union Hall in Austin. My good friend Jacob (an attorney) is doing a excellent job.

Bill Brannon Present at the Reception but not in the photo is Executive Director Bill Brannon. Chairman Hinojosa has two very good assets by his side in Director Brannon and Deputy Director Limon.

More beauty! Democratic Party candidates Ann Harris Bennett (left) and Diane Trautman. My very good friends, Ann & Diane will make us proud as Democrats to have them wave the Party's banner. Ann Harris Bennett Ann our Democratic Party's candidate will bring integrity, accountability and transparency as the Tax Assessor Collector & Voter Registrar of Harris County if we can once again turn Harris County blue as we did in 2008. My hope this election is for Ann to be able to bring a wave of Independents and soft R votes for all of our other ballot positions by benefiting from the many embarrassing examples made public of the irresponsibility in the office now. One of two most recent national news stories was Harris County not being able to accurately count and tabulate vote results before publicly posting them whereby a obvious projected winner was later declared a loser by a handful of votes. The second and most recent *news came last week when thousands of Harris County voters were sent letters indicating they were no longer alive. *FOR THE FULL STORY CLICK THIS LINK ( HERE )

With Ann as our Tax Assessor Collector/Voter Registrar, all Harris County residents will receive the efficiency and integrity they deserve. Diane Trautman Diane another Democrat on this year's ballot for a At-Large Board Member seat on the Harris County Department of Education says why this race important. The Harris County Department of Education provides much needed support services to 26 area school districts at a reduced cost saving money for our schools and our taxpayers. As a lifelong educator, Diane will protect these vital HCDE services that her opponent has vowed to destroy. Diane wants to rescue public education in Harris County from those who would like to see it fail by starving our schools of these low cost programs that provide our children with a future. Diane pledges to take the politics out of the Harris County Department of Education and put our children first and to concentrate on delivering effective and efficient programs and services to our schools and our community. As a Board Member she says she'll worked to increase community outreach about the HCDE and to show what a bargain it is for our schools, our communities, and our taxpayers. Finally Diane says she'll maintain the highest ethical standards and represent all taxpayers best interests by making fiscally sound decisions.

Plus more beauty! Left to right my friends Lillie Schechter, Amber Mostyn and Diane Trautman. None of these ladies needs an introduction and they can always be found working for our Democratic Party. Lillie Schechter Lillie who's no-newcomer has came on the political scene in the past couple year's as a Do-it-all kind of a gal with her highly successful political business which offers candidates a ONE STOP SHOP. If Lillie doesn't or can't do it herself she's the person who can find the one who can. I've enjoyed working closely with my good friend in bringing her candidate clients across the finish line on top. Lillie and Amber came to the Reception and encouraged everyone to come to the Annual Johnson Rayburn Richards Dinner on September 22nd. This year's Guest Speaker will be Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Following the guest speaker and dinner will be a dance a first for the HCDP at their JRR.

Amber Mostyn

Amber is the wife and fiery spark for our outstanding loyal supporter Steve Mostyn. Their highly successful law firm has been a blessing to literally millions of Texans either from the results of the political contributions to the Democratic Party or by litigation cases they successfully won to bring relief to victims of tragedies. To see a few of Amber and Steve's worthy community contributions be sure to visit the GIVING BACK LINK ON THIS WEB SITE LINK: Diane Mosier Diane is my special good friend and can always be found anywhere there's a fight to be fought in the name of justice and fairness. Diane is a dedicated Democrat; a founding Member of Greater Heights Democratic Club. Diane and husband Bruce Mosier helped in building Donovan Park which was done in 5 days and is a safe haven for neighborhood children. Currently serving as president of the Rivers Oaks Area Democratic Women's Club. She's presently engaged in a couple worthy issues one being the Rivers Oaks Area Democratic Women's fund raiser. I encourage folks (men too) to come out on Saturday, October 13th to the ROADwomen's Fork In The Road Fundraiser event time and location can be found on their web site. Diane's work with the War On Women movement as one of Houston's Outreach Directors has shown to be a positive influence on many women issues. Especially this year after women has had Republican's try to take back all their gains and treat them as 2nd class citizens. Diane had my union shop prepare some magnetic bumper stickers for her with the message: WOMEN WILL REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER.

Left to right looking on is Karen Wheaton and Kevin Hoffman. Karen Wheaton Karen Wheaton the newly elected State Democratic Executive Committeewoman (SDEC) representing Senate District 7. Karen's beautiful face & smile can most always be found at the HCDP's headquarters volunteering her time to help with anything needing done. WHAT IS THE SDEC The mission of the State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) is to carry on the activities of the Party between State Conventions in compliance with the law and with the directives of the Convention. The SDEC is composed of elected TDP officers, one female and one male representative from each of Texas 31 Senate Districts (SDs), one female and one male representative from the Asian

American Democrats, Coalition of Black Democrats, County Chairs Association, Democrats with Disabilities, Hispanic Caucus, Non-Urban/Ag Caucus, Stonewall Democrats, Texas Democratic Women (two female representatives), Texas Environmental Democrats and Texas Young Democrats. Democratic National Committee members also attend SDEC meetings. TO SEE THE ENTIRE TEXAS DEMOCRATIC EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE VISIT THIS LINK: Kevin Hoffman My good friend Kevin is one of our most dependable Democrats in the county. Whenever called upon you can depend on him to volunteer if he possibly can. Over the course of the year's we've worked together on many political adventures. I was proud to support Kevin this year in his election to be one of our Senate District 6 National Delegates. Kevin is Secretary-Treasurer of the Houston Area Stonewall Democrats and active in most all of the GLBT events in Harris County.

Onlookers listening to Chairman Hinojosa. Up front Houston City Councilman Mike Laster and to his right is newly elected Farrukh Shamsi, Vice Chair for Finance for the TDP. To the left was a nice size delegation from neighboring Fort Bend County including the Party Chairman Steve Brown. ( **see below ) Mike Laster Mike's been a active participant in the Houston communities for many years and is a successful real estate attorney. Laster became Houston's first "out gay" man on the city council. He was endorsed by the Victory Fund and Houston's GLBT Political Caucus and first elected this past November to Houston's District J FOR MIKE'S BIO VISIT THIS LINK:

Farrukh Shamsi, Vice Chair for Finance for the TDP.

Farrukh of Houston graduated from the University of Houston with an MBA in marketing and management. He also holds a Bachelor of Science from Houston Baptist University in biology and chemistry. He has grown in the ranks of the Democratic Party from precinct chair to State Democratic Executive Committee member for three terms and was elected Vice Chair for Finance at the 2012 State Convention and appointed to the 2012 DNC Platform Committee. His new main, assigned task is fundraising. He feels that reaching out to the Partys traditional base is important and this along with a new and innovative outreach to other communities who lean Democratic will help keep the Party in a solid financial position. Farrukh is married with four children ranging from elementary school through college. He currently heads a healthcare system that focuses primarily on outpatient substance abuse treatment. I hope my friend Farrukh will someday jump into the political arena and a active member of the Asian American Democrats I'm sure he'd have their full support.

**Also present from Fort Bend was my friend Don Bankston. (below)

Don and I have teamed up on several party issues and there's nothing shy about this good natured Democrat. Don will man-up to anyone and speak his peace. Don also is a successful Criminal Defense Attorney with over 35 years experience. Don has been representing Senate District 18 on the SDEC. His lovely wife Susan Bankston was recently elected at this past State Convention as a "add on" member to the SDEC for the Democrats with Disabilities caucus. TO VISIT DON'S LAW PRACTICE WEB SITE CLICK THIS LINK:

Susan keeps me entertained just reading her professional political organization's Internet page... she make's it a point to let you know it isn't a blog. It's name is The World's Most Dangerous Beauty Salon. YOU MUST VISIT IT AT THIS LINK:

My friend Phillip McNutt SDEC member from Senate District 4. Friends if you ever think you have a political chore to big or difficult to accomplish then this is the guy who can "getter done". Phillip is President of the Houston Area Stonewall Democrats and is self employed.

Ann Harris Bennett on the left & Andrea "Andie" Gardner in blue. After the Reception's formal business was taken care then most attendees broke out into their socializing groups discussing whatever they pleased. No, these gals wasn't laughing at Chairman Hinojosa talk, and to be honest I didn't dare want to ask what was so funny because knowing these two good friends of mine like I do I didn't want to hear why Andie is a member of the I.L.A. Steamship Clerks and Checkers, Local 1351 Program Organizer and serves on the Political Interest Committee. She's a Outreach Director with the Houston's War On Women movement. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ANDIE's LOCAL UNION CLICK THIS LINK:

Report & photos by Allan R. Jamail

Senatorial District 6 Texas State Democratic Executive Committeeman (SDEC) 2012 - RULES, COMMUNICATIONS & RESOLUTIONS 51 year proud member of the AFL-CIO. I want to thank all the my good friends that's called or emailed me with their best wishes and support over the past 2 days... AJ

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