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Ho Chi Minh City Urban MRT Line 2 Investment Program
Samantha Hung Senior Social Development Specialist (Gender and Development) Asian Development Bank


Strategic Context
• • • • • • • Congestion – economic social impacts Public Transport Master Plan Target 46% HCMC public transport by 2020, currently <5% Government focus on urban transport; one of several integrated transport modes New agency – Management Authority for Urban Railways Climate change considerations Multiple donors – big $

HCMC MRT2 - Multi-tranche Financing
Framework (MFF) - 2 Tranches
Extension in Future
Đềpo Tham Lương

End of Line 2
Tham Lương

Interchange with Line 6 at Ba Queo

Pham Van Bach

Ba Queo
Nguyễn Hồng Đào

Bay Hien
Phạm Văn Hai Lê Thị Riêng


1 &4
Dan Chu

Interchange with Line 5 at Bay Hien

BÕn Thµnh Tao Dµn

Extension in Futuire
Interchange with Line 1 and 4 at Ben Thanh


Interchange Line 3 at Tao Đan

Beginning of Line 2

Project Implementation Period
2011:  Tendering to select consultants  Initial clearance, compensation and resettlement for MRT Line 2 2012:  Hold tendering for the packages of the project  Continue to finalize clearance, compensation & resettlement 2013 – 2015: Construction 2016: Commissioning & operation

Why Gender & Urban Rail
• Increased returns with higher usage uptake • Better responds to demand for all users • Optimizes system and physical design features – quality service with personal space and safety features for women, not just infrastructure • Increases access to social services & employment • Mitigates potential negative impacts e.g. human trafficking, HIV/AIDS, VAW, lost livelihoods • Draws attention to other marginalized groups

Gender design features include:
• Gender-specific physical design features and genderspecific planning of the transport infrastructure system

– Accessibility – Safety – Convenience – Affordability
• Gender-specific employment targets & labor standards

Gender design features include:
• Promotion of women’s livelihood opportunities • Gender capacity development for MAUR, targets for female staff in training, gender reference in all consultant TORs • MAUR to recruit a full-time gender specialist

HCMC MRT Line 2 Investment Program Gender Action Plan: 2011-2017
Output Tranche 1: Output 1: Depot site work & office facilities Output 2: Capacity Building Program Output 3: Social & Gender Mainstreaming Program Output 4: Integrated sustainable urban transport Key Activities & Targets Physical design features e.g. separate toilets - 20% civil works jobs for women; gendered core labor codes in contract - GAP implementation training; project Social/Gender Specialist - All female staff trained; gender-related content in training materials -Commissioning design of specific program of ancillary support to address social and gender issues associated with new MRT2. - Marketing campaign to specifically target women as clients. - Gender-responsive design requirement in TORs e.g. street lighting around MRT station access and pick-up/drop-off points, schedules and ticketing options to suit multiples short trips/intermodal transport usage.

HCMC MRT Line 2 Investment Program Gender Action Plan: 2011-2017
Output Tranche 2: Output 1: Construction of MRT2 main line & depot facilities Key Activities & Targets - Station design features e.g. women’s waiting spaces, separate toilets, shop spaces for female-owned businesses, child friendly access - 20% civil works jobs for women, gender core labor codes in contracts -Gender-responsive HIV/AIDS and human trafficking awareness - 100% FHHs access compensation and livelihood restoration support -30% jobs for women e.g. M&O, ticketing, station attendee staff - Rolling stock design e.g. women’s only carriages, child seating, additional storage space e.g. for prams/shopping

Output 2: MRT2 E&M systems, rolling stock & metro services installed

Enabling factors & lessons learned
• Strong management message • Engage early, but is never too late • Receptive Mission Leader • Invest in government dialogue on main agenda • Use national gender legal and policy frameworks • Think outside the box to innovate • Understand project technicalities & limitations • Be practical & prepared to do the leg work

• Need to build gender expertise in MAUR project team • Gender Specialist Consultant recruitment is ongoing • Limited gender awareness of stakeholders • More focus on public awareness and communication • Management and oversight of contractors for labor standards and gender targets

Implement, Monitor & Report on GAP!

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