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The Caterpillar Pilot Valve is utilized for remote control of directional valves, cylinders, pumps or motors. The pilot valve is a pressure-reducing valve that is placed directly under the input handle, pedal, or treadle. The Cat PV Series achieves both quick response and low effort capabilities through a number of proprietary design, tooling, and manufacturing techniques. Thus the Cat PV Series can be actuated with low efforts while being strong enough to withstand hundreds of pounds of external force. Additionally, the Cat PV Series provides exceptional versatility through mounting options and modulation flexibility. Additional features include cartridge serviceability and special design features which lower the potential of contamination. The Caterpillar PV was designed with high quality and reliability thus ideal for applications working within rugged environments.

Displacement Feedback: Visual check and set modes for the operator Feel & Detent Current: 0.8 amps at 24 VDC (12 VDC version available) Feel & Detent Heat: 12 C higher then ambient Ambient Temperature: -40 C to 50 C Accuracy: 7% before calibration Response: 25 Hz minimum Hysteresis: 2.5 +/- 1.5% of full signal Connectors: Deutsch type Electrical: Adhere to EC1 specifications
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Dust Boot
Cold & Dirt Proof (less contamination)

Warning Bumper
Sharp Feel Compact Adjustable

High Load Capacity U-Joint Cartridge

Serviceability High Flow Capability Unique Metering (low noise) Fewer Threads Preset without Shims (less contamination) Increased Durability Longer Life

Low-Heat Detent Coils

Available on Each Direction of Each Function

Secondary Control Ports Connection (SAE No 4) Aluminum Bodies

Lightweight Compact Flexible Configuration Rolled Threads (less contamination) Pressure Pickup Line Routing Flexibility

Increased Stability on Gravity-Assisted Functions Optional

Supply Screen
Optional Contamination Blocker

Primary Control Port Connection (SAE No 6)

Control Pressure Range Flow Control Max Metering Characteristics Pilot Valve Standard Cartridges Additional Features Patented Features Controllers Handles

1-31 bar (14.5-450 psi) 15 liter/min (4 GPM) Both step up and straight line 26 Available Various Detent Possibilities High Load Feel Bumper and Fail Safe Lock Available in single or double axis Profit and Modular Handles Electrically Functionality: No switch, Momentary pushbutton, and 3 position rocker switch

OEM Solutions Group

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