THOUGHTS FOR YOUR SUMMER: As you are getting ready to prepare for the fall season and get your arms into shape remember why you are doing this. Remember you have to “Accept the Risk of Leadership.” What exactly does this mean? This means that along with your running and lifting programs that you will be doing this summer you must find time or make time for your arms and your mechanics. Remember everyday you are either going to get better or get worse none of you are going to stay the same. When your buddies are out at the lake or going golfing you are going to have to say “no” you are going to have to miss out on some things because you are “Accepting the Risk of Leadership.” Leadership is not a sometimes thing it is an all the time thing, and part of this position is preparing yourself for your teammates. In this offense you are going to receive 95% of the recognition or 95% of the blame depending upon how you play and how you prepare. Yes you can enjoy your summer and have fun but you better make sure that your workout’s all of them are done, because if not is will show up this fall. Also if you don’t have a receiver to throw to, you can still perform these workouts with out a receiver, I know I went through them first hand without one at times. You simply will throw the ball to an area and run after it and get it and do it again. I think we have a tremendous amount of talent at this position and I want to make sure you maximize your potential of success by working on these things this summer. Good Luck and if you have any questions about anything in here please call me.


DAILY WARM-UP DRILLS 1. Harlem Globetrotters. Purpose: Warm-up hands, eye hand coordination A. Slap the ball B. Pass it back-n-forth in fingertips C. Circle Right and left leg D. Figure 8 E. Cork Screw= circle legs, waist and head
2. Warm-up Throwing. Purpose: Focus on improving accuracy and

passing mechanics. (10 THROWS EACH) Throwing Mechanics to focus on: • Feet, Front foot at Point of Reception • Back foot walking through as you follow through • Football loaded at back pectoral muscle • Non-throwing shoulder at point of reception • Follow through every-time to opposite groin Right Knee: 10 yards apart. Focus on upper body rotation, getting non-throwing shoulder and foot at point of reception Left Knee: 10 yards apart. Throwing with the wrong knee forward sets the table for throwing on the run. Focus on nonthrowing shoulder at target. Both Knees: Focus is on entire upper platform. Rotate upper body get that non-throwing shoulder at target. Follow through should end up in opposite groin. Sitting: Focus here is on arm strength. Sit on your butt with feet spread out to the side, still focusing on non-throwing shoulder and arm strength Both Feet together: Focus on getting up on tip toes and high release. This is effective for throwing our screen package Left Foot Forward: Left foot is about a yard out in front of body. This is emphasizes the use of hips and upper platform. Rotate hips and upper body getting non-throwing shoulder at your target. Right Foot Forward: Same thing here but this focus’s primarily on the upper platform and upper body rotation.

B. C. D. E. F. G.


I. Wrong Shoulder: Wrong shoulder is at target. Complete upper body rotation. Rotating body all the way around to get nonthrowing shoulder at your target. J. Bounce, Chop and Throw: Wrong shoulder is the way you start. But now we will bounce and chop our feet in place and then deliver the football to our target. K. Back and Forth: Throwing on the run is the focus. You and your partner are going to run back and forth at each other throwing the ball. Focus on short choppy step’s as you are about to throw the football. Also we still have to rotate upper platform and get non-throwing shoulder at target. L. Circle Drill: Make a circle with a partner about 8-12 yards apart and work on throwing on the run as you move around the circle. Focus on opening hips. In order to open hips you must point your belly button towards the point of reception. Right handed quarterbacks’ when throwing left you MUST get that nonthrowing shoulder at the target.

POCKET PASSING DRILLS 1. 30’S, Quick Game: Mechanics: Always work from shotgun. Slant, Hitch, Fade (5 of each, to the Right and Left) 1. Slants: Ball is thrown on a line below the chin at the up field shoulder. 2. Hitch: Thrown to the outside shoulder below the chin. 3. Fades: Thrown on a rope, not a rainbow. B. Throwing Left: Left foot slightly forward, as we catch the ball we are going to step behind the left foot with our right. Imagine a clock directly behind you 12 is directly behind you and 11 is to your right and 1 is to your left. Well we are going to take that right foot and step to 1. Then we will chop our feet quickly in place, then step and deliver the ball as the WR breaks. The chopping is a timing mechanism.

C. Throwing Right: Now we will take a step with our right foot to 11 o’clock and bring the left foot with it pointing at the point of reception. Here we will also chop our feet for timing purposes. 2.90’s, 5 step game, deeper routes, this is a true 3-step drop in shotgun D. In our 5 step game this year, no matter whether we are throwing left or right, we are going to take a true 3-step drop and gather straight up into the pocket. On the receiving the snap, we will take our right foot and step directly to 12 then a short cross over in front with the left and then anchor on the third step with your right. Then as we read the defense we will gather forward one or two shuffle steps back towards the line of scrimmage (LOS) E. Routes in the 90’s package: (5 EACH ROUTE, EACH WAY) 1. Corner Route: This is a 15-18 yard throw that should be thrown on the receiver’s break between the safety and the corner 2. Outside Vertical: This is not a fade route, there should be very little air under the ball, this ball should be thrown at 1525 yards on a line. 3. Inside Vertical/Seam Choice: This is similar to a post by the inside receiver. The inside receiver will push vertical for 1012 yards then break in between the LB and Safeties. This ball is on a line over the LB thrown in the window. 4. Curl: The receiver will push up 12-15 yards and work back towards you. You need to imagine reading an outside defender. • Note: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A RECEIVER TO THROW TO, YOU STILL NEED TO THROW THESE TYPES OF BALLS, JUST IMAGINE A RECEIVER BEING IN THESE AREAS.


1. Feet together 30 secs. a. Side to Side: Quick movements over a line b. Front to back, Back to Front 2. Skiing: Quick feet simulating as if you were skiing 3. Quarter turns: Feet shoulder width apart, chop feet in place and keep eyes on person who will point left or right, you pop your hips in that direction and then return hips and feet back to the beginning still chopping feet. 4. Pocket Prescence: Take a true 3-step drop out of shotgun, when you hit your third step shuffle up in the pocket and someone should move you in the pocket pointing left or right. Remember to always move your back foot first when moving in the pocket. 5. 30’s Drop backs: Work on going through the Quick game drop backs with out a throw, Be disciplined with your feet, no extra steps. 6. 90’s Drop backs: Take a true 3 step drop and then shuffle and gather up in the pocket towards the line of scrimmage.

Lion and Gazelle Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows that it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows that it must out run the slowest gazelle or it will starve. It does not matter whether you are a lion or gazelle. When the sun comes up you had better be running.

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