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MPF P - Positive feeder

Application This device comes with the tried-and-tested, self-cleaning vibrating yarn tensioner, which reliably prevents machine stoppages. Fast threading saves time. The colour-change LED stop light is an integral part of the feeder body and is clearly visible from any operator position. The enclosed feeder body prevents contamination, contactless stop motion system for yarn breakage Main features

Self-cleaning vibrating yarn tensioner prevents machine stoppages Rapid threading thanks to open eyelets Interchangeable yarn feed wheel Integrated anti-filamentation unit on yarn outlet

Technical data: Power supply 12/24 V AC/DC, 50 - 60 Hz Max. current consumption with stop motion 60 mA Number of windings 20 Yarn tension range 1,0 cN to 20 cN Yarn gauge range staple yarn: Nm 6 to Nm 200 filament: 8 dtex to 2000 dtex elastomers: spun, wound


Knot catcher Available in sizes 0.2; 0.4; 0.5; 0.6; 0.8; 1.0 and 1.2 mm

Adjustable knot catcher Available in sizes 0.4; 0.5; 0.6; 0.8; 1.0 und 1.2 mm

Tube holder

For tube diameters 10.0 mm Adapter For tube diameters 8.0 and 13.0 mm

Top yarn guide For open yarn guide

Barrel tensioner

Tension ring

Two magnetic tension ring versions for different yarn infeed tensions

Black tension rings: high tension force Red tension rings: low tension force

Contact cable 2-core contact cable for electrical connection of MPF P

PULSONIC 5.2 - Pressure oiler

Application The PULSONIC 5.2 ensures the accurate dosage of even tiny quantities of oil per pulse with optimum oil distribution to the required locations of the machine. Individual adjustment of the oil supply to all lubricating points is simple. There is a significant reduction in oil consumption. Setting is carried out using pushbuttons and shown on a clear display. Main features

Even oil distribution over entire circumference of cylinder - no streaking due to excess oil Individually programmable lubrication of all needles etc. Low oil consumption due to precise supply of oil to lubricating points



Straight / angled nozzles

Spray nozzles

Needle head lubrication Needle head lubrication is designed to lubricate needle heads and latches.

Flush/Wash The flush/wash function permits washing of the knitting elements with oil. Any dirt is washed off and cannot contaminate the knitted fabric. Only in connection with machine control. Automatic tank filling The PULSONIC 5.2 is filled with oil via the central oil supply.

Machine cycle sensor Equipping and retrofitting Please fill in the PULSONIC 5.2 questionnaire for equipping and retrofitting of the machine. Send in to MEMMINGER-IRO, and we will then immediately submit a complete offer.

Uniwave( lubricating system)

Uniwave is a brand of MEMMINGER-IRO. We build and sell accessories to improve the performance of circular knitting machines. Our customers are knitting mills and knitting machine builders (OEM's) worldwide. Why Uniwave?

Only Uniwave lubricators have patented Anti-Fog Nozzles. They keep the oil on the machine and out of the air. You meet all environmental standards and save oil too when you use Uniwave nozzles. Uniwave nozzles reduce air use. Competitive lubricators can use more than twice the air and cost you money. Uniwave lubricators are very efficient. In fact, much more air (about 5 times!) is used by a machine's uncontrolled blowing system than it's lubricator. But we have a solution to that too. Please see our page on blower savings with our air sequencer (distributor).

Uniwave lubricators meet stringent standards for uniform distribution of oil between nozzles. This insures that the machine is lubricated properly. Competitive lubricators often put most of their oil out of one or two nozzles, over lubricating some areas and starving others. This will cause sinker, needle and cam wear. Uniwave Mist lubricators usually include an air preparation package...a filter, regulator and gauge to control compressed air for the blowing nozzles. With other types of lubricators this is a hidden, extra cost. Only Uniwave lubricators are supported by Uniwave's network of agents. Uniwave offers quick delivery of spare parts. Payment may be made via credit cards. Plus our technical help, via phone, fax or the internet is second to none.