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Monday 29t h March 2010 On March 20 th families and friends of victims of vCJD gathered in Central London to remember their loved ones and continue the fight for justice. The ceremony on the embankment was attended by people from across the UK and abroad including families from Japan. Here is a photo of myself, Tommy and Rose, as you can see from our faces we remain devastated and totally heartbroken. (Photo with thanks to Press Association) Tommy Goodwin lost his son Grant to vCJD on 16 th January 2009 aged 30, Grant from Glasgow is the first recognised victim from a different genotype MV ( 51percent of the UK population are MV this means hundreds more people will die from this gene type) Despite world experts declaring their sons diagnosis vCJD(MV) Tommy Goodwin and his wife have been told by the CJD Surveillance Unit and the Department of Health that Grant will Never ever appear on any official statistics. Rose Smith lost her son Billy aged 21 to vCJD on 13 th January 2010, Billys death certificate states CJD the word variant is missing, despite Billy having a tonsil biopsy which proves he died of vCJD. The Government are re writing statistics, facts and evidence in order to escape the unacceptable reality and protect those responsible, they are spinning the truth.. We are still not being told how many have and are dying of vCJD. I like to thank the continuing support of all families, friends, neighbours and colleagues of victims who despite their grief talked to the media and press. A culture of secrecy killed our loved ones and its important that we as families remain visible, verbal and continue to campaign. Otherwise those Ministers and Officials I named and shamed at the ceremony and listed on this website, will continue to escape accountability and responsibility for killing our loved ones. ALL OF THEM NAMED SHOULD BE JAILED.


CAN YOU HELP? Below are just some of the symptoms suffered by victims of vCJD which includes a brief personal account of how they affected Andrew. If you have comments, information or wish to add your support to the campaign please contact me via the website.
Some of the symptoms of vCJD memory and concentration difficulties; difficulty with gross, fine and skilled movement: balance is particularly affected, and there may be involuntary, jerky movements (known as myoclonus); communication problems: unclear speech, word finding, reading and writing difficulties; visual problems: misidentification of common objects and/or people, hallucinations, and cortical blindness; eating and/or swallowing difficulties; possible seiz ures throughout illness numbness pain in limbs heat sensitive/sensitive to touch /being held cannot control saliva...this is very distressing to young men and women in their teens who are image conscious personality/behavioural change /co- ordination communication problems affecting speech comprehension memory and concentration difficulties visual problems, which may include perceptual difficulties/misidentification weight loss as metabolism is speeded up rigidity and tremor anger /fear why is this happening to me? visuoperceptual problems including misidentification of objects and/or people, blurred and double vision

unable to smile, show fear or pain. quadriplegic unable to move any part of the body this is a slow process starting with limbs firstover weeks every part of the body becomes disabled, slowly and painfully. Until even blinking is impossible unable to recogniz e family members or familiar situations deaf blind even when tube fed the body becomes unable to process food/nutrients as the brain does not know what to do with vitamins. unable to remember anything a second or minute before all memories past present wiped out unable to talk cuddles and hugs can be a problem as pain from limbs and touch sensitivity can cause fear and pain anxiety/panic attacks/feelings of dread fear light bulb moments/awareness even at dying stage as young brain tries to repair itself whats happening to me? why cant I move see who are you? I am trying so hard to sit up to walk .why cant my body move? majority of victims are young their bodies strong and though the brain may be severely damaged major organs are not so will continue to keep the body alive and functioning. death and the terminal stages takes many days as heart, lungs the strong body of a young man or woman in their late teens early twenties refuses to give up. Andrews last days......and symptoms The symptoms that victims dying of vCJD have to suffer are so many and so horrific they would run into pages. The LIST provided by the National Prion Units factsheet is a watered down version of the reality. Andrew had all the symptoms listed and a thousand more during his last painful months. A Palliative care nurse who spent just a few weeks with Andrew told me I have never seen so many symptoms of all the terminal diseases I have nursed in one patient and in one so young, in fact Andrew has more symptoms than I have ever seen in one person. During my sons last days each second of the day would bring another horror another disablement another part of his life extinguished

as his brain and life was systematically destroyed. Unlike other terminal illnesses there is no respite like watching TV, chatting with friends or looking through photo albums of memories, no chance of the victim enjoying a holiday, meals out or friends company. Because those memories whilst being formed are almost immediately snuffed out by the relentlessness the progression of vCJD. Comprehension, anxiety, pain and the fact there is no treatment for vCJD apart from tranquiliz ers and anti seiz ure medication; Means the person dying of vCJD has to suffer a continuous onslaught of pain, fear and terror. I asked Andrews Consultant what I could do to ease my sons plight he told me all you can do is love him. Andrew use to get so upset after his friends had visited and say to me Mum I am so sadas I wont remember any of this tomorrow and of course he didnt and couldnt. He would also get lots of terrible light bulb moments a profound insight into his condition when some of the old Andrew would spark into life and he would be panic stricken at what was happening to himhe would try and get dressed for work be convinced he had to be in the studio to present a programme. Many times during the day and night he would be terrified and try desperately to get out of the bed, room or house whilst I had to calm and reassure a young man that had no control over his body, brain or life anymore. Then he would say this has gone on far too longI should be much better now. The brain controls every part of us, my Andrew was unable to cry so huge shudders use to go through his body when he attempted to sob and I held him for hours until two tears would be squeez ed from his eyes. With Andrew his body failed quicker than his mind so though unable to move he could still for a long time think things through this was heartbreaking. He would say to me mum I must be able to do simple things like go out and watch the sea have an ice cream and be able to talk to you and the family. There were heartbreaking moments every day of my sons dying. The first time he was no longer able to use a cup and saucer as he couldnt co ordinate his hands he said to me I WILL ONLY USE THIS BEAKER INDOORS MUM AND THEN ONLY UNTIL I AM BETTER. In just a few short months Andrew was no longer able to leave his room, then his bed and finally unable to walk, talk or move he was totally immobiliz ed. Panicking he would say to me WHY CANT I MOVE MUM WHATS HAPPENING TO ME I FEEL SO AWFULAM I DYING? What do you say to your 24 year old only son who just a few months previous had been working in London and leading a full and exciting life?

Andrews horrific dying from vCJD was totally avoidable BSE was a Uk man made disease and toxic material from infected herds should never have been allowed into the human food and medicine chain. These food and medicine products the British government had endorsed as safe when they knew it posed a lethal threat to human health. Help his mum ..Get. JUSTICE FOR ANDY! And all victims who have been unlawfully killed by vCJD Monday 22nd March 2010

BBC news March 22nd 2010 - Government vCJD f igures 'manipulated', claim mothers
Two women whose sons died from variant Creutz feldt- Jacob Disease say they do not believe official figures for the number of people killed by the disease. Christine Lord, of Southsea, Hampshire, lost her son Andrew Black, 24, to vCJD in 2007 while Rose Smith's son Billy, of London, died aged 21 in January. Since 1990, 168 people have died from vCJD and the Department of Health said it had never manipulated the figures. Ms Lord and Ms Smith were at a memorial event in London on Saturday. To mark Human BSE Memorial Day, Ms Lord also published a list of names on her website (see List of names ), of hundreds of people who have died, been diagnosed with or affected by the human form of mad cow's disease. One death is one death too many of a totally avoidable disease and the government are spinning the truth (Christine Lord) Ms Lord said: "Since Andrew died I've actually been in contact, interviewed and filmed doz ens of people who have lost a loved one through variant CJD. Many of these victims have never appeared on the official government statistics". "What I'm finding increasingly, again and again, is that there is a deliberate massaging and manipulation of just actually how many people have and are dying of variant CJD and have been affected by the disease."This gives the appearance that the disease has disappeared". 'Gathered independently' "One death is one death too many of a totally avoidable disease and the government are spinning the truth. "They are rewriting the statistics in order to escape the unacceptable reality and protect those responsible." Ms Smith, of Eltham, south- east London, added: "Be honest open and transparent about the true numbers of people dying, diagnosed and affected by vCJD. "We are still not being told the truth about vCJD. How many have and are dying." A spokesperson for the Department of Health said: "The statistics for vCJD are gathered independently, according to internationally agreed criteria - and using those we build the most accurate picture we can." Variant CJD has been linked to eating beef infected with mad cow disease.

Friday 19th March 2010 Check out the new page on the website NAMES OF VICTIMS which lists some of the hundreds of INNOCENT PEOPLE who have died and been affected by vCJD, including where possible their names, ages and other details. Many of those individuals that I have named have never appeared on official government

statistics, this is an attempt to massage the figures and make out that vCJD has gone away. One death due to vCJD is one death too many and the government spin and cover up that protects the architects of BSE continues by the manipulation of evidence. This list is the most comprehensive list ever published with significant links and information for researchers and members of the public. Whitehalls henchmen and the Department of Health continue to block my investigations and hide the true number of people who have died and been affected by vCJD. Families are intimidated not to talk to the Media and to keep the illness a secret. Many many more people have been affected by this horrific and avoidable disease but as yet I am not able to bring you their names or details. Many have also contributed to the list but wish family details to remain confidential. I want to thank the hundreds of bereaved families who continue to support the campaign and for the wealth of information, facts and evidence they have supplied. Also for the photos and interviews they have provided. I have been lied to, intimidated, blocked and threatened but I will continue to be a voice for my Andrew and for all those victims who can no longer speak out for themselves. THE DEAD CANNOT CRY OUT FOR JUSTICE IT IS THE DUTY OF THE LIVING TO DO SO FOR THEM
Monday 15t h March 2010 Victims of vCJD are predominately young people in their teens or twenties many have left behind young families. 128 children have been born to parents who have died of vCJD. Nine of these children were born to females with vCJD who were symptomatic at conception, birth or within a year of clinical onset. One woman was known to have breast fed her child. One of these children a girl aged 9 years old who is so severely brain damaged she has never talked, walked or swallowed, this little girl suffers fits has poor eyesight and is nursed 24/7 by her grandmother. I am in constant contact with this family who have a legal gagging order on their plight so they are not allowed to talk to the press or the media. Many experts have stated that vCJD is not transmissible from parent to child. I have talked at length with this young girls grandmother and believe that she was born so disabled because her mother was dying of vCJD, the disease was transmitted from mother to baby in the womb. Her grandmother lives with a double tragedy having nursed her only daughter through the dying stages of vCJD she is now responsible for the care of the child. This grandmother has had her heart broken twiceand is now fighting for recognition of her granddaughters condition. The childs genotype is MV, which means the diseases progression has been delayed or slowed but it is highly likely that she was infected with vCJD via her mothers blood in the womb. Mother- to- child transmission has taken place. The UK Government refuses to comment or support the medics that have written papers about this child, indeed publication of papers have been continually blocked, censored. Or refused. There is also a press black out and gagging order on this little girl which means if any journalist, publication or media outlet identifies this child and her plight they could be imprisoned. The grandmother told me I

want to talk to the press as I want the world to know about her, but the gagging order protects those that caused my daughter to die and for her to be so disabled. My daughter died of vCJD and my granddaughter has been disabled, because vCJD has been transmitted from mother to child in the womb. The other children remain well and healthy but their families are constantly worried that their children may be carrying or develop vCJD at some stage, with incubation periods suggested of decades all they can do is watch and wait..can you imagine what it must be like to be the surviving parent and grandparents of that childwatching every tumble, fall or misplaced word and wondering are they developing vCJD? These 128 children are the living victims of vCJD these young children dont appear on any government statistics, or are mentioned in the press, gagging orders have been placed on some of these families, but nevertheless these young children are victims too and those named and shamed on this website are also responsible for these childrens status. This is the reality of vCJD the ticking health time bomb that those named and shamed on this website are trying to hideby using the establishment to block and censor free speech and scientific using their cronies to continue to deceive, lie as the canker that is BSE continues to corrupt the highest levels of government and officialdom.. TRUTH WILL ALWAYS FIND A WAY!! Sunday 14 t h March 2010 Another Mothers s Dayand I with hundreds of other mums who have lost their child to vCJD will be remembering our children by placing flowers on their graves. Lighting a candle by their photograph and holding precious memories close to our hearts while we weep. A mother brings a child into this world to cherish protect and nurture, and during that nurturing our children were exposed to the lethal pathogen that made them develop vCJD. I weep for all the laughter, love and the future my son will never experience, for the conversations we will never share, birthdays, Christmas, for the phone calls and bunches of flowers and cards I will never receive and most importantly the life my son should be living. Here is a photo of the last Mothers Day card my Andrew gave me March 2007 , every year it has pride of place in my sitting room with his sisters card.. Andrew was very thin, shaky and ill, he was already dying of vCJD when he bought this card for me.. I miss my Andrew more every day Tuesday 9t h March 2010 SABTO Safety of Blood Tissues and Organs committee who meet to discuss blood safety and advise the Government, in their latest paper have published: PATIENT CONSENT FOR BLOOD TRANSFUSION The issue of consent for blood transfusion has been discussed on several occasions by SaBTO. The major concerns are that: Patients are not being given information on risks, benefits, and alternatives to transfusion, or the right to refuse transfusion;

Patients may not be aware they have received a transfusion; Patients who receive blood may go on to donate blood, without realising that they should not; There is inconsistent practice across the UK. The purpose of t his consult at ion is t o provide evidence f or an advisory commit t ees advice, and will not aut omat ically result in a change t o policy. This is not a f ormal DH consult at ion. BACKGROUND 1. While blood transfusion is extremely safe, no transfusion can be entirely without risk to the recipient, and a number of adverse events are reported to the Serious Haz ards of Transfusion (SHOT) reporting scheme each year. 2. There have been concerns raised at SaBTO meetings regarding consent for blood transfusion, specifically whether informed consent is obtained from the patient, what form this consent takes, and whether the patient is provided with sufficient and appropriate information to make an informed decision. Those who have received a transfusion since 1980 are excluded from blood donation. How many people have been given blood transfusions not knowingly and then proceeded to donate blood? How many of those could be carrying vCJD? When most people receive a blood transfusion they believe its safe and are usually very ill. If a consent form becomes common practice will this protect the individual? Or protect the department of health against litigation? Why isnt our blood being screened to make it safe? When we spend 100m a year on blood safety Grahame Medley SEAC BBC TVC Once again a Pandoras Box is being tentatively revealed will it be opened for transparency or quickly signed and sealed to protect the establishment? With this blog is a photo of Mark Buckland who died of vCJD aged 32 after receiving a blood transfusion that had been donated by a donor that had died of vCJD. Friday 5t h March 2010 Early this year I was privileged to meet a young man named Billy Smith who lived with his mum and sister in Eltham London. Billy was dying of vCJD aged just 21 years old. His mum Rose welcomed me with a hug and introduced me to Billy and his affectionate family and friends. Once again I entered a home that had become a hospital as Billys loving mum and family cared for him during his dying days. Once again I witnessed the total heartbreak and devastation of a mum watching her child die by a Uk man made manufactured and totally avoidable disease. I sat with Rose in the dying light of a winters afternoon as she carefully tended her totally disabled son who

just a few months ago had danced at a family celebration. I too was heartbroken to see yet another young life cruelly wrecked by vCJD, and to inform you all that whatever the Government statistics say, vCJD is still killing people on a regular basis. Unfortunately Billy died on 13 th January 2010, just a few months before his death he had had celebrated his 21 st Birthday. Here is a picture of Billy and his loving mum Rose, taken that winters afternoon as snow softly fell outside. Listed below are just a FEW of the people that have died or been diagnosed with vCJD recently and JUST A FEW of those that have come to my attention. I have spent time with these families, filmed, photographed and recorded their stories. These are the true facts the reality of vCJD. I know there are more cases being hidden by the Government, through my many sources confidants and moles. Whitehalls henchmen and the Department of Health continue to lie about the true numbers of vCJD victims and block my investigations. The CJD government official figures have never reflected the true numbers of cases of vCJD. Government officals deliberately keep families apart so that they and the UK public are unaware of just how many people have died and are still dying of vCJD. Despite being lied to, threats, intimidation being ignored and blocked I will continue to be my Andrews voice and all those victims that are no longer able to speak for themselves 1. Eliz abeth Smith died aged 23 Suffolk 2. Victim Hampshire the family have chosen not to be identified. 3. Guy Massey aged 53, Sudbury a corneal graft is implicated in his death ( guys family were warned not to speak out or delve too deeply into his death) 4. Alan Jones Aged 20 Wales Army Cadet 5. Andrew Hawker Aged 21 Dorchester/Nottingham 6. Grant Goodwin Glasgow Aged 30 MV gene 7. Edward Peduz ie Aged 25 Wiltshire 8. Victim Glasgow, family have chosen not to be identified. 9, Young man Wales family have chosen not to be identified. 10. London victim family have chosen not to be identified. 11. (My) Andrew Black aged 24 Portsmouth 12. Victim Birmingham family have chosen not to be identified.

13 A 53 year old nurse infected with vCJD through Blood England (living) 14. Dean Burrell aged 25 dad of toddler Charlie and Chloe Aged 4 Kings Lynn (living) 15. Victim Wales family chosen not to be identified. (Alive) 16. Victim England family chosen not to be identified (alive) 17. Victim England family have chosen not to be identified (alive) 18. Victim Uk family have chosen not to be identified There are also victims across Europe.and globally. Thursday 4 t h March 2010 On Saturday 20 th March at 12:30 families and friends of victims of vCJD will be gathering at the Human BSE foundation plaque on the embankment in central London. (over Westminster Bridge past the London eye, right opposite the Houses of Parliament) Names of hundreds of victims will be read out, and roses placed into the Thames. Please join me and the other families to demonstrate your solidarity and support for justice and the truth. We will be initially meeting at the Slug and Lettuce Public House in Chievely Street, three minutes from Waterloo from 11:45am. After the multi faith ceremony I will be handing out leaflets and reading out the names of those responsible who hold the smoking gun that killed my Andrew and hundreds of other innocent victims of vCJD. To commemorate the day I will also be launching a new page on the website, more details to follow. I like to thank the millions of you that are supporting the campaign and your continued help and words of encouragement from across the UK and globally. Together we will get to the truth and justice Together we will shame governments for hiding the corruption that has stolen too many innocent lives and futures and together we will reveal the truth and get justice. Wednesday 24 t h February 2010 Below is an article about vCJD victim Kirsty Garven who died aged 20 in 2000. Although this young lady died ten years ago .the ages of current victims continues to be in their late teens early twenties. Some of the latest victims were not even born when BSE dominated the TV and media. WHY ARE SO MANY YOUNG PEOPLE STILL DYING OF VCJD? WHY HAVE THE AGES OF THE YOUNG VICTIMS NOT ALTERED since 1996 WHEN Stephen Churchill died aged 19 from vCJD?

Only a few weeks ago a young man from London aged 21 died of vCJD.. Were these latest victims infected as babes at their mothers breast, in their mothers womb? or more recently?

BSE material was apparently excluded from the food and medicine chain IN 1996... yet young people in their teens and twenties are still dying? 26 years since the first cow was recorded with BSE? MY INVESTIGATIONS CONTINUE TO REVEAL STRANGE IRREGULARIES AND DISCREPANCIES We are still not being told the truth about vCJD ........ Why did my son and many other victims of vCJD grow in height during their dying days? My andrew grew at least 4 inches during his last months when he had stopped growing years earlier.. another victim grew 2 inches in six weeks. of the early symptoms of vCJD is terrible pains in the legs....My andrew and the other victims were not to our knowledge exposed to any growth hormones/chemicals ...but cattle in the 1980s were extensively bombarded with hormones to fatten them up and make profits for shareholders. There were extensive experimentation with chemicals and hormones in cattle and in medicinal research for humans. Cattle bombared with chemicals and hormones were used in the manufacture of childhood vaccines. My andrew had high levels of mecury in his blood when he never ate fish, had any dentistry or was exposed to this chemical? Mecury is used in the manufacture of vaccines................... THE names of the CHEMICALS/HORMORNES/DRUGS/FOODS/MEDICINES THAT ARE IMPLICATED IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF VCJD ..the true source of the infection ..are BEING HIDDEN BY WHITEHALL..and its sinister officials.......and without doubt the toxic material that causes vCJD CONTINUED INTO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN FOR MUCH LONGER THAN THE GOVERNMENT ADMITS.. THE TRUTH SURROUNDING VCJD IS MORE SINISTER THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE IT REACHES INTO THE VERY HEART OF THE ESTABLISHMENTAND ITS BEING PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS. DAILY MAIL by Valeriune Ellis A young woman from Cheshire, named as Kirsty Garven has died of Vcjd. Kirsty 20 was from the farming village of Waverton, near Chester. She died two weeks ago after 14 months battling the fatal brain illness which left her unable to eat, speak or walk. Her parents, Alex 59 and Jenny 53 were cited as attacking politicians yesterday for not doing more to protect the public. Mrs Garven said Its greed and profit. Thats why we cannot let them get away with it Mrs Garven recalled the image of John Gummer then Agriculture Minister, feeding his daughter a burger in front of TV cameras to persuade people that Beef was safe. Mrs Garven said I would like to say Excuse me. Would you come and see this? This is what it has done to my child. I cry every day when I think about her. The couple have no idea how Miss Garven contracted the disease and did not tell her that she had vCJD. For the last seven months of her life Kirsty needed 24 hour care. Mrs Garven continued By the end she was a skeleton., we watched our child fade away. Thursday 18t h February 2010

MRM mechanically recovered meat ( the most infectious part of BSE Cattle, brain, eyes, spinal cord, lymph tissue, cheeks, head meat, rectum and genitals) was used to feed our most vulnerable. MRM was used extensively in baby food (cow and gate 1983- 1988) school meals and institutional food such as nursing homes, hospitals, armed forces and universities. Below is an article from the Daily Mail which highlights the amounts of MRM that was used in UK food every year throughout BSE. Note also the export of this highly infectious material in foods and medicines (including vaccines) which is in direct correlation with deaths of vCJD in France, Germany, Holland and other European countries. There was and still is a concerted effort by the food industry/drug companies and government to keep names of these manufacturers and their shareholders secret. Mechanically recovered meat was still in the food chain until at least 1997 and BSE is still endemic in UK cattle. I have also been informed that BSE cattle continue to get into the food/medicine chain and that some of the current victims of Vcjd may well have been infected much more recently. Bovine material is still used in the manufacture of some vaccines. AND MEDICINES. MRM was ten times cheaper than ordinary meat so there were huge amounts of money to be made by shareholders whilst Tory Ministers and government officials deliberately concealed the danger and looked the other way. The agriculture and food industry made huge profits for high ranking families and members of the establishment. Gelatin from BSE infectious cattle was used in the manufacture of antibiotics and also bovine material was used in the processing of childhood vaccines. John Gummer and those named and shamed on this website owe their profitable careers, pensions and lifestyles because they lied. They continue to have high profile positions in the UK due to this corruption and culture of secrecy which they helped to construct and maintain. My son and hundreds more have died because of those deliberate money fuelled decisionsand millions of us are at risk of developing vCJD.. ..As Gummer, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Kenneth Clarke, Colin McLean, Douglas Hogg and their cronies sit surrounded by their wealth and country estates, bought and maintained by lies and corruption yet more young people are dying in the UK of vCJD. Some of these young victims are spending their dying days in poverty unable to get basic equipment or supplies.128 UK children have lost a mother or father to vCJD Daily Mail The FSA (food standards agency) says that MRM was being fed to humans at the rate of 5,000 tons a year from 1980 to 1995, which covered the years that BSE was rife in cattle. Head meat was routinely included in economy foods at the rate of 10,000 tons a year for the same period. Assuming it was used at a rate of around 15 per cent of the contents, the MRM alone could equate to 4.5billion burgers over 15 years. The study shows that in the late 1980s, every part of the carcass was used in food production. Froz en brains were exported to France while 'rectums were cleaned and salted and exported to Germany for sausages'. The FSA suggests that 40 per cent of MRM went into cheap mince, another 40 per cent into economy burgers and the rest to other

uses such as pies, sausages and pts. The mince and burgers would have been eaten in schools or available as economy lines from supermarkets. Many of the burgers were sold at fairs and football matches. As much as 50 per cent of cheap mince was made up from head meat, which was used heavily in schools and hospitals. The report points out: 'Institutional buyers, such as schools and hospitals... put constant pressure on suppliers to reduce prices. 'There were only so many ways this could be achieved - one of which was using bovine MRM. In addition, head meat would have been a standard ingredient.' Tuesday 16t h February 2010 Check out this news link and read the article Dean Burrell age 25, from Kings Lynn Norfolk. Dean and his large family went on a trip to DisneyLand Paris. He has been suffering from vCJD since last year. Just a few months ago Dean was an active dad who played football, now he is confined to a wheelchair. I am so glad that Dean and his family made this trip to Paris as its something he always wanted to do with his young family. dad39s- Disney- dream- Thursday 11t h February 2010 This latest report from The Telegraph highlights the importance of keeping our blood supply safe and free of the rogue prions that cause vCJD. See the Link below: vCJD- still- pose- a- major- public- health- threat.html Friday 5t h February 2010 Here is a photo of Grant Goodwin who died of vCJD on 16th January 2009 aged just 30 years old, he came from Scotland and his family remain totally heartbroken. Pictured with Grant is his sister Debbie, who misses her big brother so much. Grant is the first vCJD victim recognised by scientists and experts from the MV genotype, according to Professor Hugh Pennington (BBC1 Newsnight December 2008) this heralds another wave of up to 350 deaths from vCJD' Over 51 percent of the UK population are MV genotype. Before Grant died I visited him at his family home in Glasgow, I met a gentle giant of a man, who talked to me about his job, his family and his illness. I also met Grants parents and extended family who surrounded Grant with love, affection and care. Within 6 weeks of my visit Grant had died, that is the deadly progression of this horrific disease. The Goodwins want answers and they continue to support and help me with the campaign for justice. It was a privilege to meet and spend the day with Grant and his smile and hug will remain with me.....

Monday 1st February 2010 The UK Government continues to turn a blind eye to the cover- up that is BSE the UK man- made manufactured disease that has killed hundreds, disabled thousands and put millions at risk of death and horrific illness. Below are just a few facts about the honesty and integrity of some of the MPs that form the British Government. Can you imagine working for an organisation which has the following employee statistics? 29 have been accused of spousal abuse 7 have been arrested for fraud 9 have been accused of writing bad cheques 17 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses 3 have done time for assault 71 cannot get a credit card due too bad credit 14 have been arrested on drug- related charges 8 have been arrested for shoplifting 21 are currently defendants in lawsuits 84 have been arrested for drink- driving In the last year alone, with just over 600 employees, they have collectively cost the British tax payer 92.99m in expenses. At the moment there are several young people dying of vCJD in the UK, many are living on welfare benefits and have young children to support.these innocent victims cannot even get the bare essentials to make their last days comfortableand yet the MPS above continue to milk the system and seem to be, as always, above the law. Thursday 28t h January 2010 Here is a link to a newspaper article about Grant Goodwin a young guy of 30 years old who died of vCJD last year. I met Grant before he died and spent time with him and his loving family, they too want answers, they too want justice: news/hamilton- news/2010/01/21/burnbank- family- want- answers- over- sons- death- dueto- vcjd- 51525- 25646769/

Monday 25th January 2010 Here is part of a poem written by Leon a young man who died of vCJD aged just 28 years old. He put these words together

just two weeks before he was diagnosed and his family were told there was no hope of recovery. The words are so poignant and heartbreaking as they echo the feelings of all the young victims. Even though they may not be told the diagnosis many seem to have an understanding that they are dying. My thoughts and love are with Leon's devastated familymay your God be with you. I want to forget all of this and run To Where I do not know The earth buries me deep And its not a game or a show At the end of all beginnings It stretches back and how And I'm finding out to my cost What it is to be taken now By Leon (victim of vCJD)
Friday 22nd January 2010 We have received over 8 million hits on the website and thousands of emails texts letters and phone calls from supporters. It gladdens my heart and all families that have lost loved ones to vCJD that so many members of the public care, are aware and support the campaigning for justice. The emails continue to come into the campaigns office and a groundswell of support continues to grow not just across the UK but globally. This is a letter that Edward has written to his MP Louise Ellman regarding the issue of filtering transfused blood for vCJD. We have currently 2.4 million blood donors in the UK. Louise Ellman MP replied to the letter on 14 th December 2009 she said I WAS VERY INTERESTED AND CONCERNED TO READ YOUR POINTS AND I HAVE NOW PUT THEM DIRECTLY TO THE HEALTH SECRETARY ANDY BURNHAM she continues I will contact you as soon as I have received a response. (see full letter below) Edward is still waiting to hear from his MP and the Health Secretary response to the many serious issues that Edward raised in his letter. _________________________________ To : Louise Ellman MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA Dear Louise, I am writing to you concerning the recent publication by the Department of Health of guidelines to protect children under the age of 13 from the agent that causes variant Creutz feldt- Jakob disease (vCJD) using the newly approved 'p- capt' filter, which is used in- situ to remove potentially lethal abnormal prion protein from donated blood.


I was born and raised on a farm in Northumberland, and the emergence of BSE in cattle and subsequently vCJD in humans has been an issue which I have regarded with fear for most of my life. It is only recently that I have come to address these fears and my feelings have evolved into anger and a desire for justice. I have been in close contact with Christine Lord, the mother of a young man of my age who died in 2007 from this wretched illness, who campaigns for sufferers of vCJD and their families; her website, may be of considerable interest to you with regards to this topic. I believe very firmly that the government has been repeatedly negligent in how BSE and subsequently vCJD has been dealt with; the most recent example being the refusal to allow the systematic screening of blood donations for the disease- causing agent in order to prevent cross- infection and a new wave of iatrogenically caused disease. My reaction to these new guidelines is therefore one of outright betrayal by our government. I feel first of all that this is more a 'symptomatic' treatment of a problem of an uncertain siz e; if blood screening were to take place initially, there would be no need for any secondary filtering. I realise the implications of blood screening and how the exposure of the true scale of vCJD prevalence in the UK population is a potentially frightening prospect, and among other things, the general morale of our nation is at stake. I also know that the legal situation as it stands is that any person found to be vCJD- positive must be notified, and that too is a frightening prospect as it could be spiritually very damaging. I also feel, however, that if blood screening does not take place, then the government are consciously allowing citiz ens of this country who receive donated blood to become infected with a deadly pathogen and die unnecessarily. If the government do not want to reveal the true scale of the problem to the public then they have only to change the relevant law. Second of all, I am appalled that this new disease- preventing technology is not to be implemented across the whole of the UK population; it is as if anyone older than 13 is simply being written off as a 'lost cause'. I realise the importance of protecting children, but why is a technology that is cheaper and more effective than the previously implemented leuco- depletion not being used for people of all ages? I feel that it is a denial of basic human rights, and a massive gap in our healthcare system. If the relevant government official were to ask anyone who was about to receive donated blood, if they would pay a small amount to guarantee they won't contract a deadly disease as a result, I'm pretty certain the answer would be yes. My heart aches at the thought of how many people have been affected by this horrendous, yet easily avoidable disease. I believe the only way forward is for everyone to stand up and take responsibility, and to put our most sincere efforts into finding effective methods of prevention and treatment. I look forward very much to hearing your thoughts on this matter. Yours sincerely, Edward

Monday 18t h January 2010 Donald Acheson named and shamed on this website died on Monday 10th January 2010 aged 84 years old. Although he has gone from accountability in this life I know that truth will always find a way.... and when it is my time to leave this world ..I will be waiting like a tiger to defend my Andrew.... Apparently Donald Acheson secreted away diaries in Cambridge that would only be released after his death, do they spill the beans on BSE.? has been suggested the lies and cover- ups will finally be published. Or is this a publicity ploy to get more money for Achesons family estate.? Or will these diaries if they exist ever be published now?

All I know is that Donald Achesons criminal and morally corrupt handling of BSE killed my son Andrew....and that somehow somewhere the hand of justice will do her work....... ' It is better to live a single day with honour than to live to 120 and die in disgrace' Wednesday 13t h January 2010 A THING OF BEAUTY IS A JOY FOR EVER: ITS LOVELINESS INCREASES; IT WILL NEVER PASS INTO NOTHINGNESS Keats Each time another persons life is unlawfully taken by vCJD, their potential destroyed and future stolen. I have to somehow hold on to this poem words and meanings by Keats, who also died very young. On Saturday I visited a young man called Billy aged 21 years old who was dying of vCJD. His mother, sister and family devastated and of course so very angry. But like many of the families I have met surrounding their son and brother with love and affection. It was a privilege to meet the family and this gentle young man called Billy to spend time with his family and friends and get a clear sense of the young man he was and his potential. This morning at 6.30am GMT Billy died at his home in London. Some of the horror that is vCJD the pain, fear and torture it inflicts on its victims can be seen in the documentaries I have produced about my son Andrew. But there is also another 20 hours of film that I excluded from the programmes because they were too horrific. This is the reality of I type this another young person who should be out with his friends laughing and living his life has been cruelly killed and his future destroyed at just 21 years old. Whilst John Gummer, Kenneth Clarke, Keith Meldrum and their cronies laugh and continue their arrogant journey through profitable careers and luxury life styles. Disregarding all those they have killed and maimedapparently above the law .. Where is the justice in that? Friday 8t h January 2010 On November 14 th last year the Second Annual CJD Footwork event took place, at Fairmont State University, West Virginia, USA. This is a sponsored walk through the beautiful west Virginia Countryside by family friends and individuals raising cash and awareness for people affected by CJD. People from all over the world who couldnt attend sent the organiser Nikki a photograph of their love one who is suffering or has died of CJD. These photos including my beloved Andrews was then lovingly held and carried by one of the walkers through the trees and greenery of West Virginal ending with a balloon released for every victim in a local stadium. Below is a youtube link to the day, thank you so much Nikki, Amy, Paul and all those that attended the day helping my sons memory live on , he would be amaz ed that so many people care. Over 7,200 dollars were raised for CJD.

Since BSE cases of sCJD have tripled and vCJD continues to kill on a regular basis, as regular readers of this blog will know. CJD is no longer a rare disease Professor Colinge (world expert in CJD) during a lecture at the Prion Unit, University Colleges London, on December 8 th 2009 told me and other families, In a persons lifetime the risk of developing sCJD is now 1 in 33,000. Thursday 7t h January 2010

Many areas across the UK have had heavy snow and here in the South where our winters are usually mild , I woke this morning to see inches of snow covering my car and garden. Left is a photo of Emma enjoying sledging before she returns to University and on the right, a photo of Andrew taken in the 1980s. Happy memories and times for my beloved children.

Monday 4 t h January 2010 I like to thank Chris and all my supporters for helping me get the campaigns message out there in cyberspace and global..... Check out this link to youtube for news and information about vCJD and the campaign .... Thursday 31st December 2009 John Gummer one of the ministers and officials named and shamed on this website at the heart of the BSE scandal, is stepping down as an MP to campaign and tackle global warming. The hypocrisy of this man knows no bounds. Gummers deliberate and measured decisions during BSE killed my son and hundreds of other victims of vCJD and has disabled thousands of people, and yet John Gummer is now to pontificate on global warming. Globally we all face a ticking health timebomb as it will be decades before we know just how many people may develop vCJD. Gummer is the Minister who knew BSE posed a lethal threat to human health but allowed MRM the most infectious part of the cow into baby food, school meals, institutional food and foetuses calves serum from BSE infected herds to produce vaccines. This is the man who allowed this infectious material into the food and medicine chain for many many years.whilst keeping his own family and colleagues safe and free from harm.. Until recently Gummer was saying he looked forward to standing in the next election and continuing to be a part of David Camerons Conservative party what made Gummer change his mind? Did he jump or was he pushed? Or is he being removed and moved about like a pawn on the chess board that is Westminster?

Its significant that his decision has hit the media during the lull between Christmas and New Year is always a good time to bury this kind of news. The ongoing cover- up and lies surrounding BSE and the continuing numbers of people who continue to die of vCJD would not have boded well for David Camerons push to become the next Prime Minister What about Gummers fiddling of his expenses? 9,000 a year on gardening at his huge mansion in Suffolk also has Gummer a connection with a large soft drinks company? Gummer is morally corrupt to the coreand now he will be flying around the world lecturing NGOS and other organisations how to tackle climate change!! John Gummer along with Kenneth Clarke were known as the Cambridge mafia .that term sums up all those morally corrupt officials that killed my beloved son Andrew and all victims of vCJD past, present and those unfortunately to come I have met John Gummer twice he is a man of supreme arrogance, with little respect for the ordinary man and woman in the street, skilled in the Machellivian craft of politics, an oily charm that he thinks hides his coldness and calculating attitude ...a man that would do anything to survive and sacrifice anyone to do thatincluding the publics health and well- being. In yesterdays Guardian Newspaper, Gummer is quoted as saying his new role will mean A good deal of absence from home.' and no doubt a good salary. Be warned John Gummer there is no hiding place from justice and the truth. Thursday December 24 t h 2009 Here is a photo taken of Andrew and Emma December 2004....... Another Christmas without my beautiful boy AndrewI remain totally heartbroken WHAT WILL SURVIVE OF US IS LOVE Phillip Larkin

Monday 21st December 2009 Grant Goodwin died of vCJD on 16th January 2009 aged 30, I met grant and his family and spent the day with them and their extended family in December 2008. Grant is the first victim of vCJD with a different genotype MV, the most common in the UK population. Which means at least another 300 or so people will die of vCJD in the coming months and years. Today Grants story has hit the news headlines (see one of the news links below), with his father Tommy telling the world about his only sons untimely and avoidable death and the threat that vCJD poses to everyone in the UK population. Everyone over the age of 13. has ingested the equivalent of 50 bse infected meals, even vegetarians as infected material was also in veggie meals and vaccines. Grant was a lovely young man with everything to live for a wonderful life full of friends and family and now he like my Andrew lies in a grave.

My thoughts and love are with Tommy his wife and daughter during these dark days and I wish to thank them for their support helping me to get the answers and accountability we as families need and demand. 'THE DEAD CANNOT CRY OUT FOR JUSTICE IT IS THE DUTY OF THE LIVING TO DO SO FOR THEM' ( Lois McMaster Bujold) Friday 18t h December 2009 Yet another young person has been diagnosed with vCJD aged just 21 years old. My thoughts and love are with this young man and his family. Each and every time I hear about another person struck down by vCJD my heart breaks for yet another wrecked life and stolen future .. How many more lives is this horrific man made disease going to wreck and steal before those responsible are punished and brought before the courts of justices in this country? Whilst this young mans family are looking towards a Christmas season of uncertainty, pain and fear, the architects, enablers and morally corrupt individuals who knowingly: Allowed BSE into the food and medicine chain for over a decade Will spend this holiday season surrounded by their healthy families in their luxurious homes Paid for by their lies and corruptionwhilst this young 21 year olds life ebbs away. THE DEAD CANNOT CRY OUT FOR JUSTICE IT IS THE DUTY OF THE LIVING TO DO SO FOR THEM. This . LIST OF CULPRITSarchitects, enablers, condoned the use of BSE material to feed and vaccinate the most vulnerable babies, children, hospital patients, the elderly, students.whilst making huge profits and gains for their careers. when they knew that BSE was lethal.they condoned its use in school dinners, hospital meals, baby food and in the production of vaccines. THE CULPRITS AND ENABLERS OF BSE .who have unlawfully killed hundreds and disabled thousands of people. John Gummer, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Ray Bradley, Keith Meldrum, William Rees, Donald Acheson, John Macgregor, Kennet h Clarke (see photo), Kenneth Calman, Douglas Hogg, Stephen Dorrell, Richard Packer, Eliz abeth Attridge, Dr Jeremy Matters, Richard Carden, Alan Lawrence, Robert Lowson, Gerald Wells, Sir Derek Andres, Dr Alisa Wight, Angela Browning, Thomas Eddy, M H Baker, De Bernard Williams, Dr Robert Kendal, Dr Richard Kimberlin, Ron Jacobs, Dr Gerald Jones, Dr Hillary Pickles, Colin Maclean To be continued.

"One in a t housand of t he UK populat ion could be carrying vCJD." (Professor John Collinge,March 2008)
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