Pride Receiver Drills A. Hand Eye Coordination- Basketball Drills 1. Ball Slaps 2. Circles 3. Figure Eight 4.

Front/Back 5. Spider 1 B. Ball Machine- Jugs ooo 1. Straight 2 2. Horizontal 3. Low ball ooo *Stress correct hand position.* C. Body Control 1. Carioca 2. Back Shoulder- Get the opposite hand back to the ball. 1 3. Carioca-Quick Out ooo ooo C 3 C

3 ooo

2 ooo C

D. Footwork Drills 1. Route Drill *Keep shoulders square, sink the hips, pump the arms, quick feet. ooo 2. Ladder-2 feet in, 2 feet in sideways, in-out. E. Releases 1. Quick Pop 2. Step Balance 3. Baby Steps 4. Balance and slide 5. Partners, getting the hand off the shoulder, start side by side and in front of. F. Blocking 1. Sprint and Chop-across the field 2. Sprint and Shuffle-across the field 3. Punch-on sled 4. Backside cutoff. a. Bottom #’s to hash, 5 yards b. Bottom #’s to middle, 12 yards c. Bottom #’s to opposite hash, 20 yards d. Bottom #’s to opposite #’s, 30yards

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