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ANT 253H: Language and Society 2012

INSTRUCTOR: M. Danesi (416-585-4412) e-mail: Office: Birge Carnegie, 26

HEAD TA: Gibbins, Graydon ( REGULAR TAs: Blanchard, Taryn ( Maida-Nicol, Sara ( Pokorny, Johanna ( TEXTBOOKS: M. Danesi, Linguistic Anthropology: A Brief Introduction (Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press, 2012). M. Danesi and S. Maida-Nicol (eds.), Foundational Texts in Linguistic Anthropology (Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press, 2012). GRADING: 2 In-class tests: 30% 1 Brief report (5 pages) on the foundational readings: 20% 1 Final essay: 50% REPORT

The report should be a summary of two readings in the Foundational Texts book, comparing them briefly, even in point form. Maximum length: 4 pages. The readings in question are the ones covered in class up to this point: 1, 2, 7, and 8. Due Date: October 23 ESSAY The essay should be no longer than 8 pages and follow the style of the APA (American Psychological Association). More information will be given during one of the classes. The essay can be done individually or in groups of 2-3 (maximum). Due Date: December 4 TESTS: Cover the textbook, the reader, and class lectures Dates: October 16, December 4 FINAL ESSAY TOPICS: (1) Study of any aspect of the relation between language structure and society (2) Study of any aspect of slang and its relation to society (3) Study of any aspect of metaphor and its relation to cognition or culture (4) Study of any aspect of linguistic relativity (5) A cross-cultural comparison of any of the above (6) Study of any aspect of the relation of language to culture (7) Study of any aspect of dialect variation (8) Analysis of any aspect of Internet language or text-messaging (9) Any other topic NOTE: Essays suspected of plagiarism will be assessed according to the university policy regarding plagiarism. The policy can be found at LATE PENALTY: A late penalty of one percentage point per day will be used for late essays unless a valid reason is provided and permission granted by the instructor. OUTLINE:

(Tuesday 6-8) (1) September 11 Studying Language (2) September 18 Language Levels Foundations: First reading: Saussure (3) September 25 Language Levels (conclusion) Foundations: Second reading: Boas (4) October 2 Language and Social Phenomena Foundations: Seventh reading: Hymes (5) October 9 Conversation and Discourse Foundations: Eighth reading: Wooffitt (6) October 16 Test 1 (7) October 23 Variation Report due (handed in) Foundations: Sixth reading: Hudson Lecture on reading given by head TA (SM Nicol) (8) October 30 Language and Cognition Foundations: Ninth reading: Whorf (9) November 6 Metaphor (part 1) Foundations: Lakoff Lecture on reading given by head TA (SM Nicol)

(10) November 13 Fall Break (11) November 20 Metaphor (part 2) (12) November 27 Language in the Digital Era (13) December 4 Test 2 Essay due