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Chn cu tr li ng nht A, B, C, D cho mi trng hp

sau. Dch chi tit tt c cc cu di y sang ting Vit. THI GIAN NP BI: T NGY 12 16 THNG 08 NM 2012 QUESTION 51. Many electronic have met with financial difficulties because of the decline of customers demand in this kind of products. A. supply B. supplying C. supplied D. suppliers QUESTION 52. The contract negotiation willfor 2 hours or more until the two parties can reach an agreement. A. last B. acquire C. spend D. take QUESTION 53. There is no to attend the seminar. Its open for all staff members. A. limit B. limitation C. limitary D. limits QUESTION 54. The management has taken some measures to enforce the new regulations on the whole company. A. significant B. strongly C. drastic D. general QUESTION 55. I am willing to obey the companys regulations as well as fulfill all the duties that you offer me working on weekends. A. included B. such as C. furthermore D. except for QUESTION 56. Its that the meeting will be cancelled because of the absence of the Head Office. A. seem

B. likely C. nearly D. rarely QUESTION 57. She decided to give up the current high-paid job to find another one appropriate with her pursuit. A. usually B. easy C. finally D. mostly QUESTION 58. The final hasnt been made because they had different points of view on the situation. A. discussion B. decision C. commission D. exclusion QUESTION 59. Each year, they hold a formal meeting with the attendance of allnationwide to thanks for their contribution to the success of the company. A. representatives B. representation C. represent D. representing QUESTION 60. We had to cancel our business trip because of the severe storm sweeping over the region last night. A. schedule B. scheduling C. scheduled D. scheduler QUESTION 61. The.of mortgage rates has just been widely announced by several large domestic banks. A. expansion B. reduction C. provision D. renovation QUESTION 62. Some unofficial sources . that the president of one of the largest banks in our country has been involved in the crime of breach of trust. A. announced B. confirmed C. presented D. revealed

QUESTION 63. .many middle-income earners, their savings is not enough to pursue any financial plans to improve their material life for a long term. A. Regarding to B. As for C. According to D. As if QUESTION 64. One of the development the government is to promote more cycling in the city, which needs about 10 years to deploy. A. proposed B. appealed C. reimbursed D. permitted QUESTION 65. Each country has its own ........... costumes performed on special festivals. A. ordinary B. generous C. casual D. traditional QUESTION 66. The high valuable cultural............of our country must be maintained and developed by all generations. A. traditions B. treasures C. experiences D. measures QUESTION 67. In order to approach a loan from a bank, you must give out moreon the companys financial position. A. information B. background C. acception D. confirmation QUESTION 68. If you wish to .abroad, you first need to obtain enough English for your daily use. A. settle B. commodate C. destine D. revive

QUESTION 69. At the first time you go far away from home to a very strange place, you will certainly feel .......... . A. exhausted B. isolate C. abandoned D. jetlagged QUESTION 70. This year, the Head Office decided to use an amount of the budget to purchase some more to support staff in workplace. A. newly B. state-of-the-art C. technic D. available QUESTION 71. At first, when you join the rescue team, you will be under the of other experienced members for a few months. A. control B. consideration C. guidance D. subvention QUESTION 72. After a closewith local residents, the government decided to deploy the project of urbanization in every aspect. A. consultation B. cogitation C. coordination D. coaction QUESTION 73. There will be a bus to pick you up at the airport to the hotel. A. commute B. sublet C. surely D. shuttle QUESTION 74. Last year, a raise money for the flood victims in the Centre was responded by thousands of people throughout the country. A. proposals B. campaign C. progress D. publication QUESTION 75. The general manager has instructed section heads to a comprehensive review regarding the status of the

implementation of the companys investment projects over the last 5 years. A. conduct B. confront C. conform D. commend QUESTION 76. The board of directors announced that the company has achieved a significant.. in contract negotiations with its largest counterpart ever since. A. improvement B. implementation C. breakthrough D. boom QUESTION 77. Although the enterprise just established 5 years ago, its have covered nearly 40 provinces and cities throughout the country. A. sections B. stores C. departments D. agencies QUESTION 78. The of thousands of medium and small domestic enterprises could be easily predicted due to the status of long economic inflation all over the world for the last 2 years. A. breakthrough B. bankruptcy C. disappearance D. invalidity QUESTION 79. I would like to cancel my ............ at your hotel today because my flight is delayed due to the bad weather. A. reservation B. appointment C. arrangement D. accommodation QUESTION 80. In order to speed up the work process, the manager indicated that we should..some of the work. A. put through B. outsource C. skip D. assist

QUESTION 81. At the beginning of 2012, the government worked out a number of solutions to curb inflation and ensure macro-economic.......... . A. stable B. stabling C. stability D. stabilization QUESTION 82. Its predicted that public transport will play an important role in the years to come. A. increase B. increased C. increasing D. increasingly QUESTION 83. According to analysts, it requires long-term plans, strategies and the comprehensive implementation of all measures to solve the transport issue .. . A. effective B. effectively C. effect D. effectiveness QUESTION 84. The pace of inflation by the end of the year 2011 had slowed down compared with the beginning of the year. A. remark B. remarkable C. remarkableness D. remarkably QUESTION 85. Due to abundant., many businesses incurred losses while some were dissolved or went bankrupt last year. A. inventories B. importations C. disbalances D. disbursement QUESTION 86. If you wish to experience a life to escape from your routine days for a while, theres no where in this city more suitable than our resort. A. tranquil B. luxurious C. marvelous D. extraordinary

QUESTION 87. It is suggested that any site worker should buy workmens . insurance in case they get injured while theyre in duty. A. compensate B. compensated C. compensating D. compensation QUESTION 88. All staff members are expected to take up a heavy ..during the second half of this month to cover the project timely. A. workforce B. workload C. workshop D. workpiece QUESTION 89. Theres no question that a reasonable diet is our health. A. balanced B. beneficial C. equivalent D. sufficient QUESTION 90. There is no. to the State Apartments unless you are a permanent resident of this city. A. entrance B. permission C. admission D. allowance QUESTION 91. Public transport is currently considered as the most effective way to solve the issue of traffic large cities throughout the country. A. congestion B. reluctance C. jar D. variety QUESTION 92. If you wish to play a (an)..........., you should first make a toll-free phone call to our sales section, and they will help you with the next steps. A. order B. process C. agreement D. admission

QUESTION 93. We are seeking two applicants for the post of computer specialists with the............. salary. A. competed B. competing C. competition D. competitive QUESTION 94. A recent survey indicated that more and more desk workers . to quit their jobs to run their own small business. A. expect B. tend C. eager D. long QUESTION 95. Thanks for his excellent abilities, our company has successfully overcome the difficult period of the world economy. A. lead B. leading C. leader D. leadership QUESTION 96. The poor infrastructure as well as burdensome paperwork have caused Vietnam lessto foreign investors than other Southern Asian countries. A. attract B. attractive C. attraction D. attracting QUESTION 97. These new high- quality sneakers are. enough to endure any severe weather condition. A. strong B. flexible C. durable D. smooth QUESTION 98. You should pay extreme attention to the companys data security because any..can seriously damage your business in different ways. A. breach B. reveal C. publicity D. uncovering QUESTION 99. We are about to hold an introductory workshop to offer a (an) of the necessary information to start a business.

A. background B. sight C. overview D. draw QUESTION 100. According to official ., the number of investment projects in manufacturing industry made up more than one-third of the total last year. A. figures B. lay-out C. summary D. conclusion

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