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com © Copyright 2007 . and pass on to whoever you feel may be interested… It will give people some more information about how the whole “Felt Cuisine” series came about and also provides a good indication of the layout and the level of detail that we go into in our larger books.FeltCuisine. your friends can sign up for their very own Free copy of “Strawberries by Design” by subscribing to our ‘inner circle’ mailing list at www.com All Rights Reserved. Australia Tel : 61-3-8361-5988 Fax : 61-3-8361-6172 Email : Info@FeltCuisine. hand made.2009 "Felt Cuisine" www. Please note that you are not permitted to Sell or Distribute copies of the main books in the “Felt Cuisine” series and / or physical products made from the designs and patterns contained within them. For Personal Use Only.com Blog : www. Alternatively.Felt Cuisine .com) 2 .com Web : www.O. pretend play food that will delight and entertain children of all ages Legal Notices © Copyright 2007 . Box 3338 Caroline Springs Victoria 3023.com Contact Information : Hiromi Hughes P.Blogspot.FeltCuisine. this FREE “Strawberries by Design” pattern is one that you are most welcome to share.2009 "Felt Cuisine" (www.FeltCuisine. give away.FeltCuisine.“Strawberries by Design” How to make beautiful. HOWEVER While the larger books in the “Felt Cuisine” series may not be distributed or passed on without authorisation from the author.FeltCuisine.

. . 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee” .The News is Spreading . . . 16 © Copyright 2007 . . . . . . . . . Comments and Final Thoughts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 “Felt Cuisine” . . . 4 Chapter 1 .Step By Step . . .Equipment You Will Need & Creating The Cardboard Templates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .com) 3 . . . . . . . No Risk. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 What others are saying about the “Felt Cuisine” series . . . . . . . . . . . . .FeltCuisine. 6 Chapter 2 . 13 Current Releases in the “Felt Cuisine” series . . . . . 15 Your “30 Day. . . . .2009 "Felt Cuisine" (www. . . . .“Felt Cuisine” “Strawberries By Design" Table of Contents Foreword : A Message From The Author . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Feedback. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .“Strawberries” . . . . . . . . .

especially those that are made with love and affection by others. hard.. I want my children to grow up valuing their family and friends and appreciating the true meaning of gifts. warmer and more natural. bring people closer together and build fond memories that will last a lifetime. Unfortunately.... wife. Gifts that are hand made by loved ones can not easily be replaced.. So I started to make some pretend play felt food for my children and they loved them.. It was such a pleasure to see the joy that these pieces brought to the faces of those that received them... cold.FeltCuisine. I made some for my friends and their children and the feedback I received was wonderful. plastic toys. Like most kids. but I wanted to create something different. mother and fellow craft enthusiast from Melbourne Australia. Something softer. I would also like to let you know a little about me and how this strawberry design ( and in fact the whole "Felt Cuisine" series ) came about. use their imagination and inspire their creativity. being creative and making my own hand made gifts for friends and family. I also wanted my children to understand and to feel the care and love that is put into gifts that are hand made and not just purchased ready made from a store. This passion for design has only grown since my husband and I started our family and I have found myself at home spending lots of playtime with my children.nothing wrong with that of course..2009 "Felt Cuisine" (www. © Copyright 2007 . most toys available nowdays are the regular mass produced..com) 4 . yet something that still allowed them to have fun. My name is Hiromi Hughes. they love their toys. I grew up in Japan studying fashion design and have always loved designing things." Strawberries by Design" A Message from the Author WELCOME ! I would firstly like to thank you for your interest in my work and this FREE strawberry design that I would like to offer you as my gift..

Caroline Springs.I then began to sell my work online and again. Your feedback is always welcome and always appreciated. was that there is only one of me and when I sold some of my work.com Blog : www. Victoria 3037. if you have any questions. please do not hesitate to contact me.com Web : www.. Warmest Regards Hiromi Hughes P. Like anything though. and pass on to whoever you feel may be interested… It will give people some more information about how the whole “Felt Cuisine” series came about and also provides a good indication of the layout and the level of detail that we go into in our larger books.com) 5 . give away. with no fragile. I had constant requests from people asking me if I would show them how it was done so they could make some for their loved ones .2009 "Felt Cuisine" (www. Please note that while the larger books in the “Felt Cuisine” series may not be distributed or passed on without authorisation from the author. the feedback I received was wonderful and greatly appreciated. My children began playing with their "Felt Cuisine" pieces when they were 2 years old and they have lasted wonderfully well. sharp pieces that are likely to break off and no small moving parts.FeltCuisine..FeltCuisine.. comments or feedback about this design. Europe. As always.. They are very safe toys.FeltCuisine. are hand sewn and are of course not completely indestructible. They are made of fabric. they need to be treated with care. The problem however. South America. this FREE Strawberry Pattern is a book that you are most welcome to share. the pieces can be very easily re-created by anyone as you will see by the Strawberry pattern that I have provided to you here. Australia Tel : 613-8361-5988 / Fax : 61-3-8361-6172 email :Info@FeltCuisine. Alternatively.com © Copyright 2007 .com I hope that you and your children will enjoy creating and playing with all the wonderful strawberries that I know you will all soon be making. and throughout Australasia. I had to sit down and make it.O. Also.. I have since sold my work to many wonderful people all over the world including the USA. your friends can sign up for their very own Free copy of “Strawberries by Design” by subscribing to our ‘inner circle’ mailing list at www. This lead of course to the creation of the "Felt Cuisine" series of craft guides.FeltCuisine. Although my work may look difficult to make. Box 3338..blogspot.

you can use carbon paper to trace these templates onto the cardboard. label them. Once you have created these templates in thick cardboard. Alternatively.CHAPTER 1 "Strawberries" by Design Equipment You Will Need : Red and green felt. To create the cardboard templates. red and green thread. We therefore suggest that you print out the templates. They will then become your "Master templates" that you will be able to use over and over again in the future.com) 6 . these templates will last a lot longer and they will be much easier to use. They are exactly the right size and are ready for you to cut out and use. carefully cut them out with scissors and trace their shapes onto thick cardboard. you have two options. light brown embroidery thread.FeltCuisine.2009 "Felt Cuisine" (www. if they are made from thick cardboard. © Copyright 2007 . general sewing equipment and some cardboard. Creating the Cardboard Templates : I have provided here two differently sized templates for both a large strawberry and a smaller strawberry. but ensure you use a fine tipped pen to minimise the size difference to the original templates. Please note : If you do wish to use this method. some stuffing. Option Number 1 : Simply print out the Strawberry Master Templates on the following page.

2 inches) © Copyright 2007 . ‘Small’ Strawberry : Master Template for a ‘Small’ Strawberry (a) (b) (c) (d) 9. the measurements for the strawberries are provided in the diagrams below. By following these templates and the provided measurements.com) 7 . or if you do not wish to use the method detailed above. you will be able to recreate these templates yourself directly on to thick cardboard using a pencil.2009 "Felt Cuisine" (www.7 inches) (or 0.4 inches) (or 0.5cm 1.5cm 2.75cm 5 mm (or 4.25cm 4 mm (or 3.5cm 1.0 inch) (or 0.7 inches ) (a half circle) (or 1. a ruler and a drawing compass.7 inches ) (a half circle) (or 1.5 inches) (or 0..2 inches) ‘Large’ Strawberry : Master Template for a ‘Large’ Strawberry (a) (b) (c) (d) 12cm 3.FeltCuisine.Option Number 2 : If you do not have access to a printer.

Step 3 : Fold the red felt template in half. Use a running stitch 5mm from the edge using double red threads as shown below. Step 4 : Turn the felt inside out.CHAPTER 2 "Strawberries" Step by Step Step 1 : Create your cardboard templates as detailed in Chapter 1. but do not cut the threads. then use a running stitch around the open perimeter.2009 "Felt Cuisine" (www. Make a knot. Step 2 : Cut out the red felt using the cardboard templates detailed in Chapter 1. Ensure you cut the felt to the exact size.FeltCuisine. 5mm from the edge. © Copyright 2007 .com) 8 .

com) 9 . Step 7 : Pull the thread tight. to close the opening. to partially close the strawberry.2009 "Felt Cuisine" (www. Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 © Copyright 2007 . until the strawberry is ripe and firm.Step 5 : Gently pull the thread. Step 8 : Pass the needle through the opening several times to secure the strawberry and then make a knot.FeltCuisine. Step 6 : Insert stuffing.

FeltCuisine. to the location of the next knot and repeat. © Copyright 2007 . Step 10 : Pass the thread around the needle 4-5 times to make a French Knot. Step 11 : Pass the needle through the middle of one French knot. Step 9 Step 10 Step 11 Step 12 : Cut out the green felt using the cardboard templates detailed in Chapter 1.2009 "Felt Cuisine" (www.com) 10 . Decorate the strawberry all over with a number of French Knots (to represent the strawberry seeds). Ensure you cut the felt to the exact size.Step 9 : Decorate with light brown (double) embroidery thread.

Step 13 : Using double green threads. And then. attach the leaf to the strawberry as shown in the photos below. if you pull the thread slightly tighter.. you have finished your very own "Strawberry by Design".FeltCuisine.2009 "Felt Cuisine" (www.com) 11 . Congratulations ! © Copyright 2007 .. you will get a more realistic "3D" effect for the finished strawberry.

. Thank You ! Once again. If you have not done so. my aim with the "Felt Cuisine" range. If you would like to show off your own pieces of "Felt Cuisine". Something that was different. hints. Australia Email : Info@FeltCuisine..com © Copyright 2007 ... what did you like about these designs and this book ? and more importantly. then of course feel free to email me any pictures of your finished work. . what did you not like ?. that encouraged the natural creativity and imagination of our children. was to provide some new ideas for children's toys. Of course as a valued customer of mine..FeltCuisine. I do hope that you and your children had as much fun making these strawberries as I did in designing them and creating them myself.com Until next time. ..com Blog : www. something soft and warm.Box 3338.FeltCuisine.Feedback.com Web : www. I would like to thank you for your interest in my work .FeltCuisine. I bid you farewell. Caroline Springs Melbourne.com) 13 . I encourage you to sign up for our “Felt Cuisine Inner Circle” where you will be the first to know of any news... were the designs easy to understand and easy to follow ? What was the reaction you got from the children ? etc etc..Blogspot.. I will be keeping you up to date with news of what is happening in the world of “Felt Cuisine”. I of course would love to receive feedback on my work.2009 "Felt Cuisine" (www. new designs or releases and any exhibitions that I will be taking part in. Victoria 3123. Yours in Creativity Hiromi Hughes P... tips. Comments & Final Thoughts. The children love helping me in the "kitchen" as I make my felt creations and it has really brought us even closer together. I also want to strengthen the bonds between people as I have seen happen with me and my children. I would love to see them and to see what designs my work has inspired.O. All such feedback will be gratefully received and taken on board and can only help in making future releases in the "Felt Cuisine" range as good as they can be. so please feel free to contact me and let me know what you thought.. I want children to realise and value the effort and love that goes into a gift that is handmade and not just bought ready made from a store.. You can sign up for our “Inner Circle” at www.FeltCuisine... So I hope that these creations of mine have helped bring a smile to children of all ages wherever they may be. As I stated at the start of this book.

. The Australian Stitches & Craft Show 2008 In 2008. As time passes. On Blogs.2009 "Felt Cuisine" (www.com.. I was lucky enough to be invited to exhibit my work at the Melbourne “Stitches & Craft” Show.690 web pages across the net over the last 18 months.FeltCuisine. My thoughts and my “Felt Cuisine” series of craft guides were highlighted in her story that appeared in a number of publications across the associated press network.com. Kerri Anne is a big art and craft fan herself and she always ensures she does a story on the Stitches and Craft show as it travels around Australia. you can either click here. “Mornings with Kerri Anne” .au Living Creatively I also received a write up in the wonderful “Living Creatively” website that was launched in 2008.LivingCreatively. Along with the above. video’s.StitchesAndCraft.. Australia My work has also been featured on the top rating daytime show “Mornings with Kerri Anne” on Channel Nine here in Australia. It is a fantastic event I will be certainly involved again this year. more and more people are seeing and hearing about the “Felt Cuisine” series of craft guides and the news is starting to spread.Channel 9.. It is wonderful to hear the positive feedback that I receive almost daily now and I can only imagine the smiles these pieces are bringing to the faces of loved ones throughout the world. feel free to check out their website at www. my work. in discussion groups and across the coffee tables of countless craft enthusiasts in nations all over the world. To check out the Living Creatively website.. visit www.“Felt Cuisine” The News is Spreading.. images and books have been featured on over 4.com) 14 . a reporter for the Associated Press Network in the USA. Kerri Anne Kennerley is one of Australia’s favourite faces since she first appeared on television in 1963.. forums. © Copyright 2007 . You can click here to see a write up on this fantastic event. or on the living Creatively logo pictured to the right. The Associated Press Network We were also interviewed by Holly Ramer. My work was also on display at the Sydney & Brisbane Stitches & Craft shows as well. To see a sample of this feature.au. To find out more about the Stitches & Craft show. Here are some of the write ups and profiles that we have received from the media since we began. To read the write up that we received about the “Felt Cuisine” series. click here for a story featured in the “Times & Democrat” newspaper in South Carolina..

FeltCuisine..com PLUS . Prawn Tempura.FeltCuisine. Penne..Current Releases in the “Felt “Felt Cuisine .. Tuna.. Farfalle. Gunkanmaki (Salmon Roe. Lemon Tart.. Garlic Bread. Apple Tart. Green Tea Tart. Many more to come.. Ravioli & Tortellini) & of course the Cannoli.. Chocolate Heart Tart. Eel Spinach. Chocolate Swirl Tart. tarts to add a bit of 'sweetness' to any pretend play party & finish off with a big stack of pancakes & strawberries (or maybe chocolate ?) . Norimaki (Seaweed. Available from www. Available from www. PLUS all the garnishes & toppings you will need to give your creations those finishing touches… Available from www.Cakes by Design” Cuisine” Series. Blueberry Tart. Vegetarian. pretend play. Seafood and Deluxe).. Avocado & Calabash).. "Fully illustrated. There are lots of exciting patterns in the works for you all to try and they will be released over the coming months.. Strawberry Tart. a meal for the whole family" "Recipes" include : Gourmet Pizzas (Hawaiian. Cucumber. Coffee Tart. I am getting hungry just thinking of them" "Recipes" include : Fruit Tart. Eel.” (Warning : Only for those with a ‘sweet tooth’…) "Recipes" include : Mango Mousse Cake. Egg. hand crafted. Pepperoni.com “Felt Cuisine . & Cucumber).. Chocolate Mud Cake. To ensure that you don’t miss out on any of these new releases. that will keep your kids entertained & delighted for hours.Sushi by Design” "Learn to create 16 different varieties of beautiful. Salmon & Omelette).A Taste of Italy” "Learn to create 6 gourmet Pizza's. I invite you to sign up for our “Felt Cuisine . Squid & Okura. Spicy Chicken & Mushroom.com “Felt Cuisine . step by step guide to make 14 different handcrafted.com “Felt Cuisine . Salmon. Tobikomaki (Flying Fish Roe. White Chocolate Mousse Cake. Blueberry Cheesecake Green Tea Cheesecake & Tiramisu Cake.. Mont Blanc Tart. Strawberry Mousse Cake.. Sea Urchin). Inarizushi & Temakizushi (Tuna & Cucumber Crab Stick & Avocado. that will delight your children & introduce them to the wonderful world of Japanese Cuisine" "Recipes" include : Nigirizushi (Tuna. Raspberry Tart. Takanamaki (Mustard Seed.Tarts & Pancakes” "Learn to create 12 stunning. Prawn & Squid).FeltCuisine. Chocolate Mousse Cake. pretend play Cup Cakes & Whole Cakes.com) 15 ..FeltCuisine. Available from www.com © Copyright 2007 .FeltCuisine.2009 "Felt Cuisine" (www. Garlic Bread that will make your mouth water & a sweet batch of 5 different Cannoli's to satisfy your sweet tooth.. You can sign up at www. 5 varieties of Pasta so real you'll be asking for the parmesan cheese.Inner Circle” mailing list to be kept up to date with all that is happening in the world of “Felt Cuisine”. Salmon Roe & Perilla. sushi pieces. Pasta (Fettuccine.FeltCuisine.. Black Forest Tart & of course the Pancakes… you can't forget about the Pancakes.

Tennessee. Thanks again for helping me get back some creativity in my life” Julie Lawrence.Linda Blaker.Jennifer Voss. Victoria. step by step guides etc. Illinois. My favourite part about the whole thing is your philosophy on bringing families closer together & bringing children & their parents back to the "roots" of the value of handmade gifts. Puerto Rico. Malaysia "I am so excited to make these! your instructions are very well done. “Just wanted you to know that I'm truly in awe of your amazing talent & have highlighted your creativity into my blog” . You are amazingly kind & patient & that says a lot for your customer service !” . Missouri.2009 "Felt Cuisine" (www. thank you. California. I thought "WOW !. USA © Copyright 2007 .Vanessa Venedam. I don't sew at all & I KNOW I can do this !” . When you said that you were making a book with all the templates. WOW ! You have such a talent ! The best I've seen yet ! ” . I have 3 grand-daughters I want to make them for & I know they will truly enjoy them” . I just received your wonderful eBook ! It's amazing & I can't wait to get started. USA “I am soooo thrilled to be able to make some of this food for my kids. Thank you. If only all patterns were so thorough ! I like your introduction as well.Elise Cline. I am so excited. USA “When I first opened the book.Jennifer Langford. Nova Scotia. I've just downloaded your OUTSTANDING eBooks & you have me drooling over the fantastic pieces I've found there” . Missouri.Elaine A.Rachel Hanson. it is nice to know the story behind how you started making these" .Testimonials What our Customers are saying about the “Felt Cuisine” Series “I’ve never worked with felt before & am shocked at the realism that can be achieved (I love the raspberry). Canada “I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your books are ! Your instructions couldn't have been clearer & your photos are the best” .FeltCuisine. this is the most awesome & most fun craft I've seen & I can't wait to start. thank you. I really have got more than what I paid for". USA “I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how ASHTONISHED I am with your incredible work. Australia Hi Hiromi. Every word is so true & I want to thank you for inspiring me to get closer to my children” Gloria Sanchez. I just wanted to compliment you on your time & effort on such wonderful books. New Hampshire.Monika Garcia. Spain “Thank you.Carmen S. USA “Please tell me you are working on more ! Seriously.com) 16 . Valencia. USA “The patterns were very easy to follow & my friends and family will LOVE them as Christmas gifts ! They turned out great ! Thanks so much” . I love your work. Petaling Jaya.Sandra Khoo. I had no idea that the book would be so detailed and precise" . USA “I was researching felt food when I found your web site & YouTube videos. Texas.

have thousands of happy customers in nations all over the world and quite frankly.FeltCuisine.Your 30 Day. © Copyright 2007 . Melbourne. I would be embarrassed to take your money if you were anything less than thrilled with your purchase ! So you can see that there is absolutely NO RISK to you ! If you don’t like the patterns that I have created. Australia.. return your books to us (for those who purchased our books on CD Rom. Signed : Hiromi Hughes Creator of the “Felt Cuisine” series. DVD or any other physical format) and we will issue you a full refund of your purchase costs (including postage costs for those who have bought any of our physical products). after receiving any of the products in the “Felt Cuisine” series. IF.. then of course I will happily refund your money. even if you don’t like the colour of the pages. You can simply let us know. that I offer all of my customers an Unconditional 30 day guarantee. 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee ! I am so confidant that you will love making these pieces as much as I do. if you feel that your purchase is not worth the money you spent. No Risk. I am very proud of my work.2009 "Felt Cuisine" (www. you are dissatisfied in any way. if you simply can’t follow the instructions provided.com) 17 .

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