We packed up on Aug 21 and made the two day trek from Saskatoon, SK to Langley, BC.

The Adventure Has Begun a new place, a new ministry, a new mission
By Chris McKenzie

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for this new adventure to begin. We left Taiwan at the end of June and have spent the last couple months in our hometown of Saskatoon. It was a good time filled with friends, family and a heavy dose of Canadian cooking. The summer gave us a chance to rediscover Canada and begin the steps of adjusting to being back in our home country. (although truth be told it no longer feels like our home country) After a while the restlessness set in. Don’t get me wrong, I love vacation, but it was tough for me to be lacking in purpose. That is why I’m so excited to be here now.

This new chapter will be a busy one. My own personal journey of leadership will be filled with family responsibilities, church planting duties and academic pursuits. The excitement is building for what I’m jumping into. My church planting partner and mentor, Lindsay, and I have already spent several hours at Starbucks discussing, planning and dreaming as we attempt to put together our vision for this new church. It doesn’t have a name yet but it certainly has a purpose. We want to be people that go where Jesus went, that hang out with the people Jesus hung out with and who bring transformation to lives the way Jesus did. Ultimately we want to be accused

of the things Jesus was accused of. That means we aren’t going to sit back and wait for people to come to our church but we’re going to be actively engaging in the lives of people around us bringing church/ Jesus to them. This vision fires me up and I’m excited to see it catch on with believers in our core group but more importantly with the people in the Langley community. As I look forward at all that is ahead in the next few months and years it seems daunting but I’ve followed God’s leading this far and will continue to hold on for the ride. Join me in praying that He will sustain me and my family as we move in faith.



Mommy and the kids are spending a lot of quality time together. A bright spot in the midst of challenging transition.

Embracing a New Role at-home-mom & bicycle chariot chauffeur

kitchen stuff still making its way west from Saskatoon, and putzing around the house.  For the first time ever I By Nevada McKenzie fold laundry as it comes out of the I'm happy to be in our new dryer!!!  My life is here is so different (rented) home in Langley.  The from my life in Taiwan and I have no summer was restful and quiet, and idea how to reinvent myself, but I am even though we didn't do much moving forward with thankfulness visiting the kids were getting agitated and joy for the path set before me.   from the "ok, here's your cousin/ I'm studying Proverbs 31:10-31 to friend/etc, go play... ok time to go" help me find my identity and figure routine.  It was lonely in out what my role entails.  (Want to Saskatchewan, and it’s definitely join me in memorizing this passage of lonely here.  All of us are missing our scripture?  Let me know!) active social lives and friend networks, I will need to find some kind of but we are spending a lot of quality work soon, but we are being picky time together and that is a blessing.   about what kind of work and the Even though I'm Canadian, time away from home it would everything is new.  Frankly, although require. God has been quiet in this I've always dreamed of living this area, so we are moving forward close to Walmart, it's almost slowly in a few directions, waiting for overwhelming to have so many shops a door to open in God's way and and businesses nearby.  Eerie in a timing.  My BC teacher certification way, like it's a dream!  Driving is is underway, I'm putting up a 'Tutor crazy, and I feel like a bumpkin with Available' poster at Gemma's school, my Saskatchewan wheat field license and checking Craigslist every few plates amongst the big city dwellers of days.  We'll wait and see what BC.  Also new is my role as stay happens!  God is faithful and good.   home mom.  Wow; not sure what to Pray for our patience while waiting, do with that.  I've spent the first four for friends and community, and for weeks feeling guilty about not Gemma specifically to make friends working, trying to cook with all our and settle into school.  

God has been so good to us through this.  Chris and I have spent lots of time together this summer, going for coffee and just hanging out.   We don't usually have time for that and we enjoyed every date night my mother in law gave us!  Our house is small, but the majority of the suites here are smaller.  Weighing in on the positive is our friendly landlord, backyard complete with playhouse, and huge bedroom for the kids to share. Chris and I are thankful for the new furniture we were able to get, including a fantastic new table the manager gave us for 40% off.  Chris and I had looked at this amazing table three times and finally the manager said, "You sure have your eye in this table; I'll tell you what, I'm about to sell this floor model.  Are you interested?" Uh, YES!!!!  It's the little surprises like this that have given us momentum and energy.  We knew the move would be tough, but with each week that passes it gets easier.   Praise God!



As church we want to be accused of the things that Jesus was accused of.
Lindsay Anderson

Our First Gathering nothing beats a free bbq
By Chris McKenzie

A couple weeks ago we had our first get-together as a budding church plant. Lindsay, the lead planter and my mentor, has been working the phones and computer rallying people around the idea of creating a new church in Willoughby (area of Langley. His vision is that we will be people who engage God, engage in Community and engage with Culture. We want to be a people who follow in the ways of Jesus not just talk about Jesus. That means we will

go where Jesus went, hang out with the people Jesus hung out with, serve the world the way Jesus did and add value to our city the way Jesus added value to the communities he visited. This is different from many churches who sit and wait for people to come to them and who get caught up in separating from the world around them. This concept is gaining traction with people and we were excited to see about 25 people show up at our

first gathering. We had no agenda and we didn’t do anything “spiritual”...the goal was just to get together and get to know each other. We want to be a community that does life together as we pursue being the church. We have plans for a second BBQ this weekend and will begin meeting together regularly, house church style, starting in October. Please pray that more people will catch the vision at that relationships will begin to form.



New School i’m in grade one
Gemma McKenzie

Home With Mom every day is play day
Guinness McKenzie

Gemma posing at Willoughby Elementary, her new school!!

School has its highs and lows, and Gemma is navigating it with her chin up.  Pray for her to adjust well to a totally new school environment and to find new friends.   We did put her in grade 1 at the principal's recommendation, despite her late birthday, so we hope that when the real class work starts she has no trouble. On another note she’s really looking forward to participating in some activities this fall and winter. At the top of her list are dance & ice-skating.

Guinness loves playing in the backyard

Guinness is soaking in Mommy's attention, dividing his time between cuddling and playing outside in the yard. He has his Nerf gun & favorite toys, a backyard playground and his family.... What else does a little boy need? Please pray that we will meet some other little boys to play with. Although mommy can be very fun he needs some friends in his life. He sure misses all his aunties and all his friends in Taiwan.

Prayer Requests
1) New Friendships: We are all very lonely and feeling isolated away from our friends and family. 2) Core growth in the early stages of our church plant: So far we’ve seen some interest in the plant and we hope to develop a core group of people who commit to the vision. 3) A Faith That Endures: To tell the truth Nevada and I have hit some lows during this time of transition. Please pray that we will keep our eyes focused on who our God is and what His plans are for us. 4) Part-Time Job for Nevada: We need some extra income in our house and Nevada needs some time away from the family. 5) Finances: Our biggest struggle so far. We have been overwhelmed by the cost of the move and the cost of living in BC.

Financial Need
This exciting opportunity of leadership development & church planting is a great blessing however it comes at a cost. Living in the Vancouver area is not cheap. The program provides us with a stipend however it only amounts to about 50% of what it takes to be here. If you believe in my leadership, in our family’s call to ministry and in the importance of church planting then this is your chance to make an investment in what God is doing. When you invest you become a valuable part of the team, an important piece of the puzzle. Please pray about it and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Click the link to donate or go to and follow the donate links to find our page: purpose-vision-values/donate-to-febpacific/langley-church-plant/ designated-mckenzie-ministry/

CONTACT INFO ADDRESS: McKenzies 20613 66A Ave Langley, BC V2Y 2Y4 CANADA PHONE: (604) 866-4357 EMAIL: