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Microsoft (Internship TE Sem 1)

TECHNICAL QUESTIONS ● Virtual Functions, Constructors, Destructors. ● Diif b/w new and malloc. ● DBMS tables, keys, designs. ● Dictionary data structure. ● Test cases of a pen (atleast 20). ● Reverse a string, swap Nos. ● TE & BE project in detail. ● Design few deterministic finite automata. ● ER diagram of a system & SQL queries. ● Basic OOPS Concepts. ● Mapping of Areal time system with help of OOP. ● Test and elevator Interview at Hyderabad ● Questions regarding the work which you do there. ● Windows Azure , SQL Azure, MVC3, S/W Patterns, Projects.

HR QUESTIONS ● When is the last time you lied and how do you feel? ● What else is other to you than your resume says? ● What would you do if you win 1 crore in KBC? ● Explain failure.
● Why Computer Engineering? ● Why Microsoft? ● Dreams, Vision, Higher Studies. ● Any idea which you would like

PUZZLES ● Cut a circular cake in 8 parts with 3 cuts. ● How many min tries would it take to identify the heaviest ball using weights?

TIPS ● Identify core strengths and make them really strong. ● Work hard on your projects.

● Basic matters, so refer foreign

to make reality, if you are given Microsoft resources. ● Best advertisement you have ever seen.

authors for basic stuff. ● Bring innovation in project. ● Keep your senses open to the world to learn. ● Thought process, passion and attitude are the keys for any good company.

Johndeere, Thoughtworks, Microsoft

● Write an algorithm to make all the

combination of a string (follow up questions on the code optimization). ● Different kinds of keys in database, examples of each and use. ● Design a model for an object like pen. ● Test your model. ● Make object model and database model. ● Write a code for reversing a string and optimize it. ● Binary search (Iterative & Recursive). ● Binary Search Tree (with insertion, deletion and complexities in time and space). ● Design an elevator. What data structure will you use and why? ● Virtual function (Run Time Polymorphism). ● Index in database. ● Difference between C and C++ for a programmer. Which one do you prefer, Why? ● What is the use of properties (C#). ● How would you ensure that the method in base class is the last implementation, there should be no implementation in derived class?

● Why should we hire you? ● Any idea on honesty

● Make a design for a 50 storey

● Just don’t fake your personality

building and the elevators (They look for what assumption you make and what you design).

and concepts. ● People look for the approach that you take to solve, the way you reach your answer. Doesn’t matter what your answer is. Be confident when you deliver your answer. Should be passionate about the technology.
●Research the company and ask

questions when given chance, don’t miss the opportunity to show your interest.
●When you don’t know any

concept, don’t fake. Tell him, you don’t know but you can guess about it.

● Describe any experience that changed your life. destructors and friend functions. mathematics. ● What do your friends think ● Find shortest path for an ant to about you? ● Describe your projects. ● How will you work in team? reach from corner of 3D room to another. Microsoft ● C++ constructors. ● Differnce between 3NF and BCNF in DBMS. ● A simple puzzle involving basic ● Be patient and understanding. ● Be calm. Synchronisation.Infosys. ● Differences between C++ and Java exception handling. ● Complex Design. ● OS Deadlocks. ● Different sorting techniques and their complexities. TCP-IP Model. 3d PLM S/W. ● Networking protocols. ● About Yourself. accept your . weaknesses. ● Queries to retrieve third highest salary. ● Cut cake into 8 equal parts with three cuts. ● 3 labels incorrect ● From Google interview Questions. ● Layers of OSI. Cognizant. ● Concentrate on your strengths. ● SQL Server 2008.

Synygy ● Explain your BE project laying empahsis on the algorithm followed.15. If you have heard of the puzzle. Random Apple/ Orange. what is the angle? ● Three incorrectly labelled vending machines. Then even if you have heard of them. ● Don’t be over enthusiastic. How many such points exist on earth? ● you can find on the net. suppose I get jealous and start giving you bad reviews. Two people can be on the brdge at a time and carrying torch is a must. In fact. How will you avoid/ react in the situation? hand and minutes hand of the clock at 3. Hobbies. ● Your passion. ● For puzzles. ● Primary key and foreign key in DBMS. Apple. topcoder for coding practice. Orange. ● Joins in SQL. let the interviewer help you a little Think Aloud. What is the min time? ● I move 200 Km south. pretend you haven’t and act like you are arriving at the solution there. ● For aptitude refer Test your C Aptitude-Mc Graw Hills. . What is minimum no of coins to find which is which? ● Four people have to cross a rickety bridge in the dark. ● Childhood. ● Go for sites like codechef. Comviva ● Conditional Compilation in C. Their speeds are 10 min. ● Difference between primary key and ● About yourself. then 200 Km north and arrive at the stating point. There is only one torch. If yes. unique key. 5 min and 2 min. tell them ONCE. ● Projects done till third semester. How do you ● Is there angle between hours ● Prepare on all possible puzzles intend to keep it alive when working? ● Why Synygy? ● When you come to work with us. refer google and microsoft puzzles. ● Why you want to join Comviva? ● Any weakness. then 200 Km east.

Java. ● C and C++ question. ● About project in C++. ● Difference in C and C++ (Virtual function. next five years? quantitative). ● How does system ensure that you do not create a file with same name in a folder? ● How will you avoid collision between threads (semaphore and locks are not answers). ● Advantage and need of pointers. ● Revise your project before appearing for a company. ● Aptitude from indianbix (C and ● About yourself. ● Pick one subject as favourite and possess deep knowledge about it.Comviva ● Difference between compiler and Cognizant. diagram of your project. ● Area of interest and hobbies. ● What is polymorphism? ● ER Diagram of your project. ● What do you know about this company? Most of the puzzles are Google interview questions. Abstraction). 3d PLM S/W interpreter language and what kind of language visual basic is. ● Why do you want to join ● ● Be fully conversant with ER company and not going for higher studies? ● Future plans. ● Different tpes of normal forms with examples. ● Strength and weakness. ● SE & TE Project. ● Where do you see yourself in ● Google interview puzzles. ● Basic implementation details of inheritance. ● Be prepared at all times for quantitative aptitude. ● Read and understand OOP & Data Structure nicely. ● How internet works. . ● Bits related questions. ● Why do you want to join this ● Search puzzles on the internet. ● During interview. ● Data Structure ● Operating System. ● Networking (all protocols & domains). ● Virtual functions and constructors. ● Revise project. ● Prepare for basics/ fundamentals. ● About yourself. if you don’t know something. ● Binary search trees and heaps. ● About yourself. simply accept it. company? ● Hobbies/ Interests. ● Joins and sequences in SQL. your project. Cognizant. ● Your role in the project. ● Coding questions similar to codeched etc. ● Virtual Functions ● SE/TE Project explanation. 3D PLM Software Infosys Infosys. ● DBMS (most required). ● Any difficulties you faced in ● ● Do questions from C & C++ at the end of the chapters.

Computer Networks. ● Why do you want to join the ● ● Know your choice between ERS Infosys. ●What is modulation? Explain its types. ● Basics of SE and TE should be solid. which sector interested you the most. OOP. ● Are you doing to improve/ get over them.Deloitte Consulting Deloitte ERS Whirlpool Whirlpool ● As shown in the PPT during pre-placement talk. Why? ● Basic block diagram of a control system. ● How did you overcome them? ●Difference between flip flops and registers. need not study for placement. Concentrate on C++ basics. . ● Good communication skills. Deloitte ● What was your mini project? ● Problems faced while during the project. Cognizant ●Explain TE Project. ● ● How do you manage your day to day life? ● What do you think about the concept of a leader and a follower? ● Who is your inspiration in life? and BTA. work hard on programming skills. ● Good communication skills. ●Specs & functions of IC 555? ●Header files in C. ●What is the difference between C and assembly language? ●What is a diode? ●What are RISC and CISC Programming? ●Can transistor be used as a buffer? ●Questions on TE Project. ● Pay attention on the preplacement talk. ●What is your favourite subject? Explain the subject in brief. ● Practice aptitude tests. company? ● Why opt for MBA? ● Why ERS and not BTA? ● How do you see your career ● shaping up? ● Which department do you want to work in? ● What are your plans for post graduation? ● What are your strengths and weaknesses? ● Tell me about your schooling. ● Have good knowledge of C and one more subject (eg CN). ● What did you like the most ● ● It is a very big myth that you about the PPT? ● Any 3 weakness. ● E&TC Students. ●Use of # include.

● Make sure you have indepth knowledge about your favourite subject. You ● Ensure thorough knowledge in the making of the project? ●Wha t is your final year project about? ●What is your favourite subject and why? ●Explain any one concept that interested you. How would you cut it to ensure that one worker gets one gold part everyday. ●What are the various problems you faced ● Why did you choose E&TC? ● What are the various events ● There is one gold bar. ● C and DS should be given a lot of importance.Infosys. you have organised in college? ● Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? can cut it into three parts. about project. Cognizant ●TE mini project. .

find the next nearest number with same binary weight. find all the numbers whose sum is equal to a given number.Deloitte ERS. DS. ●Difference between agile model and waterfall model. Which alog would you use? ●Virtual function. . Sort a database. ●Why did you choose this project? Explain utility. DBMS. ●AVL tree. ●Which is possiblevirtaul constructor/ destructor (based on projects done). B+ tree. ●Refactoring. ● Understand the concept and learn to apply the concepts. What is pair programming? ●How would you achieve multiple inheritance in Java. V Table etc. ●Model a traffic light based on OOP. OOPs. ● Prepare. ● Debate on Anna Hazare. ●Recursive/ Iterative traversals of binary tree. Thoughtworks ●Model a snake and ladder game based on ● Why Thoughtworks? Why not ● Object Oriented Programming. ●In a 1D array. ●Find the number of trailing zeros in n factorial. ●How does JSP Java Script work. ●Method overriding/ Method overloading. ●Shallow copy Vs Deep copy. ●Difference between an abstract class and an interface. ●Tell me the client server architecture. ●Why did you use the technology that you Google? ● What if we do not hire you? ● About yourself. B tree. ● Think of real time examples and practice actual coding. ●DBMS Normal forms. ●How would you optimise the processing on the server side? ●Given a number.

● Focus on OOP. ●What are different web programming language you have used? ●Explain the functioning of your website interface and backend. ●Difference between C# and Java and C++. ● Where did you grow up and ● ● If you want to go into IT why do you like that place? ● What is your take on women reservation and what do you do for women empowerment? ● What irritates you the most? ● How was your day today? ● How did you like the company? industry. ● Be truthful and smiling during interview. ●OOP concepts. inheritance and OOPs. How can you use it? ●Virtual Functions. strengthen your basics of C. . ●(Asked for real time examples and scenarios for every question. ● How would you lead a team? ● How would you make a person ● ● Do extensive research on your believe in you? ● What do others think about you? projects. ● Try to keep yourself aware of the recent trends in programming. ●Give any 10 qualities of a marker on which you can decide its quality analysis. ●Sort a circular linked list. Every question was followed by a lot of follow up questions and dug deeper into the concepts. ●Write an algorithm for BFS of graph. ●What is CSS. ●Applications of DIP. ●Why do you want to pursue career in IT although you are in E&TC. ●Explain the terms encapsulation.Thoughtworks Johndeere used. ●Explain stacks and queues. ●How do you associate E&TC with Thoughtworks. Follow upon My SQL Vs Oracle. C++ and data structures (Very important). ● Always have clear and correct knowledge about your project (always asked in interviews). ●Draw ER diagram for your project. Write a pseudocode.

L&T IES GS Lab third highest salary in an office. but denied having any knowledge about it as that subject was in 7th sem for us. ● Any difficulties faced in project and how did you recover it. ● Analog Devices. ●How will two queues work as a single stack? ●Optimisation of question (coding problem) given in first round. ● About yourself. ● Power Devices. ● About yourself. ●What are constructors. ●DFS. . ● You should be able to represent yourself properly. ● Future goals. ● Brief introduction. C++or Java. ●Rate yourself in Java/ C++. ● Why L&T and not Army ● Backlog history. postorder. BFS ●Asked about CN. ●Polymorphism. ● If you know anything about our ● ● Study concepts. ● Be confident.Johndeere ●DBMS-Difference between primary key and ● What was your role in project? index key. preorder. ●Questions on testing (black box/ white box). ● Tell them only subjects you company. ●Which language would you prefer – C. Infosys. ● Tell me about your one ● ● DLD. ●SQL-Print the name of the person with ● ● Be thorough with DBMS and C++. ● Honesty is appreciated. ● What you liked about our company the most? have complete knowledge of. destructors. strength that would be an asset for company. ●One output program of C++. ●Data Structure ●C Language ●Analog Devices ●Digital Logic Design ●Embedded System ●Power Devices ●Final Year Project ●How will you make two stacks work as a single queque. ●Questions on inorder.

● What are you best at? ● Passion. JAVA. with new technologies. ● Be confident. ● Future endeavours. ● About yourself. ●How a C program works? All technical concepts when you run a program. ● Refer site indiabix. arrays problem Comviva Comviva solving. ●Hash tables. ●Function pointer in and questions on blogspot. . ● Why should we select you? ● Why do you want to join ● ● Communication is key for this Infosys. ● Brush up C. It is more good in public relation (could be based on resume).Deloitte Consulting ●Some basic concepts on C and C++. ●Two questions on DBMS table joining. ●Basic SQL queries. ● Innovation done by you. ● About yourself. ● Be strong at DBMS. stack. ●Print ‘Hello’ in C (all type of tricky questions on that). ●Projects made in third year (in detail). ●Solving real world examples. ●Scheduling in OS. ● Why should I hire you? V E L (made of match sticks). ● Be confident and keep your basics strong. Deloitte? Why ot some other company? ● Your role model. company. ●Trees. ●Joins in DBMS. classes. important than Data Structures. interface and interaction. ●Designing classes for a real world example. ●Multi threading in C. Make a name of city by shifting only one stick from one letter to another. inheritance. C++ and DBMS concepts. ● Best thing you have done in your life. ●Explain the concept of header file. database of the same. ●OOP-Virtual functions. ● How do you think that you are ● ● Study OOPS. ● Some mathematical puzzles ● Be updates with all going on (Refer Shakuntala Devi). ●How to determine a loop in link list? ●How to swap two numbers without using temp or mathematical operator? ●Explain the concept of join. OOPS. OS. ● Why do you want to join ●N Comviva? ● Explain how you are a quick learner. graphs – problem solving.Indices and normalisation. ●DBMS. Cognizant ●Project work. ●Linked list.

●Bankers. ●DBMS-Indices. L&T IES Infosys OOPs. ●Which one generate more power. ● About yourself. ● Prepare thoroughly what you have done in SE & TE. ● Why L&T. keys. ●ACD Properties. ●Virtual Function.Saba. SOM. ●Max bending moment or location (based on given drawing). examples. ●Questions related to SOM. ● Your approach to tackle a ● we should have domain knowledge about those subjects. ●Graphs. ● Why Microsoft? ● Why should we hire you? DBMS. not Army? ● About your project. ● Have your basics clear in OOPs. ●Difference between four storke engine and two stroke engine. ●Find the rpm of shaft when the string unwound (based ongiven drawing). WE should be able to explain about objective and research done in your project. MD-II. Infosys. ● MD-I. did you recover. MD. ● Detailed explanation of project. interest and passion in your life. ●Question on real life scenario in terms of ● Have you ever lied ? ● Tell about your failure and how ● RS Agarwal. a four storke or two stroke. Deadlock. Infosys ● ● Your family background. Microsoft ●About project (designing part).. ● ● How do you keep your technical ● If you choose some subjects. ● Basic knowledge of C. ●Plate having thickness ‘t’. Shakuntala Devi ● Do your project thoroughly. ●Project related questions. . ● Why should I hire you? ● ● Designing related subjects. find maximum punching required so that no sideways deformation occurs ●Questions related to heat treatments. ● About yourself. particular problem you face in life. ● In-depth knowledge of mini project. ●OOP Concepts. ● If required IC. ● Prepare your project. knowledge updated? ● Why do you want to join our company? ● Hobbies. trees. basic concepts of JAVA. inserting in BST.

Circumferential stress. ●Application based questions related to pipings in oil industry. ● Basic knowledge of C and data structures. ●Numericals on basic FM. ● Good communication skills. stressstrain. project done. ● Thorough knowledge of mini project and BE project. ●Impact forces due to fluid or bends. basics of stress. ● Question related to bond. deformation and failure. deformation. ● Industrial fluid power (Basics) of fluid machinery. ●Questions on BMD. ● Area of interest. ●Effect of heat of oil or pipes-expasion and bending. . ●Total 50+ questions from various subjects in written test. ● Infosys ●Questions regarding TE Sem2 project. ● Full knowledge about C and Data Structure for every company. ● Aim in Life. ● Complete knowledge of your favourite subject.e some torque. ● Strength of machine elements & MD (BMD). S-n curves. what will be the FMC Technologies principle stresses developed. ● Advanced SOM. Hoop stress. i. some length. college. various parameters of course and fine thread. ● Explain mini project. strain. ●Questions on threads. ● Being in E&TC dept. ● ● Would you be like to a leader or follower. ● Shakuntala Devi Puzzle book to be referred. ● Why do you want to join Infosys? ● Family Backround. ● What is your passion? ● Hobbies. ● Family background.Infosys ● ● Regarding TE project. ●SME-Main field. ● Give focus to GD as shortlisting is done after both apti and GD. ● FMC Technologies ●If inside pressure is ‘p’. ● Do basics first and then build an application. ● Why choose Mech (specially for ● girls)? ● Questions regarding 2 year bond. ● ● Complete knowledge of mini Infosys ●Some questions from favourite subjects ● Something about yourself. ● Any cultural activities done. ● Do design really well. have some knowledge of C++ too.

TS Agarwal is sufficient. if you don’t know any answer. ●Difference between Heat Exchanger and Refrigerator. 1 is heavy. ●Types of pressure measuring devices. ●Welding process in which we use consumable electrode. Find the heavy one? ● A ball falls freely from 100 m height and after stricking attain an height of 50% of previous height. stress and pump. Don’t speculate answers. either thermal section/ manufacturing section or design section which will help in cracking aptitude test and technical interview. This will help you a lot.Infosys. ● BE Project. ● Participation in cultural event. (x-z)=? ● You have 81 balls. ●Difference between pressure. For Mechnaical students. then know all about information you have given in your CV. ● Paper presentation in AIT or ● (x-a) (x-b) (x-c) …. ● Cognizant ● Try to solve aptitude questions previously asked by Infosys/ cognizant. ● Prepare nicely on atleast one field. Cognizant. out of which ● Honeywell ● If you are appearing for other colleges. ●What kind of fluid flow we find in daily application of turbulent and lamnier flow? (3d PLM) ● About yourself. Find total distance travelled by ball before stop. Honeywell Turbo ●Hoop stress ●Maximum value of Poisson’s ratio. Say No. ● Try to improve your communications skills to get good placements with high pay package. Honeywell. For aptitude. have . ●Application of Heat Exchanger in industry. so solve previous papers before appearing.. ● All aptitude questions were from previous placement papers. ● Infosys ● Just clear the aptitude (Maths) test and try to have good communication skills and build up[ confidence in yourself and have faith in God.

● Highlight your achievements. General Motors asking to make a fire hydrant vehicle. remember you have to sell yourself. 1/3 of previous length on next day and so on. ●Free body diagram of bike and table. Johndeere. Analysis. ● Why do you want to join Johndeere. ●Why we use Pin-Fin? ●Give example of conduction heat transfer (three) from your daily life. ●How many mm in one inch? ●Why we are using radiator? ●Lifting mechanism and turning mechanism for plane. ●Fe-Fe3C diagram. ● Should have some knowledge about your interesting subject. PERT? ●What is differential? ●Difference between Simulation and ● Describe Tech Secretary ● Lego games were held in ● Be thorough with SETM. MP. MQC. ● About your project and hobbies ● ● Be polite and calm during and why? interview and have some knowledge about project. Kanbar. General Motors ●What is PLM? ●What is CPM. ●Questions related to project. . Honeywell Turbo ●Questions regarding your project work. Pin fin. First 10 chapters of Let us C is sufficient. ●Heat Exchanger. Poka-yoke. ● About yourself. ●Working of two stroke and four stroke engine.some knowledge of computer field also. ● Questions related to hobby. ● Be confident while giving the answer. ● Prepare subjects like metallurgy. ●Questions related to presentation and Honeywell Turbo seminar you have done. appointment. ● About yourself. ●Practical applications. ●Heat treatment process. heat transfer and your area of interest thoroughly. ● Logial puzzles such as ‘a tree grows half of its original length in one day. ● Future plans. ● You should be clear in your thought. ● What do you want to do in General Motors. ● Communication skill. ●Various quality control methods-JIT. ● Dream job. ●What is 6-Sigma? Tavisca Solutions. So how much time will it take to grow 100 times the original size.

●IC Engine Components. ●IC Engine Applications. ● Your daily routine. ●Briefing about BE project. interest and passion in your life. ● Career goals. ● Prepare thoroughly what you have done in SE & TE. Dual Clutch Transmission. ● For manufacturing process. ●Emission Norms. ●Diesel Engines. The next number will be with a difference of 1 to 10. ● Division preferred to work up ● Prepare your area of interest on. ●What is super charger? ●Who invented diesel cycle? ●Which cycle is used in diesel engine? ●Difference between carnot cycle and diesel cycle. The guy who sepak 50 will win game. visit at least two industries. ● For manufacturing process. ●Diesel Cycle-PV diagram and its detailed analysis. ● ● How do you keep your technical ● If you choose some favourite knowledge updated? ● Why do you want to join our company? ● Hobbies. well. Greaves Cotton Greaves Cotton Infosys. properly. . ●Testing Types. number game. ● About yourself ● Ready to get relocated. ● Don’t be nervous in the interview and give your best. Greaves Cotton which are divisible by both 3 & 5 between 1 to 1000. ● Your hobbies. ●Otto Cycle. visit atleast two industries. ● ● Prepare your favourite subjects ● About yourself. ●System Development Life Cycle. we should have domain knowledge about those subjects. ●Which one among four stroke or two stroke engine generate more power? ●Different parts of diesel engine. ●A container has one outlet of tea. ● Try to direct the interview in your favour. ● Solve maximum No of puzzles. one of coffee and one is random (tea or coffee). ●Difference between PVdiagrams of Diesel Cycle & Otto Cycle. The first one who speak will be anumber from 1 to 10. yourself and your nature. ● ● Command on C language. How many turns will need to check or to correct them properly. ●Emission Norms. ●Paper Presentation. ●Difference between four stroke engine and two stroke engine. subjects. ● Which type of work will you do ● Bob and Alice are playing a in our company as you are from E&TC. ● About yourself. ● Family Background. ●Engine Components. Dual Cycle. Wires of them are wrongly arranged.Tavisca Solutions ●Write a code in C to check the numbers Cognizant. what will be his strategy to win. If Bob speaks first.

how will you handle it? ● If you are given an order through internet. but don’t have the product. question. C++. ●About filters. ●Binary Search. DLL ●Difference between LL & array. ●Softwares you know-MATLAB. ● About yourself. ●Php language. etc.. Servers-How is data stored? ●Link List-SLL. Analog ● technical events. Cognizant ●Do you have an aversion to software Infosys. ● Study your subjects thoroughly. ●Cookies. ● Involvement in college fest and ● Find out the heavy ball among 8 ● Know the answer to the balls. indexing. ●About mini project. VHDL. ● Deb soc. ●Differnce between interpreters and ● About yourself. ●Inheritance-OOPs concept. for successful career. . ●Explain project. ●Some basic digital electronic questions. ●Languages known. ●Primary. ●DBMS queries. ●What search and sort method is good for LL & array? ●Advantage and disadvantage of LL. ● Basic knowledge of DC. ● Inter college competitions. how do you handle it? ● About Aakriti.Deloitte ERS ●Late and Early Binding in Compilers. unknown software. ● If you are to work with an ● ● Infosys. ● Explain your project. C. Electronics. ● Concentrate on mini project. candidate keys. FM. Cognizant programming. ● Weak points. ● Characteristics you should have ● ● Focus on DBMS and OOP Sapient compilers. what is your favourite subject. concepts. ●Digital Communication-AM.

Cognizant Cognizant Cognizant Cognizant worked on. ● Comfortable to work in ● To distribute 2 dozen bananas. ● Concentrate on your projects. ●Application of SNR other than communication. ● ● Work experience of Tech Aakriti ● Concentrate on the basics. Why? ●Explain project. required. Cognizant Infosys. ●Difference between UPS andn inverter. ● Concentrate on your projects. ●Microcontroller. ● ● Good communication skill ● life? ● Extra curricular activities. ● Puzzles. ●Circuit diagram of any control system. ●About mini project. chocolate. ●Modulation techniques. ● About your culture. ●Programming in C/ Assembly for microcontrollers. C# and Java. Cognizant ●What is SQL. ● About yourself. ●Rating you would give to C. ● Good communication skills. ●Problems faced in BE project. Infosys. different locations ● About yourself. 2 apples. ●Questions of Basic C. ●Microcontroller and microprocessors ● Any issue on relocation. ●Type of coding you have done. ●Difference between micro controllers and microprocessors. relate it with DBMS. ●Basics of C. ● Why marks are in decreasing ● Equal distribution of 1 ● Focus on microcontroller order? ● Hobbies and sports. Sec & Robocon. ●Questions on Embedded Technology. ● Concentrate on mini project. ● Basic of C and pointers. ● ● About yourself. ● Competitions and extra curricular activities. ●SCR. ●Op-amp functioning. ●Questions on TE project. ● Birth place. pointers. ● About yourself. ●Questions based on TE & BE project. ● Idea about mini /BE project. ●Explain project. ● What have you done in your 3 chocolates and apples among different students. 3 bananas among children. ●Explain your mini project. applications. ● GD skills required. Diode ●Explain project. C++ and C#.Infosys. . ●Parameter to measure noise in communication.

● About managing skills. ● Should have full knowledge of your TE and BE project. ●What is polymorphism and its examples from general life? ●What is RDBMS? ●Write a simple C program to find the employee with highest salary in a company. ● Solve puzzles. Graphs and stacks and queues. ● Don’t argue. software company (as you are from E&TC)? ● Why marks are less in TE? project. ●Difference between UPS and inverter. ●About internship. ●Explain your TE mini project. ● . ● About yourself. ●Swapping function in C. ● About yourself. ● Why you were rejected in last ● ● Should have basic knowledge of interview. ●Difference between CDMA and GSM ● Favourite subjects. achievements. ● Why do you want to join a ● ● Thoroughly understand your Cognizant Comviva technology. C. C++ and SQL. ● Briefly explain your ● ● C programming basics. ● Your weakness and strong points. ●Write a C program to check whether a number is prime or not. ●Questions on SQL query. ● Don’t speak anything that you are not clear about. ●Project related questions. ●Why do you find yourself fit for this company. ● Project work. ●Questions on image processing.Cognizant ●Explanation of mini project. ●Questions on Trees. ●How to find prime numbers (C-program).

● Do you have any location constraints. all the modules. ● Be thorough with your projects done and the projects you are doing. ●Applications of microprocessors and microcontrollers. C & C++.Cognizant. ● About yourself. ●Many questions on signal processing. . which one receives stream of character in 1s or 0s and make a text file. we had to make a digital circuit. ●An equation was given. L&T IES ●Difference between TRIAC & SCR and many questions of power electronics. ●How much percentage of project is complete? ●A C code for receiver. ●All the details about present BE project. ● Why should we hire you? ● Any suggestions regarding our ● How many times in a day the ● Clear your basics. each other and many simple simple pluzzes. hour hand and minute hand cross ● Should have basic knowledge of hiring procedure. ●Questions on image processing and its paractical applications.

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