Alisha Kapoor M/BFT/10/04 Semester V NIFT Mumbai

C2B. There are also different types of e commerce applications that have evolved with the technology thus multiplying the possibility of disseminating e commerce. E commerce does not just involve the interactions of the consumers and the business entrepreneurs. one of the most thriving ways of trade and has been adopted by most of the entrepreneurs in order to reach a higher level of business and profits. There various types of E-commerce models:  B2B. C2C 1 E-Commerce. E commerce is at large. There are various types of e commerce that have evolved down the years and with the internet becoming more and more accessible to the common people. E commerce is advantageous in many ways and the most important being the cost effectiveness. B2C.E-COMMERCE Objective: Select a product that has been purchased from an E-Shop on the internet and compare the various differences of the online purchase and shopping at a traditional retail store. There are also not much of geographical barriers far carrying out the business and their promotions. Since then there have been various types of e commerce models that have made it more and more reliable for the traders and merchants. the e commerce is gaining more recognition among the masses. Retail Shop | Alisha Kapoor . E-Shop vs. It has already been in prominence with the number of types of e commerce payment systems available online. It may also have the consumers interacting with other consumers or the business developers with other business developers.

 E-commerce proves to be feasible for the standard products.  E-commerce uses e-cash. The advantage of this type of e commerce models is that there are no huge investments required for beginning a business. Here you will have to pay attention to the ways of attracting customers to your website and gain their trust. This is a business where the sales are made generally to the consumers instead of other businesses.  Traditional commerce is the best when it comes to convincing the customers on certain products. whereas in e-commerce customers feel insecure because they cannot identify the seller and are unaware about many things. GENERAL DIFFRENCE BETWEEN E-COMMERCE AND TRADITIONAL COMMERCE:  Direct interaction is present in traditional commerce. intangible products and digital products. 2 E-Commerce. debit cards and etc although nowadays Cash on Delivery service is provided by many websites on the internet. This is because the different types of e commerce applications have seen far more developments of the template based online stores using which they are introduced to the customers. Retail Shop | Alisha Kapoor . low-value products. credit cards.  In traditional commerce customer can verify the identity of the seller and their physical location. E-Shop vs.B2C E-COMMERCE MODEL: B2C is amongst one of the type of e-commerce models which involves the business and consumers and the most common segment of e commerce.

350 After 18% Discount: 4. E-Shop vs.e.Comparison between an E-Shop and a Retail Store Product Selected: I have purchased a Timex Analog Women watch from www. payment options and replacement policies are quite similar to that of flipkart.flipkart. Replacement done in the next 7 days. The order is delivered within next 10 working days. a month @Watchkart.com The order procedures. • Multiple payment options like transaction through Master Card or Visa card and your payment mode. • After getting to the specification. Purchased From: www. features and details of the product.com.flipkart. Order delivered wrong.com except the delivery time in 3 E-Commerce.  Warranty offered in 30 days i. • • • • Variety of offers and discount available. Retail Shop | Alisha Kapoor .387 Order Details: @flipkart.com Actual Price: 5.com • The website is searched for the required product.

com is more than flipkart. or checked for its working. There is comparatively less variety available than the E-Shops. the required product is more expensive than that on flipkart.yebhi. • • • • The price has to be negotiated with the salesperson. more variety is available. 15-20 days. @Timex Watch: As it’s also retail store but there is comparative difference between both retail stores: • Being a nationwide chain of retail stores. After sales service/replacement is not guaranteed by the shop. • A 15 Day replacement policy and after sales service is guaranteed. No fixed discounts or offers available. • Discounts and offers are available more than Trenz international but less than the E-Shops.com. • Although the product can be felt and touched.com i. 4 E-Commerce. E-Shop vs. Cash payment as well as card payment can be done. Also. Retail Stores: @Trenz International: • • • The shop has to be actually visited first. Interaction takes place from salesperson. Retail Shop | Alisha Kapoor .e.

This means the savings can be passed on to the shopper. e-retailers don't have expensive rates and rentals associated with high street and mall shops.350 12% 4.387 COD/Card/Online Banking Internet Watchkart.350 10% 4. card and cheque. 5 E-Commerce. E-Shop vs. Retail Shop | Alisha Kapoor .• Multiple payment options are available like. It is so much easier to "just walk away" On the Internet we don’t have crowds to contend with.243 COD Retail Shop No Replacement Immediate  Timex Watch 5.350 2% 5.  LESS STRESS Internet shopping means we don't have to put up with rude pushy sales people. A comparative analysis in tabular form for all the Mobile Dealers is given below: PRODUCT: TIMEX ANALOG WATCH Actual MRP Discount Price after discount E-Shop Flipkart. cash.com 5.com 5.815 COD/Card Retail Shop 15 Days Immediate  Mode of Payment Location Replacement Policy 30 Days Shipment/Delivery 6-10 Days Dealer Service  E-shop over Traditional shop and some key differences between two:  COST Online shopping is often cheaper because of lower trading costs.708 COD/Card/Online Banking Internet 30 Days 10-15 Days  Retail Shop Trenz International 5.350 18% 4.

Do It On The Net! Alisha Kapoor M/BFT/10/04 Semester V NIFT Mumbai 6 E-Commerce. we can book any product 24x7 and can get our product in hand through shipment and later home delivery. and faster and more reliable tool. brands and gender. filters are available for preferred price range. FASTER And MORE CONVENIENT Shopping on internet saves our time.  CHOICE & VARIETY Online shopping offers variety in terms of product and its features at different prices ranging from high to low. no plastic bags.  ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY! Generally there is less waste generated with internet shopping. As listed above I will prefer E-shopping over retail shopping as it is more convenient. Retail Shop | Alisha Kapoor . no triple copies of receipts and invoices. cheaper. discrete. Shop SMARTER. FASTER & GREENER . E-Shop vs.

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