My Creation Story Task 1.

(Task 2. Boomwriter Instructions after the Mark Scheme – Only to be used if your teacher tells you)
You have watched several Creation Myths from around the world. Your task is to write your own creation myth. The following instructions should help you achieve the best possible mark.


¾ - 1 side of an A4 page.

Spelling and Grammar
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Proof read your work, or use a spell-check if word-processed. Remember to use capital letters at the start of a sentence and for names and places. Use paragraphs for each new idea.

Your story should include at least 6 of the following:
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Why is there good and evil? What was present "in the beginning"? Who was the creator of the world? How was the world actually created? What happened next? Why and how where mountains, streams etc. made? Why and how were animals created? Who were the first people and how were they created? Why were people created? Why do people look as they do? Why are humans all so different; different races, different level of intelligence, different languages etc? What is their relationship to the creator (or creators) of the world?

Mark Scheme

Level 1- Trainee Story Teller Scrappy/untidy and little care taken/very short. Not organised into paragraphs. Careless spelling errors and poor use of commas and full stops.

Presentation & effort

Level 2 – Newly Qualified Story Teller Some evidence of effort taken in presentation/maybe a little short. Story organised into paragraphs. A few spelling errors. Commas and full stops are mostly used correctly.

Level 3 – The next CS Lewis Clearly a great deal of effort to produce neat and tidy work/ appropriate length. Story well organized into paragraphs. One idea follows another in a logical sequence. No spelling errors and accurate use of commas and full stops.

Spelling & Grammar

Central Theme & Content

No obvious central theme and less than 6 of the required points are included. Basic retelling of the required content, no attempt to make the account more interesting or exciting. Might be largely based on an existing myth.

A central theme to the story is evident and 6 of the required points are included.

Creativity/ Individuality

All parts of the story relate to a clear central theme. At least 6 of the required points are included. The story contains The story contains a few creative many creative details that details and/or contribute to the descriptions that reader's enjoyment. contribute to the The author has reader's enjoyment. used his The author has imagination. There really used his may be some hint of imagination to an existing myth. create an original myth.

Up to 3 extra marks may be awarded for an outstanding piece of work

Task 2 – Boomwriter
Boomwriter is a competition to find the best story teller with your fellow students as the judge. Your teacher will tell you if you are participating and if so you need to follow the instructions below.
1. Sign up for an account by clicking on this link - Boomwriter

and clicking Join Now

2. Next click on Sign up to my School 3. Put in your details and choose grade 8. It needs to be a real e-mail as you will be sent a password for you to join the site. If you don’t have an email get your parents permission before using theirs. It is a free site and your details are secure. 4. Select country as Ireland and you should see Campbell College on menu 5. Boomwriter will send Log in details, I will approve you as a competitor 6. Log in as Kid and change your password 7. Click on My School to see the competition (This will not appear until your teacher approves you, if they are a bit slow hurry them on!) 8. Type/Paste in your story (Max 800 words) You can save as a draft but when finished you must submit it. 9. Once the competition is closed you will be allowed to read other stories and vote for the winner 10. You do not need to join the Boomwriter club which is a paid service, school membership is FREE!

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