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Banasthali University

Apaji Institute of Mathematics and Applied Computer Technology

MCA V Sem/MSc (Computer Science) III Sem/MTech (CS/IT) I Sem
Course Handout 2011 - 12 Contact Hours: 4Hrs/Week Course : Artificial Intelligence Teacher : Nisheeth Joshi Text Book
T1 : DW Patterson, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, Prentice Hall of India

Reference Books
R1 : R2 : R3: Elaine Rich, Kevin Knight and SB Nair, Artificial Intelligence, 3rd Edition, Tata McGraw Hill Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, 2nd Edition, Pearson Education E Charniak and D McDermott, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Pearson Education

Evaluation Scheme:
Continuous Assessment: 20 Marks Final Assessment: 40
Weightage 60% 40% 100% Date 2nd Week of August 2nd Week of October As per schedule Coverage Based on Section A, B(Some Portion) Based on Section A, B, C Based on Section A, B (Some Portion)

Continuous Assessment:
S. No. 1. 2. 3. Component Class Test Assignment Periodical Duration 1 Hr. 1 Week 1 Hr. 30 Minutes Max. Marks 10 10 10

Course Plan:
Lecture(s) L1 L2-L3 L4-L7 L8-L10 L11 L12-L15 L16-L18 L19-L21 L22-L23 Topic Section A Introduction to Artificial Intelligence General Problem Solving, State Space and Graph Modeling Techniques Heuristic Design, Aim Oriented vs Goal Oriented Design Game Playing Strategies Knowledge Representation: KR Tools First Order Predicate Calculus Prolog Language Semantic Nets, Partitioned Nets, Minskys Frame, Case Grammar Theory Production Rules, Knowledge Base, Inference System, Forward and Backward Deduction Section B Text T1, R1 T1, R1 T1, R1 T1, R1 T1, R2 T1, R1 T1 T1, R1 T1, R1

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L24 L25-L28 L29 L L31 L32 L33-L34 L35 L36-37 L38 L39 L40-L42 L43-L45 L46-L47 L48-L51

Expert Systems: Structure, Development Tools Uncertainty Considerations Domain Exploration, Meta Knowledge Expertise Transfer Existing Systems (DENDRAL, MYCIN etc.) Self Explaining Systems Understanding Natural Language, Parsing Techniques Context Free Grammar & Parsing Transition Net, Augmented Transition Networks Transformational Grammar Fillmores grammar, Shanks Conceptual Dependency Grammar Free Analyzers Sentence Generation, Translation Section C Pattern Recognition: Structured Description, Symbolic Description Computer Vision: Techniques used in solving perceptual problem, analyzing visual clues (edge detection) Speech Recognition: Problems, Analyzing Speech Introduction to Machine Learning

T1, R2 T1, R2 T1, R2 T1, R2 T1, R2 T1, R1 T1, R1, R3 T1, R1, R3 T1, R1, R3 T1, R1, R3 T1, R1, R3 T1, R2, R3 T1, R2, R3 R2, R3 T1, R1, R2

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